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  • Arizer Go (ArGo) Release

    Arizer doesn't mess around .. said comming soon and here it is
  • Arizer Go (ArGo) Release

    Arizer is a perfect example of playing with safe deemable materials when it might not be. This device could easily use a taper glass joint and rid or move the seal more upwards to the mechanism of the top lifting and retracting. Could have its own mechanism in place as well. The heater design of the air 2 really isnt 'better by design'... it actually makes little sense to me other than someone shopping in alibaba and puting together something.

    People love the brand, but this is one of the least transparent companies. You may feel a touch of professionalism with their tailored auto responses (i got the same response from one of the users from the forum and they also thought it was 1 to 1 conversation or reply). They have no presence in the vaping community... while other manufacturers actually talk to their customers. The whole its okay if hot air rises over the electric board or that air comes from openings that pass by it doesnt seem like a device that delivers ... medicine... or whatever it is today like the amount you used to get on a street corner.

    The silicone caulk in the picture above...

    Anyways... i actually used the air 2 exclusively for awhile, and i just stopped. Take that for what you want.

    I think we should all be demanding better products than 'this is what the engineer came up with', 'i cant tell if its broken... so lets not improve it'...

    Three portables in such a short duration must leave solo and air consumers a little like 'wtf'. No one wants that.

    I think they actually fixed a problem found in a user break down of one of their desktop units...

    So purchase with a educated decision of what you're looking for and the materials used...

    I dont own the go or plan to... and the inner workings are rather not advertised. Sure i'd like to hit that but that puffitup break down showed me... stuff.........sure why not post this, i just want a good portable.
  • Arizer

    Hi been vaping for a year now love it much better than smoking.I have arizer solo as at first I wanted a vape for home and portable use love it get on fine.I'm now looking to get myself a table top unit.now I know u pay for what u get and I know the volcano is the best but I'm a family man and can't justify spending that sort of cash on <a href="http://1.iv" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">1.iv</a> been looking at arizer extreme q.like the product and what It douse but can u tell me if the vaping experience is going to be more superior than what I get out of the solo for home use as they are nearly same price. And so my solo can be just a portable.I no u can do loads with the extreme q but I'm talking purely about vaper quality and quantity. if it's not much better then there is no point in me buying that home unit.hope u can help me make my decision.thanks for you time for reading my long msg.
  • Arizer Go (ArGo) Release

    I do not think there is any difference in the software on any arizers of the same model. I think you are just seeing different verbiage. I believe Arizer's wording "only from Arizer" is meant as only with an Arizer product like they are advertising about compared to their supposed competition.

    Correct me if I am wrong....but I have never heard of any different versions of arizer software for the different consumer avenues of purchase. That would kill the resellers as they would have in inferior product. Also, if this is true...please tell me what special settings are only available if you buy directly from Arizer?

    really a 2nd agro is it that good??

    Yup.....my Air and Air2 are not happy as the Argo gets more use lately with the new bubble stems. I need a second unit so I do not have to travel with one to another location.

    argo vs solo 2?

    2 fairly different vapes as far as their main design. So it depends on how you would use the vape.

    Also, I find it hard to give advise sometimes with the Arizer's because I have only use them upside down with a WPA....and never by using with a stem directly inhaling.....I only go through water.

    But then the Argo broke that upside down use only by the ability to use one of the new larger bubble stems. It is my favorite way to use the Argo now. I use the Argo upright with the heater under the load....as opposed to using the heater on top of the load with a wpa like on my Airs...or with a Solo.

    Basically....if you want bigger hits....go with the solo....if you want to have more stealth use....or taste sip, change out the battery on the fly.....go with the argo. That is sort of what it comes down to. I do not have a Solo because I felt no need with my Airs and Air2. Also I do not want a vape that has a built in battery only. But if you do not vape a lot per day, and just want a solid vape with great taste and high build quality...go with a Solo.

