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  • Magicman's Grasshopper diary

    The fact that the hopper has lasted this long is a good thing. However, the best thing is the taste of the vapor. Hopper vapor taste better than Crafty or VapCap. rl2gvr7tsmto9vlq.jpg
  • Tera or not to Tera?

    Question for you - do you use the dosing caps in the device when you're using it through the bong? How do those work for that application?

    Also, any tips you could offer for new owners/users? Some people were recommending replacing the factory screen in the chamber with a Mighty/Crafty screen from S&B... There were also some people talking about removing the screen in the water pipe adapter? Looking for more info/details on these types of tips/tricks for either improving airflow and/or maintaining cleanliness of the device... Thanks!

    ~ WOLF
  • Considering the Crafty - Are there still issues?

    The crafty is potent vape but at best you only get 30-40 minutes on a full charge (new version) the charging takes a couple hours and it does not have pass through charging. App required for temperature control.

    The mighty and plenty just make more sense.
  • Considering the Crafty - Are there still issues?

    Yeah, Econ....Claude is the MAN!! :up:

    I do not have, nor have I used, a Crafty.

    I do have a Mighty and love it and do not see anything out of date or obsolete about it

    I have found that for me and for portables, I prefer hybrid heating like the Mughty over pure convection which is often finicky. Desktops are a different story.

    I prefer the hybrid scheme so much I top my Mighty loads w a liquid pad to add a bit of conduction.

    And while I don’t have @“vapecritic” ‘s incredible tolerance, I have never been a micro doser. LOL
  • Considering the Crafty - Are there still issues?

    for some reason false advertising pushes a button with meCl4ud3

    I don't know you well, but *occasionally* your indignance comes out and I think it is fabulous! :party:
  • Considering the Crafty - Are there still issues?

    I "try" not to get as involved now but for some reason false advertising pushes a button with me. Apart from the manufacturers making fake accounts to promote their goods we also used to get the "I've tried every vape and this beats a Crafty" line quite often. That line alone is a huge red flag for me because nobody has tried every vape and these vapes couldn't touch a Crafty.
  • Considering the Crafty - Are there still issues?

    Bumpin this threadminimeMAGA

    I enjoyed reading @Cl4ud3 disassemble a dude's argument :cool:
  • Considering the Crafty - Are there still issues?

    But I don't have time for VAS, even if I had the $$$...spent all of it on concentrates, $10+k in last 4yrs:razz:

    I was early supporter of RBT 'Splinter' or whatever it's called, forgot about that for a year, until it arrived in the mail. Had to contact Ryan and send it back, no time to sell it, simply bc I didn't have time to search for box-mod unit to go with. just getting more Crafty's I'm now an 'expert' on was/is easiest...is that against the rules to state as fact, or opinion :)

    ^Serious stress/busy time until a few more yrs from now...called probate, older bro that is/has been his whole life, unbalanced/hostile...his illegal alien Filipina adulteress-now legal resident(who will likely cheat on him also/dump him when she's done spending his inheritance) almost got me killed calling 911 in a setup that had me surprised by 4 police officers with handguns pointed at me, in painful handcuffs crammed 40min in the back of 5th police car down the street, before they determined the TRO that I had no idea she got against me w/his help had *not* been served on me, I'm lucky to be alive...dangerous, conniving, predatory, opportunist woman. Sorry, was that a political rant? not allowed.

    I should take time to post up mult-page a kinda of 'user' guide. Not happy with my long post, didn't get to a number of things I wanted to show/explain. btw, I do follow similar schedule/use as Baron...but similarities end there, and it's misleading...I unlike Baron...though similar age, I *never* 'microdose'. Ceillingless tolerance, per/evening sessions usually require fully packed dosing capsules 3-4 if only flower. W/conc +flower sandwiches, depending on how much conc I use, or if it's Cali high test, lab tested such as say 39% RB-26 brand...maybe 1-2 fully packed capsules.

    More latter, past mid-night here. Up to 212hrs on the remaining/older almost 2yr old Crafty, down to 25-30min runtime though-~5min per 'bar'. You could probably get more than that if you 'baby' it, know how to do it...more on that later.
  • Upgrading from Arizer Air 1

    You could always go crafty and a 2019 dynavap m for around the same price as a mighty. The shorter battery life shouldn't be a problem for you. There is also the MV1 it's a on demand vape but can be used for sessions, crushing a crucible or two. I'm in a toss up myself between the MV1 and Splinter Z. I have a crafty and it is a good vape but I don't like it as much as I love my dynavap, in fact I gave my crafty away to my mom but I can at least borrow it back every now and then.
  • VapCap by Dynavap

    My mom tried her first Vapcap last night and the results were mixed. She did it through my strong arm adapter wpa in my möbius sidecar knock off, just charging the rig was to hard for her, she's got baby bird lungs so she had to stop taking her draw. I told her to remove the wpa and clear the rig so she did, she exhaled then had a pretty bad coughing fit for a minute or so. She looked at me and said that was a bit strong, I looked back and told her the ancient stoner proverb you gotta cough to get off. She laughed and said that it was stronger than the crafty at least and she wanted to try again so I reassessed. The vapour was to strong in my little sidecar so I figured my bigger beaker style bong was a better bet due to its larger air space, which means a can charge it for her as well. So next time it will be my bong charged up and she can take a handful of smaller tokes. Wish us luck it turns out better this time
  • Having problems with your Crafty? Read my story

    I posted that video some time ago and mentioned my case with a crafty...

