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  • Ccell

    Yes, and it's not recommended for anything PG based especially. The CCells I found caused excessive burning with PG and PEG, although I certainly don't recommend that garbage by any means. The CCell still worked ok for the most part aside from the burning, but I didn't use anything thin for an extended period of time because of this issue. If you're using a thin concentrate without PG however I don't see why it wouldn't work well. The main concern would be leaking out of the bottom, but that happens with thick solutions also.
  • Ccell

    Does cbd liquid count? i filled a small CCell cart with it a week ago and it's working good with that :sweat:
  • Ccell

    I don't refill at home but in my med legal state, IMO, the CCell hardware is the best of the ceramic wick carts we have here. Very good cart.
  • Ccell

    Yessir before and after , I didn’t know either until I read some forums about vapour extracts company ( think it’s called that ) with a kit for filtering lipids and fats , after I ordered the kit I found out you could just purchase the same stuff on amazon for a much cheaper price. I took budder looking stuff and turned it near the clear , makes the ccell run better too without the lipids and fats building up at the bottom of the tank
  • CCell Palm Cartridge Battery

    Lol is everyone just now getting in on these great CCell Palms? I have found the performance to be the best with CCell branded batteries. There's virtually no difference between the Palm and TH210 vs. my dual 18650 mod otherwise, aside from the Palm being way more convenient convenient and inhale activated... Yeah not sure why to use another battery, aside from the CCell Silo of course when it comes out. There is also a small $15 CCell pen battery available on VPM, this works well also and CCell will be releasing another pen style battery I saw on their website. For the price they're offering them at with the quality, it's hard to pass these up for $40 total which is why I have them both.

    Any word on when the Silo comes out?
  • CCell Palm Cartridge Battery

    Hhi guys - got a CCell Palm as the better carts in my area (CCell and CCell like carts) will not fit into the PCKT.

    I LOVE this little dude. Way smaller than even the PCKT, you can see your cart's contents while its installed, and although its fixed voltage....whatever voltage they picked is apparently perfect for a CCell cart.

    There are little to no indications or controls on this device. There is a white LED that lights when you draw (Palm is draw activated) and blinks a bit when you plug it into charge, but there really isn't any battery meter or much of anything else.

    But, the battery seems to last days and I love its size and can live without a lot of display or controls. For what it is, its outstanding.

    I ran it with an Oleum cart (WA state) that I got out there when on recent visit and it worked wonderfully for the extended wknd.

    I see them for sale primarily for about $25 with some a few cheaper and one source over $30.

    I'm not often too interested in stealth features as I mostly vape at home, but this thing with a cart installed is so small and sleek that I do indeed like taking it out and even hitting it for the middle of the night, back pain, session.

    Its pretty cool.
  • CCell Palm Cartridge Battery

    I find with my palm the carts get clogged easily because of the auto draw function. Like with a 1 gram cart it will start clogging about a ⅓ of the way through. It seems to darken the carts too telling me that it's still firing for a time after my draw is over. I am researching a new oil vape with a fire button as a replacement. I did buy a small CCell cart and transferred some of the oil from my clogged carts into the CCell cart and it doesn't get clogged anymore. So maybe try a CCell cart in the CCell Palm and it might fix your issue
  • CCell or similar THC/distillate tank - recommended wattage

    I haven't noticed much discussion about recommended wattage for specific tanks, so thought I'd start one.

    I've been using the CCell primarily with shatter and a bit of mixer (Connoisseur Concentrates). Depending on thickness I like to keep around 8 watts, but can go up to 11 without any noticeable issues. I couldn't find any wattage ratings for the CCell, likely because the batteries aren't adjustable and auto detect the draw. Does anyone know what the max wattage technically would be for the CCell?
  • CCell or similar THC/distillate tank - recommended wattage

    My mod says all three at the same time, volts, watts and resistance. The CCell is 1.3 ohms I read (showing 1.29 now think it's a knock off, legit CCell shows as 1.4 though not 1.3), 10 watts sounds about right. Thanks Rocky for confirming that with Apex. I have heard the ohms is where you can tell the knockoffs apart, it should be consistent.

    My typical use is (good vapor):
    8 watts
    3.21 volts
    1.29 ohms (1.40 ohm legit CCell)

    I was going up to 11 watts without any issues, but it sounds like that is not recommended, at that the readings are (tons of vapor):
    11 watts
    3.77 volts
    1.29 ohms

    The maximum 10 watts would be (i'll have to try keeping it at 10 watts from the Apex recommendation):
    10 watts
    3.59 volts
    1.29 ohms
  • CCell Palm Cartridge Battery

    This is the CCell Palm vape battery that's designed for use with their cartridges like the TH2.

