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  • Firefly 2+ looks like they upgraded the Firefly

    Firefly 2 sold out on their website for a short while now, looks like the reason why is that they’ve upgraded it. Small performance tweaks from what I read.
    Check out the article cnet wrote up:


    A lower price point and better performance, but it looks like it’s still the same size. I have two Firefly 1s and one Firefly 2. I’m tempted to maybe pick this one up too when it eventually ships.

    Some loved the firefly, some not so much. My experience with Firefly with the 1 was that I initially thought it to be a piece of junk. That was up until I figured out the technique to ride that wave man. Firefly 2 perfected what the 1 did in a smaller package, found it to be equally wonderful.

    Who’s excited for the 2+? You guys think that the little tweaks are worth giving it a shot if you liked the others? Or do you think it’ll be like that Davinci Miqro where if you own a prior version, it’s not that big of a leap to make it worth it?
  • Firefly 2 Questions

    Firefly 2 is a piece of crap. They, Firefly advertises the FF 2 can handle concentrate. It comes a two guarantee but they don't stand by it. My FF2 was leaking out the bowl, is clotted. I used the concentrate pads and after 2 months use they can't fix and is going to charge a restocking fee of 30 to 50%. DO NOT BUY A FF2 for concentrate. KANDY PENS HAVE A VSPORIZER MADE FOR CONCENTRATES AND IT IS MADE JUST FOR CONCENTRATES. I'm pissed. I'm getting a lawyer or may start a class action suite.
  • Firefly is fatally flawed. Users beware. (And they don't offer service)

    FireFly just confirmed they are calling me tomorrow Wednesday to arrange replacement lid.
  • Firefly 2 is claiming best portable Vaporizer of the Year 2017

    Firefly was referencing Vape Fiend's award for the best vaporizer.
    Check out this cool video by the Brits. Firefly2 comes up around minute 8:55 and the best vaporizer for 2017 is all the way at the end.

    It looks likes people are loosening up a bit on the other side of the Atlantic too. :)
  • Firefly 2 - Long Term Review

    Firefly is easy, easy, easy. And nothing is even close to it when it comes to the flavor or the on demand capabilities. I am glad that more users that love the device are speaking out finally so that it's not the same people bashing it over and over. If I got on this forum before buying the Firefly2, I would have never gotten it and would have totally missed out.
  • Firefly 2 horrible battery life

    Firefly phone support just let me know that 12 to 20 draws is what to expect. These specs are not on the web site. Instead it says 6 to 8 bowls of material. I never would have purchased if I knew you could only get 12 puffs in 70 degree weather and half that outside on a cold day...
  • Firefly is fatally flawed. Users beware. (And they don't offer service)

    I received a reply from FireFly this evening ( Amsterdam time):
    "Amsterdam Mike we are very sorry to hear about your disappointment. We did offer a warning in the user manual about avoiding the gasket when cleaning the lid, but we understand now that we need to make this information more clear and up front. We appreciate your feedback and will do what we can to clear up this issue."
    Underneath a photo which reads:
    "Vapor Path
    Use alcohol wipes to clean surfaces of vapour path on the chassis and the lid.
    IMPORTANT: be gentle when wiping down the top lid to avoid damaging the gasket"
    I responded ( on FireFly FB page):
    "There was no manual in the box. Nor any mention in the video, nor in the info that was provided in the box. ( I have it in front of me as I write).
    FireFly have now replied personally to me saying:
    "Dear Mike,
    Thank you for your reply. Alcohol does degrade materials like adhesive so we do not recommend using it directly on the gasket or too close to it where it may be able to get under the gasket and to the adhesive. I would recommend using a dry paper towel to damp the alcohol wipes if it is leaving too much behind.
    Firefly Support"
    So Firefly knew of the problem all along. They provide the alcohol wipe. They gave me no warning of the issue they have started to warn people of apparently in the last 40 minutes.( coincidentally since I wrote again to them).
    Sorry Firefly. This won't do.
    And now, I have been privately messaged by FireFly saying:

    "Hello Mike,
    Sorry about your experience with the lid. It's very rare that the lid seal breaks. Saw your comments on Vapelife forum as well. it sounds like you like the unit which is very important to us. We worked very hard to bring Firefly2 to the market, and we are so sad the to see the negative comments. We are working on improving the customer service as we had turn over and we are adding to the CS team which requires training for starters. We would like to send you a free lid if that helps? Look forward to hearing back.
    Thank you
    Firefly Team"
    So I will keep you all informed when I receive the new replacement lid.
    Turns out FireFly knew all along there is a problem using the wipe they provided. Only now have they admitted so, and offered to replace the damaged one.
    Can I thank you all, as the power of social media has made FireFly fess up, and offer appropriate advice to users.
  • Firefly 2 superior vape quality

    Sorry this is going to be long just still a little long inebriated & still blown away by tonights game Just WOW.