    For me....choosing between any of the Arizer products is all about how you will use the vape...even though they can handle several different ways to use.
  • Arizer stems

    I've received multiple Arizer stems from Arizer directly for my Solo 2 that don't fit. They claim I'm just using them wrong but they stems aren't consistent in diameter from Arizer so they don't always fit in the chamber, I've actually had two break inside the chamber. At this point I've given up on Arizer and my Solo just because of the crappy glass. Total bummer because I enjoyed my V-tower from Arizer.SmokedFuzz

    I have ordered a few direct from Arizer...2 18mm wpa's sucked as they were too loose... but 3 14mm ones were fine. These were for my Air 1 and 2. I know the Solo has different size stems....not sure how that changed from the Solo to the Solo2.
  • Arizer 35 percent off sale! It is Christmas!

    I appreciate the high level of engineering and styling like all Arizer Vapes. The Argo is good, For lack of a better category, it's a mini vape. If turned up high its 3 hitter. I don't like it as a session vape, because to get high usually takes 2 bowls (glass stems). The Argo is the only Arizer Vape that is not for me.

    Glass has its benefits and disadvantages. For me, Its worth it. Arizer sends 2 stems with new units. As soon as 1 break's I buy another. 2 (for $ 7.50) ts 100% worth it. The greatest thing about Arizers is the glass. I like my work around. In my experience no need for a water tool. For me, The Glass Arizer Vapes that's a lot less expensive and simplicity is where it's at. I have the Hydrology the first thing I did was buy replacement glass. Doing it that way is a win-win in my opinion.

    Arizer has been fair with me, and other than getting extra stems I haven't needed service. That as far as compliments go is as good as it gets, My Solo is 5 years old and I wipe it and its brand new.

    When traveling I prefer the Pax 3. Portability, Efficiency, and potency. I had my Pax in my front pocket today and hardly noticed it.

    I agree When I opened the box for the Extreme Q, took one accessory out at a time and was very pleasantly surprised.

    That is gorgeous. I may make that my desktop background.
  • Arizer stems

    I've received multiple Arizer stems from Arizer directly for my Solo 2 that don't fit. They claim I'm just using them wrong but they stems aren't consistent in diameter from Arizer so they don't always fit in the chamber, I've actually had two break inside the chamber. At this point I've given up on Arizer and my Solo just because of the crappy glass. Total bummer because I enjoyed my V-tower from Arizer.
  • Arizer stems

    The Solo ships with the long stems and since I am using it exclusively through glasscvs8floz

    Are you saying you are using a j hook or water rig? If so, just get the WPA. Or as Arizer calls it "Solo Frosted Glass Aroma Tube".

    Direct from Arizer HERE
  • Arizer V-Tower

    Arizer site wide sale on now. 30% off! Arizer Extreme Q is under $130 USD. www.arizer.com
    @EconMan The V tower is less than $100 directly from Arizer

    I love my EQ
  • Arizer air as a backup

    Ok. who uses an Arizer air?? i got one a few months ago when i had to send away my crafty. I know Bud didn't care for it too much. he didnt dislike it, but you can see he's not very impressed by it. still got a solid review and decent score though.... I chose it because it seemed like the most impressive at that price point... after spending enough time with it, i'd like to say i really enjoy it. at times i feel the flavour it produces is on par with my crafty. like those first 3,4 draws. i smile every time. the remainder of the session though, i think crafty has the overall better taste. vapor production from the air is great, draw resistance is mild, i have a extra battery, external charger. i think i made the right choice for a backup.... sometimes when the auto shut off comes on, i'm still blowing big clouds so i turn it back on.... for people who think the battery life sucks, i think this could be the issue. if i go two timed sessions on one bowl, i'll only get two bowls out of the battery. but the battery is still lasting a solid 45 -50 mins at least....

    so now my collection consists of a new Crafty at about 50 hrs and an arizer air.... i'm great for now, but i'm itching for something else. i never want to be in a situation where i wanna vape, but have no energy.

    i'd like to hear of other peoples experiences with the arizer air. especially flavor. how high do you rate the flavor it produces??

  • Arizer Solo 2

    I purchased an Arizer Solo 2 a few weeks ago and have used it heavily since then,
    It has replaced my mighty as my daily driver and I'll compare the two in this post.
    (The mighty is a beast and has a reputation so I won't go as far into that)

    First off Solo 2 is smaller in size and has a much longer run time to mighty, I've been getting 16-10 min sessions at 185c with solo 2 and Maybe 7-8 8-10min sessions at 185c with mighty.

