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  • DaVinci IQ support

    ...no shit...it sure put me off, especially seeing the defect rate in the Davinci...
  • DaVinci IQ support

    sorry, I meant a vape store employee selling davinci getting crappy customer service from davinci would seem like shooting themselves in the foot.
  • DaVinci IQ support

    ...I didn't blow him off...I followed his advise and bought the Pax3..

    ...the guys seems to be a good merchant with no bullshit to him...
  • DaVinci IQ support

    it would seem odd to blow off a vape shop sales person, especially one carrying/selling your product , but who knows. I have I miqro and haven’t had issues yet.
  • DaVinci IQ support

    ...correct...I was initially attracted to the removable battery feature...

    ...I don't think he was making anything up...

    ...he uses a Pax3 now but there was no percentage in it for him...

    ...I certainly like the concept of the Ghost MV1 but the reality of it is a bit much...

    ...I may be checking one out soon anyway, as don't think the Pax3 is all that much of an improvement over the Pax, much to my disgust and disappointment...

    ...they may have greatly improved some features but it is still like hitting a Pax, eh...
  • DaVinci IQ support

    and what were you buying from said salesman? Let me guess it was the pax3. I have yet to find anyone in a smokeshop or dispensary that knows anything about vapes.
  • DaVinci IQ support

    ...I passed on the Davinci behind a story a sales person told me...

    ...he said he had the Davinci and at first it was good but it's heat sink or something shorted out and the battery would only last one session...even putting in a new battery would not change this...

    ...Davinci pretty much blew him off, with their best solution being to "plug it in"...

    ...some "10 year warrrenty"...
  • DaVinci IQ support

    I had also good experience with them but last time was over a year ago! I had 2 RMA and got everytime a brand new unit. ONce the vibrator motor was loose inside and the other case was a dead power button.

    try what @rc-01 stated above
  • Pax 3 vs Fierce

    ...I'm taking the fuking thing back tomorrow because the gasket for the concentrate lid will didn't stay on and will not go back on...

    ...it was floating around in the box when I opened it...

    ...I stopped messing with it as it really would not stay on and I figgered I would soon break it or shoot it off somewhere like a rubber band truing to get it back on...

    ...I was eyeballing the Davinci whilst at the shop but had heard the Pax3 did ok with concentrates...

    ...maybe I will come home tomorrow with the basic Pax pagage w/o the concentrate lid...
  • DaVinci IQ support

    Davinci IQ apps seems not to be working for many months. My IQ was not heating up after 3 months, contact IQ for warranty on the website. Send my IQ photos with the serial number and proof of purchase. After a day, received an email from IQ that device is valid for warranty.

    Send Davinci a video as requested by them. After a day or two they emailed to send the IQ in with RMA no provided. 2 weeks later it was fixed and ship back to me. No charges at all except for shipping to them.

    Overall, communication with IQ is easy and each communication is kept within a ticket number.
  • DaVinci IQ support

    Hi I bought Davinci iq the first problem does not work bluetooth (can not be paired) another problem I have damaged my silicone ring under the aroma chamber. No support for my bluetooth problem. On the internet I have now found a lot of information about the awful support of Davinci. Should I deal with a fix or try another brand? Davinci is 3 months old.
  • Suggestions on buying a new vape

    I figured out the reverse wpa thing, but what I m thinking about looking into is the Sneaky Pete little bandit primarily because it will fit on both the Tera and also can be used for my Dynavap. It has a 10 mm receiver end and I like the idea of water cooled vapor without having to buy a full sized bong.

    Have you had experience with these? Watching the accompanying video, it seems pretty straight forward, but I just wonder like the water tool that came with my Fury 2, is it actually worth it? I guess there is only one way to find out.

  • Best vape for short draws

    To answer your question. Yes it is possible to get vapor off of 3-4 second hits with the davinci miqro
  • Best experience from which portable?

    Have a Davinci external charger. Works ok, charges batteries in 6 hrs or so.
  • Best vape for short draws


    Like everybody else, I'm trying to find the best vape for me.

    All I want is to be able to take one or two short draws of flower at a time, once, or maybe twice, a day.