    My Trial for the Firefly loaner program just ended, I’m don’t usually post reviews but had to give The Vape Critic (Bud)
    a shout out, Dude! Thank You! An upgrade from my original Pax has been long over due and after a few weeks of trying to decided what to get your reviews helped narrow it down to the Pax 3, Firefly 2 or DaVinci IQ.

    No completely sold on the firefly 2 at the time, I decided to pre-order myself the DaVinci Iq for holidays. Before I coughed up the money I went straight to The Vape Critic’s channel, to check a final time for any new reviews or vapes coming for 2017.

    Low and behold Like a Christmas Miracle Boom Bud post something up about the program. I would love to know how the loaner program got started. Below is the link to the post.

    But I'm not kidding when I say that with in seconds of reading that, emailed the people from the firefly team asking if I could be added hahaha

    Which leads me to who I have to thank next?

    To Rachel & the rest of the firefly team you guys Freaking Rock!!! Thank you all so much!! I can't explain the level of customer service the team provided whenever I had question or concern on how to use the device. Not only was each reply prompt, but trust when I say Rachel genuinely wanted me to enjoy my experience welcome me into the Firefly Family.

    Now for Firefly 2 as with any new device there is a learning curve, since I'm a bit impatient I wasn't a fan at first lmao. Took a few days to figure out to how much to pack, how tight to pack & which heating settings to use. To be honest more than a few days, I was so busy at work, It sat there for a few days.

    I watched a few vids on youtube and once I got the hang of if, thats when I really got appreciate device and how exquisite the flavor is. Every reviewer mentions Flavor! the flavor is amazing! You have to taste the flavor!

    Being a skeptic, doubt the firefly could live up to the Pax.

    Let me be the first to admit everyone is right hahaha. I was pleasantly surprised by the powerfully clean & refreshingly rich flavor and that’s no exaggeration. Consider my mind fucking blown and my taste buds hahah.

    It comes set for medium-high as default but for the best enjoyment you want to start at the lowest setting take like 4 to 6 pulls to get it going, stir, raise the temp, then repeat, till I got to highest setting that got the most out of my herb.

    I haven't used it with concentrates, oh and once I get my new device I'll take pics, and post more updates. Sorry, when my loaner arrived all I wanted to do was open it and get started hahaha.

    If anyone has any tips or tricks love to hear more.

    I have one Con there is no way to use the device while charging like and iPhone but thats cause I'm impatient hahaha. With as much use as its going to get I am def opting in for the external charging set that has a 3rd battery, 3 batteries are better than 2 especially as much as i vape.

    Consider this Skeptic Converted!! The flavor is no fucking joke lmao!! Now I understand why everyone says flavor and pauses it's like they zoned. Its like enjoying a fine wine, steak or chocolate hahah the richness its beyond words. You just have to try for yourself

  • Firefly 2 Power Tuning - Yay or Nay?

    A lot of the FF2 feedback on this forum is scattered throughout multiple threads and there seems to be almost an even split between happy & unhappy people around here.

    Firefly wanted me to point out these positive comments from FC and reddit:

    Holy shit. Power tuning. A new feature that basically allows you to have a percentage control over the overall temp. It's incredible. I run mine on medium high with power tuning set to 111% and the thing just rips all the way through. I'm getting more consistent tasty clouds than I ever did before the app update. I will no longer be getting rid of this device.

    ...new firmware update....now!...no anomaly man...this update is unbelievable...on concentrates...I have to re-adjust my draw.....it's that powerful.
    ...it's like a different device...fuckin awesome..

    I was about to sell it and then the firmware update came out. I immediately did like everybody was saying they did and put it to 111%, and on high doing so I got combustion, was gross, lol. So I turned it down to 105% and have been a happy camper since.

