• Finally combusted on my MV1... that's the last straw for me. Also, Elev8r users?
    as you are pointing out, this could be placebo.710vape666zaddy420

    Yeah, often called the honey moon effect? I know I have done it.....get a new vape and suddenly it hits harder than anything I have ever used. Then a few days later.....hahaha

    Not all vapes are for all users....I know there are some that many rave about and to me its meh.

    you're just damn lucky if you didn't buy the og.710vape666zaddy420

    I dunno...I have an OG and it works perfectly fine??

    @Ghostops - happy Saturday to you too...I didn't expect a reply until Monday. Step away from your computer, sir. haha

    Thanks for the I interpret it....any incremental differences were reflected in production of Stealth and all other color schemes and were not so much component changes (except the heat sink) but perhaps better tolerances or consistency in production.

    All good, and again thanks for taking the time to reply.
  • Finally combusted on my MV1... that's the last straw for me. Also, Elev8r users?
    @ghost-ops @ghostvapesofficial @GhostVapesNerissa

    My understanding from previous posts is that there is NO difference between stealth and regular MV1 aside from appearances. The new heat sink ships with bog standard MV1, they run the same hardware, they run the same firmware, I presume that any tightening tolerances/consistency with greater production experience (like heat elements) is reflected in new bog standard units as well as Stealth.

    But Ghost...please make a clear and unambiguous statement on differences, if any aside from cosmetic, between bog standard and the Stealth units.

    Let's put this to rest one way or the other
  • Lil' Bud by Vapwood
    They look nicePapic914

    I'm sure that they work fine and are a good vape from all reports I have heard.
  • Lil' Bud by Vapwood
    Oh, you did see that one, eh?

    I was pretty catty and snarky in a post about his vids....really rude of me tbh.

    Not all of us have the personality to bring off good vids and that seems to be the case with him.

    This is aside from his attitude about being checked (well, actually banned) for constantly plugging this vape (hence, the "Real Vape Critic" crap) despite request from Bud to change.

    But, as I said...yeah, the vid's are kind of creepy but I don't feel good about my previous characterizations of him personally and wish him the best....just on other boards.
  • Lil' Bud by Vapwood

    He has others that are worse.

    Look, I get it. He found a vape that he absolutely adores but his lack of vid prod skills undermines his message.

    I’m sure it’s a good vape and personally I don’t care about any drama between companies o this design as I don’t owe allegiance to either of them

    But PAM would, IMO, be better served writing up his comments than starring in vids as that is not his forte.
  • Lil' Bud by Vapwood
    I have never been so igged out watching some one vape.BestBuds

    Not a rare reaction. LOL
  • Unreleased Products // News & Rumors
    haha no, they are the aerospace eng that brought us Hopper Labsand the GH! LOL.

    I believe these bags are oriented toward dispensaries. Yesterday, I went to a new to me store cause they had a strain I wanted. Came in sealed bags much like shownabove w a small Boveda inside. I thought it was terrific packaging as the bag is hermetically sealed and the Boveda kept the flower nice and humidified.
  • How do you preserve your herbs?
    it ain’t old school if it ain’t a blotter. Haha
  • The MiniVap
    not sure he ever got it to work correctly.

    I believe he was lent one and tried to use it on an LS once, but had issues with how to use it if I remeber correctly.
  • Magicman's Grasshopper diary
    @Magicman - I'm very sorry for your loss.

    May she rest in peace and healing come quickly to her family and friends.
  • Best grinder ever! I cannot await Bud's review!
    laying lines would work better for another substance.Dr green thumb

    You aren't kidding there, mate! haha
  • Rosin of the week!
    Do take some pics of your Tegridy in action. Love to see what you are doing.

    NV makes some fine stuff, don't they? Really finely built stuff.
  • Ghost MV1 - Adding a screen? Yes or no?

    Well, guys...80% of the respondents (who I assume own an MV1) found it to be unnecessary, detrimental, or both.

    As for impacting air flow...perhaps not in a way noticeable to you, or even perhaps in a way that is not significant to performance in any way....but there will be some impact of putting an additional screen in the air path.

    I'm not trying to talk you out of it...if you like it, then please do it.

    But it seems a bit silly to me to modify such a complex and well engineered air path. :up: :100:

    But have at it if you like it.
  • Ghost MV1 - Adding a screen? Yes or no?
    because it’s not a needed hack and has the potential to change the airflow and hence performance.

    Tome, this is much more probable then assigning causation to the nature of the poll.

