• Stoner Food
    hahaha...true stoner food in every sense of the phrase! haha
  • Stoner Food
    I meant Tyedy's pic...I get what you are this the same thing?
  • Stoner Food
    Uh...what is that? haha
  • FS: Titanium Grasshopper w/PFE, extra batteries...
    Might help if you put an aksing price on it...or did I miss it??
  • Combustion confessional
    well excuse me for being under 65mayorbrody


    :roll: :roll: :roll:
  • Combustion confessional
    Didn't know this forum was also for cocainemayorbrody

    That was a "snort" of scotch whiskey.
  • Ditanium
    To each his own guys. IAsUwish

    Wise words for all of us to keep in mind when we find ourselves with differing opinions, yeah?
  • Combustion confessional
    I too have OG Protopipe and bought 3-4 of them for friends including my dear friend and waterfowl hunter extraordinaire, Larry S...known to his friends as Buddha. Gave him a PP oh....maybe 15 or more years ago and he was never without it in his pocket. Now, this is they guy who, while sitting in a goose pit, said he was going to buy a vape for flower (of which I had never heard of) and gave me a link to a review site.

    Larry NEVER bought a vape...but that conversation has cost me thousands in vape purchases!! haha

    Larry died 18 months ago....suddenly and at age

    My friend Larry at our annual Ground Hog Fun Shoot and Drinking (more of the later than the former).


    Larry and I in the goose pit after hunting was done...we was just a tad high and maybe had a snort or two! haha

  • The Brilliant Cut Grinder
    Hi Alexis - I do as many others and use the VC like a straw and suck in a load.

    That fills it and seems to give the right level of density...pack, if you will.

    I have not experienced particles coming through the CCD but as said, I remoisten my flower before grinding so I don't get dust.
  • The Brilliant Cut Grinder
    yeah, I hear you brother.

    If my herb is dry, and depending on strain (eg blue dream seems to break down fine) I can get it too fine.

    Every purchase I make goes into a mason jar w Boveda 62 for a while before I even try to grind.

    IMO, al. The flower I get in MD’s Ned program comes too darn dry.
  • The Brilliant Cut Grinder
    Sorry Baron I got carried away with my thoughts here.Alexis

    No apologies needed as far as I can see??? :-)
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    Meanwhile, I'm tracking down those little syringes that LabPong recommends.s292

    I buy these and find them invaluable for a number of vape cleaning applications.
  • The Brilliant Cut Grinder
    I run fine grind in pretty much everything but a joint and I like the BCG fine grind very much.

    Medium would be ok also...but for VC, I like fine grind.
  • Show me your “bud”
    Getting some very high THC % Grease Monkey here in MD MMJ program and I love and MK Ultra.

    Thanks for the pics.
  • Anesthesia for surgery
    hehehehe...yep. :up:
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    fabulous...just fabulous!!
  • Anesthesia for surgery
    Not being solipsistic, I feel that there is indeed reality independent of my conscious observation (yeah, yeah, collapsing quantum probabilities, etc notwithstanding) so not a worry to me personally! :blush:
  • Best way to go about cleaning & disinfecting wooden vaporizers & stems?
    C-diff is a mofo, mate, and I don't blame you for wanting to sterilized EVERY fucking thing to avoid getting it again.

    I don't have a suggestion beyond ISO or the like which is very likely to impregnate the wood with ISO taste, strip out any oils from the wood and dry it out, and just doesn't sound that appetizing, does it?

    Do you think but not hot enough to in the oven at 250F or something like that?

    Its one reason that I really am not a fan of wood stems and MPs.

    Best of luck and I'm glad you got a handle on the c-diff and are feeling better.

  • Live Streams
    I don't think i have any fans left :sweat:VapeCritic
    :sweat: :rofl:
  • Heatsink seating problem
    tagging @GHOSTTEAM and @GhostVapesNerissa for you.

    It’s a USA holiday today?? Not that I’m aware of??
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    Whoa, dude....that's a squat alright. Wow. Yeah, I think we discussed this once before....very impressive.

    My knees can't do heavy squats....the dead lifts were tough enough.

    While I started to do dead lifts as part of my core strengthening after lumbar surgery 10 years ago, but, in fact to the degree that I did it...well, it did NOT my back no favors and now there really isn't an L3/4 disk left, no heavy weight on the spinal column anymore.

    I kind of miss it....loved doing dead lifts. Really got the stress out.
  • Off-Topic and Random Chatter
    BIG lift, Hazel...BIG!! Way to go

    Me and 300 lb dead lift.....then I gave up heavy was destroying what little is left of my lumbar disks! haha But man oh man, it feels so good to get it done. Feels like a real accomplishment when it bangs back down on the floor.

  • Extraction Science

    Interesting article that seems to distinguish ethanol "winterization" from closed loop "dewaxing"

    Not trying to be argumentative at all...I just remember reading older articles on winterization and cooling columns for "dewaxing" in closed loop systems is....well, apparently not new but new to me.