• What did you buy for upcoming vape ban?
    I just picked up a FW7. Nothing else really stands out to me right now, so I think I'm done
  • Prrl Labs Neo
    If you ever end up getting one, definitely let me know how they compare!
  • Prrl Labs Neo
    @The Rogue Wax Works Not sure if you've tried the Vapor Lighter that UnklMark makes, but if you have, how does this compare? I know he designed it after the Prrl, but it also uses the RBT heater tech. Ive got one and it works really well. I just wonder how it stacks up to the Neo. Glad you're enjoying it!
  • Dynavap
    Just a heads up for those interested, KGWoodcrafts is doing a Dynavap stem giveaway! Head over to the Instagram post for official rules of entry!

  • What made you smile today?
    My fiance and I have been at our cabin retreat for the last few days. Its been a really nice time to recharge. We're gonna hate to say goodbye to all this beauty tomorrow :-/

  • Vape Mail Ban
    So far, USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL are all on board for the vape ban...
  • Firewood 7

    I really need to try one of these. I have the 4, 5, and 6, but haven't managed to pick up a 7 yet. If you ever come across someone selling theirs, let me know!
  • Gaming, what are you currently playing?
    Been playing Valheim a lot lately...this game is BADASS!

  • dotLeaf Conduction Vaporizer
    @Cannabliss420 That's awesome! The only problems I'm seeing is that some of the ovens are flawed and crack/sometimes combust. If that happens, Dotleaf will replace the oven. Definitely check out the thread over on FC for all the info. There's a lot there.
  • dotLeaf Conduction Vaporizer
    Yeah, everything about the Dotleaf is modular, so if something goes bad, it can be replaced without having to replace the whole unit. They are working out some kinks at the moment, but when they get everything corrected, it'll be worth getting one. For now, I would say wait until the flaws are worked out.
    Also, the spare heating ovens can be used as a load and go solution for on the go. That way you can just pop one in and have a sesh
  • USPS Hell!
    Thats awesome! Im glad it made it! Mine took just under 80 days to get to me. I think customs was having fun with it before sending it along my way lol. Happy New Year!!
  • dotLeaf Conduction Vaporizer
    Yep! I know two people who have ordered and received their package with the upgraded parts. Can't wait to hear what you think about it!

    My advice... When using it native, start on temp 2, and take short hits. This isn't one of those vapes where you have to draw for 10-20 seconds for a decent rip. You can mouth to lung draw on this and your hits will still be good. If you go for a long hit, it's gonna hit you hard. It actually caught me off guard when I first got mine.
    Personally, I still prefer running it through a jhook... Though these days, I run everything through a jhook, so...
    But ya, I think you're really gonna love this one. It has its own vibe that is different from other vapes!
  • dotLeaf Conduction Vaporizer
    Ive been using the DotLeaf for about a month or so now, and use it almost every night. They have since sent me the replacement parts, and have officially released the vape with the improvements included. The new parts work great and have officially fixed the gasket issue. The airpath is only about a half inch from the heating chamber, so its very short to use natively, but it does work. When using natively, it works best when hit with short 2-3 second sips, as that is really all you will need to get a solid rip.

    The battery life is pretty decent, the 18650 is removeable, the drip tips are a standard 510 size and customizable, the face plates are compatible with DotAIO devices, it comes with everything you need like 14mm/18mm WPAs, a really awesome dab tool/stir pick, the replacement heater pods are only $25, the session timer is set at 3 minutes (not changeable), the carrying case is good quality, the size is very tiny, the hits are massive, the flavor is toasty tasting like a PAX/MFLB/Vapman/Dreamwood Roasty, Etc, the build quality is top notch, and their customer service is even better! IMO, its a must have for any vape collection. Personally, I think it's the best conduction session vape currently out.

    I'm including a side by side picture comparison to other small portables to help put things into perspective.

    Bowl size comparison to the ArGo

    A 3 part sesh that I posted on FC

    Through a glass rig
  • USPS Hell!

