• Show me your “bud”
    im in IL as well. The dispensary stuff out here is really not good. Thats why I chose to grow my own organic when i got my med card. Im in tinley park suburb of chicago. Where u around? If im ever passing by id totally do a quick hello and let u try some. Also anyone else on here passing through hit me up and spread the love.
  • Show us your garden!
    looks great. Very nice last minute entry. Lemon strains always vape great. I got some red strawberry banana seeds on the way.
    I currently got skittles, brucebanner, gelato, and cream cookies growing. Im going to double my plants very shortly. I always go organic.
  • Show us your garden!
    Tent is getting a bit fool. The bruce banner auto is double the size of any plant i have ever grown. Curious how it turns out as i have gotten 6oz from autos and this guys almost twice my six oz plant lol.
    The single plant highlighted is a skittles auto almost ready for chop. She should yield 6 oz dry minimum. The bruce is the front right plant just starting to bud and already way way bigger then the skittles.
  • Show me your “bud”
    Some autoskittles about to chop and hang in 2 days. Shes frosty and prob going to yield over 6 dry.
  • Show me your “bud”

    Some gorilla glue grown by me. 100%organic
  • VLF Updates
    very excited you are taking over. I love this forum. Really the only one i use. Excited for new content.
  • Favorite people, vapes and lessons from Vapelife Forum
    I love 95 percent of everyone on here. I want to keep up w everyone. Baron, bestbuds, standingsidways, and many many more a wonderful community!!! Learned a lot here and shared a lot. Hope bud lets us know how to keep in contact w him. Feel as though hes a friend and even if off the ganja would love 2 know how he doing. Love 2 all members feel like u r all good friends at this poiint.
  • Lets stay connected!!
    Thanks everyone who has posted. I will def be hanging out on troys forum as well. Ig is just where ill be most updated.
  • Show me your “bud”
    All my bruce nugs drying! I love this new drying rack i got for like 16 dollars on amazon. It even came w a ton of extra clips.
  • Show me your “bud”
    My bruce banner i just chopped. My fav strain and 1st time growing it. She came out frosty!!!!
  • Linx Apollo
    @Bud ever test this thing out. Opinion on this vs the session by kandypens?
  • dotLeaf Conduction Vaporizer
    Dot leaf rips super hard. It may be the best pure conduction vape i have tried. Need to get a better mouthpiece for dry hits and portability but overall im very impressed.
  • dotLeaf Conduction Vaporizer
    Anybody have suggestions on the best battery to use w this? Pretty sure it dosnt come w one so ill take any suggestions on volt and mah for 18650. Also does it take flat top 18650 or the "nipple" top ones.
  • dotLeaf Conduction Vaporizer
    how are u liking it? Hit hard amd descent flavor i hope.
  • dotLeaf Conduction Vaporizer
    Just ordered from . Great people. Havent bought a new vape in awhile so im very excited. Dotleaf looks like a good bong vape w no cord which i have been looking for awhile. Also removable battery so i dont need to worry about battery dieing. My mighty is still my daily driver but wish it hit harder through water. I also have tons of desktop heavy hitters but hate cords so so much. We shall see if this fills my needs. Opinions to follow shortly.
  • Water soluble cannabis powder (no, not kief)
    Thank you so much for sharing. I love spicy stuff. I will def be giving your chip spice a try as well as the soluble thc powder. Very cool.
  • Water soluble cannabis powder (no, not kief)
    whats the mix of powder used on the chips?
  • dotLeaf Conduction Vaporizer
    Some1 should try a long 510 drip tip like this glass one.

    Think this would make it comfortable without a water pipe??
  • dotLeaf Conduction Vaporizer
    Def eyeing this bad boy or a terp torch. Anyone have both and compare flavor and potency would be nice.
  • Happy Holidays!
    Happy holidays fam!!! Wish a foggy christmas for all!!!!