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  • Crafty+ Review: I can't believe this.

    these “plus” versions almost seem like “we running out of certain production parts”. Like the firefly+, not totally redesigned, just a tweak in production and rebranding. Now I’m so curious if that magical Black Death Star circuit board only exists in ad copy!

    It has nothing to do with running out of parts....this is 2019 we can pretty much manufacture anything we already have made.

    What it has to do with.....is that these long stable vapes are just getting milked into the future because it will not cost much investment and time for the owners. That wont last too long obviously.
  • Crafty+ Review: I can't believe this.

    these “plus” versions almost seem like “we running out of certain production parts”. Like the firefly+, not totally redesigned, just a tweak in production and rebranding. Now I’m so curious if that magical Black Death Star circuit board only exists in ad copy!
  • Which Portable Vaporizer

    Maximum flavor and portability: the firefly. (Has removable battery and comes with an extra one in the kit. Battery charger sold separate) (Charge the vape to charge the battery)

    There’s too many good options out there. What style of vape do you prefer? Are you looking for a vape that’s portable in your pocket? Or just portable enough to transfer from point a to cup holder in your car to point b? Do you want on demand or session style? How bout needing to use a lighter, are you willing to use a vape that needs a lighter to be used? Do you have an e-cig/vape modbattery

    Random recommendations that might fit your criteria/my personal recommendations
    : pax, ArGo, Boundless, Ghost MV1, dynavap, milaana. Rbt splinter if you have a mod.
  • Which Portable Vaporizer

    Flavor and portability: I’d say the firefly
  • Crafty+

    I am disappointed. I never liked the design it's the same. I hope its not like the "Firefly 2 Plus". I would want major changes, and that isn't evident. I would want a totally new design, a tremendous turnaround in repairs needed, battery life, stand up by itself, A price closer to the Pax 3. The Pax 3 is the best pocket vape you can get right now in my opinion. I would also take the Pax 3 as regular at home vape.

    Based on a picture and some rumours, it's not an overhaul. When the Mighty / Crafty burst on to the scene, they were bad ass looking and were the best and way ahead of the rest. Now it's 2019 and I hoping it's like when both Mighty / Crafty. I hope its good.

    Any new vapes coming out.

    I would love to see Magic Flight come out with a improved Launch Box.
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    I have a Mighty and strictly use it with the Sneaky Pete Mega Bowl and it works much better than the Mighty top. I find I get more smoke and use less material. I am now looking for an on demand vape and looking at MV1 & FF2+. I use my IQ for when I travel, best thing I found with the IQ, the ball fell out and broke so I use the IQ spacers and wow, you save so much more material. You can micro does using it, just put material in, spacer or spacers on top of the material and you can fill it up quarter and micro dose. I highly recommend just taking that ceramic ball out. Sorry I digress lol.

    I have a Vapexhale EVO which is great but I find myself not using it as much as its just a pain to get out heat up wait then once its on and everything is out its great. I take the EVO out at night but again just tired of some desktop vapes and taking them out setting it up then after I set it up I have to put it back away. I find myself using my Mighty with the water adapter and IQ mixing it up at times as they are super easy to use and set up. I know it sounds weird, but I'm kinda tired of the constant set ups for desktop vapes.

    This is why I am looking at the FF+ and MV1, the simple use, set up and in and out on demand ability. If I do decide on one of the 2 vapes which one is the best one of the 2 portable vapes. Once I get one of them, does my Mighty and EVO collect dust is my next question. I am also seriously thinking of getting rid of my EVO and either getting a Ditanium or Enano for my desktop as you can leave them on while you are home and keep them on and use whenever you want. I know I will take some heat pardon the pun but the EVO is great I can't deny this, how much better is the EVO compared to the Ditanium or Enano in taste or production (reliability and cloud producer). Also if I get say a FF+ or MV1 will I tend to not use my EVO, Mighty, IQ, if i get an Enano or Ditanium. I'm trying to get the best and most enjoyable experiences by using my money wisely...lol. Any help would be great and I know some have already weighed in on this conversation in other posts so sorry if its repeated.
  • Crafty+

    Well that’s what you get when a Canadian cannabis giant buys up a German engineering specialist.

    You get that American „Apple like“ mini upgrades that just cost a buttload of money.
    Like the firefly? Or Pax...

    Volcano hybrid was a new thing but batteries get better with newer developments that’s not innovation that’s just using newer parts to build an old thing.

    Let’s wait for the mighty plus.
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    traded/sold to get 2 ffs.. figured no sense keeping stuff I’m not using. Can always get another if I really miss one...
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    Ff2+ has made orphans of my mv1 and mighty. Has this happened to others and if so, what did you do? Sell’em?
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    soon to be in my hands Oura.LabPong

    Looking forward to hearing what you think.
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    once I started treating them as sensors and not buttons on the sides, my issue went away...

    Sometimes when they dont fire perfectly.....try cleaning them off with a touch of ISO...it's sort of like cleaning a fingerprint sensor off on your phone to keep it working normally.

    But....sometimes I want physical buttons....lol Like when I am already ripped and keep going but fumble with solid finger tip position.

    I am slightly worried about the touch sensitive "not a button" control on the soon to be in my hands Oura. I hope I don't keep setting the heat to max accidentally.....I'm not into temp stepping. haaa
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    once I started treating them as sensors and not buttons on the sides, my issue went away...
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    The latter. Unless, I begin to suspect a proto-nasty after-taste is developing, and then I use a new or cleaned one.
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    Thanks for the tips! Also looking for guidance on when folks reload their pads with concentrate. When the flavor changes or vapor volume decreases? I am often amazed at how long these pads can produce vapor.
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    The FF2 is pretty sturdy. I'll warm it slightly then dig it out with Bud's pic tool. Hard to damage the pad itself. I soak mine in iso for a few hours, then dry and use again.
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    Heat it up and it will come out easily. Don’t bother trying when it’s fold.
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    Any tips for removing the liquid pad undamaged? I use a sewing needle but does not seem optimal.
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    ...and what’s better than one firefly?.... 2 fireflys!Pud

    Jumping into the fire with both feet.......or in this case..hands...hehehe

    Nice setup...I have the same thing almost....zebra+ and a jb2 that hits like the +...and it never had the upgrade done.
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    ...and what’s better than one firefly?.... 2 fireflys!

  • Looking for great on-demand vape

    Sorry for the lengthy post and I thank you all in advance for the help. I need some information and help on a good on demand vape. I'm looking for something around $150-$300 range. I currently have, Mighty which I love, but I need something quick and on demand. I use the Mighty for long sessions when it's just myself or with another person. I recently bought the water adapter for the Mighty and wow it improved on the taste and quality of hits. I also have the IQ which I love when I travel or going out, very portable and can pass it around. I also have Vapexhale EVO which I like, but it takes awhile to warm up and I use it when I have more than 2 people.

    My problem is, my parents own the Arizer Solo II, which is a great device, but they think its too hot when they try and use it. They complain the air is too hot. I can see this happening and they also have a 94 year old grandmother in the house so they want to be able to go into their own room and take some quick hits so that my grandmother is not by her self as she is under the impression that at 94 in a walker that she doesn't need help walking or needs a walker or any help at all...lol. So we constantly have to watch her and using a session vaporizer kinda not ideal for them. I did get them a water adapter for the Solo II which has helped cool the heat in take, but they still need the on demand experience.

    So i'm looking at the Firefly 2+ which looks good, but my parents are 70 and my mom has bad arthritis. I have used the Firefly 1 and it was a bit awkward to hold and the device got really hot. I forgot if it felt hot when taking a hit from it. I am also looking at the Ghost MV1 but know it has had its issues but know it has gotten better. The loading might be difficult but i'm not sure. I have also looked at the Grasshopper and know it had issues too. I'm kinda flipping a coin and not sure what to get. I have been leaning towards the Ghost MV1 and Firefly 2+. Just not sure if I want to drop the coin yet but wanted other opinions to help decide on the ideal vaporizer for them.

    Is there any other devices that anyone else recommends that might fit the needs I suggested or do you suggest anyone over the other that I listed. I put a question and poll to help out and to see what everyone recommends. Hopefully I did it correctly...lol.


    - Dry Vape
    - Must be on demand
    - Good cloud producer, parents are old school and they enjoy the clouds
    - Not harsh and not hot when taking a hit (smooth)
    - Electric, not butane/lighter (have the Dynavap and its good but good luck explaining to my parents how to use that thing to work it correctly)
    - Portable for home use
  • Portable vape with greatest longevity

    I'm probably expecting too much expecting similar performance to my Extreme Q and Iolite. I am puzzled as to why others who have used either of these haven't gotten at least up to half hour-long sessions, as I've been using both for almost a decade intermittently, and with very finely ground herb (using a coffee grinder on finest setting) packed fully but loosely, I will always get absurdly long sessions from either, albeit with some stirring on occasion, and that's hitting it frequently (if sporadically: not necessarily taking a hit or few a minute) in the case of the Extreme Q. I've never counted draws, but it's radically more than 5 to 10.

