• Puffco Peak

    Yeah man sorry for having an opinion that differs Baron.

    Fuck this place if open discussion isn’t allowed.

    Please delete my account. Gracias.

    Peace out.
  • Puffco Peak

    There is no device, stand alone device, that does what it does automatically, without other software/firmware. Did you use it with 5-6 people one after another? Serious question.

    Please tell me what other device has the sesh mode with the timed hits and it capable of doing it over and over and over?

    Never once have I said it’s worth the money but it is unique or was when released.

    I get you didn’t like it and it isn’t for you, but you don’t seem to be interested in that aspect of it which is really what they marketed it as.
  • Puffco Peak

    I call them not the same thing as like a Candy Pen or Hypnos. To me those are mods as they require a lot more power (Orb is a hybrid but I disagree that Orb is even close to as good of coil as the Peak). It’s ok just different terminology. There is no doubt the HVT is more powerful but I don’t think it’s as sophisticated. It’s not as “smart” and I have a lot more issues with the HVT getting “hot” and losing flavor in a sesh or group scenario than I have with the Peak. The timed hit and the ability to “sesh” is something you never really touched on in your review and I’m not sure why it’s entirely discounted when you disingenuously compare it to a pen of any type since by very nature the difference is in those features.
  • Puffco Peak

    So vape MOD coils. Not vape PEN coils.

    Got it.

    That’s sort of my point. You exaggerated. It’s ok. We all do it sometimes.
  • Puffco Peak

    Can you point me to any “vape pen coil” that is remotely similar or as powerful as the Peak?

    Not sure why you have to exaggerate to make your point as that’s a genuinely false statement.

    Not to mention as a generality ANY electric coil could be referred to as a “vape pen coil” Assuming the vape pen is huge and has never been released. Hahaha
  • Puffco Peak
    Just going to state to all the haters I’m still on the same atomizer.

    I literally use it at last 4x per day and not a single issue thus far.

    Still say it’s too expensive but it is miles better than people who just don’t like Puffco make it out to be.

    Sure TAF SAI is good but I reach for the Peak 10/10 times over it.
  • China Taxes
    The tariffs will absolutely cause price increases on just about everything from China.

    Sad reality of the situation.
  • Puffco Peak
    Still on my same atomizer. Daily use.

    Guess I’m the luckiest bastard alive or something.
  • Suorin Air?

    Well I make all my own ejuice so yeah I mix the salts myself.

    I use heavy VG as well and the suorins keep up just fine. Probably shortens the life of the cart but they wick no problem.
  • Suorin Air?
    I’ve used Suorin Air and Drop (which is what is in that picture) but only for ejuice never any concentrates. I switched to high nic salts to get away from vaping so often and for that reason I love them but I have no idea how they would do with concentrates, the devices themselves work very very well though.
  • Dynavap and others - Hot Air question
    I’m no rocket scientist but my assumption is anytime you are breathing in something other than air you are likely damaging your lungs, it’s just a matter of degree. But yeah 3-4 HOURS of 300+ degree vapor cannot be good for your lungs, of that much I am absolutely positive.
  • How many vaporizers do you own?
    I’ve given away/sold a bunch but currently :

    Dynavap Omni XLS
    Dynavap M SS
    Dynavap M brushed
    Sticky Brick JR
    Pax 2
    Firefly 2
    Ghost MV1 rose gold
    Ghost MV1 nickel
    Arizer Air
    Firewood 4

    Think that’s all the dry herb I have which I assume is what you meant. If counting oil/wax vapes then crap I probably have a good 15-20 more of those.

    VAS is real.
  • Puffco Peak

    To be fair then it would be $600. ;)
  • Puffco Peak

    Sure thing boss
  • Puffco Peak

    Sounds like you should start your own site as nobody here or on FC seems to agree with you.

    Best of luck in the future!
  • Xvape Vista vs. Puffco Peak (or any other portable rig)

    Dude I never once said the Peak was “the pinnacle of taste”. Not one time. So stop putting words in my mouth. I just don’t think it’s as bad as you do.

    I still prefer the taste of a traditional torch dab or an enail set up over any portable. That said I prefer the Peak to a lot of things out there.
  • Xvape Vista vs. Puffco Peak (or any other portable rig)

    So despite your vast knowledge of ceramics you chose to take a $400 shot just to see? And now you want to stand on the mountain top and tell literally every other person thus far that they are wrong and just not as good as you at dabbing.

    Got it.
  • Xvape Vista vs. Puffco Peak (or any other portable rig)
    I’m genuinely curious as to why you even bought a Peak since ceramic is so inferior? It seems you knew this BEFORE you bought it and are now butthurt it was in fact, ceramic!

    It makes no sense you would spend $400 since you are SO positive.
  • Xvape Vista vs. Puffco Peak (or any other portable rig)

    I don’t want to buy yours, you got some bad ceramic.

    Thanks though!
  • Puffco Peak

    While I accept my role as antagonist I’m not the one spouting in multiple threads on multiple forums that my opinion is an unadulterated fact. So far he’s on an island all alone.

    But I’m the crazy one hahahaha
  • Xvape Vista vs. Puffco Peak (or any other portable rig)

    I will do so, you continue being an obtuse prick!
  • Xvape Vista vs. Puffco Peak (or any other portable rig)


    I actually have three.

    And you know what? I still use the ceramic too from time to time. Imagine this....I actually prefer it with some materials!! Amazing I know. Guess also what? Some people like sic, some ceramic, some even like titanium!!!

    Dude stop insinuating only your opinion is a fact. It’s not. It’s an OPINION.
  • Xvape Vista vs. Puffco Peak (or any other portable rig)

    And now only you know what a good dab tastes like?

    Do you now recognize you are a clown?

    Mods I apologize and won’t say another word but this guy is a royal douche.
  • Xvape Vista vs. Puffco Peak (or any other portable rig)

    I can’t state this more clearly - I THINK YOU ARE WRONG.