    Draw resistance is much improved from their other units solo1/air
    Some resistance but I actually like the amount and find it hits easier than I expected and only if you pack too tight do you notice and then you can lift stem a cm out and that eases the draw.

    The glass stems are able to hold less but I fill them full (.15) and find I get huge and tasty draws which are comfortable on the throat for the whole ten mins. ABV is dark and even.

    The glass stems it comes with are 90mm and 110mm. Both are nice, work well and come with a plastic carry case. It's comes with a carry case for the unit which holds two prepacked stems. I enjoy and use the carry case. They include silicone covers for the glass stems to pre load or to put away when hot. They are essential and I bought an extra 4 plus it came with 2.

    The included stems are big and make the solo 2 feel less discrete but all the glass stems from all their products are interchangeable so I separately bought
    2 70mm all glass stems (arizer air)
    2 70mm tipped glass stems (arizer air)
    I prefer the 70mm length for travel and stealth and find the 70mm all glass to be my all time favorite.

    I own two small RYOT foil lined zipper pouches to carry the extra 70mm stems. Works great, reduces smell, is heat resistant for putting away hot glass, and gives padding for pockets. (1percent.com)

    The ease of cleaning the glass stems and total lack of ever having the clean the oven are my one of my favorite things.
    The stems just soak in 95% ever clear,
    91% ISO or 99% ISO if you can get it.
    Hit it with a q tip, Rinse with hot water and dry. Very fast and easy compared to the mighty... but I clean the stems more often.

    The mighty is harder to keep the oven clean (unless you use aluminum dosing capsules, I don't) and I will do 210c burn offs by a window and watch lots of vapor come pouring out of an empty unit. After a few mins it stops, so I know over time oils collect and you can not really get it clean...

    The solo oven may get minor stains but should not really ever collect much as it's the glass which gets dirty.

    The ease of loading the stems and taking a small space case or something like it with preground herb can provide many uses on the go.

    Other users like to use whole buds or finger ripped bud and that works fine too.

    I use stainless steel screens in the glass stems and prefer that. Puff it up has a great deal 50 for $4 and free shipping...
    Also the 70mm stems :)
    I make a small upward dome shape to the screens, keep the four air holes free and
    Keeps particles and ground herb in place :)

    Lastly the session timer lets you set from 5-15 mins and that works better for me then every min or so having to tell the mighty I'm still here.

    Always more to say but another long post,
    All in all very pleased! It's a great unit, takes some getting used too but not too big of a learning curve, especially for those already vape savvy
  • Arizer Go

    The next Arizer teaser.

    Added by @VapeCritic on 12/14/17:

  • Arizer mod DDave worth it over SSV wand?

    I never actually heard of it (the DDave mod) so I looked it up and def seems kinda interesting. Not sure if it's enough for me to break out my arizer eq again from the closet, set it up, purchase the mod etc... when I feel there are better solutions now out without needing to mod/rig a older vaporizer.

    I am familiar with the SSV but not so much in the wand/accessory area so I'm sorry I cannot be much help on that. My experience after using the arizer eq and ssv many many times is that overall they are 2 different vapes but not on the same level to compare.

    I am going out on a limb here but would imagine the glass wand on a SSV would be better than rigging up a Arizer but we all have our opinions. Hope we can get more input from others who might of tried both or actually own both.

    peece out cub scout!
  • Arizer solo. Mid aged beauty.

    That is beautiful! I love my Solo. I didn't realize it works very well with concentrates. It also works very well with water tools. I think that the Arizer vapes are perfection. I wasn't even thinking Arizer would upgrade the Solo. I would like to see where they go with the Solo 2. The Air 2 is coming out in the next month. The only wish I have is maybe a ceramic mouthpiece. But its worth it with all the good and bad about glass. I would like to see how Arizer follows up with the next generation of vapes.
  • Arizer air 2!

    There was a small text review of one of the new arizer products. I don't kow if a longer review is warranted when there are a lot of other vapes to be reviewed. Closing this thread like the previous identical one that was opened.

    You can't expect every vape YOU want reviewed to be done by someone who does this for free.

