• Herbalizer Questions
    Ok just to clarify I didn't smash it open with a hammer :lol: but would have been a lot cooler if i did...

    I actually like this vape a lot and tried using it a month ago and it wouldn't turn on, screen would just display "Service Needed". So I carefully took it apart to get to the halogen bulb inside, I figured maybe it was burned out. Well it turns out you have to completely take apart the entire thing to get to the bulb, as you can see.

    The bulb looked fine, unfortunately, so i think something else is wrong with it but have no way to troubleshoot it. I also spent 30 mins searching online for the bulb and couldn't find it, i'm not sure it's even made anymore or maybe it was custom.

    Someone needs to make a simplified (and cheaper) version of this vape, the halogen bulb is really good for temp control, i miss it :groan:
  • Show us your garden!
    LOL that pic is insane :lol: i've tried it a handful of times, it's definitely a lot of work to get it to come out good, and also hard to get a big yield, but it's very satisfying at the end :cool:
  • I need help choosing an electric dab rig
    Damn it's been a really long time since i've used a dab rig, I wish I had more advice for you im sorry bro :groan:
  • Anybody into Bitcoin?

    So i ended up buying some bitcoin finally last year, at $63000, fuck me right? :rofl:
  • Herbalizer Questions
    This is what she gets for not working anymore and telling me "service needed" :nerd:

  • Bud's Foxbody Mustang

    Ayo bro sorry for never replying to this i'm terrible :monkey:

    Just put the Stang back on the road after keeping it in garage for 6 months, she's running good but the ticking sound is back! :rofl:

    Might be some more buildup from sitting for so long, BUT i think you're also right, it's kinda supposed to make that sound, thats what the mustang shop told me too, i just dont wanna believe it lol.

    Put a fresh tank of 93 in today and a helping of the MMO, should probably do another oil change soon too and put some in there.

    I thought about selling it more than once, but i really don't want to, and everybody says they regret it, so for now it stays :cool:

    Gota post some new pics and exhaust sounds soon :eyes:
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    Hey I can hook you up, all you need is the ModG parts kit right?

    This is what I can send you, I only have 4 of these crimps left I might hafta order some more :gasp:

    You use those parts to convert a power supply plug to a G-plug, so that it'll plug into your heater. The thread that @Hippie linked to should have all the info on what to do, but if any questions plz ask.

    I can't accept payments right now but we'll work something out, shoot me a PM to confirm this is what you need.
  • Supreme V6 silicone
    Nice man, that vape was one of the hardest hitting units i ever tried. Hope you're doing well bro good to see you :strong:
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    :lol: :lol: very good to see you too my man

    Yo bro wussup! I noticed your comment at the top of this page from 7 months ago asking about the videos, my bad about that, I cleared out my youtube account when transferring ownership and didn't think about collateral damage.

    I'm pretty sure I made a backup of most of my old videos but not all of them, so I'll see what I got and if nothing good I'll fire up the camera and record a new cleaning vid :up:
  • Crafty+
    LOL no way you keep track manually that's f'n great :rofl:
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    Thanks guys much appreciated :strong: Yup still vaping a pretty good amount, I haven't tried any of the newer ball vapes yet but have seen a lot of posts about them, looks like people are happy with the performance which is cool.

    My main rotation lately has been Crafty+, Sublimator, Volcano. Been itching for something new just waiting for something to tickle my pickle.
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    I wish I had the money back! :rofl:Baron23

    Been feeling that a lot lately :lol:

    Sounds like you've still managed to do more than we have, after moving we really haven't done much, and still haven't gotten back into working out :rage: Hopefully soon with the weather warming up.

    Haven't been to the range either since the fall, definitely need to go soon, but not for too long at $1/round lol

    It took me a really long time to feel semi-normal again, almost been in standby mode, but feeling like I need to get moving now and find a direction.

    Figured I'd pop on here to help with some G's to get the juices flowing again.
  • Crafty+
    It's so weird looking back at old posts :lol:

    Ended up buying a new Crafty+ when it came out in September, cus i sold my original unit a while ago like a tool.

    Also thought the USB-C port was nice. I think this was my only vape purchase in the last year, dayum.

    Check out the hours logged and it still works lol

  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    My man, good to see you too! We're good thanks bro, Hazel's got a decent 9-5 now that she likes, so i get my alone time :lol:

    What have you been up to??
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    :strong: :strong:

    Thanks bro we're doing aight and hope you are too :100:

    Yes it's me, good to see you!

  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    It's me, Bud, risen from the dead.

    Who can I help with their G43?

    I have parts, and a lot of time.

    Hope everybody is doing really good, I miss you bros.