    Super small, auto draw, 550mAh, $25.

    I recommend VapePartsMart who has a whole category of CCell products at very low prices.

    They also gave us a promo code STAYUP for 10% off :ok:
  • CCell or similar THC/distillate tank - recommended wattage

    I tried that but no change before. I just tried it again and it did go to 1.28 ohms. No I didn't want to try 15 watts because I knew Brass Knuckles cartridges only go to 8 watts. I was hesitant to even go to 11 watts, actually the cart I was just using started leaking fortunately at the end (vaped a gram of almost pure CO2, and I refilled it again almost to the top with more slightly thinner CO2 oil 1ml capacity). I definitely went hard at 11 watts for a while, so I'll have to see if keeping at 10 and under helps. I am almost positive this is a knock off CCell, because there is no logo anywhere. CCell specifically states all their products are branded, and if there's no logo it's a good indication that you have a knock off. Fuck ebay, never had a problem with the tanks with a logo on them leaking even going over recommended wattages (not intentionally and I won't exceed 10 anymore). Cheaper for a reason always lol.
  • CCell Palm Cartridge Battery

    Thanks for being our customer! I'm glad to hear you're liking the Palm and are pleased our the shipping times!

    Extra magnet adapters can be found by searching our site, or just head directly to our CCell Products page to find them.


  • CCell Palm Cartridge Battery

    without a fire button, it only heats when you draw. If the air intake gets a little plugged on the cart, its difficult to clear it without a fire button with which to preheat the cart.

    That's my only experience with draw problems with carts and the Palm. I will note that the real CCell carts I have gotten do not exhibit this issue...but CCell-like carts have.
  • CCell or similar THC/distillate tank - recommended wattage

    I was told over the phone by Apexlabs that the max recommended wattage for the refillable ccell carts is 10 watts.
  • CCell or similar THC/distillate tank - recommended wattage

    To be honest the leaking is the first issue I noticed even with the knock offs, and otherwise they are working pretty well. Still, I just don't appreciate dishonest sellers on ebay. I wouldn't have purchased these unless they said CCell, I will be willing to pay a bit more for an authentic product so I know they are using high quality parts. God knows what are used in these knock offs, but yeah ebay seems to be the only place to reliably get the product you don't want.
  • CCell Palm Cartridge Battery

    I've been using this with Select Elite (Ccell) prefilled cartridges. Flawless. It is draw activated but, presumably because Select uses a notoriously viscous oil, I have not had a case of a clogged cartridge yet.

    This is a fixed voltage device. Whatever voltage they are operating at is perfect for the cartridges I am using.
  • CCell Palm Cartridge Battery

    @VapeCritic Thanks for the post, Bud!

    I do very much like the form factor of the PCKT but its a shame that the hole isn't just a couple of mm's wider.Baron23

    A rep at PCKT named Nick told us they will be making the hole wider to support CCell Cartridges and expect those models to be released in December. Whether they actually release it when they say is one thing, but at least they are aware and seem to be making the effort!

    @BestBuds Most brands we've seen have chosen to go with auto draw/inhale activation for these non "pen-style" vape cartridge batteries. I hadn't heard about the clogging from them though. If you're after an actual "fire" button like you mentioned, you might consider this cartridge battery.

  • CCell Palm Cartridge Battery

    Yes I would assume it is slightly hotter than a run of the mill e-pen. I get clouds from very short (5 second) draws and the stuff I am using is quite thick. It has never burned this product either.

    This is just speculation, the manufacturer will customize the Palm with reseller's logo, and I suspect that they may also tune the output voltage to meet a reseller's particular needs. If not, then it just happens to be really dialed in for a thick oil in a Ccell cartridge.
  • CCell Palm Cartridge Battery

    Cool, no scans from USPS yet? We ship Monday-Saturday. I try to stress the importance of Saturday shipping to my team so those packages can be delivered early in the week, often on Monday.

    CCell themselves seem to be uncertain of the ETA of their Silo and Dart. ETAs tend to lead to bad news and broken dreams, but based on what I've heard for the past couple months, if I had to guess I'd say the Silo will be available on VPM the 3rd week of August and the Dart 1st week of September!

  • CCell Palm Cartridge Battery

    Lol if you check the e liquid thread there will definitely be some mentions of the CCell Palm by me. It's just getting the added attention now because of Bud.