  • Unreleased Products // News & Rumors
    a device that sits on the ear and has a THC mainline into the carotid artery ...EconMan

    Now that's my kind of delivery system....sort of how I like my first cuppa in the morning.

  • Unreleased Products // News & Rumors
    So, tbh I don't get at all excited about alternate ways to provide thermal energy.....such as induction heating. Heat is heat and all we are really talking about, IMO, is the method of generating it. To my mind doesn't change the basic paradigm.

    Yes, I know there are others here who disagree....but I'm the one writing this post! haha

    So, I found this article about nebulizers and nano-encapsulation of cannibinoids interesting. I have seen previous articles on nano-encapsulation to form water soluable products but this is the first article I have seen that pulled that together with nebulizer tech. To me, this is truly a new direction and one to keep an eye on.

    Let's see if I can post it in its entirety:

    What the heck is nebulizing? And is it the next big thing for consuming cannabis?

    Anyone who knows someone with severe asthma might recognize a nebulizing machine. If not, the device is likely a complete mystery.

    A nebulizer is a device that delivers a mist of medicine that’s easily inhaled into the lungs. Nebulizers have been used for respiratory illnesses such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and even cystic fibrosis for decades. They have proved an efficient way to administer medication to the body without irritating the lungs and throat.

    “Nebulizing is a process where an aqueous medication (liquid, usually water-based) is aerosolized by bubbling air or oxygen through it, so that a patient can breathe it in,” explains Dr. Jordan Tishler, a Harvard-trained physician and cannabis therapeutics specialist who is also president of the Association of Cannabis Specialists and CEO at inhaleMD, a patient-focused clinical practice in Massachusetts.
    Some pluses, some minuses

    Rather than heating cannabis as one would by vaporizing or smoking, nebulizing sends compressed air through a specially formulated cannabis solution and turns it into micro particles, which are one to five microns in size, that can be inhaled into the lungs. These cannabis solutions vary, but some research shows they can contain sodium electrolytes to help with the nebulizing process, small amounts of ethanol to dilute the oil and emulsifiers like sodium lauryl sulphate (which is often found in toothpaste), as well as water.

    Nebulizing is the only pulmonary delivery method that doesn’t require heating or combustion of the cannabis product. And unlike edibles, dosage can be controlled, too, which is especially beneficial for those using cannabis medically.

    But the problem is that standard cannabis flower or oil cannot be put into a nebulizer. “Cannabis and its extracts are hydrophobic; they don’t like water,” says Dr. Tishler. “So nebulization will not work for cannabis, at least not for simple cannabis extracts.”

    Innovations are being made and some companies have claimed to have created nebulizers specifically for cannabis use, as well as a standardized solution.

    “There’s a whole industry now looking at water solubilization technology,” says Yaron Eshel, director of life sciences for iCAN: Israel-Cannabis. “So how do I get this oil and make it into very small molecules so that the body can absorb it? It’s called nanoencapsulation. It’s very standardized in the drug industry, very standardized in the food industry,” Eshel explains.

    Within the cannabis industry, however, the process of nanoencapsulation is still in its infancy. There are some products popping up on the market. For example, Pearl2o is a water-soluble THC and CBD solution that is odourless and tasteless, which makers say can be used in cooking and drinks, or in the company’s nebulizer system.

    CannaNeb also offers a nebulizer that it reports can use glycerin or medium-chain triglyceride oil-based CBD. Meanwhile, Ci Therapeutics, a partnership between iCAN: Israel-Cannabis and CannRX, has two prototype nebulizing devices: one for recreational use and one for medical use.

    Eshel has worked with iCAN: Israel-Cannabis for three years, coming from a previous career in quality assurance and regulatory affairs in the medical field, dealing with devices like stents and hip replacements. Passionate about high-grade medical devices that can improve quality of life, he believes that nebulization is one of the most effective forms of pulmonary delivery that doesn’t involve heat.

    Eshel, for one, says he hopes nebulizers will become the gold standard, offering a scent-free, taste-free and healthier alternative to smoking or vaping.
  • The G43 Vaporizer // Official Thread
    I can watch the assembly vid on Youtube but it won't run embedded in the post??

    On purpose or???
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    Now this is my idea of a helpful cat haha

  • Unreleased Products // News & Rumors
    Ask Claude in a few days....I believe he is about to receive his long awaited Nomad.
  • O-Ring concept wearing thin on me; DynaDork consultation wanted
    I will say it again....O-rings make the tips WAY more versatile in terms of bodies and GonGs that can be used and if you have screw threads you will inevitably have them glued together with reclaim.

    My two cents.