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  • Boundless CF warranty... must send to China.

    Boundless are no longer selling items directly so that probably has something to do with it. Do they not reimburse you for the postage ?
  • Boundless Tera Pre-Order

    Boundless.. hmm... lemme check this
  • Boundless Tera Pre-Order

    Boundless is really a good, stand up company. That’s why I like them.
  • Boundless Tera v3

    Hey hey not sure if this is the right place but would like to let you all know I have developed a MP/WPA for the Tera



    that is quite a great add on for increased performance and can be found here


    Let me know if you have any questions
  • Boundless Tera preorder delay

    Figured I’d post the email I received in case anyone’s interested. Personally, I’m happy to wait for a better unit.

    In Regards to your recent Tera Pre-Order
    Attention Boundless Customer,

    We like to formally apologize to those who have pre-ordered the Tera with the notion that the unit would be shipping out January 10th. Ultimately, the ship date for the Tera has been pushed back. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. We are working around the clock to get the Tera into your hands as quickly as possible and appreciate all of your support; we hope to re-establish and implement the quality service that Boundless is known for as soon as possible. Once we are given a concrete shipping date, an email will be sent out notifying you of the update.

    Putting the customer first, we are working diligently to ensure that every unit we craft is safe to use, well made, and overall affordable. The original Tera design was a unit that featured an aluminum chamber. After hearing mixed reviews from our customers we collectively made the decision to change the chamber material. Stainless steel was decided on to eliminate any chance of aluminum leaching into the vapor. We also included the unit to feature a safety heat up mode. The Tera will not heat up until you direct it to; hold down the power button for at least three seconds to begin heating your favorite herbs. A concentrate mode has been added with one pre-set temperature of 500°F. To use, simply place the concentrate on top of the mesh pad and drop into the chamber.

    *To switch between the two modes, dry herb and concentrate, it’s an easy three clicks of the power button.

    There has been a high level of anticipation and hype regarding the newest Boundless unit, the Tera. The Tera is the only stylish portable aromatherapy unit with two removable batteries. This convection powered unit can reach temps up to 428°F in under sixty seconds and features an airflow that is undeniably powerful and full of flavor. The unit comes equipped with two interchangeable mouthpieces; make sure to use the glass mouthpiece for extra flavor and a more open airflow. We want you to receive the best first production unit we can offer and appreciate your dedicated support.

    We would like to thank you for your continued patience. Please let us know if you have any further questions or concerns.

    Boundless Technology, LLC.
  • Boundless CF / CFX Review

    The packaging is actually surprisingly nice for a vaporizer priced this cheap. Inside the box there was
    the Boundless CF Vaporizer itself, manual, power adapter, USB cable, concentrate "pod", brush and some packing tool.


    When you first pick up the CF vaporizer, you'll feel a nice soft to the touch yet comfortable in the hand feeling. I always feel like I have a grip holding it which is great for me lol. I did 2 burn-off cycles before using on the highest heat setting just to be safe. It's a habit I do on new vaporizers to prevent dealing with any weird taste. Not saying this unit has one but it didn't when I first used it.

    The CF 5 temp settings are 355F (179C), 370F (188C), 385F (196C), 400F (204C) and 415F (213C). I’ve found these temp choices to be more than enough for vaping purposes. The heat up time of this vape is rather fast... about 25-30 seconds to hit 370F which surprised me. On 370F I usually get up to that temp in around 25 seconds. Hold the button down on the CF, temp light will blink and become solid green when it's heated ready to vape. I'd say there is a little draw resistance but since it gives vapor so easy, it's not a problem at all for me. (Y)

    The CF and CFX do have the same size herb chamber. The Boundless CF can easily hold .5g of course grinded herb. If you really grind it up fine you can def get more into the chamber but I find it's not necessary to go nuts like that IMO. The flavor from this vape is not bad at all and hits are pretty smooth and not too harsh until last 2 hits maybe.


    I will say, when loading, the little ring area around the mouthpiece will get herb in it from loading but you just brush it out easily. Maintenance on the CF vape is real easy... just a brush to the chamber when needed and taking apart the mouthpiece unit every so often to clean with ISO. I got a good amount of use before needing to clean for the first time which I always appreciate.


