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  • Dynavap

    Dynavap live tonight. George said Dynavap is bringing back the "M For A Friend" promotion. I think through this weekend.

    Buy an Omni and for $20.00 extra you will get a 2018 Vapcap M too.

    Dynavap Oct. 18 live stream replay
  • Dynavap

    Dynavap has acknowledged on reddit that some defective 2019 M tips were shipped that have shallow channels, which is the cause for a lot of complaints about it over there.
    If you think you might be affected, contact them via their form with your order number (log in to have more options to direct the message), and they will request that you provide a photo and will send you a new tip if yours is defective.
    There is a thread over there authored by "MrPaperless" on the DynaVap subreddit that has a couple of pictures of GOOD tips for comparison of channel depth.
  • Dynavap

    DynaVap definitly conduction anyone who thinks different should just grab the tip after heating... They will change their mind fast
  • Dynavap

    Dynavap Shadow M is :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:
  • Dynavap

    Dynavap just premiered this......

    something for the concentrate lovers :)


    all the details Feb 7
  • Dynavap

    Dynavap M 2019

  • Dynavap

    Dynavap - Is amazing. In every-way possible.

    It hits really hard without sitting for a session.

    That dude in the lab coat is for real!
  • Dynavap

    Dynavaps new stem..... The DynaPasta
    Elicoidali No. 37 pasta fits perfectly
  • DynaVap 2019 M Questions

    Dynavap has acknowledged on reddit that some defective 2019 M tips were shipped that have shallow channels, which is the cause for a lot of complaints about it over there.
    If you think you might be affected, contact them via their form with your order number (log in to have more options to direct the message), and they will request that you provide a photo and will send you a new tip if yours is defective.
    There is a thread over there authored by "MrPaperless" on the DynaVap subreddit that has a couple of pictures of GOOD tips for comparison of channel depth.
    Edit: not a post from the official DynaVap account, but someone provided the info and the DynaAutoP account has confirmed.
  • Dynavap Titanium Condensers!

    Dynavap just announced they'll be showcasing the ti condensers on youtube live on Thursday at 7pm et.
  • Dynavap VapCap Shadow M

    Dynavap makes a mouthpiece that goes over m so it can be used with glass the part is $1 or $2 it's called the fat mouthpiece.
  • Dynavap

    Just received my Dynavap with Simrell vortex stem yesterday. This is my first Dynavap and so far I’ve been very impressed. It’s took a real long time for me to understand how to get consistent hits. I used torch lighter and really struggled. I own a Dr Dabber Switch with induction heating so I thought I’d give it a shot. The Dr. Dabber Switch works great with my Dynavap!

    Initially I tried heating my Dynavap with my Switch with a titanium insert cup installed in my switch. I thought it made more sense to keep the insert cup in, but all I was getting was wispy vapor uneven AVB. I was at the point where I was content with giving up. That’s when it dawned on me I should give it one more shot WITHOUT the titanium insert cup. As soon as I did this my experience went from bad to great! If you have a Dr. Dabber Switch I strongly suggest giving it a shot. Make sure you don’t have any of the cups in the Switch. Turn the unit on Oil mode (but I’m sure you could use dry herb mode too). Place your Dynavap in the Switch without any of the titanium inserts. Wait about 4 to 6 seconds and you’ll hear the click and you’re ready to go. Vaporizes very well.

    So now my Switch is the best E rig on the market and also my portable induction heater for my Dynavap! The Dynavap is a battery little powerhouse, it has the smallest footprint of any Vape I’ve ever owned! Spectacular combination!

    I have a lot more testing to do!
  • Dynavap

    Congrats on the new item!!! I am sure its made incredibly awesome like all the DynaVap products.

    Click, That's my DynaVap.

    Bud, got this right. It's a must own. For $60 for the M, wow.

    What the Dynavap does for me is it gives me a non session vape. I like to vape before lectures Quick 5 minute session. Beautiful green clouds. Immediate long lasting effects.

    This is what I call great workmanship, straightforward advertising and realistic demonstration.

    It feels really nice in my hand and as far as the "cool factor" goes, this is right up there at the top. Especially since the portability is pretty awesome.

    That Dynavap dude in the lab coat does a great job! I am sold on the M love it, and the Omni vape.

    Of any vaporizer (even the super durable Pax) this vape would probably win a torture test.

    Peace, Love & Vape.

    YOU, Have just been vaporized by the one and only......

    ^ ^ ^ Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Dynavap


    The heater is so far working fine. I might only use it once or twice a day as this little pipe can hit pretty solid! :smile:
    Much quicker to heat than a torch, and it makes a little click of it's own when it pulses on and off so I have to feel the dynavap click with my fingers while I hold it in the hole , but am still adjusting the little glass jar so it doesn't heat too far up the shaft . The rubber holds the jar tight so it doesn't fall out when moving the unit and can be adjusted in or out . The Dynavap heats in a few seconds. Experimentation is required for how long you may like to leave the tip in after the click. I found three to four seconds is about it, five seconds and :fire: That may vary by a second or two if the dynavap is still warm. I put that glass jar in so I wouldn't have to be concerned about the tip touching plastic sides when it is hot. The dynacoil has been released and suggested to hold the dynavap vertical when heating so the concentrate doesn't melt into the cap. This may make using some induction heaters awkward to hold upside down for heating the tip. Hope fully these new portable induction heaters can be used that way .
    Bud , is there any chance you could test that when you try the coil with concentrate ?
  • Dynavap

    So about a yr and a half ago I pulled the trigger on buying the nonavong from dynavap, I was really exited about it when I got it, the production of vapor was decent, but I really enjoyed the authentic organic earthy feel that the Vong had, the twirling, the clicking was also very appealing to me as well, now I had noticed that my lungs/throat would get very, very irritated! it almost felt like everytime I would use it, i was literally scarring my lungs, anyway unfortunately I had to put it down, and pack it away in the closet, well throughout the yr I have been tempted to bust it out and try again and hope I wouldn't somehow get the same results, well last night after watching some tantalizing reviews on utube I was tempted to give it the ole college try again, let's just say the first cap I loaded got me toasted and I felt like things were going ok but then here came the irritation pain, IT WAS SO FUCKIN PAINFULL I ALMOST THOUGHT I WAS GONNA GO INTO SHOCK!!!! Not to mention I was Stoned as hell! too boot, but the pain in my throat/lungs was so bad that I maid a vow that I would put it down for good and that is it,
    Anyway I'm trying to figure out what it could be about the dynavap that could be hurting/irritating me, I have a couple theories, maybe the heat that is traveling isn't going through a proper cooling system, if you think about it, it's a very short path that the vapor travel's, maybe the tip being titanium could be possibly irritating my lungs? Maybe I'm sensitive to that type of metal? Oh, yes, I have definitely tried water filtration, and also heating higher up on the tip? Anyway it sucks that I can't use the dynavap because I have to say the high is intense/different, I trully got ripped off one cap, anyway I have asked quite a few people in the past if they have problems using this vape and so far I feel like I'm a individual case? Oh well, if anyone out there has any idea's on why the dynavap could be hurting my throat/lungs I would love to hear your thoughts, also if this is happening to anyone I would love to hear as well✌
  • Dynavap

    I'm considering picking up a Dynavap VapCap over Black Friday, anyone here try the M and the Omni and know how much of a difference? If the more expensive ones are worth it I like the Woody a lot but I want the best experience.


    Added by @VapeCritic: Read my full Dynavap VapCap review or watch my video below. If you decide to buy one use promo code STAYUP to take 10% off your order :ok:

  • Dynavap

    I find that single torch flame on a dynavap leads to better flavor. I got a four flame.torch from dynavap that works great and heats up maybe 5 sec quicker but the flavor is not there. I am still new to.dynavap but I think the technique sneaky Pete uses is right on. Do a few small taste puffs then go for the huge cloud to finish.

    The blazer is hands down the best with my sticky brick.
  • Dynavap

    The M is, I believe, 92mm long. That’s a “standard” Dynavap length. On their website they show what is compatible with each model vape. The dugout that works with the standard length vapcaps is this one in boccote as well as other woods.

    The Dynavap folks are very helpful and if you have any questions they are happy to help.
  • Dynavap

    www.dynavap.com with buds code of "stayup" brings the price of the dynavap m to $58.50. That is a great vape at that pricepoint. I just went on a trip where all I used for three days was my dynavap m and it worked very well.
  • Dynavap

    Thanks for your order :)

    We'll have it shipped tomorrow and delivered in 2-12 days depending on the mood of USPS. Yesterday they called me to apologize for some "system errors" that were disrupting tracking and delivery of packages coming out of AZ. They said the've solved the issue, which I'll believe it when I see it!

    DynaVap sent us fewer DynaCoil samples than we had hoped. We'll send you the unravelled one in this photo which you can choose to either look at or try to coil back up and use. DynaVap told us it'll be 4-6 weeks until we can get more.

  • Dynavap

    So it's been said that George at Dynavap always travels with a cup style IH and todays Dynavap they did mention a cup IH was being designed and tested. The original cup IH was by Fluxer and was called the Fluxer Grande

    Fluxer discontinued his Fluxer Grande IH anticipating Dynavap using his design

    Scroll to the bottom of this page to see more pics and info on the cup
  • Dynavap

    I got the Dynavap M Starter kit plus a titanium tip, screens, and a few other items for 20% off.

    Was going to let you know about @Rockytdogg, but I saw you had already ordered.
  • Dynavap

    Just received my Dynavap M with Ti tip. 1rst Dynavap purchase. I probably won't play with it until tomorrow, however, I know how I'm turning this bad boy while heating.