    (Added by @VapeCritic: We'll use this thread for general Arizer Air 2 discussion: https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/1942/arizer-air-2)
  • Arizer Go (ArGo) Release

    Yeah.... honestly I know what your talking about and its the fact that the Solo 2's air path is not fully isolated, I don't know why you would just stop using the Air 2 because the air path on it is completely isolated.. The solo 2 is isolated from the battery and electronics... but it is not fully sealed... I asked Arizer and they responded in kind.. There is no reason,shape or form that anyone should not be loving a Air or Solo or the Go for that matter... They are safe, you kinda have to think Weed is legal in Canada which is where Arizer is at... So I seriously highly doubt they would make vapes that were inferior or unhealthy when they are indeed in the middle of a legal market... Everything that they have made with the exception of the Extreme Q have been great products but for some reason people like to bash them... S&B while "king of the vape" your vaping through plastic lol, the cooling unit is PLASTIC.... The Solo has a stainless steel air path and if you pack it right the material will not touch anything but glass... Take it for what its worth.. puffitup is full of shit.. I saw the breakdown of the Solo 2 so I emailed Arizer like I said and they explained to me what it was they showed me diagrams of air travel and how the vape worked... WHICH THEY DID NOT HAVE TO DO.... I cannot even get a damn return Email from S&B... so yeah if I were you I would take the time to actually sit down and talk to a company before taking a sketchy site like puffitup's word on anything even if they did a "take apart/breakdown" they did not design the vape nor do they know how/why its designed the way it is... and they sure as hell do not know what materials are made from lol and actually I enjoy the Solo 2 so much that damn right I would want a smaller version.... Personally I do not like the air because the draw is to restrictive..... So the GO might be exactly what I am lookin for.... CHeers!!!
  • Arizer Go (ArGo) Release

    It is true on all models directly from arizer.


    Compared to puff it up


    I have a solo2 directly from arizer and it let's you program your session.

    Arizer has a video on it on their website.
  • Arizer 35 percent off sale! It is Christmas!

    The valve system on the Volcano can't be topped. I am not in love with the Volcano heat times, 3 minutes. I would be on my 5th draw the Arizer. Taste is subjective IMO, by far Arizer Tastes greatest of them all. Save space( No water tools needs, lots of money and want to have an easy and not a major part of your life. If you can get your hands on the "Bent Glass Stems"

    Best way to explain my experience with Arizer Vape, heats up in 30 seconds, cool potent vapor. Its so efficient and potent I forget that I am vaping. a few minutes post session is pretty regular.... and a few moments it hits like a hammer, incredible experience.
  • Arizer Solo airflow

    Hi guys! I'm a weed vaper for 3/4 years and I would like some advices and opinions on my Arizer Solo. I've researched a lot about portable vaporizers back in 2012/2013, I've seen/read a lot of reviews, really a lot. So, I decided to purchase my Arizer Solo because I thought it was the best in the market in that time (the pax was too expensive for me). I like my vaporizer but it has some features that I can't get used to.

    1 - Before buying it, I read that it has draw resistence. But I didn't think it was so big. I can't feel any throat hit and it is a big drawback.

    2 - It does not produce vapor clouds aa big as in the YouTube reviews. I can only get clouds when using it frok level 5 to 7 and only in 5/6 hits. I'm the other hits I can feel the flavour (which is awesome) but I can not see any vapour.

    Is there any way to solve both problema?
    Please comment with your experiência and tell me of ehat I feel is normal (From what I read, it sadly is..).
  • Arizer Solo vs Mighty

    Hello, I'm new in this forum (long time lurker), since 2014 authorized to take Cannabis in Germany. I bought my Arizer Solo in 2014 and I'm using it every day - in a special way: I only vape Bedrocan for different medical conditions, mainly for insomnia and pain. I fill the Arizer with 100 milligramm Bedrocan, start vaping on the 3, after this I let it cool down, take the material out of the Solo (it's allways uneven vaped) mixe it and fill it in again, next session on 4 (mostly for the complete session, sometimes changing to 5 near the end), the last session starts with 5, vape till it's getting thin (sometimes to the end of the session). I vape only in the evening, mostly 300 to 320 milligramm. My sleep (I have very bad Insomnia) is now typical between 6 and 7 ours. I'm pain-free through the next day, up until the late afternoon. A year ago I bought the Mighty and it didn't work - doesn't matter on which temperature I start or end, I tried it for nearly a half year, to get the same effect - no way. Why this difference? A little more conduction from the Solo, degraded Cannabinoids 'cause the material is heated up long before I start with the 5? Maybe someone knows, where the difference is coming from?
  • Arizer Air 2 Accessories

