• Why don’t I feel any high at all from my arizer solo II?
    It takes a little bit of time to get used to the difference in high from vaping compared to smoking. A vape high often feels clearer headed because you aren't breathing in the chemicals and tars released from combustion that can make you light headed. That being said you should feel something even if at first it seems milder.
    It might seem counter intuitive but try taking smaller hits, the more you breath out the more that is wasted.
    I know when I first swapped over I was still smoking as well as it felt stronger but after a few weeks I was able to ditch smoking altogether and found I was getting higher on less. I did swap to a more conduction heavy vape though when I started as it seemed to get me higher and was closer to the feeling of smoking a joint.

    Maybe some others who own a Solo 2 can give you some specific advice on getting more out of it.
  • Wake Up Everyone, We Have Been Dumped and Have a New Master
    Same here Bruce, hope you're ok too.

    As I said in another thread I do understand the concerns raised but what everyone needs to take on board is that Bud wasn't able to commit the time he wanted, or needed, to the forum over the last couple of years. There might be some changes to the forum like the store page now being and there is new admin here and owners, but the forum should function as it has done for the last 5 or 6 years.
    There will be more input, it should get busier, and Bud has said he will even pop in once he's finished moving house to help with any G43 related stuff.
    The alternative could have been the forum closing and losing this place which can be a valuable resource for vapists, it certainly was a great resource for me over the years and there is a good crowd of people contributing here. I hope it will now grow larger and help more people with Zakk in charge.
  • Wake Up Everyone, We Have Been Dumped and Have a New Master
    Was there any need to make a new thread for this Bruce ? Bud explained what was happening and that he was giving up the forum, and that Puffitup were taking over. For those who've been watching his Twitch streams for the last six months or so this was talked about so it's not even a shock.
    He even posted a week ago and stickied the thread so everyone could see it which you replied in, twice. I think you're being your typical over melodramatic self here. The forum will be more or less exactly as it has been for the last few years just without as much of Bud's input. Would you have preferred if it was closed down completely ?
  • Forum Under New Management
    Puffitup did say this, it's posted on their website in a blog post which they even emailed to everyone on their email list. I do understand the concern but one store owning the forum is much the same as another.

  • What made you smile today?
    That's really good news Zakk. Glad things are moving along for you and the whole of the team.
  • Gaming, what are you currently playing?
    The Oculus should arrive either today or tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. Does anyone else have one?deep_meditation

    I have an Index but my brother has an Oculus version one. Never used the VR chat though I see it's quite popular, just not something I've even considered using.

    Some extras that you might consider for VR, other than that expensive chair :lol:.
    VR lenses even if you don't wear glasses just to protect it, would be nothing worse than scratching the lens . Also some stuff from like a better strap and a weight system to put some more weight at the back of the device to balance it out a bit.
  • Gaming, what are you currently playing?
    Back in Elite Dangerous, deleted my old character and started again.
  • Gaming, what are you currently playing?
    Almost added this a couple of time on Steam sales. Maybe at the next one.
  • Gaming, what are you currently playing?
    Opinions so far ? I know it's coming to PC eventually. I'm still playing the last one, Monster Hunter World and the expansion, well I've finished it and I'm at the end game stuff just clearing up bits but the game is done.
    As much as I've enjoyed it I'm not sure if I would get another, so much RNG. It's also pretty dead right now with Rise being out and everyone moving over to that, in fact I've had to do the whole thing solo.
  • UK/EU CBD flower legality
    Ah that kind of sucks. The UK tracking uses the same numbers so I can even see it as soon as they book the package into USPS in America. It doesn't update until it arrives with Royal mail but I can at least see they are expecting it and it's moving. Sometimes I've been caught with slow customs checks due to workload, time of year, or just because the package ends up in the pile of extra checks, but it usually clears within a week.
  • UK/EU CBD flower legality
    Are you using the local tracking or the USPS one ? I know the USPS one here is extremely slow once it hits the UK but the local tracking is quicker for updates. Hope it comes in and is just delayed by your holiday festival or brexit, or even covid delays which seem to still be ongoing.

    Things in the UK are getting worse and now any oral CBD needs to have a license which is making some stores stop selling a lot of products. My hope the UK would be going legal at some point is getting smaller all the time and I don't think I will see it in my lifetime if they are going after CBD this hard.
  • Vape Mail Ban
    Thanks for clearing that up. I've not looked too much into it being in a different country and all. Still the whole situation is a bit of a joke considering how long cannabis vaping has been around.
  • Vape Mail Ban
    I expected accessories, custom stems, and Induction heaters to be unaffected but yes repairs and warranty claims will now be expensive and needing a courier or non existent. There is a nice looking IH for the Dynavap with temperature control coming soon from Mad Heaters (I think that was who was doing it) but they are UK based which I think will continue (launches in July).

    I guess you're lucky Grasshoppers latest model is reliable and not like the nightmare the original one was.
  • Vape Mail Ban
    Sad when you think of all the people who will lose their jobs or only form of income due to a silly law change. All because of one form of vaping that is affecting all forms of vaping.
    I wonder if StickyBrick labs and Dynavap etc. are going to close or how they are getting around the ban, Dynavap don't seem to be slowing down their product rollouts anyway.

    Those waiting for 4/20 sales I don't think we will be getting many this year and I expected more to be starting early to avoid the ban and shift as much stock as possible.
  • UK/EU CBD flower legality
    The limits should be on THC only. THCa is non psychoactive but it does turn to THC if you leave it long enough for instance. I'm guessing this is part of the problem with CBD legality and the fact it can change to more THC when left. It also makes you sleepy etc.
  • UK/EU CBD flower legality
    It has arrived with no issues and I was going to update here but I've not had much time and I haven't tried any of the new strains yet. If this is the last one for me for a while, due to the police being ridiculous here and it being illegal, I want to keep it as long as I can and that means not opening them until I'm done with what I currently have. Pointless them being open and drying out if I'm not using them.

    The only one I've tried so far was Cherry Butter which I'm still enjoying.

    From what I've read and experienced with these guys because they don't mark the packages as hemp, nothing on the package that they are a CBD store, the chances it passing through are better than with some of the others that clearly mark what's in the package.

    Good luck if you do end up trying.
  • Supreme V6 silicone
    Since you've not had any replies maybe @other side knows the measurements.
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread
    Production ceased on them due to multiple factors and now it looks like they have ended completely. There was talk of a DIY kit but I don't think they are happening now either.
  • Hydrology 9 New Release Hydrology 9 NX Flower and Concentrate
    You had an original one of these didn't you Bruce ? I know the first iteration wasn't great with a basic conduction oven, tight draw and leaks reported by users but they fixed some of that I read (the leaks anyway).
    Always seemed like a gimmicky vape to me.