  • Dynavap

    I just received my Titanium Omnivap XL and used it tonight. Here’s my personal review based on one bowl of herb.

    Before I switched to vaporizing many years ago, my go to apparatus was a dugout. It was easy to carry, I liked how to twist and load, and the amount in the bowl was enough a decent herb effect. After trying out several vapes (some bought, some tested with friends), I pulled the trigger on a Crafty and never looked back. I added a Mighty for home and shifted the Crafty for on the go. Using the oil pads is great portion control. Then I came upon the review of Dynavap. I was intrigued by no battery, and this looked like the perfect updated technical bat without the dugout. On 420-day I pulled the trigger. They got hit with sales hard I assume which created the longer shipping time. Dynavap hopes to have their Dynastash XL in stock soon, and they do provide a plastic tube with the order. But I searched and found a Cedar Dynastash XL from the UK and had it shipped to the US, and it came yesterday.

    This is the perfect product for me. The Crafty & MIghty are superb, but in truth they are session vapes. They each take a little time to heat up. Their bowls are bigger and you certainly get vaped. But since I didn’t want to combust anymore, the Omnivap just fit me like a glove. I got the 3-flame Vertigo butane, and tonight I gave this technology a whirl.

    The weight was the first thing I noticed. It’s really light, and it feels natural in the hand. I like the feel of the Titanium and the chiseled body. Then I took it apart to examine the pieces. I played with the mouthpiece adjusting airflow, figured out on my own that the wing of the cap was the bowl cleaner (ingenious). I had previously watched a few YouTube videos and learned about the metal screen and how the bowl size could be adjusted. I snapped down the screen a couple of notches, which in the end gave me 6 lights before exhausting the bowl. A few pieces were showing black/burnt, but I never tasted anything fowl. The cloud was surprisingly full, even on the first hit where in comparison the Crafty & Mighty generally only 1/2 cloud.

    The clicking sound is pretty noticeable, and it’s accompanied by a vibration. I get a double click when ready, as well as the cooling click. You need to hear the cooling click before lighting up again, but it happens within 30 seconds or so from when you shut the torch off. So unless you are extremely impatient, it’s perfectly times and ready to go for the next draw. Unlike the session vapes, it’s so easy and quick to spread the 5-6 hits the Omnivap gives me over time.

    This was my first try. I have some playing to do with flame position in order to understand the different variants in temperature you can achieve without any visible help. Now I have my technical dugout system. I feel so 21st century. I really am curious the technology behind the clicking. Will that somehow “break” over time, or is the design of this Titanium marvel impervious to such things.
  • Dynavap

    Dreamwood Vapcap-Stem Square Cocobolo 1
    Wooden body / mouthpiece / stem/ Roasty Mini

    -for the Dynavap Vapcap Tips
    -for an 8 mm glass tube (Roasty Mini, version without silicone ring)

    Handmade from precious wood in Germany.

    Attention: Roasty Mini tubes are in direct contact with the wood, insert carefully and do not heat too close to the wood.
    Vapcap tip not included. Without condenser function (inner tube).

    Wood: Cocobolo
    Size: 68x23x13mm
    Function: Conduction, powered by a jet lighter
    fitting a Dynavap Vapcap Tip
    single item
    Scope of delivery:
    handmade wooden body from Cocobolo
    Glass Heating Tube, 8mm
    Dreamwood Woodwax
  • Dynavap

    on Instagram dynavap keeps showing all kinds of cool color options through all of their vapes. George put out a video at the beginning of the month saying they were going to release cool new innovative products. The months almost over and Dynavap starts their sale on the 22nd maybe we will see them then.
  • Dynavap

    dynavap just released a video on youtube about the Shadow M right now


    it looks like dynavap is going to be announcing some stuff tomorrow prior to the sale they have on the 22nd
  • Dynavap

    Have you 'reformed' the cap by squeezing? I saw a Dynavap video, and George said you often have to adjust the cap when first from the factory.

    * lightly squeeze above digger outer with thumb
    on and other finger 180° on other side to make
    the cap tighter , or
    * lightly squeeze 45° from digger outer, again
    another finger/thumb 180° to make cap looser

    I've had to adjust the tightness on both of mine. :victory:
    10:35 Dynavap The Cap
  • Dynavap

    I have the M and love it. I then got the Omni, much cooler vapor. If someone doesn't have a vap cap. The M is incredible. $60 www.dynavap.com

    There is a dynavap for everyone in every price range.

    What can I say its a work of genius. Check out this video on how the Vap Cap is made and works. https://youtu.be/HvsGEKB2m2g

    Peace, Love & Vape,

    ^ ^ ^ The Vape Master ^ ^ ^
  • Dynavap

    i used this torch from dynavap ... so not an industrial sized one


    ON A SIDE NOTE: i like this torch but hate that you can't tell how much butane is left so i don't really use it anymore for vaping

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