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  • Crafty heating-up time

    Crafty is a version 2.10 with 47 hours on the clock. Have just started to notice a significant increase in heating times. When using the Crafty after a fresh recharge its heating time is great, but for only the 1st session. After that each session takes longer and longer to heat up. Totally believe it's a sign of failure soon to come. Will advise.
  • Crafty replacement

    Crafty was a great recommendation bud. Thanks. I'll be comfy with 200-300 bucks I guess.
  • Crafty

    Why the Davinci IQ is better than The S & B The Crafty.
    1. The IQ works very well with or without the app. - BIG factor - I don't like tying up my phone. The app for the IQ is very good but the unit works very well without it.
    2. The IQ has MUCH better battery performance - and a replaceable 18650 battery. (45 min)
    3. The IQ is much smaller and sleeker than the Crafty. The IQ is MUCH more portable.
    4. The IQ has a built-in adjustable LED. Important.
    5. Ceramic Zerconia -Mouthpiece, oven and pearl. One of the mouthpieces fits into most water tools.
    6. The IQ doesn't seem to have a big defect rate. The Crafty has a very high defect rate.
    7. The IQ is MUCH easier to clean. (not even close)
    8. The IQ charges with Micro USB charger and the Crafty doesn't. (Micro USB is huge).
    9. The flavor chamber is a nice feature and can be very useful.
    10. Boost mode is a nice feature.
    11. The Crafty produces more vapor but also require more herb. (out of the box).
    12. I have had my IQ, since November 2016 I have used mine at least 500 times. It is still in pristine condition. I have dropped it at least 5 times and not a scratch or hiccup.

    Because of all of the factors above, I sold my Crafty. The defect rate was the final straw. I wasn't enjoying my Crafty because of the defect rate (I didn't like having in mind it can go at any given session). Even though the customer support is excellent and it seems as if the warranty department does a very good job, I would rather not have to go through that process it sounds like a major pain in the ass and THE reason I would spend so much money on a vape is to make sure its quality and doesn't need to be serviced or replaced.
  • Crafty

    Ah yes!

    So i believe what's going on is this...

    With the Mighty, it can be completely dead and you can plug it in and itll work, while it's charging

    With the Crafty, it wont turn on at all until the battery is like 25% full roughly, EVEN if you plug it in

    Once the crafty has a base charge you can start using it and itll keep charging....

    BUT, the crafty drains battery power faster than it can be charged, so even if u have it charging u can still run out of battery if u use it back to back to back

    So the crafty is like a half-assed pass thru charging
  • Crafty

    Hey man, I love the vids!
    So I had to just recently send in my Crafty to get fixed. Upon multiple unanswered calls and emails I finally gathered that the crafty does NOT have pass through charging. Storz and Bickel told me themselves (via a long awaited email) that this is not part of the Crafty's function. Mayhaps peoples vales are breaking down because they are trying to use pass through charging. Let me know what you thing man!

  • Crafty

    No, thats not correct. S&B explicitly says not to use the crafty while its charging. Here is the direct quote from their email reply to me:

    "We recommend to refrain from using the machine while it is plugged in and charging.
    "When the Crafty is fully charged it will produce 4-6 heat cycles from cold to hot to cold and should last 20-40 minutes."

    So according to S&B a 20 minute battery life is within the normal range and you CANNOT use pass through charing. I really wish I knew that before buying it. Had I known pass through charging was not an option, I would have gotten the mighty... But given that they are just selling refurbished units, I would never buy anything from them again.

    I'm waiting for the firefly 2 to come out before sending my overheating crafty back... It still makes good vapor for a half hour between charges... :/
  • Crafty

    Well i guess they changed their story!

    This is what they said to me when i asked this question right after the crafty was released in october 2014:

    "The CRAFTY is charged via a USB-Cable, which consequently delivers less power than a regular mains adapter. The CRAFTY can therefore only be operated while being charged if a partial charging has been carried out beforehand."

    Whether or not it's advised anymore is one thing but I'm pretty sure it does actually have pass through charging

    The case has always been though thats it's a weak passthru at best because in reality all it does is slow down how fast itll die

    I'm not sure about that whole 20 minute life being normal though, maybe if you run it at 400 degrees every session, but i usually vape around 360 and all 3 of my units havent had battery life degradation and still last well over 20 mins, closer to 40

    It's really a vape thats meant to be charged after each session, it's not much of a long hauler

    Either way the defect rate is unacceptable!!!!
  • Crafty

    Hey, so I ordered the Crafty vape after reading and watching reviews, thanks again for a great post you had on it. I read a lot of people having issues after 80 hours usage but does that mean the unit can't be fixed? Or is it possible to have the battery replaced?