    Hi all

    After receiving some useful info from the forum and some online research I ended up getting the Arizer Air 2 as my first vaporizer.
    Which accessories would you recommend for it either from Arizer or also elsewhere?
  • Arizer air as a backup

    New to vaping. Started with a Plenty based on Bud's critique. A great choice for a home device if you have liberal access to good weed. I live in Oregon, legally grow my own, and can stuff that huge chamber full whenever I use it.
    However I was looking for a portable that would give me quality service and was known to be relatively free of problems. Settled on an Arizer Air and I could not be happier. Supremely portable in my opinion. I use the supplied case with side pouches for two small stems. No breakage so far and the thing is always in my pocket. My preferred method of use is to jack the temp to orange or red - high. Being a lifetime smoker, the harshness doesn't bother me. Huge smoke-like clouds of vapor. At these high temperatures I must be getting all the cannabinoids because the experience is very much like smoking. If I use a lower temp, I get high but it doesn't last very long.
    I think the Arizer Air and Solo are overlooked by too many who want trouble free performance.
  • Arizer Solo 2

    Also check out these. https://azarius.net/vaporizers/brands/arizer/arizer-air-solo-mouthpiece-long/ I have recommended them here before.
    With these you do not have to lift the stem for extra air flow.

  • Arizer Solo 2

    I sent a e-mail to Arizer regarding this and this is what they said :
    Thank you for your email.

    "We have carefully sourced our parts from all over the world and have gone to great lengths to source and use only safe quality parts, from glass to silica free ceramics, there are no glues, pcb's are lead free, no components contain mercury, all accessories are medical/food grade and temperature rated. All structure materials used inside are of safe non-toxic materials and are heat rated to temperatures much higher then the maximum operating temperature.

    Also, we perform comprehensive testing on all of our products and components to ensure they are completely safe for use by us, our friends, family, and consumers alike.

    I hope this helps. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask!

    Best Regards,
    Arizer Tech"

    As for fast service, they answerd my mail within 15 min.

  • Arizer Air 2 just dropped

    I'm kinda disappointed with arizer's new line of products....the solo 2 and air 2 looks like it's just an updated version of their predecessors. Nothing wrong with that and I'm sure the updates are good but is it really something "new and different" ? Faster heat up times, precise temperature control and digital display are great features but it just seems like arizer is just catching up with the game rather than coming out with something innovative.

    Can anyone attest to that?

    I very much like the solo and I don't see the value in upgrading to a solo 2 or air 2...
  • Arizer Air 2 Accessories

    I don't own an Airizer, but I understand that Easy Flow stems and similar are a great add on. Note in the picture the oven end of the stem has some small notches to improve draw resistance.


    Here is a USA based guy who has a wide range of Arizer accessories including easy flow type stems


    Hope this gives you a start. Cheers
  • Arizer Air 2 Accessories

    I second the water pipe adapter - they come in both 14mm and 18mm so you should be able to make it work with most any water pipe. I find it makes the vape considerably cooler and smoother - 100% worth the $14 CAD I spent on it. When I use the Air II, its on the bong 90% of the time so I haven't felt the need to purchase the high efficiency stem. If you don't already own a water piece, I found this little guy that will attach straight to the Arizer Air I/II: https://vapenorth.ca/collections/water-tools/products/arizer-bubble-straw?variant=50809556244.

    Have fun with the new toy - although I don't use mine all the time, it is a great little vape.
  • Arizer Go

    It looks interesting. Arizer is a vape/company I've yet to have experienced. Might be the time to check it out .. I'm guessing it will be a week or so until it drops. I've noticed when arizer says comming soon they mean it :D
  • Arizer Go

    I became a huge fan of arizer since i goT my solo2! And i own a crafty and plenty and can easily say theres no flavor like arizer! Sooo im waiting for thisnew one
  • Arizer Go (ArGo) Release


    ... that's a lot of stuff the heater/chamber is made up of. (this is for the air 2, not the go.)

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