    I did eventually receive it, but it took 73 days in actual transit for it to arrive. It was a legit nightmare, and I won't ever order from overseas like that for a vape again. If you ordered it on Dec. 2nd, then I wouldn't expect it to arrive anytime soon. Mine took so long that I had to file a lost package claim for the USPS office in Chicago, which was the last place it went. Like I said, they eventually got it to me, but it was not an experience I would ever want to repeat. USPS is in shambles right now, and in an even worse position than it was when I placed my order back in March. They have entire warehouses full of undelivered packages at the moment, thanks to Covid + Christmas. I would just be patient at this point. Best of luck! I hope it arrives soon!
  • USPS Hell!
    I ordered my Vapman from Germany on April 4th. It shipped out via DHL. Then it changed hands at the airport to USPS. That was on the 16th... And that's the last update I've gotten. Now, all it says is...

    Origin Post is Preparing Shipment

    And there it sits.

    I contacted Lieferschein to see if they had any idea what was going on in regards to packages leaving their country. They responded saying they were going to investigate and get back to me. That was a few days ago. I guess now I wait
  • Vapman Vaporizer. How great is it?
    @Other Side the issue with the thieving mailman has been taken care of, even though they never actually confirmed it in the report that I submitted. We have a new mail carrier now. The problem that I have, is that USPS has lost all accountability, as a company, in how they handle packages and mail. More mail gets damaged now than ever before, and you can't blame that on covid or high volume. That comes down to handling with care. (And for the record, I know how mail gets handled, I used to work at the Atlanta airport and saw first hand how those guys kicked around the packages.) As for losing USPS all together... I'm totally fine with that. Mind you, I am not speaking about the mail delivery system, I'm speaking about USPS as a company. They've only been around since the 1970s, and have done a piss poor job compared to ever other postal carrier out there. Google any USPS office and see how they are rated. They're lucky if they've got 2 stars. They just don't care anymore, and that's a problem. In an economy that is driven by performance and customer satisfaction, there are just too many other good quality shipping companies out there that are better. Unfortunately, the US has grown to depend on the USPS because it is "government funded." That's another problem. I'm not saying that this Covid-19 issue isn't real. I'm fully aware that it is. I'm saying that they are using that as a scapegoat because they are already talking about bankruptcy and the employees have stopped caring. And thus why it is in the condition that it's in.
    As for the international shipping, that's interesting to note about the issue you had with the Dreamwood shipment. I wonder if that's what happened with mine. The USPS tracking hasn't updated in 10 days. I just hope it doesn't get lost in transit. And because of the state of the USPS not scanning packages like they are supposed to, it would be very easy for things to slip though the cracks. That's all I'm worried about. I actually don't mind how long it takes. I just want to be able to track packages properly.

    I mean, like even how Ed's TnT reported, there should be no reason packages from Mississippi have to go to Hawaii to get to North Carolina. That's just poor use of resources by a poorly run company. Like I said... Unpopular opinion. I'll be happy when they go bankrupt so that a more reputable company can take over the USPS name and do the job right
  • Vapman Vaporizer. How great is it?
    @Baron23 yep... No accountability. And if you report it, they just send you a blanket email saying..."Oh well, sorry. Covid-19... What can ya do." Aaaannnddd that's why I think USPS needs new management...or a complete overhaul
  • Vapman Vaporizer. How great is it?
    Ohhh, very interesting @ScentNomad! Crossing fingers that's the case with mine! I still don't understand why when it was shipped via DHL, they would change it midway through to USPS. USPS is a complete joke right now. Nothing is getting done properly with them. There is no accountability, so most of the mail that I get is either damaged, opened, or just flat out not arriving. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I really do hope the USPS go belly up like they are talking about. Then someone with some actual business sense, structure, and accountability can buy them out, fire all the entitled slackers, and hire some good solid ethical people to get the job done right
  • Vapman Vaporizer. How great is it?
    I ordered a Walnut version from Verdampftnochmal back on April 4th, but it has stopped at Germany's border and hasn't updated since the 16th. I don't know if the borders are closed at the moment or what, but now I'm not sure what to do. Anyone have any advice? It started with DHL, but then changed hands in Germany to USPS, and that's where it has stopped. I reached out to Verdampftnochmal, so hopefully something can be done. I'm really getting eager! After 22 days of waiting, I'm losing patience!
  • Dynavap

    So glad you are enjoying it!! You got a special stem there! The wood supplier was out of the standard grade Thuya Burl and upgraded the order to A++ Gallery Grade! There was only 1 piece available and it was packed full of little eyes. Have you noticed the rainbow hues in the wood? Gorgeous stuff! That paired with 5000+ year old ancient BogOak and it's truly one of a kind! You've got a piece of history there!