    I know it's intended for "herb" but what else have you guys tried using the vape for? Is it possible to use it for tobacco?

    I'm sure I'll have more questions when I get my Crafty tomorrow!
  • Crafty

    Well I have a Mighty and Plenty, I was thinking of getting a Crafty for the hell of it. Is there still a issue with the vape having to be fixed constantly... Still debating... Kinda want to get the Solo 2.. Input on the functionality of Crafty would be appreciated. :D
  • Crafty

    So I've got the Crafty and I'm very happy so far! no issues but that's to be expected with a new unit. (unfortunate that you received a faulty unit Simone!)

    I'm out of herb but it was great, I don't know when the herb is fully depleted but I usually stop when the flavour changes or the is no vape coming out.

    Is there anything else I can use with the Crafty? I'm in the UK so it might be a little harder to get wax concentrates etc.

    Thanks again guys :D
  • Crafty

    your talking about the Pax2 not the CraftyAj85
    I was talking about vapor... I own a Pax2, a friend own a Crafty (sure it could be defective..!). My herb is an outdoor, naturally grown one. No hybrid monsters or such. So from our comparisons, the quantity of resin/oil is maybe the most influential factor for density of clouds.
    I've just discovered that my wild sage, rich in oils, produces more vapor than my mary... for example. But I assure you all two are of very good quality eh..! But I'm bringing the topic-off... so I stop here. :)
  • Crafty

    Bud, got a question for you about the Crafty. I value discretion and wonder whether or not my herbs, once placed in the Crafty's chamber, can be smelled. Appreciate you and your work!
  • Crafty

    The only time my crafty emits odour from the unit, is when I've just taken a toke and a whisp of vapor starts to escape from the mouthpiece! Although that is negligible compared to the smell when you exhale the vapour, and overall the crafty is one of the best for odour from the unit! The silicone O ring round the chamber makes the herb chamber air tight which really helps with Odours emitted from the unit!

    All the best,

  • Crafty

    I cannot predict whether or not you'll run into a issue with any vaporizer. Yes, the defect ratio is higher than what I'd say is acceptable. The 2 I did send in though, had new replacement ones back within a week both times. The units did have high hours on them but that's still not a good reason.

    Vapecritic just did like a hour long video comparing the crafty vs pax 2 vs firefly 2 which has more than enough information to help you make a decision (well I really hope so). Def worth viewing http://www.vapecritic.com/vaporizers/crafty-firefly-pax/

    Have a good one.
  • Crafty

    I would probably opt for the Solo 2 if I was you since the Mighty and the Crafty is very similar when it comes to performance.
    With the Solo 2 you get a new experience and you can tell all of us how it holds up.
    Unless you wanted something more portable then the crafty is the best choice i think.

  • Crafty

    I wanted to love the crafty, but I got a lemon. Firmware 2.08. It overheats. It stopped vibrating at start up after four hours of use. The cooling unit gets too hot to touch. And the pass through charging does not work. After two emails and a phone call, I got a reply that says the device is working properly and "We recommend to refrain from using the machine while it is plugged in and charging." Storz & Bickel claims that 20 minutes of battery is normal and not to use it while its charging. No returns or exchanges. Buyer Beware. I got a refurbished unit that they sold as new. You can tell cuz the right and left side do not line up exactly, besides the fact that its defective.
  • Crafty

    I am on my third Crafty in 3 months. Most of this time, it has been in the mail sending it back and forth. The power button has be the culprit both times. 4 days on the first one and 5 days on the second. And I am not using them that much. I loaned my last one to a friend to put it through it paces to see if he has the same issues. For my money the Pax2 is bulletproof.
  • Crafty

    yeah the pax 2 is prob the best built vaporizer with few issues, mine never gave me trouble but the high i get with my crafty is just so much better that i put up with any problems encountered. im thankful i haven't ran into any crazy probs like some other people.
  • Crafty

    you can clean & scrape out the top cooling unit since wax builds up overtime. I usually throw what I scrape into a vape pen but you can prob use it on top of the liquid pad included with the crafty 8-)
  • Crafty

