• 7th Floor Elev8r
    Tomorrow’s treat :yum: big shot is at the Po

  • Vapman Vaporizer. How great is it?
    So far been blessed with usps international shipping order arrived timely to the border and intact so far so good. We’ll see how my delta 3D order goes lol
  • VapeXhale Cloud Evo
    With two hefty scoops and tapping till it fall’s into place, I think a little more then half full. I like the taste best 1-1:30 and clouds at 1:30-2, at the hotter temp it’s a little faster then the Ditanium set the same on the dial. I don’t find it is as quick to produce vapour or as thick of vapour as my Weedeater set to 660. Definitely a premium device and I’d be happy to add it to my collection.
  • VapeXhale Cloud Evo
    This is pretty much what I call perfect avb, dark but not black, very instant coffee looking
  • VapeXhale Cloud Evo
    Thanks for the tips :grin: that first load was dark my camera doesn’t do it justice and the specs of not quite vaped throws off the picture, much of it was nearly black but I think my biggest problem was grossly over packing it. I very much enjoy playing with a new toy but today I feel like Cinderella because my time with it is limited, got to send it and some masks back to my buddy. So I’ve thrown off all rationing today and vape like it’s the good old days...... dam it was only a few months ago but it feels like forever, might vape a g today before all is said and done. I’m edging the temp up but continuing to stir
  • VapeXhale Cloud Evo
    this is as close as I can currently get

    It’s better than the whip. After a few more roasty bowls I’ve got it dialed to a smidge passed noon and duh discovered it likes stirring lol
  • Coronavirus
    <-- unprepared for the zombie invasion
  • Ditanium
    So they may have done some diagnostic before they did.
  • Ditanium
    I remember he sent it back but it seemed like forever before they sent him a new one
  • Ditanium
    doesn't Ditanium have a lifetime warranty?
  • VapeXhale Cloud Evo

    Test driving a Evo today :smile: it’s so much lighter than I expected. Found the elb to be a little fiddely to load, scoop then poke with tool repeat. Found it similar to my Ditanium because of its slow to produce vapour performance, but when it does it pretty thick but not as thick as my Weedeater again I found it similar to the Ditanium. When I emptied the elb I found it to be very dark which surprised me because of the kind of clouds I got.


    All in all it’s a pretty good vape and I’ll be playing with it all day today to get a better feel for it. Any pro tips for a newbie ?
  • Simrell Collection Vortex Stem
    when its two vapes in one it's twice as much fun?
  • Tetra P80 just hit the Lamart site
    What's the best battery for tetra?
  • 18650 battery
    Has anyone gotten any 18650's into Canada from the US recently? Did you have any problems?
  • Coronavirus
    Did someone say sword? Has the corona virus mutated turning everyone into zombies?


    I’m dressed for success
  • Which wax vape?
    Ditanium offers out of the box water functionality but is a 2 in 1 herb/concentrate device, you can do one or the other or both at once. I'd say it is a stronger concentrate device than dry herb but still more than respectable. But one aspect of the Ditanium is its a big of a weed hog and is suited for bigger bowls, you can mitigate this by breaking up your session to just a draw here and there it is a on demand full convection unit.

    However if you prefer smaller loads consider the V Rod by New Vape another 2 in 1 device. And if you're not interested in herb they also make the D cup, T bucket and Tsunami all concentrate only devices
  • That was the worst... oh brother!
    a strain I enjoy but not for sleep is shishkaberry, it has some of the least amount of burn out I’ve experienced. It very much reminds me of having a cup of green tea, in that it’s calming and soothing but also stimulating without any feelings of wild swings. I like it for daytime and find it useless at night. So it’s not my #1 choice but I do like it.

    I’m with @Baron23 SLH makes me almost giddy
  • 7th Floor Elev8r
    Ordered a big shot for 420 should arrive next week :brow: :groan: can’t believe I’ve had it a month and as of yet to have a bowl :scream: and the torch was expensive and there is something of a butane shortage but I do have 1 full smaller bottle so that had better get me at least a few bowls and a couple dabs to :sweat: I just rediscovered a g of Broken Coast musk melon I set aside and forgot about, it was very tasty just low thc but my tolerance is pretty low right now from rationing so a 1/2-3/4 Elev8r bowl should knock my socks off :death: all the wait will have been worth while when it’s flavour truly wows me :yum: :hearts:
  • DabsRus: The art and science of dabbing
    Think I chased that dragon a little too closely :grimace: but what a hit :lol:

  • The Weed Eater by NewVape
    I'm actually rehoneymooning with it after borrowing it to a friend. Thank you for the trade with the really sweet stand I scored the better end of that deal. Have you picked up a old style Ditanium glass hand piece yet?