• Forum Under New Management
    @Bud you are a gentleman and a scholar!

    Thanks for everything and I hope you, hazel and the cats have a smooth move! And the best of luck with all you do.
    @VLFZakkthe forum couldn’t of landed in better hands! Glad it worked out this way.
    Zakk and bud you know this forum will always have yo Back. Thanks for all the good times and looking forward to many more!
  • Grasshopper IO, Any 420 Sale for them?
    @Gloeck79 the 420 %25 off site wide sale is live now!
  • Accessories - Which Accessories Are You Using For Your Vapes
    Just cleaned the rig so saw it as a good chance to post with a bunch of accessories. Something I’d like to point out is the degummed hemp fiber in the bottom of the 18mm joint inside the rig. This is super handy if you use the rig dry, it acts as a filter to help keep rig clean for quicker cleaning and also if you are ever dankrupt you can vape it once its all nice and gooey with dry herb bits. I always for get to take a photo b4 I clean. But I can post another photo once it gets worn in. Other than that if you’re unsure of what anything else is just ask :).
  • dotLeaf Conduction Vaporizer
    @Tdog420 idk if I’d say it hits hard but the flavor is decent for a conduction vape. The flavor is not something I think about when using this vape. What I do think about is how great the form factor and function are. This vape definitely milks a bong/rig and that’s how I mainly use it. But to be honest I don’t notice much of a taste difference between temps 3-4+. At all temps I am able to use the vape natively for when out and about, but at home I always use it through my rig.
    I got this vape for a couple reasons but one of the main ones was for the conduction “high”. Conduction vapes seem to produce more of a Stoney/full bodied effect that is nice for medical patients like me seeking some relief from pain.
    Curious if anyone else did a burn off b4 using the first time? I have a second heating chamber that I haven’t used yet but want to, and don’t know that the burn off I had done b4 was necessary. So far for me, these little heaters (other than the cracking) are bad ass.
  • dotLeaf Conduction Vaporizer
    Tip for the over-concerned...Been putting some dynawax on the oring/gasket and top of the heating chamber that slides against the oring/gasket when inserting. Unit #0604, think it’s the updated gasket as the color is black? Not sure if there are any other identifiers. Just got the vape 3 days ago. Ordered from elementvape.
  • dotLeaf Conduction Vaporizer
    Whale I just ordered mine last night, got it from element vape, emailed asking if it’s the updated tank/gasket version. Will post an update when it arrives.
    Excited to get this as it will hopefully fix the conduction vas I’ve been having... been wanting to get a starryv3(really a davinci IQ, just don’t want to spend that much) for awhile, but think I found what I really wanted in this device.
    Curious on others thoughts, especially those that have the dotleaf and starry and/or davinci iq and/or pax
  • dotLeaf Conduction Vaporizer
    @The Rogue Wax Worksthat would be 2 legit 2 quit!
  • dotLeaf Conduction Vaporizer
    @The Rogue Wax Works now they just need to make that 18650 removable.
    Interested in seeing how it develops hopefully
  • The Brilliant Cut Grinder
    @BestBuds Get the coarse plate... the less surface area too keep more trichomes intact, means a better overall grind! It’s a 3 piece grinder for a reason. Like zibit said
    could turn it upside down for a finer grind
    but I think you will find it’s not necessary. Mine runs like butter.
  • The Brilliant Cut Grinder
    I’d say go with the coarse. I have that and a medium. I use the coarse. Only have medium because I ordered it first. But happy I have both. But if only getting one I’d get the coarse plate.
  • Got dragons??
    @zancru what do you prefer.... Herborizer or Flowerpot? and why? if you don't mind me asking
  • Live Streams
    I was so excited for a Monday stream I fell asleep waiting! Hahaha, then when watching what I missed I forget it’s not live and get confused why it won’t let me comment in the chat :rofl:
  • The Lotus Vape
    So the question is, saucer or standard? How much larger is the saucer? I’m worried it would be to big for a lot of rig styles where the standard might have more versatility in that respect, or does the standard have issues just the same? Does anyone that has standard find it gets too hot to handle during back to back seshing?
  • Happy Thanksgiving Boys & Girls
    Happy thanksgiving! Very thankful for the vape life family and g43!
  • Black Friday Deals, share here
    33% off with code moodlove 11/26-11/30
  • What are you listening to right now?
    King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard
  • G43 Plug-in Wall Adapter DIY (WallG)
    Received the G exactly a week ago, absolutely loving it. Set up the wallG last night with the modG parts kit and I couldn’t be happier. Was easy todo and I just used what tools I had around the house. Super excited to have the option of switching between the wall and mod with ease. Thanks again @Bud!z0rqzok18lyefy9j.jpeg
  • Weekly Live Stream & G43 Giveaway - October 20, 2020
    Showed up just in time for Halloween! Happy Halloween!
    Thanks so much @Bud!
    @Other Side Now I just need the diy g parts kit so I can build a mate for the u joint.
    ...ain't nuthin but a g thang...
  • Live Streams
    Sorry I missed the stream today. Just finished watching and was a very productive stream indeed! Catch y’all next time. @Bud you doing a Friday stream? Or will the next one be the public stream on Tuesday?
  • Weekly Live Stream & G43 Giveaway - October 27, 2020
    if you have the YouTube app and follow buds channel, you tube can notify you for the public streams. For the private ones you gotta watch the forum.