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  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...what I find especially helpful is knowing what to expect so I don't flip out when the Weed Eater nut isn't a perfect fit on the V Rod diffuser n' shit...

    ...I find myself bit skeptical that it will be all that much more effective than the E Nano or even the Dynavap though glass, especially considering the difference in complexity and expense...

    ...but, I don't know anyone who has a Flowerpot, or even heard of one, so...…...
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    ...I type so slo a lot of shit got posted...LoL...I think pretty slo too sometimes...but I think...therefor I am...
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    ...that is correct, they will not accept two codes...

    ...there can only be one...

    ...I started another thread...I don't hold it against myself for jacking my E Nano thread, espacialy as HEAVY HITTER is in the TOPIC TITLE...

    ...I am OK with zancru except he seems to be getting Hazel wound up...that can't be good...

    ...just ignore him when he gets like that...never feed it...
  • Would you buy a Flowerpot for 20% off today?

    If you can only get one = VROD

    if you can afford two or are going to get another later personally I’d go showerhead and DCUP

    A couple of thousand £ later and an unhealthy NV addiction = get them all

    ...I missed this part...

    ...if you don't mind me soliciting biased opinions from you, what makes you prefer the Shower Head to the Weed Eater...???...

    ...I was considering the Weed Eater / D Cup option... much better is the D Cup than the V Rod @ concentrates...???...they seem to use the same dish...

    ...I will probably just buy the V Rod anyway, or go sulk with my E Nano and buy nothing, but I am highly unpredictable, even uncontrollable, which should explain a lot...
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    @zancru @BobCat I understand and quite possibly that’s correct, since thats usually the case in sale scenarios. I just didn’t feel it needed to be thrown out there like that in addition to the rest of the comment.

    1. Maybe @Hapo IS that loyal. (Prove it Hapo! :naughty: )

    2. Maybe he doesn’t want to pull trigger today and decides to in a week from now when there is no more sale, despite him personally saying “there’s a big New Vape sale...” lol (you never know).

    3. Maybe he didn't know we even had a promo code/link page with some discounts avail for other vapes and/or companies.

    Whatever the case may be.. whatever I was saying didn’t need to be corrected in that type of post. Its just aggressive and unfortunately not fun to read anymore.

    So @zancru my apologies if I was out of line, but you could have just said the VC code can’t be combined I guess, because when I read your response, it negated what I was saying entirely in my head. So someone else might feel the same and then not even see the part about the codes page.

    Anyway, let’s be happy and not continue to defunk the thread. Thanks for always looking out guys, don’t piss me off, and keep smoking, vaping, and laughing.


    If you guys want to talk more pls just pm or email me. :kiss:
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    VCBUD will only give you 5%. Correcto.
    You can’t add codes!!!!
    That was my interpretation of your initial comment. Only one code can be used on a purchase, and if a person uses the 20% code instead of @VapeCritic @Hazel code then Bud and Hazel get squat.
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    VCBUD CODE will only give you 5%. Correcto.
    You can’t add codes!!!!
    As I said before, and thanks Welshman man, some people are here, just to create chaos at VCBUD and to Hazel.
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    I think what Zancru (correct me if I’m wrong zan) was saying is newvape are having a sale for 27 hours where it’s 20% off so using buds code only gets you 10% off and I doubt it will accept both at the same time
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    Trying to help you here.
    I’m not undermining you at all.
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    Zan straight up... What the F? Don’t clap back at me and don’t undermine me. What is that? Seriously?

    Cut it out please and let’s leave it at that. Nobody wants to see Hazel heated.

    All - As a general rule of thumb (and 99% of you know this and respect this), please continue to post in this thread on the topic it’s title. If you have other comments or questions, please search for the right thread to post so things don’t get hijacked. As they are now with my simple promo code comment. #spiral

    If there is no appropriate place for what you want to post, and it’s appropriate to post in general, you can post your thoughts and questions in the Random thread (anything goes there - for the most part), or you can sweetly create a new topic thread.

    Thank youuuu :heart:
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    This Hapo guy is here for creating chaos.
    VapeCritic code wouldn’t do shit today!!!!
    Are you that LOYAL TO VCBUD, TO LOSE 20% discount direct, from the MANUFACTURER.
    Here’s a new VS THREAD, 5% VS 20% discount JAJAJAJAJAJA
    As I told you.
    This Hapo guy is trolling and stirring shit only.
    And WTF has to do NewVape Sales, in this specific thread???
    Just a troll will do that.
    And he knows better, he’s just a troll.
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    Don’t forget to use our Vape Critic code and/or link if you purchase from New Vape!

