• Does anyone know how to delete a posting in the Classifieds?
    I've closed it now. I can though remove it completely if that's what you want.
  • The Best Vaporizer Ever Made
    I know you've raved about it in the past Bruce but I don't believe the Extreme Q is considered an outstanding desktop. I'm not implying that it's a bad just it isn't top tier, it's an inexpensive device. At most you can say the IO is better than that desktop and no more imo.

    So yes the weakness is Customer service but they have gotten better.Bruce

    I think you're being extremely generous there Bruce. Not only is the customer service lacking but the vape is prone to developing faults. You have bought 4 of them now and they still have 3 of them in for repairs yes ? how long have they had them now ?

    You might consider the vape to be the best vape in the world but without reliability and quick turn around for repairs I don't think it's so cut and dry. I know many people who praise the vape but they also admit that it's extremely unreliable and some just won't deal with Hopper Labs anymore because of that as well as the terrible customer service record.
  • The Best Vaporizer Ever Made
    I'm sure some will agree and some more will disagree with your statement. Can it be a best vape ever with the amount of faults and downtime you and others seem to suffer from ? I would argue best, while not only being subjective, should also take into factors like reliability.

    What desktops have you used as a comparison Bruce ? I'm sure it's a good vape when it works but I have doubts on it being better than some of the heavyweight desktops out there.
  • I got The new Mighty+
    Do none of you worry about battery life/lifetime from using a fast charger ?
  • VLF Updates
    I had thought we were past this now Bruce especially as the last reply was over 4 months ago. I'd rather not delete your account and leave it open if you decide to return. If you don't want to check in or post that is your choice though.
  • What are you listening to right now?
    Got around to listening to a Beartooth album, Disease. Reminded me of Nu Metal, a bit Papa Roach and a little bit Fallout Boy. I haven't listened to any of the other albums though.

    YouTube recommended this to me as this one song has two members of Soundgarden, I hadn't heard of this band before.

    I then ended up listening to some Larkin Poe, another I hadn't heard of. The YouTube algorithm can be quite good at times.
  • Qaroma Desktops
    They certainly look interesting and very much like the Flowerpots, I wonder if Newvape (or Cannabis hardware as they are now) could have done this or just didn't want to. I guess their loss is now some other companies gain.

    Wish I could add some information but all I know is what's available on Instagram though they do have a discord so maybe someone will be able to add some more for us here.
  • What Vape Are You Using as Your Main Vapes?
    No portables right now and all I've been using for six months or more is a log vape. Home Grown Log by a UK log maker, I do need to post about it.
  • 3 favorites from the vaporizer jungle
    Have you considered a non battery powered vape? something like a Dreamwood which is German, Vapman which is Swiss but now being made in Italy, or maybe a Dynavap which is American but can be bought in many countries. All use a torch lighter to operate instead of batteries. The Dynavap is probably the quickest to get to grips with, as long as you respect the click of the cap you shouldn't combust. All 3 are very good vapes.
  • Hopper IO
    Would you buy another one while the first one gets fixed though ? and then a 3rd and a 4th when those are being fixed also.
    I would suspect most would answer no to that.
  • What are you listening to right now?
    I'd not heard of Beartooth before, will give them a try. I do though know Testament. Without having any music TV or listening to any radio I often just find stuff online or in a film or game.

    I did find Cancer Bats on a friends MTV or something though when I was house sitting a long while back, I thought it would be a band you had heard of even though they are Canadian. Their Beastie Boys cover was the first I'd heard of them and then went out and bought the album. Apparently they do Black Sabbath covers under the moniker "Bat Sabbath" but I've never heard or been able to get hold of any of that.
  • Hopper IO
    I understand you like the vape but given Hopper labs track record this all sounds like throwing good money after bad. I had hoped the new IO would be a breakthrough for them, enable them to get back on track maybe catch up with all the OG repairs, and actually produce a vape that lasts.
    Don’t think I will ever understand people who throw money at them considering their reputation now.
  • What are you listening to right now?

    Probably one of the most modern groups I listen to. I still listen to a lot of older Anthrax, Megadeth etc but I do like these guys a lot.
  • What are you listening to right now?
    I do enjoy Blues Saraceno, only heard his stuff on Youtube or in gaming though.
  • Many herbs with difficult temperature
    If you're going to be vaping a lot of stuff that has recommended temperatures well under the temperature your vape works at then it might be a better idea to look for one with a larger range or full temperature control.
  • Today's Video Premieres!
    DaVinci MIQRO Review
  • Decision Support
    The Fenix is quite popular in one version or another, they rebrand it for a few companies. I don't know anything about the Smono though maybe it's one that @PuffItUp know something about or maybe one of the other members can help.
  • Tafée Bowle
    He did for a little bit yes but I don't think he felt as enthusiastic about vapes and reviews as he once did.