• Diminishing clouds
    not really and I don’t know what is the critical factor. I have had legal tested flower of approx the same cannabiniod %, but which produce differing amounts of vapor.

    I have only had it twice, but sour tangie has been a good vapor producer.

    Last night running the Volcano, LA Chocolat only so so....Blue Cheese, same temp and same device, much thicker vapor.
  • Diminishing clouds
    strain and quality is everything.

    Even “good” flower differs by strain as to how much vapor it produces.
  • Dynavap M vs Titanium XL - $50 vs $200
    IMO,the key is getting a Tip. IMO, this is the biggest factor re: performance.

    I think this has come up on the board recently, but my fav is a Ti tip and cap on a DDave Mods glass stem thru a Mobius DHGate Knick off. About $100 total and works a trick.
  • Dynavap VapCap Shadow M
    the wand, Ti tip and cap, and bubbler is pretty much the only way I use my VC these days.
  • 3rd MV1 latch broken
    ***** I've spoken with Ghost, please do not tag them****John Cocktostone

    Well, dang...I now feel unwanted and unneeded...its my rice bowl, man! haha jk haha
  • First vape for joints smokers
    you session the load in a VC but it’s 3-4 hits, then refill
  • Live Streams & Giveaways // Official Thread
    DJ Bud tonite?VapeCritic

    Make it disco night...I want to see bell bottoms, wide collars, and platform shoes...on you AND Hazel! haha

    And play that disco...if you order it now, express delivery, you might be able to get the mirrored ball installed before the to have a mirrored ball, man!

    This is Bud and Hazel in their secret life as disco ballers

  • Ghost MV1 - Cleaning Question
    Should these be cleaned with ISO after each use? IVape Rookie

    Not unless you are completely OCD anal....or have a LOT of time on your hands! haha

    Just look at the lid and ceramic and you will be able to tell when you want to clean it....which will depend to an extent on how fussy you are. BUT, at a point where the lid air holes are getting blocked, everybody needs to clean them.

    I just throw them in a small container of ISO overnight or put the ISO bag in an ultrasonic cleaner.
  • First vape for joints smokers
    If you don't mind refilling often (cause of reasonably small load size which many of us prefer), then Sticky Bricks or Dyna Vap should give you that joint like feeling.

    If being able to take 10 draws or so one after another while laying on the couch watching a game, hard to beat the S&B Mighty.

    I have never used a Plenty but understand that while it tends to go through a lot of weed (but probably not nearly as much as you are smoking daily! haha) it also has a reputation of deliverying a strong effect.

    But, it is an awkward looking device that must be plugged in for the duration.

    Have you looked over @VapeCritic 's review site.....mostly he live streams now, but many of the vapes being discussed here are well reviewed on this site:
  • Desktop vs Portable
    I need to break down and buy a Mighty.... it's a shame I don't have one in my collection, or any conduction vape for that matter.EconMan

    Hi EconMan - if you do get a Mighty, I bet you will be VERY pleased with its performance....but please remember, its quite a hybrid and I would not expect the same experience from other pure conduction vapes.

    But the Mighty is indeed a great device, IMO.
  • Question: Does Kief Have Good Terpene Content?
    So a lot of "Kief" is actually "shake"? interesting....EconMan

    Its should not be....but it is a question of how much other plant material...other than in the kief and that depends a lot on process and expertise in making it.

    Good kief is just that....trichomes....which is where we primarily get the cannabiods AND terps, right?

    I don't see any reason why kief would not have terps.....even lousy kief.
  • Is there going to be a favorite of 2018 poll?
    Dudes!! If you ain't using something like this, then you ain't using diddly squat! hahaha

  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    “I am obviously the head mod.”

    well,at a minimum you are the head case.

  • S&B acquired by Canopy Growth
    t must of been when you was kissing meDazza78

    hahaha. In your dreams, mate. :rofl: :joke: :blush:
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    Ah, I like it a LOT!

    Do you have one that says "Die Sucker" ? haha
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    haha...what is that thing?
  • Portside MINI induction heater for Dynavap
    Baron23 I asked recently and they said they were having some issues with it. I suspect that put it on the back burner until they make it through the holiday season.Other Side

    Thanks, mate....yeah, its been hanging out there for a while and I can't think that its too very hard of a project for an electrical engineer.....but perhaps harder to do than it appears.
  • Live Streams & Giveaways // Official Thread
    i fell asleep for a few seconds while streaming last night lololVapeCritic

    Bud on the the nod AND the jerk ! LOL 1:32 on the dial! haha

  • Live Streams & Giveaways // Official Thread
    hahaha.....we want a screen shot! LOL