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    appreciate it guys :) he ended spending a little extra for a crafty haha.
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    yes the hi flow one was the one i was reffering to I thought it was a z as well :lol:
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    dammit. I was saving up for that one :lol: enjoy dude. The splinter z is my daily driver. I LOVE it.
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  • Ditanium Review Thread
    would like a regular users input as well. I don't like the way you out herb side ways...
  • Just looking for some guidance on my next purchase :)
    I love the faces of the people I let try my ghost out. The first hit is always , wow. Enjoy brother you won't ever regret it. In my opinion people who don't like the ghost are more session users. I've never had an unsatisfying hit off my mv1 unless the crucible was already spent. Enjoy! @Sah dude
  • Just looking for some guidance on my next purchase :)
    Hey buddy

    First off are you looking for a session type of vape or a on demand?

    I see you're looking at the ghost. That is an on demand device and it was my first convection vape. It really is fucking awesome. The only thing for me as I purchased more devices, there are more convenient devices. But I do sacrafice flavor and extra bud using other devices as well. My daily driver is a splinter z and I think of it as a ghost mv1 on steroids. Just because YOU control the heater. There is a slight learning curve to both devices slightly more on the splinter, but super manageable after a day or 2 with the ghost. It potent. It's fast to heat. Uses the least amount of herb to get me to where I wanna be ,out of all my devices.

    That was a long lil tid bit but yeah session or on demand? :lol:
  • Show me your “bud”
    wish you could try it unc :cool:
  • Show me your “bud”
    Thin mint cookies! Nicest buds I've ever had. Rice trimmed not much stems :lol: can't wait to vape it now.... :wink:

  • Milaana combustion.
    5 seconds and then draw. The second time 3 seconds, 3rd time I just draw while holding it down
  • Volcano Hybrid on display at Liftco
    oh man stop what you're doing right now and pick up a splinter with a big mod. The uses with it are so great and varied I absolutely love it. Flavor, clouds, potent vapor. Oh man I love my splinter z! It's the only vape I use basically.
  • Volcano Hybrid on display at Liftco
    milaana 2, splinter z , g43
  • Volcano Hybrid on display at Liftco
    Since I got a volcano 2 weeks ago.... I've used it twice. It's nice to have I guess. My volcano is always loaded so it's kind of cool i can just flip the switch and have a bag filled within 5 minutes. I've learned the quality of vapor from storz and bickel is good but not as good as some of my other devices. Unless this thing is tottally different , I won't be purchasing it.

    Mighty plenty and volcano are the devices I own. None of them get used
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    I have a friend looking for a solo2 to start vaping CBD exclusively. Looking for the lowest price around , budget is limited :p
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    will you have more of those smoke stems in stock?
  • Has anyone used the Coolest Hook from ModPod Labs for use on the G43?
    The cooling stems are actually unreal lol. It cools down the vapor more than any ( small ) water pipe attachment I've ever used

    I'm talking about the design not this exact stem
  • SimrellCollections Custom Dynavap
    Did not know he charged 150 and 200 for the vortex lol I thought it was 80 lol either way he makes quality stuff. I guess with the condenser it makes sense. I really want another dynavap but having the custom one already, I can't get my self to pick one up
  • To sell or not to sell Ghost MV1
    My splinter z is like a ghost on hgh and steroids. The ghost is simple and straight to the point, for me it's still an amazing vape that I cherish.
  • Show me your “bud”
    First time trying CBD flower! From fields of hemp.

    My God these smell , taste , feel amazing. I'm deff buying more CBD.

    Lifter took away all my pain.


    Haven't tried therapy yet

    20190605_144844 (185K)
  • Vapcap Induction Heater
    I can see he raised his prices quite a bit from when I purchased mine. I would have thought it would get cheaper not more expensive. Interesting. I love mine though so no problems here
  • Show me your “bud”
    always forget youre in md :) my family lived in maryland for years. thanksgiving at barons!
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    It's always going to be something nice ordering from vgoodiez :wink:
  • Show me your “bud”
    " diamond cookies "

    Smells like cookies and earthy. Its the best feeling and smelling bud I've had. Breaking it apart is an experience. It's sticky yet crunchy??? Idk. I love it. Good stuff too.