    The CF vaporizer has a micro USB charging and gives me about 55-75min of use fully charged. Comes out to around 4-6 sessions for myself but obviously it will vary depending on how you use it. The Boundless CF has a 1300mAh battery inside. The micro USB charging is decently fast (they recommend using a 2.0A output charger). Using 2.4A output USB charger it takes about 90-105min to fully charge from dead.

    Remember I am only talking about the Boundless CF vaporizer and not the CFX vaporizer here although they do basically work the same vapor performance wise. That's all for now, thanks for reading!

    UPDATE: Starting the 2nd week of July 2016, the CF will now have these additional features. I got mine before this update so right now I'm not able to comment on the following added features.

    Hold power button down on the CF for three seconds to enable stealth mode. The LED lights will turn off on the device but the unit will remain heated and fully functional. Hold power button down for another three seconds to power the lights back on.

    The one we've really been waiting for! Press the power button three times to show the battery level. The LED lights will flash between 1-5 lights depending on how much battery life is left. 1 being the lowest amount of battery and 5 being fully charged.

    The CF will now power on, set to the last temperature used. In the original model the CF would start at the lowest temperature and you would have to reset your desired level to start each session. With the update, the CF will now start heating up to the last temperature used.

    Be easy!
    -Flipz 8-)
  • Boundless Tera

    This is an important message for Tera owners, incase you haven't seen this already :-

    Hey everyone, Boundless Technology is strongly advising to not use any first production Tera units. This is including those units that appear to be gas and smell free. A number of flaws were found and we are taking full responsibility for allowing these flaws to be released to the market. I will be updating with a list of flaws found shortly and return labels will be automatically sent out to all pre-order customers if you have not received one already. As a short-term solution, we are offering to send out any other Boundless unit or offer a full refund. A new Tera will be sent out once we have confirmed these issues have been addressed and a tear down will be released for both first production Tera units and the second edition units to highlight the issues found and to show how these issues were resolved. A secondary quality control will be established and we are currently working on a production guide that will be implemented by our manufacturer. Boundless product and the Boundless brand name have all be affected by this unfortunate situation and we acknowledge that this can not happen again. We are working hard to fix these issues and I am looking forward to sharing updates on when the fixed Teras will be released. Thank you all for the continued support.

    For any questions please email .
  • Boundless Tera

    From Boundless posted on another board.

    Tear down pics of the new heater assembly


    Tear down of old, recalled assembly for comparison


    And here is text from Eric:

    After discussing with our manufacturer and expressing the concerns of the original heater, it was decided to remove the rock wool insulation and thermal tape completely. We decided to move forward with PTFE, Teflon, film to use as an insulator on the outer ceramic core and also as a thin buffer for the internal heating rod. We have requested changes from our manufacturer to ensure our future units are up to spec and performing without any issues upon mass release and we have been working hard to get these newly improved units out to the community. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding this via comment, PM, or my email

    I do know that units have arrived in Europe and will be arriving in North America within the next few days. Pre-order customers will be notified via email of the updates in the morning and I hope to have tracking numbers out by the end of the week. Thank you all for the support in this and I do hope to share the Tera with you all soon.

    Aside from the Tera updates, Boundless is holding a 420 giveaway: http://gimmyit.com/giveaway/420-giveaway/
    Please enter once as double entries will be scanned for. There will be three winners chosen on 4/20/18 at 4:20 pm Pacific on our Instagram @bndlstech. Prizes include:

    1st Place Winner - 1 X Boundless Technology unit of your choice or $200.00 USD Store Credit.

    2nd Place Winner - 1 X CF, CFX, CFV or $100.00 USD Store Credit.

    3rd Place Winner - 1 X CFC, CF 710, CF Hybrid or $50.00 Store Credit.

    Thanks again everyone and please if you have questions feel free to email .
    — Eric @ Boundless
  • Boundless CF / CFX Review

    thank you sir and great feedback!

    I'd say it's hybrid conduction/convection heating, there's no way it could be 100% either based on how it behaves. You get that super fast heat-up time and instant vapor production (conduction), but it works with a loose packing and the AVB is extremely even at all temps (convection-esque).

    Cleaning will involve the usual brushing-out of the oven after each session and the mouthpiece "cooling unit" part can be soaked in ISO every dozen sessions or so (after being disassembled into a few pieces). Haven't had any issues with the bottom air intake yet but if I do the first thing that comes to mind to use is that air duster I bought to clean my FF2 screen :-} I've had these two units for quite a while now and no clogging yet but definitely an area to keep my eye on.