    Yes, that's something I noticed too, the heating element is visibly glowing orange much longer than it did before. Very noticeable. There is a lot more heat. I just turned down to 107%, and it lessened the charring a bit on a fresh bowl, but still see some. Clouds a little less enormous at this setting too. I'll keep pushing through this testing though.......best update to anything ever!

    Edit: Did 2 hits at 107%, less charring but noticeably smaller hits (placebo effect?).....but then turned up to 110% and got a lung buster. I like it like that.

    I got like 11-12 hits from this bowl, no lie. Big hits. Half of them 30 second draws. AVB was near black, last few hits not very tasty but still effective and every one was cloudy. I rarely take my herb to this level of extraction. But I could not do this before the update, not even close. WOW.

    I mean, its weird, but when I jack up the power tuning on medium high, to max power tuning, the thing is kinda perfect. Much, much less finicky. Hits harder with bigger clouds, and is easier to finish a bowl and requires far far far less stirring.

    I am not sure if they changed anything else outside of the power tuning but I dont think the update is being overstated at all. I was fuckin ripped last night after 5-6 hits and that never happened before and that was on 3 on Medium and 3 on Medium-High stirring one time. Clouds were substantially bigger as well.

    You know, for all the complaining about the fact that this device uses an app for somewhat basic functionality, I was thinking......has there ever been a vape that could put out an update like this before and make everyone's experience that much better? I can't think of any. This is truly revolutionary. Simply incredible.
  • Firefly 2 Update in 3-4 weeks maybe!

    For people having issues with the light not blinking green after it's been sitting for awhile, along with other updates possibly... I got a little information to bring people up to speed on what I know at least.

    5 hours ago Baran Dilaver who is COO & VP of Sales and Marketing at Firefly Vapor sent out a post saying:

    "We will change this behavior with the next app update so that you won't have to "wake up" the Firefly by quickly touching and releasing the sensors after your Firefly has been inactive for a period. Your app will prompt you to accept an update when the changes are available in the next three-four weeks. Once you connect your app to your Firefly, your unit will be will be updated with the latest firmware through the bluetooth connection."

    I am just sharing the info after finding it. Feel free to post anything you come across or hear about the next update, as will I. 8-)

    Unrelated but it was still pretty interesting read. 6 days ago Sasha - CTO of Firefly Vapor shared this:

    "The biggest difference is that most vape pens don't have much heating control and run much hotter than the Firefly. The coils in the vape pens generally run red hot which is around 1500F. The overall temp of the coil is lowered when the coil is submerged in a liquid, but all that extra heat goes into the liquid (even the part you're not consuming right now) and actually starts to break it down and release the more volatile components like terpenes (the molecules that make up flavor https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terpene). These more volatile components can be quite fragile and when exposed to too much heat actually break down and decompose.

    The Firefly in concentrates mode runs at 500F. This is temp is high enough that all of the active ingredients will vaporize and produce great vapor and not so high that it will decompose the terpenes. So the Firefly is better and more efficient at releasing the active ingredients without degrading the more delicate molecules like the terpenes." :-O
  • FireFly 2 Power Alternatives

    I've been enjoying concentrates in my FireFly 2 (thanks for the inspiration, EconMan). So that means using the FireFly at its highest temperature settings. The draw resistance takes some getting used to but it's fine. However, I'm bugged out by the placement of the battery between the heater and the mouthpiece. I really don't like having a lithium battery so close to my face, especially considering the battery is exposed to relatively high heat. Also, the FireFly's performance changes dramatically with the battery charge state, adding another complication to an already finicky device.

    I'd like to do one of 2 things: (1) construct an AC adapter to power the FireFly; or (2) construct a more powerful external battery to power the FireFly. I hope that someone will help source materials for this.

    I searched electronic component suppliers for the right kind of socket but so far without luck. I *think* that the FireFly has a 5 position TE Connectivity AMP Connector with a 2mm pitch (spacing between connectors). I could cannibalize a FireFly battery for its socket but I don't want to waste a functioning battery. I'm also not sure why it has 5 connectors and if all are used.

