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  • Dynavap

    ...these are more expensive but look to work much better than those logo sticks...

    ...I very much dislike logos...

  • Dynavap

    Found it!!!!
    DynaVap glass stems shillers, shilling worst nightmare!!!! jajajajajaja jajajajajaja
    If you buy 12x, it’s $3/each I believe.
    Sorry guys.
    Someone needs to bring the light jajajajajaja
    There are hundreds of glass stems like this. You just need to look for them.
    Ask for dimensions, to match the DynaVap tips, to different stems, and there are plenty of cheap silicone o-rings selections to chose from, that will fit the tips.
    Stay vaped.

  • Best vape for a grandma in her 80's

    Dynavap with the log vape that uses them? Ed’s TNT I think.
    Or, a log vape?
  • Best vape for a grandma in her 80's

    I'm looking to see if we can find a vape for my friends mother. She is 85 and is looking to either start vaping or dabbing. We have let her try a ghost mv1 which was a no go as she just cannot inhale that long. And we let her try a dynavap m and she wasn't comfortable with having to use a torch lighter.

    My vaping style does not match hers and I need some input to pass along.
  • Really close to giving up on vaping

    ..I did give up on it for a while, and life was simple, but I am back

    ...I used a Pax and an Arizer Extreme Q when in Maine but never really loved them...

    ...the Pax suked, but worked more or less, and the 'Q was ok, but they were a good bit of work compared to a bong, eh...I still have the old Pax, but I left the 'Q behind, with my old room mate, Bruther Vinnie...I think it broke, so I sent him a Dynavap and an E Nano...

    ...it just got to the point where I just couldn't do the bong with out feeling worse rather than better...

    ...I have not been able to go Full Greenthumb but I have three vapes now, one on the way, and looking hard at the another...

    ...if I had bought the Pax 3 first I might be giving up again...

    ...try some other, more powerful devices...

    ...if I had just stayed with the Dynavap and the E Nano I would have been very GTG...

    ...I went for the soon to arrive Flowerpot Shovelhead because of a flash sale it as seems to be the best reasonably priced device available right now, in terms of raw performance, and I am looking to buy a Splinter before they are all gone because it looks like a mod powered E Nano and I love the E Nano...

    ...I would strongly suggest you get an E Nano, and the "vong" attachment, and some nice 14mm glass, and rip, before you just give up...

    ...after you learn to vape and stop smoking for a while you won't want to smoke anymore...

    ...as in it will be yucky, not a former need you can deny yourself comfortably now...

    ...I am still questing for that perfect portable...

    ...did you not see this...???... :

  • Really close to giving up on vaping

    @proc420 dont give up, sounds like you just need a heavy hitter. This forum is a good source of info. Dynavap, NewVape, G43, Rasta Buddha Tao (RBT Z V), Mighty, Plenty, Ghost would be good places to start.
  • Really close to giving up on vaping

    You, like me, bought a terrible first vape. Dont give up. I'd highly recommend a 2019 Dynavap m and 2 flame torch as a starter
  • Dynavap

    Dynastash is 30% off for 24 hours.

    Code: stash30
  • Dynavap

    Titanium vs stainless steel is pretty crazy in the way they heat. Simrell collection did an awesome job.
  • Has anyone tried a glass stem for Dynavap

    A long time ago actually.
    You can go to any head shop locally, or hardware store, and get a cheap cheap cheaper DynaVap Glass Stem, without spending much money.
    Actually you can buy feet of glass tubing, and make dozens of glass stems.
    It’s so easy to cut glass, that anyone willing to shill DynaVap stems can do it.
    Some people have the face to do it.
    Not me.
    But I did it a long time ago.
    Before “shillers”.
    Enjoy it.
    You can even do the “crack style pipe” if you break your glass stem on the street.
    Just find an old old car, rip the metal stainless steel tubular style radio antenna, and you’ll have a free DynaVap stem.
    Easy peasy street life 101 teaching.
    Don’t worry, a car that old wouldn’t have a working alarm jajajajajaja jajajajajaja
  • Has anyone tried a glass stem for Dynavap

    Will do @The Rogue Wax Works. I keep telling myself that too but that Ocean Blue color and the 4th of July sale lured me in.
  • Has anyone tried a glass stem for Dynavap

    @SquanchKava let us know what you think of the Aristocrat. I told myself no more DV stuff for a while but might have to become an "Aritocrat"
  • Has anyone tried a glass stem for Dynavap