    I'm wondering if anyone has been able to take three-to-four-second successful "sips" on the DaVinci Miqro so that they see some vapor?

    Dying to hear!

  • Best experience from which portable?

    There are others who have it. Quite a few threads- see quote below, but you broke me man. I'm tapping out.

    Zeus Arc GT
    Just purchased this vape, buying into t vape hype. My first suspicion was their top ten rankings with pax and Davinci being near the bottom of the list.

    Let me say right away of all the vapes I have purchased, this is hands down the worst.

    First the small parts you have to deal with are a nightmare. There is a gold screen in the mouthpiece, that gets clogged with herb after your first or second pull. You will have to clean it during your session to keep the draw resistance at its best.

    Cloud chasers need not apply, only on the hottest setting can you get decent clouds, which degrade as you go,further in your session.

    The taste is ok, but no miraculous flavor rush, especially compared to other vapes.

    Cleaning the vapor path requires poking out a tiny part, and some gold mesh fixed at the bottom of the oven. Those parts are destined to be lost during cleaning, just a major design failure.

    The rubber mouthpiece is another failed engineering example, as it houses the small gold screen, and refitting it back in the hole after cleaning is a pain in the ass. I see it getting worn and distended sooner than later, regardles, it's more aggravation than it's worth.

    Per the manual I packed full and tight load, which produced little vapor, and huge draw resistance. A loose pack half full produced better clouds, and decreased draw pull, the problem is, when you pack the oven this way, the herbs get drawn up into the screen in the mouthpiece.

    The gold technology is a farce of course regarding heat, bit it looks nice.

    I liked the shape of the arc, that is the best feature of this vape, discreet, and fits nicely in your hand.

    Make no mistake about it, this vape is no pax, nor davinci, it's a handsome, marginally performing vape, that is a dreadful pain to clean, if you can keep track of the tiny parts that you have to refit after your cleaning.

    I pre ordered this vape with great expectations, and it has been a terrible disappointment.

    I am not a professional reviewer of vapes, just a common sense user. From what I have seen of those that have reviewed this vapes on you tube etc, is they are more infomercial than info.

    Keep your money and buy a vape that has an established reputation.
  • Hard to decide which portable vaporizer I should buy

    Ok so after some suggestions here I ordered the Dynavap M for good quality and the ability to share with friends.

    Then I also ordered the POTV One for portability, stealth and versatility (got water pipe adapter, the bent glass, and the water mouthpiece)... It's also a convection vaporizer so all the weed will be evenly cooked and no weed will be spent. I think it's gonna be convenient for me to take it with me on the go and to handle it all together..

    I just want to ask again because it still doesn't seem logic to me: Did anyone try both the PAX3 / DaVinci IQ and the POTV One, and can explain about the quality differences? How can something so small and so simple like the PAX3 be any better than the convection POTV One?
  • Hard to decide which portable vaporizer I should buy

    Massive fan of the Dynavap too BUT it does look odd heating it and then puffing it. I get questioned about it every time I use it infront of people. Thinking about it , that is my only negative about the Dynavap. Although you can heat it fairly stealthy and then pocket room is great . When out and about I use alittle soft glasses case that holds 2 lighters an 2018M and my flower in the Davinci carry can thingy-ma-bob
  • Hard to decide which portable vaporizer I should buy

    First of all..... @yuvals
    How old are you???
    If you’re under 21, you’ll not be able to order from the US, unless you cheat.

    And yuvals.... unless you’re vaping high quality flower, grown by you, or a trusted source, no portable vaporizer, will give you nice vapor, from shitty brick weed, full of seed, unless it’s a really sticky well grown hemp. Not so many countries around the world, unluckily, have access to legal medical or recreational, like gringos do.

    Second, I’m an immigrant, living at North America, and depending on which country are you coming from, I can tell you, which kind of device will be better for you.
    There’s a lot more involved, depending on age and country, in a vape purchase.

    He said he wants something easy to maintain.
    He forgot to mention his usage.
    Indoor or outdoor???
    Is the person sick, disabled, etc etc???

    I wouldn’t recommend a G-43, to a person with tremors, Parkinson’s or any physical disability on them, unless there’s an assistant.