    The FireFly battery has the following specs: 7.4v, 770mAh, 5.7Wh. What power supplies and/or batteries could be used?
  • Firefly is fatally flawed. Users beware. (And they don't offer service)

    Hi, an update on the gasket issue I have had.
    As I indicated last post, FireFly had been in touch directly, and said they would call me. We arranged a call last Thursday evening. Baran from FireFly called, and we had a conversation which lasted over an hour. I raised my concerns about warning users not to clean the gasket with the wipe provided. Extra warnings now appear on the website. I suggested they provide detailed advice on cleaning the unit without using the wipe at all. (something I have done successfully with the orginal FireFly for over two years). They agreed to explore this.
    They talked about the very very small number of complaints they received, and accepted that their very poor customer service had needed a radical overhaul, which was being done. They pointed out (reasonably) that they remain a very small company, and were experiencing customer service difficulties as they grew. (not uncommon, to be fair).
    They said they would send me a new lid free of charge. This arrived this morning (Tuesday) local time. That is very impressive:) Unexpectedly, they also included a free FireFly case which I appreciate.
    As I have said all along, I really love the FireFly product. With improved, responsive and friendly customer service, the company will only get better.
    I hope other users don't have the problem I have had with the gasket. But if they do, FireFly have assured me that they will get a much better, faster and friendly response.
    And, in particular, the customer will not be made to feel that if they have a problem, the customer must have caused it.
    We all know, things go wrong. A company which doesn't automatically blame the customer, and offers immediate and appropriate service will be a big improvement for FireFly. And we will all get to benefit.
    And I will have no problem recommending FireFly unreservedly to those looking for a first-class portable vape.
    Can I also thank everyone here who has offered advice and support. It made all the difference. To you, I smile and offer a special "hi" from Amsterdam. One Love, mike.
  • Firefly 2 broken seal

    I'm late to this conversation! Maybe this will be helpful to present and future Firefly owners.

    Re: your Firefly 2 gasket seal problems


    Nov 2018: My own Firefly 2 had the counterpart problem to amsterdammike's cover seal problem. As you'll see in this photo, my assembly cover lost adherence to the Firefly device assembly. Now, whenever I remove the magnetic lid, the assembly cover removes with it.

    Both amsterdammike's problem and my problem can be solved without getting Firefly or Namaste warranty: you reseal the Firefly 2 vapor pathway using high-temperature gasket sealant. Cost is 8 bucks at Walmart or Canadian Tire. This silicone spread forms a flexible custom-fit gasket, similar to silicone caulking for the shower, but with the added special properties of heat resistance. The silicone barrier can take constant heat exposure over 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

    This solution ws proposed by 'fadedmouse' on Reddit in 2017. The sealant he recommends is 'Permatex High-Temp Red RTV Gasket Maker'. This is available at Canadian Tire or Walmart for under 10 dollars.

    Permatex High-Temp gasket product:

    Video of Permatex product:

    Solution author, 'fadedmouse' on Reddit:

    So: if you have Firefly 2 gasket/seal issues, and not getting help from the Firefly manufacturer or your Namaste or other reseller, perhaps consider this DIY solution.
  • FIREFLY 2 Loaner Program - Try Before You Buy

    I have a cool announcement for anybody who's interested in the Firefly 2, and I think this is a first for the vape industry.

    I've been communicating a lot with Firefly and they're on-board with testing out a loaner program where you can try out the vape before you buy it, and Vape Life Forum members are the first people this is being offered to (Y)

    Here's a quote from them:

    "We would love to see as many people as possible use and test the Firefly 2. Therefore, we are initiating this program with you and through your channel with the idea of loaning almost brand new Fireflys to individuals to take home and use them the way that fits their lifestyles."

    And here's the details:

    LOAD PERIOD: 14 days

    COST: You only have to cover the shipping cost of $12.50 each way, so you'll only be charged $25 total. Firefly will provide you with a return shipping label to make sending it back more convenient.

    DEPOSIT: They will put a $329.95 hold on your credit card as a deposit, and as soon as they receive the loaner unit back they we will refund your deposit (just don't damage it).

    PURCHASE OPTION: If you like the Firefly 2 and want to purchase one the $25 you spent for the loaner program will be applied towards the purchase of a brand new unit (so you'll only pay $304.95 more). If you decide to buy one they will ship out your new unit as soon as the loaner is returned.


    As of right now the loaner program is only available for U.S. residents but if they're able to expand it internationally I'll post an update right away.

    I think this is a really cool way for those of you who are undecided to see if this vape is right for you. $25 is very reasonable to be able to test out a $300+ vape for 2 weeks and you won't have to wonder if you're making the right decision or not (Y) (Y)

    If you're interested in testing out a FF2 please send me a PM and I'll connect you with Firefly, or you can also email them directly at the address above.

    Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Stay up!

  • Firefly 2+ looks like they upgraded the Firefly

    I’m torn on this vape. I’m in agreement about the draw. The draw on the firefly felt to me similar to that of the davinci to a certain extent in how tight it was. A slow kind of steady intake. Too fast, no good, just a slow kind of pull.
    The first firefly I bought used, couldn’t quite get it to work right for me, and it sat in a drawer for months. My Crafty started acting up so I had to send it in and at the time the only other vape I owned was the Firefly. That kinda forced me to figure out the Firefly. I had to experiment with different buds and grinds. Combustion happened quite a bit initially. When I figured out the proper technique, grind, dryness of bud, I think it was a combination of surprise and happyness that I finally got it to work. I could preheat it, engage again, get solid hits, beat the thing against whatever was nearby to shake the bud around, get some more hits. I had a silver, I wanted a red, found a red one online used for $100 from a dude that just wanted to get rid of it. When I’m my Crafty eventually came back, both Fireflies were shelved again.
    Firefly 2 came out and I watched Bud’s review which amped me up to try it out. A smaller package, about the same draw. With updates, I could tweak it for great initial hits but couldn’t beat the thing against objects to stir.
    They did seem to improve upon the heater with the 2 but the draw was about the same. It still ended up being shelved though.
    If this 2+ has a nice looser draw with a better heater to keep up, I could see that being a tremendous improvement. But these improvements should’ve really come with the 2 and not the 2+.
    Compared to what’s currently out there right now, unless they offer it at a $199 price point, I really don’t see it blowing up. The competition is much stronger now vs what it was years ago. I wish I could try this 2+ when it comes out without being obligated to buy.
  • Firefly is fatally flawed. Users beware. (And they don't offer service)

    Bad news. No service from FireFly.
    The gasket perished after using the FireFly wipe to clean my FireFly. This was after 5 weeks. Sadly, Firefly does not guarantee the gasket, and the unit does not work without it.
    Users beware.
    A crucial part of the FireFly2 is vulnerable to the wipe provided. So I am having to buy a new lid($45)
    For such an expensive unit, it is ridiculous that a key component of it is not covered by the guarantee. The unit is only as good as the seal/gasket in the lid.
    And FireFly do not take seriously the problem their cleaning wipe causes to the unit.
    I cannot get anything out of them other than a standard reply saying get a refund in four weeks, we do offer nothing.
    In effect, this is not our problem so get lost!!
    I loved the original FireFly. I thought the new FireFly2 was a significant improvement.
    Unfortunately, I (and others with the same problem) have discovered that the new model is fatally flawed.
    Most disappointing.
  • Firefly 2 broken seal

    Bad news. No service from FireFly.
    The gasket perished after using the FireFly wipe to clean my FireFly. This was after 5 weeks. Sadly, Firefly does not guarantee the gasket, and the unit does not work without it.
    Users beware.
    A crucial part of the FireFly2 is vulnerable to the wipe provided. So I am having to buy a new lid($45)
    For such an expensive unit, it is ridiculous that a key component of it is not covered by the guarantee. The unit is only as good as the seal/gasket in the lid.
    And FireFly do not take seriously the problem their cleaning wipe causes to the unit.they simply didn't reply to my mails, other than saying get a refund if within four weeks of purchase. I cannot get anything out of them other than a standard reply saying get a refund in four weeks. In effect, this is not our problem so get lost!!
    I loved the original FireFly. I thought the new FireFly2 was a significant improvement.
    Unfortunately, I (and others with the same problem) have discovered that the new model is fatally flawed.
    Most disappointing.
  • Firefly 2 One Week Special: Two for One Colored Lids

    I may go half with you, just need to think about it. BTW, here is how it would break down.

    Subtotal $79.90
    Discount -$39.95
    Shipping & Handling (FedEx - Ground / Home — 2 to 5 Business Days) $7.81
    Tax $0.00
    Grand Total $47.76 ($23.88 each plus few bucks for shipping to other possibly)

    I did notice under the checkout part on Firefly's website "Checkout with Multiple Addresses" but not sure exactly what that means right now. Maybe it's to split with someone and avoid having to ship that person it? I will check into it because it might also double the shipping they charge which would not be beneficial in that case. (Y)


    Anyone else notice they now sell a FF2 case and 2-pack mouthpieces with screens? Sadly the mouthpieces are sold out right now but good to see it up at least.

