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  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    I'm not a ghost user, but the subject came up last stream about the heat sync having more restriction, that's the extent of my knowledge. I'm use to my crafty it has really free flowing draw, if I were to get a ghost ( and it is on my radar ) I might seek out a og heat sync for that reason. But you at least have experience with a ghost, so you got to ask yourself would I mind that way?
  • Best vape for a grandma in her 80's

    Well my mom is a fan of my crafty, had a much better experience than with her old one and has already asked to borrow it for a bit. Looks like I might be out of a vape, time to upgrade to a mighty lol
  • Best vape for a grandma in her 80's

    Crafty. It’s portable. Easy to use. Very good airflow resistance. Decent battery, easy to charge on the fly. The dosing capsules are extremely convenient providing finger agility isn’t a problem.

    Another option is an induction heater for a vapcap.
  • Best vape for a grandma in her 80's

    Just lent my 65 year old mother my crafty to possibly replace her terrible black mamba. I think it's simple ease of use will suite her newbie style. Simple 1 button user controls, strong vibration, bright leds, even it's out of the box settings are good enough if she doesn't have a smart phone, easy to fill, a little bit of a pain to clean, ability to half pack, there's a lot of reasons to like this vape. I'll let you know how she likes it.
  • Pax 3 vs Fierce

    I use a fairly course grind as well, works fine in my crafty and dynavap
  • Pax 3 vs Fierce

    If I had to pick cause someone had a gun to my head I'd probably pick the fierce but really neither. I considered the pax for my first vape but went instead with the crafty
  • Having problems with your crafty? Read my story

    I went through 2 Crafty units. Good while they worked but I threw them away and moved on. Get a new vape and forget about it.
  • Having problems with your crafty? Read my story

    Note: CY896QJQ is ( NO LONGER ) under warranty. ONLY... because I voided the warranty when I open up the device.Gerrymc

    And Is it true? That your warranty covers the device for about 60 hours or 2 years whichever comes first?Gerrymc

    Dude what do you mean ? You voided your warranty yourself you just said it :brow:

    My Crafty has so far 133h of good service, never experienced an issue.

    I was hoping I would be one of the lucky customers who would not experience this problem.Gerrymc

    Unfortunately for you it's quite the oposite, you just had bad luck :fear:

    Pay for the repair if you think it's worth it and remember to never ever open up a device that is still under warranty again. Good luck with your issue :up:
  • Having problems with your crafty? Read my story

    I want to send you my crafty to you.

    CRAFTY: CY896QJQ…… ( approximately 120+ hours of use)
    I bought it 8/1/2018 on ebay for 223.79$ from Angie's Boutique , California
    Note: CY896QJQ is ( NO LONGER ) under warranty. ONLY... because I voided the warranty when I open up the device.

    Before I repair or replace my device I want to know what caused the one I have to overheat the control board. Was it me? Why did this happen? And after reading and followed the directions carefully and I do believe I am following them correctly but, “ how do I prevent this from happening again”? I am asking myself,” am I going to get more than just a few months out of a new or repaired one? Other customers online have mentioned similar complaints and concerns.

    While inspecting the control board under a microscope I noticed thermal damage resulting in the cracking of the soldering, “encircling” the part of the board that receives the pins from the heating element / control board interface. As you know there are two of them, one is for the thermal fuse pin, and the other receives the pin from the heating element itself. The location on the control board that is marked in RED, ”which receives the pin directly from the heating element” is damaged due to overheating.

    Once I got to about 80 hours the device started to experience unpredictable overheating situations where holding the device became uncomfortable during 2 minute sessions, So... I would shut it off and let it cool down. And It would act up in other ways also. Now it is dead.

    In closing... I am very disappointed that I am having to spend my time and money to resolve this issue. When I was looking into buying a dry vape and read that most customers who bought one of these devices were really,really,really happy until they failed. I was hoping I would be one of the lucky customers who would not experience this problem. Personally… I really do not want any other device out there. I am happy with the concept and design of the Crafty.The big problem I have is that I do not want to fork over this kind of money every few months. And your turnaround time of 4 to 6 weeks for repair, WOW... that's a really long time.

