• The clip on my Ghost MV1 broke.
    Morning all,

    Thank you all for your help, I've raised a support ticket with then now from the other thread.

    Thank you all for your help. I've gone to my extreme q for the moment again.


  • The Nasal Ranger
    Rule one of using the nasal ranger, don't use it on a full tube train in summer.
  • Considering the Crafty - Are there still issues?
    Hey ya,

    I've used the mv1 for a few months now. The quality is good, although the stealth chips off easily. It's very hot and the draw is good. The app is shocking though, I couldn't get it to work.

    I like my mv1, I think it's more efficient and gives you more vapour than my arizer extreme q does as well.

    I've not used the crafty but I did consider the mighty. I got the ghost after reading a lot of reviews.

    Essentially I would have to say the MV1 is an excellent addition to a collection of smoking apparatus for anyone.

  • It feels like my Ghost MV1 isn't drawing right

    To be fair though, it wouldn't be right for people to NOT get confused on this site.
  • The Nasal Ranger
    On dumb things today....
  • Best music for a sesh with your favorite vape
    I listen to all genres, from Marilyn Manson, red hot chilli peppers through to classical. But even if it's not your thing check out Beethoven's sixth. It's a beautiful piece, fun to listen to and quite fast moving. After I've hit either my extreme q or my mv1. I'm finding I listen to more classical now.
  • It feels like my Ghost MV1 isn't drawing right
    That's perfect, thanks again.
  • It feels like my Ghost MV1 isn't drawing right
    ... Sigh

    So rebuilt it... Again... For reasons unknown to me it's now working, I must have put the rubber thing in back to front or something. I've put it back together so many times this is the only explanation.

    Thank you

  • It feels like my Ghost MV1 isn't drawing right
    Ok, I'll strip it down again, it doesn't need cleaning I have already done that today as well.
  • It feels like my Ghost MV1 isn't drawing right
    I've got the mouth piece out 3/4, I've covered the bottom holes to ensure its air tight and it is.

    It's been fine up to now, I've followed the stripping down video and cleaning to the letter. I cannot for the life of me figure out what's wrong... it's so efficient normally but it's just not coming together.

    Thanks for coming back to me.



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