    I sadly brook a Glass Chatlie XXL stem the first day I got it. But now I have a The Rogue Wax Works thick glass stem that i love. I have a little Grav Labs knock off taster that works with the tip. And i also have an Aristocrat stem on the way form Snekay Pete's.. I love how glass cools and how the thicker TRWW stems feels in the hand, almost like holding a cigar. I like metal for travel and glass for home.
  • Buying a refurbished Ghost MV1 vape for 199€

    I’ve been looking at the Ghost MV1 and concluded that I want it in my hands right now. I live in europe and the only place I know where to get vapes is vaposhop so I started looking there.

    I noticed they had a refurbished matte black MV1 on there for significantly less than they were selling it new (285€ to 199€), I bought a dynavap from them and had no problems with customer service etc. They give you a 1 year retailer warranty on top of all the original parts and accessories (they say ”original or comparable substitutes”) so I decided what the heck and went ahead and bought it.

    I still think everything will be fine with the unit because vaposhop is a pretty reputable store, correct me if i’m wrong, but I have a bad habit of always contemplating my big purchases after I buy them, and this leads me to my question:

    Was buying a refurbished vaporizer from vaposhop EU store with a 1 year retailer warranty and no gaurantee of a full (or any) manufacturer warranty?

    This is the unit on their website: www.vaposhop.com/refurbished/refurbished-ghost-mv1/
  • Dynavap

    I have been messing around with this hack for DanielJ's stem and for the Dynavap stems. It allows you to have an adjustable "Airport" with the spinning MP. Plus its just kind of fun. I'll have a video soon.
  • Pax 3 vs Fierce

    in my Dynavap I only used course. Fine grind goes too quick for me in every vape. The Tera does fit easily in my pocket just definitely not as comfortable & discrete as the Pax that’s why I prefer to take it everywhere
  • Pax 3 vs Fierce

    I use a fairly course grind as well, works fine in my crafty and dynavap
  • Has anyone tried a glass stem for Dynavap

    oh I see what you mean. Yeah I definitely do that too with my long draws. :up:
  • Has anyone tried a glass stem for Dynavap

    Put a pen in your mouth and breath air in from side of mouth. Just a tiny amount.

    Replace pen with carbless Dynavap.
  • Has anyone tried a glass stem for Dynavap

    ewww Micro Keep it in the county dude Ya turn coatUbarDog

    Haha what a traitor!! It was the blue that enticed me!! You're right though the hula stems are definitely thicker glass. I'm sure the Pete stems would probably withstand a little more abuse before they smashed.I know for a fact I will break one of these eventually so it's important to have a back up!

    I create an adjustable airport (carb) in the side of my mouth. So I do a "bong" style hit (Direct to lung) while mixing cooler air and lowering resistance. This with the glass stem is amazing!UbarDog

    I'm not completely sure I understand what you mean here. I will have to pay attention to my technique later. (Way too early for me now I'm an evening vaper :lol: )

    I usually do several mouth to lung draws per heat up with the glass stems or one direct but very slow draw.
  • Has anyone tried a glass stem for Dynavap

    ewww Micro Keep it in the county dude Ya turn coat :D :rofl:

    I will not buy sneakypete's glass stems because we have charlie. Not that there is anything wrong with sneaky . Infact I have heard the glass is a little thicker, Charlie wanted stem to be flush with tip so kept it 1mm. I was scared i was gonna break it at 1st. Its more hardy than it feels :D .

    Since getting my glass nippled stem I have stopped using my FC-187 rig. Its sitting in draw for now.
    J-hook for Nano , Glass stem on Dynavap but G-43 is always paired with the FC-187

    I do sometimes wish there was less resistance of air flow with no carb,Microvaper

    I used to use my M18 with airport blocked then custom stems with no airport either. I have my own technique, Saying that most people proberly do this with out realising .

    I create an adjustable airport (carb) in the side of my mouth. So I do a "bong" style hit (Direct to lung) while mixing cooler air and lowering resistance. This with the glass stem is amazing! Also less stress on the diaphragm with the customisable air port. Lips!!! woo hooo lmao
  • Has anyone tried a glass stem for Dynavap

    I got myself an ocean blue hula stem yesterday. I had a blue milaana stem and broke it the very next day after I bought it so that was my justification for getting this one! LoL. Love it so much. Since having the glass Charlie stem I just don't want to use my 2017 or 2019 M. The taste is undoubtedly superior with the glass stems. I do sometimes wish there was less resistance of air flow with no carb, but on the plus side, when my non vape savvy friends are here, it's the easiest vape for them to grab and hit. People seem to be put off by vapes when there is too much to think about (carbs, milaana button management etc) it's just like tooting off a tight joint and you just can't go wrong with it :heart:
  • Firefly 2+

    I agree 100%.

