• Recommend my next big hitter
    I generally run a hydra tube water. Straight MP is fun also.
  • Recommend my next big hitter
    VapeXhale EVO.

    Efficient, simple, reliable, and a true hard hitter.
  • How to move Ghost MV1 app to new iPhone
    hahaha...great write up, very nice of you to share it.

    But I'm an old curmudgeon and my general view is FUCK APPS combined with FUCK GHOST. LOL
  • The Brilliant Cut Grinder
    I don’t do Pre-orders anymore.

    For others, it may suit them

    I do love my BCG. It was actually a present from @Bud. I never took any pay for being a mod here, didn’t want to be paid, and so Bud would occasionally fling stuff my way. I would try to discourage him from doing so because...well, I didn’t want to be paid! Haha

    But Bud is a very generous soul and he’d just ship me some stuff.

    Now I loved my NV Fine Grinder arm bad version and bought that on Bud’a rec. it is a big two piece and I still use it and still love it.

    But BCG is and has been my go to. Absolutely outstanding product imo.
  • Vivant VLeaF GO
    it’s a good budget vape.

    No more but also no less.

    Fits the bill for vaping during LS, field parties, camping, etc.

    I thin it punches above its weight class but it’s class is budget friendly vape
  • Brilliant Cut grinder is brilliant
    oh yes, absolutely a personal preference. I really have no idea what percent of folks like fine versus more coarse grind.

    I have just always like fine grind.

    And yes indeed, it’s a lot of $$ for a grinder and I can easily see how the price will give some folks a pause.
  • Brilliant Cut grinder is brilliant
    Nay, nay, my friend.

    I use the fine plate for everything but the rare joint I roll.

    I always have favored fine grind.
  • Stainless Steel Grinders
    Wow, all I use these days is my BCG, which I love and which has not chipped at all. Nada.

    For people who run into the situation where thrill have trouble turning the grinder, look at New Vape Fine Grinder, arm band version. Really large grip area makes this very attractive for anybody with any hand strength or dexterity Issues.

    Yes, it’s a two piece only and it’s aluminum.
  • Live Streams
    hahah...did you forget how to do it??? ;-) jk
  • Dynavap VapCaps - Still get inconsistent airflow after 2.5 years
    I too just suck up fine grind.

    I like fine as IMO the VC has a significant conduction function and I want as much surface contact as I can.

    Haha...mostly I don’t really give it much thought since they just work well for me.
  • Live Streams
    Weekday....early evening...just post din-din time, perhaps, so EU folks can join in....maybe???
  • Friend wants to get into Vaping, but has very little $
    I'm afraid "made in USA" and budget vape are a bit contradictory....even the VapCap has gotten a bit pricey.

    I remember the glass OG VC's....maybe $30. Omni now $180 or so. Wow.