    Batteries are not removable, but here is what POTV says about it on their site:

    We are authorized dealers of the Boundless CFX so if you decide to grab one, your vape will come with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty against defect. If there's an issue with the battery after the 2 year warranty, Boundless will replace the batteries for a $25 fee. As with all vaporizers purchased from Planet Of The Vapes, you are also covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. — POTV
  • Boundless Tera


    “Planet of the Vapes (POTV) is recalling all the devices they sold
    Someone shared the email that they sent, see below:

    Important Information regarding your Boundless Tera


    Over the weekend it was brought to our attention that there have been multiple reports of off-gassing and unpleasant smells coming from several Tera Vaporizers. We tested a brand new Tera this afternoon and we observed visible off-gassing as well.

    We are in touch with Boundless and currently waiting for more information on the scope of this problem. Your health and safety are extremely important to us, so we are asking that you refrain from using your device and return it to our warehouse. We will be sending you a prepaid USPS label tomorrow morning.

    In the meantime, we would like to offer you a few options on how we can proceed.

    We would be more than happy to help you find a different vaporizer that suits your needs. If you would like to exchange for a different unit we would like to offer you a 20% discount on any vape that we carry.

    If not, we can issue you a full refund on your order.

    We will keep you updated as we know more, Boundless will be conducting their own tests this week as well.

    Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. We are very sorry for this inconvenience and hope we can work together to make this right for you!



    The replacement unit I received from puffitup has the same issue. Will probably return and wait until they have reliable units.
  • Boundless CF / CFX Review

    Just posted my Boundless review, I like these!


    These are portables for dry herbs under $200 and they're very well-rounded units, check out my short video:

  • Boundless CFV Review

    Sorry for the delay guys!!

    Lemme know what questions you got, here's my CFV review: https://www.vapecritic.com/boundless-cfv/

    You can pick one up from POTV for $220, here's my referral link: http://www.planetofthevapes.com/products/boundless-cfv-vaporizer?rfsn=273269.ac4813

    And here's my video:

  • Boundless CFX vs. Firefly 2

    After using my beginner vape for a while, I purchased the Firefly 2. I previously wrote a very negative post regarding this vape, which I stand by 100%. I still believe that the FF2 is overrated, overhyped, and overpriced. Although I can get it to work, too many things have to all be done just so. I do understand that some people love the FF2, and I respect those opinions. Feeling that I wasted $330 on the FF2, I was determined not to get burned by another expensive vape in my search for a better alternative. I am a light user and vape at home so portability was not an issue. I considered the Mighty but quickly eliminated it from consideration. No way was I was going to plunk down $400 on a product with a ridiculously high defect rate. I looked at the Boundless CFV, but could not live with the thought of another vape that required stirring every couple of draws like the FF2 does. I settled on the Boundless CFX. So far I find this to be a great performer at a great price. It is an absolute pleasure to use. I like the big bright screen, precise temperature control, lightning fast heat up time, efficiency, price, long battery life, and ease of use and cleaning.

    The CFX has a big, beautiful screen with useful information and precise temperature control. The FF2 requires an app to make any adjustments. I personally prefer a self contained unit and do not like having to use a separate app. The CFX performs well no matter how you grind your material or how much or little you load into it. The FF2 requires a certain course grind and a fairly precise fill level. Some say grind your material for the FF2 with your fingers – which to me negates the benefits of the high end 4 piece grinders that we all have. The CFX battery lasts for about 15, 5 minute sessions. The FF2 battery is a joke and needs recharging after a couple of sessions. The CFX offers 2 ways to charge your unit, a very fast wall charger plus a USB port. The FF2 has a docking cradle, which I don’t care for. The CFX is easy to use and clean. The FF2 is very finicky to use, and although easy to clean, does require a lot of cleaning. Plus, most of the residue on the FF2 is on the top piece, and is almost impossible to clean with getting ISO on the sealing ring, which I’m sure will deteriorate over time. The CFX is a convection/conduction hybrid. The first few draws are pure, delicious flavor, then the conduction kicks in and produces more vapor. The flavor does diminish after several draws but never becomes harsh or unpleasant. You are in total control of the experience by simply adjusting the temperature. The material is used completely and efficiently. The CFX seems best for a single session and the flavor is not as good after the first session. As I mentioned, you can load a very small amount and this vape still performs. The FF2 does produce good flavor at first, but also goes downhill and is also diminished after the first session. The idea that the convection of the FF2 allows you to just hit it on demand is way overrated. The vape does not really get going until things heat up on the 3rd or 4th draw, so a quick single hit is probably going to disappoint you. It’s also better for solo use for this reason. I’m not even convinced that the FF2 is truly pure convection since it doesn’t get going until the oven gets everything heated up. Some CFX reviews have cited the draw as a negative. I have the newer version that uses a screen as opposed to a metal plate with holes drilled in it. To me, the draw is free and easy and not an issue at all. There are very easy screen mods online if you want an even easier draw, but I don’t really see the need so far.