    I'm assuming the top cooling part is clean and not backed up with a crazy amount of gunk? When mine needs cleaning and I get lazy cleaning it, I notice the crafty (even the mighty) get hotter much faster.
  • Crafty

    sorry i made a double post by antecedent when i should have hit reply instead. so as you can see, the crafty "works"...hahaha... just not as "advertised".
  • Crafty

    I've just worked out from your other posts that your talking about the Pax2 not the Crafty (I thought you might own both). With the pax2 it really needs a nice tight packing to work its best, (it's kinda famous for it) really cram the herb in there tight, it makes a huge difference! I grind as fine as I can, and pack the herb as tight as possible!

    All the best,

  • Crafty

    I was just trying to help you rule out any other causes, and some vaporizers like the Pax2 (and the Crafty to a lesser degree) need to be packed correctly to produce vapor properly.

    From what you've told me though, It definitely sounds like it is just your herbs!

    Also you've got it absolutely right, the quantity of resins and essential oils in the herb is the biggest factor for vapor production from herb to herb, it's also the reason MJ vapes so well!

    All the best,

  • Crafty

    There really isn't much smell at all when just keeping your herb inside the chamber. After your vape session though, the vaped herb inside will give off that "light vape linger" smell but it's not too bad. Once you take the top cooling piece off after vaping is when the smell can be noticeable & strongest (still not as bad as some may think). Regardless of which vaporizer you get... they will smell after a session but the crafty def does a better job IMO with containing the chamber smell compared to others I've tried.

    That's just me though - would love to hear thoughts from others. Have a good one!
  • Crafty

    hey Flipz is on point, when the crafty is cold and not being used u wont smell anything from it, it only starts to emit odor when u turn it on and for a couple of mins after u turn it off
  • Crafty

    Hello, New here and I have a Crafty here in front of me new in the box. Never opened. Not sure if i should use it or sell it? Offers? Should I try it? kik buz420
  • Crafty

    My bro has a Crafty and I would go for another vape if i had a Mighty because they are still unreliable.
    (but still a great unit just .. will brake and will need to be sent in more than once).
  • Crafty

    I've had my Crafty for nearly two years and has over 100 hours with no issues. I apparently am in the minority on this.

    However, I would suggest a different brand/type of vape purely due to the signatures.

    I definitely build up a tolerance to a vape. If I have been using one vape for a week or more, the signature from any other vape will increase the effects dramatically and knock my socks off.

    The S&B lineup is terrific, but their signatures are very similar.
  • Crafty

    I had 165 hours on my crafty. Vibration was the only real thing wrong with it. I did also think it was heating slower at half a battery than normal but never tested it. Sent it back and was replaced with no issues and every quick.

    As far as signature. I use my water bubbler and my all glass pathway every so often. When I go back to using the normal CU it's a good change of effect
  • Crafty

    I really cannot make my mind up on this one... Crafty is out... I either want the Solo 2 or another desktop. This will prolly be the last vape I get for a while so I want to make it a good one, I want one of the VapeExhale Hydratube things but they are always sold out.... Well I take that back, I have................ The Fire Fly 2(bullshit), The Mighty and The Plenty. I want to add either the Davinci IQ,Solo 2 or the VapeXhale with HydraTube. I absolutly hate the damn FireFly2 it works sometimes but the shitty draw resistance combine with the unreliability makes me want to smack Mark and the Latino dude. The ?? is for anyone that has a IQ how is the draw resistance? I have watched a few reviews of the Solo 2 and they say its like sippin a medium thick milkshake, so really that is not to bad, help me out on the IQ resistance, also due to the fact that the Swift Pro is a pure convection means you have to stir and I really do not want to do that... The reason I want the Solo 2 is it is a change of pace for me in terms of style with the glass stems and design and the reviews I have seen say the the vape quality is A+ and its is a hybrid type and you don't have to stir... The IQ appeals to me because of the smart paths and the fact its conduction so you don't have to stir and the quality of the vapor is great and out of them all seems to be a real reliable portable. The VapeXhale, well I want it because when I smoked I used bongs only and this thing looks like a really badass bong with great vape quality. Really for me vapor taste,smoothness,density and potency are the main factors I look at... We are comin down to the NittyTittyGritty... gonna do some-more research... Input from you guys is much appreciated!! Much LuV

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