• Football season!
    Idk. friggin Seattle is tough. LOL Gotta love those Packers ! :up:
  • Football season!
    Tough game tonight with Seattle. Nobody likes Seattle down here :razz: :wink: :rofl:
  • Dynavap
    Very nice, I had to pull the trigger on this one. I can't wait. Something to look forward to.
  • Help buying a convection portable vaporizer
    Agree with you on the Edge. Small, easy to use,quick heat up, and decent vapor. Best thing is the price.
  • Football season!
    Kyler Murray is only 23 ! I expect him to make those kinda mistakes young quarterbacks make but he is surprising. His option to run is making him a very confident player. We shall see, Our division is tough this year, we play Seattle next !
  • Football season!
    Cardinals are very looking very good this year !
  • Airvape Legacy
    Sounds like you have a defective unit. I too got one of the pre-orders for $100. This vapes just like a Firefly, The draw is real important I found. Imo it hits like any other on demand and it works just like the Firefly cause you gotta stir for great results. They are suppose to send out the right micro- basket, idk if it's anything like their roll out of the Legacy we could be waiting for awhile, jajaja. It does need to be cleaned for optimal usage. I would never pay $295 but for $100 bones it was fun. Imo your better off with any Sticky Brick, one of the best on demand convection vapes out there :wink: :cool:
  • Stoner Food
    I love a good muffin.
  • The Cats
    Sooo cute. JAJAJA till the next hairball ! Groucho looks cool as hell. I'm guessing a big personality ! :razz:
  • The Cats
    Sometimes I think Ozzy is part dog. He's a very pack orientated animal. Loves to hang with our dogs. Hates our other cat. Loves to groom the dog's (when they let him) :grin: He will steal cookies, muffins, etc. Loves dog food and is always waiting at the door when we come home from a walk. He loves to sleep with Libby our alpha dog !
  • I'm in the basement now
    Might I suggest remodeling the basement into "The Bunker" . Lot's of room for firearms, ammo, rations, and streaming ! :joke: