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  • e nano

    I got today e nano first time and i have big problem my e nano burns weed on all temps is something wrong with my e nano or i have usa adpter and ac/dc is too strong for my e nano case i am live i n europe i i have other power socket than in usa and i am use adapter i have 230v in usa is 120 fuck powerfull too much E NANO fu....
  • E-NANO

    Honestly I don't even use their E-Pik Tool. I just play around with the screen and my herb. I use a chopstick to move stuff around. Lots of trial and error, which could drive some people crazy. >:O

    Over at F***Combustion they have TONS of info about the E-Nano...over 778 pages!!!
    This page my help.
  • E-NANO

    Over at F***Combustion they have TONS of info about the E-Nano...over 778 pages!!!
    This page my help.
    Chronic Pain

    Indeed, our friend over there went above and beyond to type up usage tips and info. Great source.
  • E-NANO

    When you get the E-Nano with an adjustable stainless steel screen stem the screen is already in the stem at the default distance using their E-Pick. I move the screen around depending on my needs...

  • E-NANO

    If you are looking for a device that will get you TOASTED......The E-NANO IS IT !
    Getting screen set properly, heat set properly, from there it's SIMPLE.......As Baron23 pointed out, the notches on the inside edges of the tool the send with it, provides the Proper Depth/Clearance required for the unit to function properly and Not Scorch your material.
    The More I use it, the More I like it....I'm LEARNING how to Use What it Does.
    The pic is5odlxxkq5ucogcpg.jpg
    is a "bowl/stem" load.....that tiny amount is all it takes with this thing.
  • e nano

    Elo pro i bought today transformator to change power socket from 230 v to 110v and now e-nano works great nice vape efficent and powerfull :D
  • e nano

    Is possible to mount titanium stem in e nano ???? How ?
  • E-nano bowl issue?

    I never had a issue with the e-nano as long as you dont grind the herb too fine. A nice coarse grind works best sometimes & sometimes you don't even gotta grind your herbs at all.

    I know the e-nano has the cheaper price tag but when comparing to others... I cant help to recommend the VapeXhale since it's sort of the same style and SO much better. I'm aware the price difference but just wanted to keep you informed of your choices.
  • E-nano bowl issue?

    It has nothing to do with the clouds for me... It's more of how efficient & flavorful of a hit I can get using a small amount of herb / concentrates.

    There's nothing wrong with the e-nano and it is a great value. That's why I own both of them :D
    Let us know what you think of the e-nano or whichever vaporizer you decide on!
  • E-nano bowl issue?

    I really want to get the E-nano but slightly concerned about my bud falling into the heating element because of the vertical design. Has this been a problem for anyone?
  • E-nano / Cannagar in UK

    So I'm in the UK and usually use Namaste, Vapefiend or even Vaposhop to order my vapes or anything else I use, however I have never been able to get my hands on an E- nano or Newvape Cannagar mold yet :groan:

    I am just putting this out there to see if any1 else has bought these items in the UK and if they had to pay a lot for customs or whatever. I am suspicious as even just ordering a dynavap which only comes in a plastic tube in an envelope had a decent cost I had to pay at the post office for how small and light it was....

    Any info or advice would be great TIA :grin:
  • E-nano bowl issue?

    Thanks for the input.

    While I'm certain that the vapexhale produces bigger clouds, the E-nano is extremely efficient and it's half the price. Plus with the GonG attachment, I can still get impressive clouds with a simple water pipe. Seems like better value to me!
  • E-nano / Cannagar in UK

    Customs is hit or miss. Complete lottory somtimes. If you are looking for a Log style vape WS/UD
    Woodscents and Underdog Both only require 12v so its easier to get a power supply for them. E-nano we would have to get a step-down transformer.
  • E-nano / Cannagar in UK

    hey man, I bought E-Nano directly from their website to CZE and it was no problem.

    Yep, I had to go to customs and I had to explain what it is (btw I said "aromatherapy oil difuser", the customs lady seemed confused) and I had to pay ~1/4 of the price as a fee, but the vape is worth it.
  • EpicVape E-Nano

    E-Nano give away on IG
  • Ed's TNT Woodscents Vs. E-Nano

    I prefer my MV1 and/or Dynavap with a torch, I'm eager for an induction heater though for sure.
    I've had an E-nano and have a WoodScent Log from Ed. The issue I have with them both is just that I can't handle the heat so well, my throat is very irritable. With that said, through water they're really good and I absolutely would go with the WoodScent over an E-nano as the Dynavap tips I found so much easier than dealing with a screen like with E-nano.
  • EpicVape E-Nano

    I believe it takes like 2 minutes, to heat up to 1 point on the dial, after it’s been heat soaked, for at least 10 minutes from turning it on.
    This happens on my e-Nano from 2012; or was it 2013??
    The longer heat soaked, the better the e-Nano.
    I had my e-Nano 24/7/365 on for a couple years.
    Never failed me.
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    For me E-Nano is a major heavy hitter. Subjectively, but it depends on a usage. I use it almost exclusively with the long stem. That's mostly because I have only one rig and that's where my G43 is sitting all the time. I think that the user experience of using the E-Nano in a rig is way worse that with their stems.