    And Is it true? That your warranty covers the device for about 60 hours or 2 years whichever comes first? If true… that is really crazy. I average two+ dosing capsules each day.

    SO… How do I go about sending you my device? I want to hear what you think about my findings. And is it worth it for me to buy the circuit board, BUT! How long will that one last.
    I would really appreciate your evaluation.
  • Suggestions on buying a new vape

    My review of the Boundless by Tera,

    I really like this vape! Price point was great! I actually found one on line for around $140. It is a bit big to put in a pocket, but it does fit comfortably in my hand and it feels good. I really like the fact that it has removable batteries. I'll be buying an extra set to have around and charged at all times.

    I set my temp at 385F It give great flavor and decent clouds. I use a lower temp because I beleive I get more from my flower over time than cranking up the heat and cooking it to quickly. The unit heats up quickly, but I still give it about 10-15 additional seconds after its reached full temp before I take my first hit.

    There is a removable screen at the bottom of the chamber to prevent the flower from directly touching the heating source. While this is great, i found it makes emptying the chamber a bit more of a hassle. I tend to dump my chamber directly into a trash barrel and that screen at the bottom of the chamber goes right along with the spent herb. Of course the first instinct is to reach in and grab it, but it's just been in an oven and I've burned my fingers now a couple of times. While I appreciate the ability to remove the screen for cleaning purposes, I do think that there has to be an easier way to deal with not losing the screen when emptying it.

    I like the extended vape time as well, and if you need more time it's just a matter of pressing the button. One does have to remember that after a certain amount of time the vape will go into sleep mode. I have now more than once forgot that it was still powered on, looked at it and thought it was off when it was only in sleep mode. The next day I went to turn it on, and I actually powered it off because it was still in sleep mode from the night before. It does wear the battery down, but plug it in and it will be ready to go in a few hours, (that's when I turn to my Dynavap!).

    I have vaped out of other higher priced vapes (crafty) and I think this comparable. I really Love this new device and in three days it will be charged and ready for Dead and Company in Foxboro, MA!
  • Best experience from which portable?

    Also check out the Budkups dosing capsules for the Pax 3. They look pretty interesting and seem to be similar to the dosing capsules for the mighty/crafty.
  • Best experience from which portable?

    From what I remember it comes with a pax, crafty/mighty and something else attachments
  • Dynavap

    absolutely I'm in love with my dynavap and I can't say that about my crafty. And running it through my bong is very satisfactory, hits like a micro dosing freight train :love:
  • Crafty/Mighty filling aid, genius add on or useless plastic

    Well I'm calling it and the no's win but not by as big a margin as I expected
  • Best experience from which portable?

    I still recommend the mighty, I love............. maybe not love but I'm in very deep like with my crafty. The mighty is a solid vape and a really good starting point you can always branch out to a different style maybe when you have a better idea about what else is important in your next vape ( I sense the vas is strong with you ) . At the end of the day it checks a lot of boxes, not all but a lot.
  • Milaana combustion.

    cool...i do the exact same thing....i stir also...but I cant seem to make the AVB dark like with the G or the Dyna...or even like the Crafty... :chin:
  • Crafty/Mighty filling aid, genius add on or useless plastic

    You can fit a few dosing caps in there like a capsule caddy.
  • Crafty/Mighty filling aid, genius add on or useless plastic

    When my Crafty was my go to I used it lots. In fact so much that I bought a 2nd one so that I could have 1 for indica and 1 for sativa. This was early in the Crafty days, before dosing capsules were released if I remember correctly. I found the filling tools great for a day out, they held a decent amount too. But I never did try out the dosing capsules after they came out.

    Later on I moved to just a scoop and/or funnel when at home, but I still used them when going out.

    I don't use my Crafty anymore, as unfortunately it has hit it's best before date, and then some.
  • Crafty/Mighty filling aid, genius add on or useless plastic

    i forced myself to use it for a while but it retired quickly after.
    My friend still uses his, to my surprise. He's on the OCD side though.
  • Best experience from which portable?

    @JMH out of those, I personally would pick the Milaana. Swappable 18650 batteries and it'll hit as hard as you'll let it. If you want to be more portable and not worry about breakages, you could snag a wooden stem from Ed's TnT. I just got one in Wenge and love it. I'm sad I didn't get one earlier

    I'll comment on the other ones I've owned :

    Mighty - taste wasn't as good as I wanted and was annoying to clean. Traded it. I expect the same annoyance from the Crafty.

    Ghost - Worked really well, but was annoyed having to swap crucibles so often. Flavor is top notch and very efficient. Every person I had try it really loved it. Traded/sold, but mostly because it didn't fit my usage enough and got a great offer on it from a friend who was frustrated with other vapes. She loves it.

    Pax - I get why people like this, but it's just not my cup of tea. I bought the 2 and ended up giving it to my dad (who loves it). For me it just got too warm and the flavor wasn't top tier (but still good). If you need extreme portability and discreetness, it's hard to beat.
  • Best experience from which portable?

    VGoodiez sells the Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen3 Dual Mod and Sinuous P80 with the sur_myevic software preloaded. It makes using the Splinter Z easy peasy.

    I like my Mighty, Crafty, Volcano, Plenty, Ghost MV1, Milaana, Pax and the tons of others I own...
    I'm just playing around with mods right now.

    Oh... IMHO the Mighty (with its digital display) is easier to use than the MV1.
  • Crafty/Mighty filling aid, genius add on or useless plastic

    Used it at first...than switched to little scoop...
  • Best experience from which portable?

    Out of your final list there
    " Ghost / Mighty / Crafty / Firefly / Milaana / Tera / Pax "

    I only have not tried the Firefly and Milaana (from your list).

    From what I heard the Firefly is not exactly the heaviest hitter, more of a flavour chaser.
    As for the Pax, its not very potent either and a session last a long time. I personally would eliminate these two from the list.

    The crafty is very nice, but as a heavy user, you will more than likely have to charge it multiple times per day, so I would eliminate that as well.

    Now we're down to the Ghost / Mighty / Milaana / Tera

    Ghost - Quite powerful and can give you some amazing hits. The downfall of the ghost is the cleaning and the crucibles. The crucibles are quite a pain in the ass to swap out on the go (not impossible, just annoying because the lids don't stay on). The cleaning is quite tedious as well with so many tiny little parts that need to be disassembled and reassembled.

    Mighty - Load it up, turn it on, and its smooth sailing from there. Perfectly even AVB everytime. The downfall of the Mighty is the non removable battery (which will last you 7-8 bowls) and the heat up time is a little outdated.

    Tera - This was one of my favourite vapes. It requires a longer pull, but the vapour that comes out is astonishing for a portable. It has removable 18650 batteries, which I think is the absolute best. Very easy cleaning and maintenance. It takes the hit size of the Ghost, and puts it into a device that is as easy to use as the Mighty. Personally this would be my choice for best portable.

    Milaana - I've never tried one, so I'll leave my input out on that :D

    Edit: A note about the Tera, is that you probably cant fit it in your pocket, its quite bulky. But a small purse or bag would work perfectly.
  • Best experience from which portable?

    it's definitely peaked my curiosity. I think you got a good list, but my word of caution about the crafty is if you need more that 5-6 sessions while your out and about the crafty is not the vape for you. I don't take it out very much so it works for me but if you need more you can get a portable battery bank. That said the mighty lasts twice as long but is a bit less portable so it's a trade off
  • Best experience from which portable?

    Think I will be making a decision between the Ghost MV1, Mighty, Crafty, Firefly 2+, Milaana 2, Terra, Pax 3, Tubo.
  • Crafty/Mighty filling aid, genius add on or useless plastic

    I've used mine a couple times at most. I usually stick to the lil shovel
  • Crafty/Mighty filling aid, genius add on or useless plastic

    I pretty much exclusively used the filling tool when I had a crafty. I would fill the tool right from the grinder and just always use that. Made just grabbing the crafty and tool super easy and quick.
  • Crafty/Mighty filling aid, genius add on or useless plastic

    I only use it to fill the dosing capsules.

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