• Dynavap
    That is why you do not understandLabPong

    Now I do.
  • Vapman Vaporizer. How great is it?
    Yeah, to be fair: I had trouble (and good experiences) with pretty much any service I ever used at some point, be it DHL, USPS, UPS, Hermes, whatever. And all of them heavily suffer from the current situation, no doubt.

    It's just delays without updated tracking and especially lost packages can be very stressful. Let's hope @Khelek41girls Vapman will arrive soon, safe & sound.
  • Tiny Might
    A little goes a long way with beeswax and wood, IME.Baron23

    Absolutely, it doesn't need much. The thinner the layer, the less polishing is needed too.
  • Vapman Vaporizer. How great is it?
    I think George from Dynavap recently mentioned that he was about to switch from USPS to another service for international shipments, as there were many cases were packages got lost, heavily delayed without proper tracking etc. A few months ago I won a Turbo Glass in the Dynavap live show and it actually got lost and had to be resend.
  • Vapman Vaporizer. How great is it?
    Borders are not closed for goods, though delivery might of course be a bit delayed. When I was waiting for my stems from you I also had a hard time with the USPS tracker, the package you send me is still in their system and marked as „In transit“ since March 11th, though it arrived weeks ago.
  • Tiny Might
    Thanks man. Now I do have a bar of beeswax, do I need to mix it with oil or just melt and apply?Gman

    Just apply a thin layer of the wax, let it sit for a few hours and then polish the excess off with a piece of cotton cloth or stuff. I had to repeat this procedure twice (within a few weeks) but haven't felt the need to do so since.
  • Dynavap
    If I have to hold the vapcap in the heater [...]LabPong

    Not sure if we are on the same page, but you don't have to. You just put it in the tube (and let it sit there), press the button till it clicks and let go – it's not actually „switching on and off“, more „letting go“ like with the Tinymight.

    But okay, using a rig means exact timing is necessary, so I suppose you would hold the IH-button with one hand to have the DV in your other hand when it clicks. I'm not using rigs so... :-)
  • Tiny Might
    Make note of which way the screen comes out.MunicipalBlack

    Wider rim up.

    I only rinsed the tube and the cooling unit with hot water, not sure if that was even necessary.The unit itself will arrive clean, although I saw some having a hard time with the wood finish and / or the metal parts not being clean. For me there was no problem at all.

    Not sure how the wood is treated with current batches, but you might want to apply some beeswax at some point. They used to be send out in a pretty dry state.
  • 18650 battery
    Are these trash?Rudis21

    Not exactly trash, but not on the same level as other brands mentioned here. Golisi have been changing cells in the past without advertising it and tests show that they often overrate discharge rates. For a unregulated device like the Milaana I'd prefer to rely on a more reputable brand.

    Edit - note to myself: check date of first post before commenting.
  • Dynavap
    I mean the ones that do not have the heater activator button in the bottom of the tube. So you just push it down and liftLabPong

    Yeah, but in both cases you'll need just one hand, either for pushing the DV down the tube to activate the switch or for hitting the button. So basically it's personal preference I guess. I sometimes had a hard time with the tactile switch in my PSM and find the momentary switch much easier to use.

    Why portable IHs have an on/off switch I don't understand too, though. The Mag Heaters for example do not, they only let you switch the display on and off (device can be used either way).
  • Dynavap
    Mag stuff looks cool...has some very cool features. Made in....EU somewhere?Baron23

    Made in Germany. :grimace:
  • Dynavap
    But most important feature to me.....the ability to use one hand and not have to turn the heater on and off manually buy pushing buttons all the time. I would rather use a torch than those types of IH's.LabPong

    I don't get what you are referring to here. Which IH would make you have to push buttons all the time? The ones I know all allow one hand action.
  • Dynavap
    I'm not quite sure, but I think when it comes to battery life, the Fluxer would be on top of the list. Unfortunately you'd have to cope with being at the bottom of a long waiting list.

    I'm using a usb-charger for my Mag Heater which is also offered by MH so when I'm outdoors I can charge it with a powerbank.
  • Dynavap
    Thoughts on the MagHeater? Their Compact model looks quite appealing.fatbiker

    I own the Mag Heater Professional, which is basically the same as the Compact minus a few improvements. I'm using it for about half a year now and it's just absolutely amazing. Great performance (5 seconds → click when it's cold, 3 seconds when it's warm, ~1 second beyond for extra toastiness is allowed, very intuitive to work with). One charge will give me about 8-10 sessions which might not sound like much, but then again it only takes 15 minutes to fully charge. It's also pretty sturdy and water resistant (can be used outdoors even when it rains). The improvements the Compact offers are pretty cool, they allow to adjust the tubes height and swapping batteries on the fly.

    Recently the Mag Heater guy made a deal with who will manage sales of the Compact (and his other DV accessoires) while his site will only manage his higher endish models.
  • The Brilliant Cut Grinder
    If there are indeed relatively few instances of this occurring then it’s much more likely to be a manufacturing defect, which should be covered under warranty in my opinion.Terpenetime

    I have seen these issues a few times and experience the same with my (onyx) BCG, although as I said I find the wear & tear on the pics from @Matty aka Matty being pretty heavy considering he would have „barely used it“. What I see on my BCG are small bare pinpoints on the centering pyramids of the middle plate, it's visible, but not a warranty issue and nowhere near what we see on those pics (literally lines of wear).

    So yeah, @Matty aka Matty, maybe @Terpenetime has a point, it *is* not what we would expect, maybe you should write GFL about it.


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