• Mighty + Out September 23rd.
    On Instagram they said they improved the displayPuffItUp

    Nowhere to go but up.
  • Tetra P80 mouthpiece/stem/screen
    You could try to find old RBT stems, or hit up 508phineas on Instagram; he makes great vigreaux cooling stems that fit the p80. I was just using one with mine last night. It cools so well that I didn’t realize how big my hit was till I exhaled a cloudbank and started coughing.
  • Tafée Bowle
    I’m in NY. mine took a day or two at most, but as @androponic says the express option was free early on.
  • Yo Bud - Rec Legal in NY??

    Let's also hope this means you'll finally be able to buy unground flower. I wonder what will happen to the medical program, which could have been a revenue stream if it weren't so hamstrung.
  • 7 Fin LE Tips custom order for Dynavap
    I signed up and haven’t heard anything from Dynavap.
  • Tiny Might
    But ask them why they charge more for the short one...I think someone messed up the 2 prices on that page. Short one says $3 more?LabPong

    No, I think that's their price. They sell another RBT stem here and the short stem in that case is $2.00 more. Unless they made a mistake on that page too.
  • New price on the MV1
    They ran out a few days ago. They're not going to get any more. Try Cream City Vapes, they list all models in stock at $115 here.
  • Airvape Legacy
    It's not on demand. There have been actually a number of us who pre-ordered who are not happy about that. Despite Apollo repeatedly calling it "pure convection," they also have stated that the vape continues to heat the herb even when you're not drawing on it. Also, like the Airvape X, it works like a session vape; once you press the button, it stays on for however long whether you're hitting it or not. All of which gives the lie to the idea that it's a "pure convection" vape. I'm still wondering if I should ask for a refund.
  • Airvape Legacy
    Did they give you any trouble?
  • Best CBD sites
    I’ve been liking 8 Horses hemp- just got their C4 and C5 strains. Also Happy Budz, Bklynflwr, Revel Valley
  • G43 Waitlist & Ordering
    @Bud have I been assigned to a platoon yet?
  • Coronavirus
    I get that you’re disappointed, but this seems like a fairly minor hardship given what’s going on. I’m not sure it even rises to the level of hardship. Seems more like an inconvenience.
  • Coronavirus
    so what’s your plan?
  • Coronavirus
    This is already starting to happen. Pretty much all of Broadway has been closed down. The Met Museum is closing starting tomorrow for 2 weeks I believe. MPOW is closing starting tomorrow till the end of March. NYC already mandates paid sick leave for all employees. There are any number of places in the city where you can walk in and get tested for various ailments now.
  • Airvape Legacy
    ok, so apparently the Legacy behaves the same as the X. I got this response to an email from Airvape Support:
    "Even if you are not drawing vapor through the mouthpiece, it will stay at the desired temperature and continue to heat the herb. The AirVape Legacy will turn off after 3 minutes of use and 30 seconds without movement. Regarding the power mode feature, the Legacy does not this feature but we do appreciate your feedback on this matter and this maybe use on future product development."

    The power mode remark is in response to my asking whether the button was a trigger or an on/off switch.

    I don't know that I want this thing anymore. I already have a Mighty and an Airvape X if I want a session vape.
  • Coronavirus
    No need for the snippiness.
  • Coronavirus
    I'm living literally almost at the edge of a containment zone. We started with one man here who attended a bat mitzvah and infected a number of people. Do you think it's reasonable to test people who have come into contact with an infected individual, but who may still be asymptomatic? So far, people have been self-quarantining; we probably have about a thousand people now who are nearing the end of their first week of self-quarantine. Only testing people with symptoms is not going to slow this down.
  • G43 Waitlist & Ordering
    How many platoons are there now, and will there be an updated list posted?
  • Coronavirus
    But the test is also useful in controlling the spread of the disease, since the virus can be asymptomatic after initial infection for days, but the person is still shedding virus and infecting others. Plus it gives us a better idea of how many people are actually infected, which would make us better able to plan responses. If we continue to not face just how big of a deal this may be, doctors, nurses and hospitals are going to be so far beyond busy that people are going to die.