• And.....The End
    The forum will be staying open. I will no longer be maintaining things or be the person of contact for any issues is the only change. You can expect delays for anything that needs moderator attention.
  • Forum registration/new members
    Forum registration is now temporarily closed to new members.

    I will no longer be maintaining classified listings. These, and any other forum actions, will be taken care of by a member of Greenlane - expect delays.
  • davinci iq satans butt hole
    I know @PuffItUp did an IQ teardown a couple of years ago Maybe @VLFZakk would know if it's possible to remove some parts to get to the airflow hole if nobody else has any ideas and you can't get any info from the teardown.

    Edit: You could try bending the tip of a needle and trying to hook it out is my only other suggestion.
  • What are you listening to right now?
    Since it's Passover why not an appropriate song to bump the music thread.

  • I need help choosing an electric dab rig
    I've seen it on IG with Scott and read some good reviews of it on other forums. I had hoped someone here might have used one or could compare it to the many other rigs that seem to be out there.
  • I need help choosing an electric dab rig
    Not something I use but there must be some on this forum with an opinion on what's decent and what isn't. I know plenty of you log in so maybe share some information if you can help. If nobody is going to contribute to the forum then it will end up closing.

    I know a few people are loving the Ispire Wand but it's not really a electric dab rig and more an induction tool for a regular bong, there is also the daab by Ispire that might be worth taking a look at.
  • Dry Herb Vape Price Drop Thread
    Looks like 4/20 sales have started. Puffitup has many vapes on sale, 20% off with PIU20 at checkout. 30% off the Arizer XQ2 with a website banner click.

    20% off at VAPOR420 code at checkout.
  • Closed: Vapexhale Cloud Evo
    I'm now closing this listing as no updated pictures have been provided. New members are not normally permitted to sell items.
  • Closed: Vapexhale Cloud Evo
    Hi there,

    To sell items via the forum you need to adhere to a couple of rules.

    You need to include a picture of the item in question and your user name and date visible next to it on a piece of paper just to confirm for users that you have and own the item. Multiple pictures help if you want an item to sell.

    It's best to upload a picture using the upload files button and then insert. Online image sharing websites don't often work with the forum software.
  • Ed's WoodScents Log Vape
    Ed certainly picks up some great wood and his skills are always on point. I have a very early Buckeye burl, around number 50, which I picked out of a set of blanks he had. It was a long wait for me also as I was in the UK and he needed to get some certification to be able to send them here.

    If you want to post a picture of it use the upload files option and then insert the picture. Sometimes the forum software is a little funny with other ways of trying to get pictures up here.
  • Today's Video Premieres!

    Month old and one that slipped past me. Dynavap Vong.
  • What d’ya store your G in?
    No idea, it was like that when I first saw the post. Forum software is a little strange when it comes to pictures sometimes but I don't know why.
    Edit: It looks like only 1 of the photos has been uploaded according to the forum software, the first one that is missing is there as a link but the file hasn't been uploaded.
  • Cannabis Hardware B Zero
    Forum has trouble with Imgur, I don't know why. Best thing is to preview your posts before sending them so you can see if the links work. You are correct though it's easy to save to your device and upload the image to the forum using the Upload Files icon.
  • Cannabis Hardware B Zero
    As I have an older Flowerpot it won't be something I'm trying either, I'd have more interest in a glass setup if I was going to look at anything like this. You are right though on the reasons they are offering the product as it will entice people to try the higher models if they like the manufacturing etc.
    After trying the coil version of the Elev8r though I realised nothing will beat the Glass Symphony for me and are all just poorer imitations.
  • Cannabis Hardware B Zero
    I suspect it's also because people were buying the old 18mm Shovelhead male posts and making their own budget vape. Shovelhead post, balls and a coil.
  • Anvil by Vestratto
    Do you want to post a new thread on The Pinky. I've had a look at it on other forums/reddit etc but it would be nice to have a dedicated thread here on it with all the information and somewhere to discuss it properly. Its come up a few times here recently in different threads.

    I still think it's interesting and I might have gotten one if they were in stock. I do though wonder how they managed to get the heat indication by click if Dynavap supposedly holds the patent, hence the other Dynavap style device (Hippie pipe) having a visual indicator of heat level instead.
  • Spirit by storm “out short”
    I guess it's out of warranty and you can't get it returned ? I don't think it's one @PuffItUp did a teardown of but maybe someone else will have some advice.
  • DIY Vape, wake up guys! No need for an expensive vape!
    Very similar to a DIY vape made by an FC member, you can search for InVerzion over there. I think there was also another one very similar but I can't remember the name or who made it.
  • Mad Heaters Resolve Stem
    You'll have to post your impressions on it when it arrives.