    Yeah we have to be patient, you can't rush great products. That will be exciting to see them by September, and hopefully the Silo even sooner.
  • CCell Palm Cartridge Battery

    has anyone experienced the ccell pal not drawing although the battery is good?
  • CCell Palm Cartridge Battery

    Noted. I'm referring to the actual device CCell Palm and not the battery. I've gotten 2 devices and after some use, it just stops drawing even after cleaning it.
  • CCell or PCKT One?

    Ya this is a great point you and Baron have raised. I've run in to this exact issue before, so I think the fire button is a requirement. I had already decided until I saw how much cheaper the CCell's are, but you get what you pay for I suppose.
  • CCell or PCKT One?

    I have Ccell Palm. Don't get me wrong it's a perfect little vape as long as you use good carts. But if you buy the dispensary prefilled some times the carts suck and you need a fire button to limp your way through the last bit of oil.
  • CCell or PCKT One?

    I enjoy controlling temps/power....I found I can make my carts last much longer too as the palm seems to fire hotter than I need.

    GT800 and Nebula X2299 (I have both..same thing) Wide enough for any cart and big battery.

    DAZZ Vape makes/markets the GT800 one...and you can find various prices....



    Here is a pic of my Nebula with a 1.2g ccell type cart.

  • CCell or PCKT One?

    I love the PCKT ONE Plus, and their SPRK carts too, still on my very first one I’ve ever used. More expensive for sure, but overall I prefer it to the CCell. I do like the smaller size of certain devices though, sometimes I bring a pen style battery if the situation calls for more discretion.
  • Refilling Ccell tanks

    Ccells are particularly known to handle thick concentrate well. If you are filling with a substantially less viscous fluid than they are designed to handle, they will leak.
  • PCKT One: Bought on recommendation here, but doesnt fit? and weaker than Palm on Ccells?

    Hey there, at VPM we offer both the CCell Palm Battery and PCKT Battery. The Palm is great and is certainly the industry's hottest oil cartridge battery in terms of popularity, BUT, in my opinion the PCKT is a better, higher quality battery backed by an American company.

    When a CCell Palm stops working, I wish the customer luck getting a replacement unless they bought from a super cool vendor. Most vendors won’t help because CCell won’t (easily) help them. If a PCKT breaks it’s nice knowing they will take care of us so we can better take care of you. Personally, I am really liking the guys at PCKT and am glad Bud is endorsing them.

    But yes, PCKT really messed up with not making the hole wide enough to support the wider and extremely popular CCell Cartridges. I have a feeling they designed their battery just as CCell was becoming popular. Bud might consider making a note on his reviews that the PCKT does not fit CCell cartridges at this time.

    PCKT has told me to expect an updated version of their battery early December which will support CCell cartridges. Zero promises, but I’ll be asking if we can work something out for forum members to do a trade in.

    If you fill your own cartridges, PCKT recommends iKrusher which fits their battery. In particular the AC 1003 has been getting a lot of good feedback from our customers.

  • Refilling Ccell tanks

    Can CCell Cartridges be refilled? Yes.

    Should they be refilled? Maybe.

    The manufacturer does not recommend re-filling any CCell cartridge.

    This is probably a convenient recommendation by them because they want you to buy more cartridges, so I think we need more user feedback in regards to if and how many times a cartridge can be re-filled.

    Here's some tips and info I’ve heard from the manufacturer and their distributors on how to avoid leaky CCell cartridges:

    1. They can’t guarantee 100% leak proof rates, but if you have a leaky cartridge it’s most likely user error or can be avoided.

    2. Changes in elevation can cause a cartridge to leak, for example air travel or elevation change while driving.

    3. It’s best to store your filled cartridges in cool, dry places. Increase in temperature can cause leaking, so leaving your cartridge in a hot car may cause leaking.

    4. If you can’t avoid temperature and elevation changes, store your cartridge with the mouthpiece pointed down so the atomizer can breathe and there can't be leakage through the bottom.

    5. Possibly more importantly than any point above, after filling, cap your cartridge within two minutes to create a vacuum within the tank. Beyond ten minutes after filling, you run a greater risk of the atomizer completely saturating and leakage occurring through the bottom of the cartridge. Putting your mouthpiece on the cartridge is like putting your thumb on the top of a straw, the liquid will remain in the straw.

    Those are the basics, but if you want to learn more of the physics behind it watch this video.
  • Why doesn’t my Jupiter Palm Ccell have...

    Jupiter is (I think) the largest CCell distributor in the country. They also like to describe themselves as a research and development company. Rather than putting the CCell logo on a lot of their products, they chose to use their own Jupiter logo. In my opinion, this was as smart branding move.


    The Jupiter Palm is literally the same product as the CCell Palm so I would not worry. In fact, it might be even better that you have a Jupiter device since there's an American brand backing it.

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