    Forget about DaVinci IQ and PAX.
    Those are stink machines.
    And weed hoggers.

    Ghost MV-1 easy to maintain???
    Come on!!! It’s a pain in the ass to keep tidy, and those tiny crucibles.... if I only vaped on an MV-1, wouldn’t last me an year....

    In my honest opinion, and experience, and expertise, after trying so many vapes, since 2009, and owning the best heavy hitters desktops available, I’ll suggest you to see first, if you’re going to vape inside or outside, do you have a reason to hide???

    Best starter vape for the budget, and you can gift it if you’re disappointed, it would be a DynaVap M-19!!!!
    If you don’t like an M, or can’t handle an M, there are so many more options, but money wise, and what you asked for, it’s the best.

    The rest are mostly the same, but electric and more bells and whistles.
    Stay vaped, and stay away from cheap plastic vapes, like some of the ones you mentioned.
    And stay away from rebrands from Vape Shops like POTV ONE, it’s just a rebrand from a shilling vaping shop, with some minor differences, but rebrand either way.
    Check airpath and oven materials.
    Avoid plastic and cheap chinese vapes.
  • New vape user (Pulsar APX v2)

    Draw resistance can best be explained by using a straw analogy. You take a straw for a drink and you just inhale through it with just air. That is no draw resistance. You take that same straw and suck water through it to drink and that would be medium draw resistance. Now take that straw and suck up a milk shake that is a restrictive draw.

    Some vapes do very well with little to no resistance: g43, rastabuddhatao vapes, elev8r vape, fierce, mighty, crafty. All have very free flowing air flow.

    Vapes with some resistance, ff2, pax 3, davinci IQ or micro, boundless vapes,

    And vapes with too much resistance are either clogged or not very good.

    @VapeCritic used to have a chart where he rated all of this for the vapes he reviewed.
  • DaVinci IQ heats up but no vapor and no impact

    I’ve had mine for almost a year now i haven’t had any problems with satan anus but I clean after 6-10 sessions. I feel this is the farthest you can take it, sometimes after ten sessions if u got some sticky bud it starts to collect resin.
  • DaVinci IQ heats up but no vapor and no impact

    The IQ has its perks, heats up fasts, good flavor, exchangeable battery, use it with a small water piece and I’m soaring. The only problem is the spot under the silicon gasket like you all say. Usually after every 3-4 bowls I stick a slightly wet qtip with water while its on both sides of even (alcohol is for deep cleanings every once in a while). No one vape is the best and I switch often from Dynavap to VapeXhale Evo to Mighty to IQ.
  • New vape user (Pulsar APX v2)

    The Mighty/Crafty seem to be top of the line, but damn are they ugly.

    I think I’m really leaning heavily towards PAX/Firefly/Davinci right now. Digging the Smart Vapes.
  • DaVinci IQ heats up but no vapor and no impact

    It's unfortunate because I would really like to get one, especially with the water adapter to set it up with a rig! Anyone know of the adapter on the site works with the micro as well? That price could make me look the other way on the cleaning issues, especially if I don't use it a lot.
  • DaVinci IQ heats up but no vapor and no impact

    yes I feel the same but I already got it... dont get me wrong I would give it a 7/10 but it's no crafty or mighty imo and I got the 3... beautiful in Design but thats not what I'm looking for in a vape :lol: :rofl: :lol: and it's not a cheap vape I still use it especially on the go, I never tried the Micro
  • DaVinci IQ heats up but no vapor and no impact

    This device was on my list of possible future purchases. After watching that video, no thanks. What a nightmare cleaning can be.
  • DaVinci IQ heats up but no vapor and no impact

    lol but in pm anus is acceptable as well as asshole as well as fudge hole (#sorrynotsorry - just let me get away with it once, ok guys and gals? :smirk: :pray: :snicker: ).

    HOWEVER... @VapeCritic did just notify me that the vape IS actually known as “satans anus” by a many so... I guess you were just being politically correct about cleaning his anus! Lol :lol: :lol:

  • DaVinci IQ heats up but no vapor and no impact

    I forgot to mention...I still love my IQ! I am one of the "iq over mighty" guys. And when you know the "problems" (what every vape has) you can avoid them.

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