    One last point, you can get the CFX for far less than the suggested retail price, which means that you can either get one Mighty or 3 CFX’s and still have money left over. Kind of makes it a “no-brainer”. Thanks for reading this long post – I hope you find the information useful.
  • Boundless CFC failure.

    Got some bad news for you Boundless fans out there. The CFC model is suffering from some serious design and/or material failure issues. I've just polished off my second unit in two months which has failed with the same cracking in the mouthpiece and barrel failures as the first one. Any of you planing on purchasing this particular model from boundless had better watch yourselves. This particular model can and will fail.
  • Boundless 710

    So I got my 710 from the Boundless live stream giveaway :) Charging the thing up now so I can give it a test.


    Also Boundless are having a 30% sale on these currently with extra coils etc included.
  • Boundless suggestions

    So i guess i just won 2 boundless vapes of my choice in boundless's IG contest. I totally forgot i even entered. What should I pick? I figure I'll try the Tera, but what else? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • Boundless CF / CFX Review

    What's up man, glad your doing ok. Always good to hear from you (Y)

    Both the CF/CFX vape would be good for your friends I think. Don't think anything else is out that resembles a crafty/mighty more lol. Vapor does taste better out of a S&B but the Boundless ones actually give off a nice amount of vapor and gets me feeling nice. Really cannot go wrong for the price and both vape the same so up to them on which Boundless they prefer. 8-)
  • Boundless CF / CFX Review

    what's the grasshopper you speak of? i've never heard of it lol :-}

    i think you be more than pleased with the performance and vaporizer overall (Y)

    personally i like my boundless cf more than the arizer air but that's just my opinion. i don't have the cfx but used it and vapor wise performs the same as the boundless cf. i think if you have the cfx already that you don't need to buy the arizer air. i might go with something less similar or save a little money and go up a tier :D
  • Boundless CF/CFX Questions

    CFX has a battery with close to double the capacity of CF.
    Both units have the same 80W heater, which is more than double Mighty's heater--so these Boundless units heat up really fast. I have mine at 380 and it takes around 26 seconds, way the hell faster than Mighty. And they have the same chamber, so CFX will give you more sessions than CF.

    I honestly can't tell the flavors of the CFX and Mighty's clouds apart.
    A buddy swears Mighty produces bigger clouds, but I think that's only a misperception caused by CF and CFX's smaller top vent that results in a somewhat higher draw resistance (which is still nothing relative to puckered buttholes like Ascent, Pax2, and FF2). Boundless appears to have rectified that with their new CFV.

    I've found my CFX doesn't really care as to how fine a grind or how tight it's packed.
    It seems to evenly reduce the crud to a nice, even brown (except at the very top when I pack it to the top--I stir just out of habit once, and that's good enough).

    vapewoman: Since you don't need to fill these chambers, why not just drop in the small amount you want to partake right this instant and fully savor its flavor? Reheating crud tastes like, well, crud.
  • Boundless CF/CFX Questions

    Hey there guys.

    I was wondering what the consensus was surrounding the Arizer Air vs. the Boundless CFX vape? I own an Arizer Air, and although it gets me to good places, it's still not quite as satisfying as I thought it'd be. I have a decently high tolerance but I obviously would like something a little more effective in terms of vapor potency and production.

    Would the Boundless CFX vape suit my needs? I am not huge on portability and discreetness, I only care more about consistent and reliable vapor production with quality vapor as well.

    I found a Canadian retailer here in Toronto that sells the CFX vape in-store and I am extremely tempted to get it, however it needs to be justified first.

    Thanks so much!
  • Boundless CF / CFX Review

    Hi Flipz,
    Thank you for a great review. I purchased Boundless CF, and it has been a great experience for me.