    You’ll get a little discount, and we’ll get some credit and continue to be able to put food on the table (jk about food on table), but seriously! Please use our code and/or link, it’s on the promo codes thread on the Vapelife forum, (as well as many other company and/or vape promo codes/links we have available for you guys)! :pray: #Everybodywins

    You can also check out the official Vape Critic review site for the promo codes, our direct links, and tons of vape reviews (if you haven’t in past).

    Located at... :point: :cool: duh lol :heart: :100:
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter? plain English will it get me more fuked up...?!?...LoL… looks like a big sale today at New Vape...
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter? if you have a gong you don't need a Flowerpot...???...Hapo

    That's just not a question that can be answered.

    If you have a gong, you can make the Enano a heavier hitter. IMO, most vapes through a WP allow the user to draw harder and make the vape a bit more aggressive.

    As to whether that obviates the need for a FP in your life, well...only you can answer that.
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    This is how I like to use my Enano, the gong and WP lets me really honk on it at a fairly high temp and kill a load in two draws and a clean up...more or less. if you have a gong you don't need a Flowerpot...???...

    ...the above pretty much describes how I use mine... seems like when most compare the E Nano to the G43 or Flowerpot they don't use the gong...
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    ...nobody move...!!!...this is a thread jack...!!!...

    ...and a pretty good one at's even related to the topic if you take a moment to think...

    ...that is one thing I like aboot largely unmoderated wheeling discussion that can be most informative...

    ...sure it can be hard to "look stuff up" but the world is a fluid place and in a place like this one it seems like one only has to ask...
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    I do love the NV Fine Grinder...have used one regularly for last three years or more.

    But, I also love the BCG with fine plate...with two piece, depending on the bud, it can get kind of too fine.....Blue Dream always seems to go to powder on me....while the BCG three piece really does produce a fine and fluffy consistent grind.

    But, even with that said, I will not be selling my NV arm band version fine grinder.
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    Still can't find my big ass NewVape 2 pc fine grinder. Want to compare to my brilliant cut.Detroitvapes420

    What plates did you get with your BC grinder?
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?


    Thanks for the link and info. I'm ordering one today however let me know about the one from China also because I'm sure i will lose it for time to time.

    Still can't find my big ass newvape 2 pc fine grinder. Want to compare to my brilliant cut.
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    Ubar steered you right...New Vape's Pax Loading Tool and he gave you the link. Its a really perfect scoop.

    Check New Vape out....all made in USA in Boyton Beach and they have a lot of very nice products.
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    saucy, pick up a chopstick or small dowel for gentle tamping or to push out the screens as needed. The load stays in there very well.
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    The orginal is Pax Loading Tool
    Sold here and ofc other sites

    Being UK and a poorpa atm
    I have this one on order from China
    It worked out £5 for me.

    I will let forum know the quality when it arrives
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    @Baron23 where an I get just that scoop? I have been using s 1/4 measuring spoon and a little funnel. Works but still s pain. I want just s little scoop like that. I like to put the same amount in my Vapes for testing.

    Also enano is going to be my next vape. Thank you guys for the information. Which is better enano or Ed's tnt? I see them looking the same kinda. Thanks everyone
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    ...yea, I do have to load it a few times to get all the way home...

    ...but we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch...

    ...I figger if'n I be too lazy to load the stem, I might be vaped, eh...
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    you have a good point. But I'd probably need 4 stems opposed to 1 or 2 from another device. And after those 4 stems... I get lazy :rofl:
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    ...that does get a bit tedious but I look at vaping like cooking...

    ...the tiny bowl size help each toke taste fresh...only the first one or two are excellent anyway...
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    oo maybe I meet that unc! Haha. Uhm I think stirring is a pain. Then refilling it and getting it tamped down so it doesn't fall on the heater lol. But I blame my self for not having the right tools
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    it's a pain in the ass to refill.ssaucyc515

    Well, I too would like bigger load size but what is the PIA about? I use a NV Pax Loading Tool and it fits perfectly into the stems. Level scoop, into the stem, and its just about right amount.

    I use this scoop almost exclusively with all of my vapes. Cheers

  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    Only reason I don't use my enano more often is the stem size and it's a pain in the ass to refill. It does RIPPPPPPP tho. Satisfying clouds
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    It seems that everybody's using the E-Nano as a sipper, but I certainly am not. I RIP IT!!!
    That is a great description for the enano use. I only use it with water.

    ...that pretty much how we use it...

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