    There are extreme exaggerations from whom the background of the upper management as well as some performance enhanced advertising.

    I don't respect that. I think its morality in business issue. A negative business Practice to the consumer.

    With that said, I have taken to blogging to learn from others experiences.

    I am using this format as usual to give my feedback and read feedback as a tool toward buying quality dry herb vape purchases.

    The Firefly company makes a compelling case with their claims and advertising. However, from my experience (I tried the FF2 many times and 2 replacement units) this vape doesn't do an efficient job at vaporising my dry herb materials. I gave it my all and it works but the price is also misleading since you can get vapes that are awesome for a fraction of the price (The G43 $100, The Dynavap vapes ($60 - $180) and the Pax 3 at $200. If you spend your $320 on the FF2 you could have a MUCH better vape for 80% less cost.

    In total I believe the Firefly vapes are not to impress the experienced dry herb enthusiast its to get customers new to vaping and the appearance from advertising and the "Boxing" is like a lure on my fishing hook. It works but for those of us who have high quality equipment we see it for what it is and thats an amateur device, with many flaws the equipment the experienced dry herb vapor user uses is far superior at a fraction of the price.
  • Dynavap

    Picked myself up a few parts at the DV sale. Heard they have been giving out some Karmavaps.

    Picked up these two stems from a great guy here in Oregon. He is @DanielJ on FC. He also makes a well reviewed tool designed to set your CCD screen for microdosing as well as really nice spinning MP'S.

    The smaller stem is is the full 8mm bore with condenser and DJ's super nice spinning MP's that I'm starting to prefer over both wood and Ti. I also really love this hourglass design. It fits and feels really good in the hand. The larger stem has the 8mm bore for the tip and a 5mm bore through the stem. Both vape really nicely and I'm excited to get to know them.
  • Grasshopper Review

    Thats brill!

    You should start making a libary of AVB shot from all the vapes you own.

    These pictures clearly show thicker tric's left from GH-1 to GH to evo

    Please do a Dynavap next !
  • 7th Floor Elev8r

    Without the pid and coil, would you guys still recommend?Chandler

    I don`t have a pid and coil and I would still highly recommend the Elev8r. I`ve dialed in the timing that I need with my torch and just set the stopwatch on my phone, easy peasy. Some of the best, heavy hitting flavor that I have ever experienced.

    And with that price point I put it right up there with Dynavap and G43 for best value in a vape. If you want to save a few more bucks just get the waterpipe setup, without the wand. I almost never use the wand anymore as I`d rather run it through more glass.
  • SimrellCollections Custom Dynavap

    @The rogue wax works and Acsrorfer
    Thanks so much guys. I was going to get the simrelli one, but you guys made a lot of sense and the 20% off sale sealed the deal for me. I ended up going with a dark wood Vong xls with spinning mouthpiece and adjustable ti tip.
    I really appreciate all the help and opinions guys. Thanks a lot guys.

    It makes so much sense! I’m glad Rogue thought of the other vong option. Can’t lose. Watch videos of it. More than one. Give some patience. Learn the technique. You will love it. Expect great results. If you’re not getting them ask for help.
  • SimrellCollections Custom Dynavap

    @The rogue wax works and Acsrorfer
    Thanks so much guys. I was going to get the simrelli one, but you guys made a lot of sense and the 20% off sale sealed the deal for me. I ended up going with a dark wood Vong xls with spinning mouthpiece and adjustable ti tip.
    I really appreciate all the help and opinions guys. Thanks a lot guys.
  • Dynacoil is definitely worth it.

    live resin is usally pretty "clean" rosin is a littler dirtier.
    I dont own a dyna coil but i use concentrates in my dynavap all the time!
    In my opinion performance wise rosin or even hash are going to work well with the dynacoil, if your okay with it being messy and having to clean the coil all the time.
    I think that is why things like hash are labeled as not "compatible" with the dynacoil.
    Can anybody that owns one weigh in on my thoughts?

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