    I had a quick question about vaping non-mj dry herbs. I was wondering if I can use Boundless CF to vape dry herbs. I haven't really felt much of an effect from a lot of the herbs I vaped, even after I grinded them fine and packed the chamber tight.

    Is there another vaporizor that is better for vaping non-mj dry herbs? Or do I need a more concentrated form of the dry herbs to feel the effect?

    Thanks again for your help.
  • Boundless CFX vs. Firefly 2

    I can compare a Mighty to a Boundless CF and after about 10 sessions on the CF it now performs almost as good. But loading with capsules beats loading the CF. There is no "quick on the go" when it comes to boundless and loading the chamber.
  • Boundless CFV Update

    I got the CFV from Puffitup last week. I works great! After a few uses the battery would not take a full charge. Contacted both Boundless and Puffitup. I called Puffitup and they immediately sent me an RMA to send it to be replaced. Still waiting on Boundless to send me theirs since I opened a support ticket. Not sure who I am going to send it in to tomorrow? I want it back fast to take on a road trip.
  • Boundless CFV? anyone tried it?

    I contacted Boundless. They sent me another CFV. It did the EXACT same thing.

    I contacted Boundless again, to complain about the 2 defective units I have, haven't heard back from them since. Reached out two other times after that. That was 10 months ago.

    Like I said, one of the worst vapes I have ever bought and one of the worst companies when it comes to customer support. 10 months and they still haven't replied.

    You couldn't pay me to buy a vape from them again.
  • Boundless CFV? anyone tried it?

    I have 2 defective CFV from Boundless. For the past 9 or 10 months they have been ignoring me and my complaints about their defective units.

    I wouldn't buy from Boundless again if you paid me to.
  • Boundless CFV? anyone tried it?

    @GhostMV1User you must be the only one. Boundless has always responded to my PMs on Reddit or email.. also are allowing those with the cfv and box/scratch code buy their newest vape Terra for 50 bucks plus shipping. So if you kept your boxes or have proof of purchase you can upgrade those cfv.

    Boundless has been busy starting their own farm in Oregon but they don't "ignore" customers.

    I for one am excited for Terra. Cfv updated with two removable 18650s. Aluminum body and glass mp ... Even trying to include a wpa with orders so the release date has been pushed back a little further. Hoping early November.

    Like @Cl4ud3 mentioned 3 year warranty...

  • Boundless Tera Pre-Order

    I spoke with Eric @ Boundless, replacement or refund was offered but doesn’t seem like we (purchasers from Boundless direct) will be able to get a replacement from Bndlstech until they get a new shipment, so who knows when that will be? I know they’ll help ASAP, but until there’s a new shipment, guess we’re out of luck. Also, then we have to hope this was just a bad production run, and the replacements we get are 100% good to go.
  • Boundless Tera Pre-Order

    Lifted directly from FC/Reddit:-

    It appears that the multiple reports of intense off-gassing and unpleasant smells coming from first production Tera units has become an issue that needs a resolution. We are asking that if you received a unit with these issues, refrain from using the device and email . We will be asking for those units to be shipped back to us and will undergo further inspection. Boundless will do our best to get a resolution going for the customers who are experiencing reports of continuous off-gassing. Please email to begin discussion on possible short-term solutions.

    We will be offering a replacement to those customers once it has been determined what the root problems are and once those issues have been fixed internally. Also, we are in contact with our manufacturer to get a better understanding of what is going on. Updates will be shared as I am updated.

    Boundless Technology values all our customers and our team is aware that these are indeed serious issues. I would like to sincerely apologize, as I would have liked to comment on this situation earlier. Unfortunately, we have been exhibiting at a trade show which has delayed my response. A mass email will be sent to all pre-order customers regarding this situation with the Tera units. Please email me with any questions.
  • Boundless Tera Pre-Order

    I would say probably one of the main reasons is cost. It isn't cheap to have your own factory, then again, times like this you might wish you did.

    No easy answer, hindsight is always 20/20, but probably shouldn't have rushed production to get done before Chinese New Year or maybe that combined with the switch from aluminum to stainless steel.

    I think if they can fix this issue, which frankly shouldn't be hard with some decent quality control, Boundless will be ok. People who have used it say it's a beast, and Boundless support is pretty good. Maybe they come back with some kind of sweetener for those who bought bad units...

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