• I got The new Mighty+
    its a liquid pad and IMO do 'trates in a Might just gunks the fuck up out of it.

    That's just me...I don't do 'trates in good flower vapes.
  • Linx Apollo
    Yep, but i'm with you as you posted in the other thread...I do not use box mod/coil rigs anymore and use quartz bangers with his axial hot runner type coils and an Auber.

    I used to like the pen style stuff....until I moved to the rigs I use now.

  • What are you listening to right now?

    Good to see you....been a LONG time. You are one of the OG members. I remember when there were like 5 of us! haha

    Hope you are well.
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    I believe that LG stopped selling retail and sort of remember it was liability issues but I may be wrong on that.

    But no, don’t see LG for sale anymore.
  • Forum registration/new members
    @Cl4ud3 - haha. I txt him a happy new year and….crickets. Lol
  • Forum registration/new members
    @Cl4ud3 - you are THE MAN!!!

    Hope you are well, brother. Healthy and happy in the new year to you and yours.

  • Disappointed with Hydrology's Cloudious9...
    @Majincraft - I agree

    Someone gave me one....and I gave it away quickly myself.

    Total junk, IMO.
  • Best shows and movies to watch
    Fro the holiday season haha

  • Happy Holidays!

    Same to you guys and all others.
  • Mighty+ coming
    Wow, I think my Mighty is over 5 years old and still going strong.

    Caveat, I don't use it daily or even close to that and I'm prob down to four loads before battery gets a bit puny.

    And yes, the board is a zombie who is dead but doesn't yet know it.
  • Volcano Onyx
    haha...another vape where the "big drop" is a change in color.

    Its too funny how the industry just keeps doing this LOL
  • Qaroma Desktops
    I wonder if Newvape (or Cannabis hardware as they are now) could have done this or just didn't want to. I guess their loss is now some other companies gain.Cl4ud3

    Well, they are a metal machine shop, really. So perhaps its understandable.

    Frankly, I like that my FP is Ti....can't break it and I'm not worried about Ti as a material, personally. YMMV.

    Take care, guys
  • What Vape Are You Using as Your Main Vapes?
    EVO, Flower Pot, and enano. Daily drivers lately but I did break out my Mighty recently and remembered how much I like it.

  • Just sayin'...
    any strain goes w TexMex.

    Need to work on your chimichangas and Chile Rellenos! Then invite me for din- din. Haha
  • Just sayin'...
    Chips? Fuck that...I want a full blown 7-11 microwave burrito with a side of nachos and a pint of ice cream! haha

    but she is right...
  • Mighty + Out September 23rd.
    haha…beats the fuck out of me.

    I’ve never had an issue w my Mighty’s plastic bits. TBH, I didn’t ever have an issue w the bowl material either.

    I would have been happy w replaceable batteries (which we didn’t get), a flat bottom, and faster heat up time.

    But they haven’t offered me a position in their prod mng dept so my views don’t swing any weight w S&B lol
  • Mighty + Out September 23rd.
    Is there an app?Bruce Mighty is still going strong so I'm not immediately interested in upgrading it to a +

    Still like the Mighty a great deal and still think its a dead simple vape to technique...if you can inhale, you can vape with it.

  • Mighty + Out September 23rd.
    Bruce....there is, I believe, no replaceable battery.

    They added USB-C, I believe I heard that they coated the aluminum in the bowl with ceramic...or its all ceramic, they sped up heating time, and apparently they made the bottom flat so it can stand up.

    I find these to be minor incremental product improvements and personally I'm underwhelmed.