    It seems that everybody's using the E-Nano as a sipper, but I certainly am not. I RIP IT!!!

    Maybe because I needed a power converter (because I live in the EU and they don't have the adapter yet), I've settled on ~6,3 and usually have 2 extra huge hits (like nothing besides G43 hits this hard) with stirring in between them. And I never loaded the second bowl right away as I was flying high AF.
  • Cloud EVO or e-nano for klutz's?

    I don't have lots of time to respond.

    In your situation, epilespy and other factors considered, between the EVO and Nano, I would go with the E-Nano. I love my EVO and love my Logs, but the logs have an edge with size and no ground glass connection sticking out. Evo does have a pro in that it is hard to combust and hard to scorch. With a log, it is easily combusted or scorched if temps haven't been figured out yet. The E-Nano temps can be adjusted with built in temp regulator(just really dimmer)and other logs like the Under Dog, Heat Island, or HomeGrownLog(like I have) can run a full 12V or you can use a variable voltage power supply(VVPS)
    which will let you adjust.

    Here are two of my videos showing what you can expect.


  • Cloud EVO or e-nano for klutz's?

    Hello fellow vaping enthusiasts,I'm hoping I could get some advice on a question I'm almost embarrassed to ask...but here goes. Yes it's another "which vape should I get" query,but with a bit of a twist. I'm in need of a new home unit and have an issue that I don't really see addressed that often. The thing is I've got epilepsy,so every now and then my hands just kinda freak out.
    I'm thinking of a log style vape and really like the e-nano since it can be used with a water piece or just "dry". But I have read so many good things about the EVO I'm at a crossroads so to speak.
    So I ask the informed community here this,which one would buy if you knew it was going to hit the floor at least a couple times a year? Also is the EVO as good as the e-nano with small amounts? Like one-hitter size loads? Last question,how is the EVO when used dry,i.e. without a water attachment?
    Any and all advice would be much appreciated,I've checked out more than a few forums as well as Reddit and this place seems to be very fact driven without the biases I see in a lot of other places.
    Sorry for rambling on,(and the blatant a** kissing in that last sentence) but I'm a little high and just couldn't figure out a way to condense mess and still have it make any sense at all.
    So if you've made it this far I hope you can spare another minute or two and drop some much needed advice my way!
    Thank you very much for your time!
  • EpicVape E-Nano

    Please post E-nano comments, questions and reviews in this new thread.

    If interested, here is a review I did of it two years ago:

    Bud will be watching this thread for questions on the E-nano so ask away!
  • Cloud EVO or e-nano for klutz's?

    HI Harley - I'm sure someone with specific experience with the e-nano and EVO will reply, but I'm going to go another direction.

    Why either of these with lots of glass parts if you have a movement disorder? I know I may end up sounding like a one trick pony, but the Volcano with Easy Valve is the easiest, most rugged (no glass), reproducible results, durable vape out there or at least as good as any other out there.

    With the reduced chamber and dosing capsules you can prepare a large number of doses ahead of time, or have a care giver prepare them, and all you have to do is drop them into the chamber.

    I'm thinking about getting an e-nano...good price, I like the way I can run it through a water tool, supposed to work really well, particularly with very small amounts of product. I look forward to seeing what some of our other more experienced chaps like @Flipz, @Aj85, and @SlowDrawMG have to say on the subject.

    Cheers and best of luck
  • Ready to pull trigger on E-nano or VapeXhale EVO - need some help

    Is there a difference in heat-up time between the two? I always thought the e-Nano required a little extra time to warm up.

    I wish I could vape indoors. I'd get an e-nano in a second.

    Right now I'm running out on the balcony/deck with either a volcano bag, wax pen, or oil cartridge/box mod. It's too fucking cold for this BS.
  • EpicVape E-Nano

    Thanks Baron!