    If you are having the yellow/red flashing is the thermal fuse, i already used this video twice to replace the thermal fuse and bring my crafty back to life, the 1st time i replace the thermal fuse with the same specs 184ºC 250C 10A (sorry the temp is celsius EU here) and didnt last longer, btw thats the fuse used on the video. On the 2nd fix i replace the fuse with a different one 192ºC 250V 10A just to check if this one would last longer since is higher, i also replace the battery for a Sony VTC6.
    1st time died with 150h then 1st fix died with 190h and then 2nd fix now due to battery changed i dont have the report on the amount of hours....
    My crafty is still working and not thanks to S&B but i won't repeat myself on whats happened with CS.... nor im going to talk about warranty issues or hours of use, there is a lot of different views about this....
    Im able to address this problem but now is the casing that is breaking away :lol: :rofl: :lol: from 4 screws i only have 2 b because the casings are broke.... so anyone with a dead crafty.... PM me

    My understanding of the device is that 1st is not a device that is going to perform 3 sessions a day for a long time, 2nd only if you turn off the device when the temp warning shows on the app you might avoid getting damage but who is using the app while vaping... (only to show off and change settings).

    I love my crafty and i got a mighty after.... i will not buy another crafty apparently the problems have not been taking cared off there so.. although this is a wonderful device im not going to spend 200€ for a 60h device or a 2 year max...

    P.S. Under warranty S&B replace my crafty once with 150h and 13month of use, i guess now is worse "about 60 hours or 2 years"... Wonderful devices shitty company...

  • Having problems with your Crafty? Read my story

    ok. Looked old and highly viewed.. thought it might help some people
  • VapCap by Dynavap

    I like the caldron quite a bit, I've not heard any negative comments said about it and it doesn't hurt that it's cheaper than the apollo. How is the heating with the caldron? Do you go passed the click at all? As of yet I've not had a vape give me so much satisfaction with so little product. Not my crafty at half pack or the Ditanium it just needs more to work properly.
  • New Vape Suggestions

    If money is no object dynavap could still be on the menu if you get a induction heater, the Fluxer is quite pocketable. I have a crafty it's a good vape nice taste, smooth vapour, does a great job with kief just make sure not to put any directly on the bottom screen and you can add as many layers as you want, till I gave it away it was my wake and vape. The Argo is fairly small, removable battery, glass vapour path but I don't have any experience with it. You also have the pax 3 it's very small but its flavour isn't the best and cleaning is frequent and involved at least that's what I've heard. The list goes on and on but without more info I can't really suggest anything specific. The IQ is a conduction vape so it flavour probably isn't top tier, I heard it doesn't really preform unless it on the higher setting and the vape will get quite warm I've heard of the vape failing for that reason but DaVinci is really good for repair and replacement people say.
  • New Vape Suggestions

    No, its smaller and they have had some issues with a thermal fuse in the Crafty in the past, but that seems to be no longer the case. At least I have not heard of any issues in quite some time.

    But I like the extra battery capacity and I like that all of the controls on on the device with the Mighty.

    The Crafty can be used without an app, but to fully control it, you need an app and I think they are a PIA in general and often not done very well with vapes. Just my opinion.

    But it is bigger and I consider the Mighty transportable rather than pocketable.

    The Mighty is a killer vape, in my view.
  • New Vape Suggestions

    Do you think the crafty is better than the mighty?
  • Which vape would you want to hit in a bong most

    @LabPong G43, Mighty, Crafty, Tera, Grasshopper, Pax, Ghost Mv1, Firefly 2.

    This was the first time I ever bought a mid tier Vape. I was going to try healthy rips edge, boundless tera, or ariser solo 2. Went with the Tera because I love to vapor bong!
  • Mighty Vaporizer with bong attachment

    Appreciate it! I've added a bunch more videos and you are 100% right my friend... the Mighty needs a damn stand. I hope they make some changes and release a newer one within the next year or 2. I've been using the crafty alot and it doesn't have those issues. Just the battery on the crafty only lasts me about 5 sessions max on high temp.
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    gotcha. That’s a pretty common practice with the mighty/crafty I think...i wonder if design differences are the reason?
  • Do Your Portables Leave the Home?

    I'm an outdoorsy type person, so my portables have to be able to leave the house with me. My go to right now is the MV1 with a crucible dispenser or 2 (I have it with me right now for after work). This spot previously belonged to my Crafty, until its age caught up with it.

    I'll also take out my G43 as a stationary portable, like a park or beach scenario. I tend to avoid the butane vapes for outdoors though.
  • Do Your Portables Leave the Home?

    Mighty Crafty or IQ are used as portables here, at home i rather use the EVO or the G43 but i also use the Mighty at home when i want to move around house while vaping. These desktop units are better and more reliable.
  • Do Your Portables Leave the Home?

    My ccell palm would be my most used out of the house if I had any distillate, my crafty has only done a handful of day trips despite being quite pocketable, so mostly I use my dynavap on the go
  • Airvape X

    or Pax3, which I have...or Crafty, or Plenty which I also have.
  • Portable, discrete vapes that hit near as hard as a Sticky Brick

    Haven't used a Sticky Brick so not sure about the potency compared to other vapes....but may want to also consider a Crafty/Mighty.
  • Crafty or mighty ? ( sorry lol )

    I’ve owned the crafty and used both a lot. As some have eluded too, the main difference IMO is wether you need it to be a work hours or not. I’d say that is the mighty’s biggest advantage. It is like a portable desktop. Where the crafty is a portable that hits like a desktop.

    The crafty is great but I would never recommend it as an everyday driver. If it will just be your on the go vape, I think it would be great. If your looking to use it more often then that, I’d personally go mighty.
  • Crafty or mighty ? ( sorry lol )

    That list are some vapes I already have...ie the Tera, sold off my pax 3, have a solo 2 and Argo

    Just looking to check out this S&B hype while saving $100 if I can, just want the vapor experience I keep hearing about , about a year ago I passed on the mighty for the mv1

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