• The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    For everyone asking about the G43's... we have not launched or started taking orders yet. We plan to soon probably around the 15th or so but @VapeCritic will be able to confirm whether we're still on track with that timeline.

    Also, when we do start taking orders we will probably be doing so 10 at a time. We have a system in place to help us manage access and orders that we've been testing out, and all seems to be working well so far.

    Once we officially start accepting orders, we will give groups of 10 access and the ability to add the G43 et. al. to their cart and checkout. We will be giving people notice that their number is up and that we've given them the ability to order, in the order people were added to the wait list.

    At least that's our plan and being we are making these by hand, hopefully no one feels the need to..."twist our arms" into doing it differently. lol :joke: Patience is a virtue young G's and delayed gratification is sometimes better than rushing to the finish line. :sweat: :wink: #hazelshoedown

    We really appreciate your patience thus far though and of course the continued support. We're working hard to get everything ready to go and will let you know as soon as we officially pull the trigger on the G43. #pewpew

    @ssaucyc515 @AnVom See above :cool: :strong:

    @Baron23 :lol: I love the Bud pic - totally. And then there's me... Hazel works for the name of that Cinderella sweat shop "please sir may I have some more" girl and how i'ma be when the G production line is in full gear. Save my soul at least? :sweat:

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