    I suppose since most people use course ground with a hand grinder, that could impact the available surface area compared to my super fine ground herb. With my Iolite there are longer gaps here-and-there given I'll be running errands (hence the irritation with the inconsistent reignition), but if I don't get at least a half hour of continuous vaping it would be atypical, and usually I can get a full hour hitting it intermittently and turning it off between stops.

    Basically, I want to be able to vape as long as possible without having to repack a bowl when out and about, since I prefer not to carry herb on me that isn't in the vape. My pattern of use in that scenario would typically be to hit it several times, wait a few minutes, hit it a few more times, etc. Having one that I can turn on and off readily with quick reheat time would be nice. Ideal would be an on-demand like the Firefly 2+, but given I read consistently people only get 6 or 7 draws off of a bowl, that would go too quickly for my needs. Concealability is a big factor too, but I'd sacrifice size a bit to compromise with longevity. I saw one vape yesterday that had four prepacked bowls in one unit (Haze Square I think?), and was intrigued by that one. Anybody tried that one to see how many draws per bowl they could get? Maybe just knowing which portable vape has the biggest oven would be sufficient?

    Thanks for the assistance guys. I know I'm being high maintenance, and given my apparent unique experience with bowl longevity, I am seeing it's hard to relate to my situation. I'm not sure why my experiences with my 2 winners has been so much better than everybody else's. Wish I could figure it out and give it to you guys. :P They're so expensive though, and I've bought 4 portables total over a decade with only the nasty tasting, pain in the rear to ignite Iolite meeting my expectations in that regard. Hence my indecisiveness and reluctance to pull the trigger without other's input and truly exhaustive research. Again...you guys are appreciated!! :)
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    I do not even use the buttons to set anything.LabPong

    Nor me. The app works flawlessly on my iPhone, and since I always have my phone, and the app does not require wifi or even celular, I prefer using the app.

    the app is nice and def super simple interface.Pud

    Agreed, **IF** one is going to have an "app" with their vape this is the right way to do it. The founder's Apple background no doubt helped here. Lastly, I've confirmed via a port scanner it does NOT "phone home" and spy on your vaping habits. Don't laugh, there have been products that do that very thing, developers actually thought people would want a record of their micro-usage in the Cloud :gasp:
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    the app is nice and def super simple interface... I am just glad it still works when I have no internet or WiFi available... I expected it to not work thus I’d be set at one temp if I could not get my sensors figured out.. so :up: :up:
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    For those with a ff2+, when in the app does it show you have a FF2 or FF2+? Thanks!Pud

    I have +'s and regular ones. It does not show if it is a + or not. The only way it would...is if you renamed the vape in the app. It only shows the serial or id # if I am not mistaken.....i renamed mine as soon as I used the app.

    I do not even use the buttons to set anything.....the app is nice and you do not have to rely on it if you set the vape up with it and then it retains those settings after that. I applaud FF for making such a efficient and great UI in their app. It is simple and fast to use.
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    yes this is what I am doing but it has no effect. Originally shipped set to 5... Hold right side entire time... tap left sensor 3 times it starts blinking... tap left sensor 3 more times... release right sensor... it’s still set to 5... will not change unless I go into app... I’ve done it dozens of times why I must be doing something or something weird is going on... I’m sure it’s probably me...always is.... lol!!

    For some reason I was thinking the ff2 had to be changed in the app and couldn’t be changed manually... must have read that wrong
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    I can manually change temps.

    This is how mine works. Go to the section:
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    yes the one feature of the plus was you can change temp without the app. The app says my software is up to date but I can’t manually change temps (which I want to be able to do). My app says ff2 so thinking software.. we’ll see what support says

  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    I find the ff2+ super simple to use... the only thing I had to get used to was length of draw. I used my stopwatch a couple times to be sure I was doing 10-12secs and it works great for me. Super glad I traded for this. Waiting for support to message me about manual temp changes. For those with a ff2+, when in the app does it show you have a FF2 or FF2+? Thanks!Pud

    Glad it seems to be working for you. Sometimes getting mine started I "cigar puff" it a few times to get the convection engine going.... gives a good hot base for prolonged hits.

    I have the current version of the app which is the same for both classes of users. In fact, mine shows the new plus logo now after last upgrade. The app for me works flawlessly -- one of the few vapes with apps that actually work without wanting to go kick a baby after trying to get them to work.
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    I find the ff2+ super simple to use... the only thing I had to get used to was length of draw. I used my stopwatch a couple times to be sure I was doing 10-12secs and it works great for me. Super glad I traded for this. Waiting for support to message me about manual temp changes. For those with a ff2+, when in the app does it show you have a FF2 or FF2+? Thanks!
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    I would go krazy if I had just one FF...lolLabPong

    That explains me! :nerd:

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