    Make sure you check out this thread guys for his excellent write-up :strong: :100:

    Here's a link to my written E-nano review and below is my full review video. If you decide to buy one of these use promo code VAPECRITIC10 for 10% off your order :ok:

  • EpicVape E-Nano

    The E-Nano is probably my favorite vape right now and delivers the best hit of any of the vaporizers I own. There is also no waste if you use it like a one-hitter like I do, you customize the load size and take it all in one long 12-15 second draw, dump and reload. I have never gotten more than one hit from a bowl, the material is completely spent and caked onto the sides of the glass. You cannot just shake it out, you have to scrape it out and clean the glass in water or alcohol after about 3-4 hits. I have the all glass stem and it takes more maintenance and cleaning than the Arizer stems or the Flowerpot glass bowl. The E-Nano glass is thicker and smaller in circumference than the others, you need a very narrow loading tool and 2 small scoops fill the glass tube about half way, allowing a little space between the top of the heater and the material.
    In terms of heat settings, I use mine around 7 most of the time, it does get progressively hotter if you leave it plugged in for hours, so you might have to turn it down eventually. I normally do 3-4 hits in a row, then individual hits as the night progresses. The beauty of the thing is that you never waste a bowl, I don't know how many times I have loaded the Mighty, turned it on, then went to the kitchen and forgot all about it, only to come back to a dark Mighty that went through its heat cycle with the material baked and half spent without me getting a single draw!
  • Is the E-nano a heavy hitter?

    I can vouch for this thing. Small but mighty indeed. I’m a long term lurker, but new member. The E Nano is only my second vape but is definitely a hard hitter. I have the long stem and gong. Coming from smoking about a half a week, and on average 2 blunts a night, I have found the E Nano to be completely bomb. Longer stem adds for a good solid pull on heat setting 7 and does remind me of a pull from a blunt, albeit may take 2-3 loads to reach desired effects. The process in general just reminds me of a rolling and smoking sesh substituted with the loading and stirring. Easily as efficient as they claim. And for the real ‘heavy hitter’ type feeling load up the gong and let er fly. 1-2 bowls and I’m Gucci. Taste and efficiency out of this world. Impressively simple little unit that can give honestly any effect one desires. Since converting to the vape life I have gotten just as high as when I was combusting and also am saving money. It’s super duper dudes.
  • Cloud EVO or e-nano for klutz's?

    Hey Baron thanks for the quick reply!
    You're right about the glass parts,and as long as the vapor quality is good (I admit to being a bit of a pot those terps!) I can deal with the occasional broken stem. There's a small company called Ed's TNT that will make pretty cool wooden stems for the e-nano,that way if (when) a glass one snaps I'll always have a plan b in the wings. I've also seen some really cool very low profile "puck" style bongs that should be pretty stable even when the nano is mounted up for a quick hit.
    At least thats my theory,There are ZERO places in my area to even handle a bong like that so I really don't know if that would work in a real world situation...that's why I'm bugging you fine folks! :)
    I have no idea if/ how the EVO would work dry,I've honestly never even seen one up close,but from what I've been hearing from folks who have used one it's one of the very best,just not much info on if it is very good without the water tree.
    Now the volcano,oh yes indeed that is,IMHO the Mercedes AMG of vaporizers,no doubt about it and someday I will own one. But for now I need a portable home unit? Is that even a thing? Something I can move from room to room and on rare occasions to a friends house. I'm sure the volcano would hold up easily to all that moving around,and the inevitable drops that go with it,but it's just so darn bulky and obvious. Umm..I probably should mention I live in a state that is downright medieval when it comes to marijuana. If,for whatever reason a cop were to see the volcano AND find more than 5 grams of weed I'd be looking at least 90 days in jail and enough fines and lawyer fees to put a serious dent in my bank account. So whatever I do decide on it would be a HUGE plus to be able to stash my vape quickly....just in case.
    Please don't get me wrong,I WILL be getting a volcano as soon as I'm able to leave this sh:)thole for Colorado next year,and I do thank you for your advice,I just kind of forgot to mention the portability/stealth stuff.
    I know this a lot to ask for a home unit and that's why I'm here,for honest,informed suggestions like yours. Thanks again Baron,and when I do get that volcano the first bag will be a toast to you!

  • EpicVape E-Nano

    Also to anyone that cares :D

    I spoke the Glass charlie last night. Hes is the Guy that makes the Dynavap Cooling stems. He gave me a very reasonable quote for a E-nano cooling stem. I will not quote price incase he needs to change it.

    I think If I can get a few people interested it will encourage him to hurry up and make them ;p
    I know Bestbuds asked . Any one else would want a Nano cooling stem ?

  • EpicVape E-Nano

    They are Dynavap stems thats he makes in the picture. He does not sell E-nano stems YET.
    @BestBuds @androponic I will post as soon as I know more.

    Also Bestbuds tell me more about the Dryotube and Nano :D . Its too pricy for me but i would love to hear about it.
  • Bubbler for the E-nano recommendations

    Just looking for some recommendations on which bubbler I should buy to use with my e-nano. I have a bong, but I feel like a bubbler would be a better option? Probably will order from overseas, china type bubbler dhgate

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