    Official Firefly 2 Carrying Case
    Firefly 2 Mouth Piece (2-Pack)
  • Firefly customer service VapeWorld

    OK. Firefly and Vapeworld has been awful. I used the firefly like once and it broke and then sent it in and they had me pay shipping, sent it back with a replacement battery which didn't even work for a second. sent it back again and now they say its broken and they want me to PAY to replace it with a new Firefly 2. Lets give them a chance to make it right but if they don't I want everyone to know how Firefly and Vapeworld does business. I feel like they are trying to weasel there way out because I don't need anything from them but out of principle, they should make it right.

  • Firefly 2 broken seal

    The alcohol wipe provided by Firefly caused the seal to break. There is no warning about this neither in the original packaging nor in the official video.
    If the seal is that vulnerable ( happened the first time I used alcohol wipe on lid to clean), then there is a very serious design fault. I think it's unacceptable that this is not covered by warranty.
    The warranty says:
    "The Limited Warranty does not apply to any nonFirefly™ products. The Limited Warranty applies only to products and accessories manufactured by NWT Holdings LLC that can be clearly identified by the Firefly TM trademark name or logo. The Limited Warranty does not apply to normal wear and degradation of the batteries or lid gasket."
    Using the alcohol wipe provided by FireFly without any warning about ensuring the user does not wipe the seal, and after four weeks does not constitute normal wear and degradation of the lid gasket to me.
    And if it does, then there is a fundamental design flaw in the Firefly.

    (As there was sadly with a faulty seal in the Space Shuttle)

  • Firefly 2 superior vape quality


    #1 I don't want a Pax, I had one my friend has the Pax 3, He loves it, I don't. If Pax ever reached out to me, I would say I stand by my opinions. I wish them good luck, I just don't like their products. It is just an opinion, Pax will sell many many vaporizers to customers who like Pax. I don't, it's a blog site, I express my opinion and I don't get anything for free, nor do I want anything for free.

    #2 I was extremely upset with my Firefly 2 purchase. It's a lot of money and a lot of expectations. When I posted my opinions on Vapelife regarding the Firefly 2, Someone from Firefly reached out to me. I stood my ground. As requested I sent in my vape, I was told it was very clogged up. It could very well be that I didn't clean the FF2 after a concentrate session and did a dry herb session after. My vape was clogged up.

    I was sent a replacement the FF2 works super. I followed the instructions more carefully and cleaned it up better. I do think that the learning curve is not what I was looking for in a vape. They are upfront from the beginning there is a learning curve. This convection on demand vape takes a new technique. Just as I learned how to use other vapes optimally, the FF2 is not a conduction oven, its relatively unique and therefore has to be used in a different way.

    To my credit, if another company comes out with a revolutionary vape and say there's a learning curve, I am lazy and wouldn't want to bother. I am glad I learned how to use the FF2, its really good to have an on demand Convection dual purpose vape that works well, because I learned how to use the vape.

    I apologized many times. Because I threw caution to the wind. I didn't follow the directions. It's no excuse I just am one of those people who throw directions away and just try to figure things out. Not Firefly's fault. I feel horrible that my lack of following directions led to a negative opinion.

    I apologize again.

    I will say again, it's one hell of a deal, the Try before you buy the program.

    #3 Again, Bud's platform helped me discover the world of dry herb vapes. Before that, I was getting ripped off on vapes that are cheap. Using Bud's platform to learn which products are good quality and perform well. I am not getting ripped off at the SmokeShops anymore because I know better. Vaporizing Dry herbs is an incredible part of my life. I do say it often and I will say it again...

    I use the Vape Critics platform to help me purchased and learn about the world of vaporizing dry herbs and concentrates. Based on many purchases based on Bud's platform, I say - Use the Vape Critics platform and click on his links to buy to ensure you are getting authentic merchandise. --- If that doesn't sound good to you I don't agree.
  • Firefly 2 Miracle (WtF is going on)

    I’ve had a candy red OG Firefly Since they where released and I love it. I picked up the technique after my first couple of bowls. I even mastered how to unristrict the heater for higher heats and even bigger clouds. It has always been easy for me to get consistent results with it.

    I decided I wanted to try the firefly 2 and told myself as long as the vapor quality and taste where as good as the original but with better battery life, I’d happy be with it.

    I also heard a rumour from several places that the Jet black special edition was from a different production line with tighter controls and where believed to somehow work better than the originals.

    So about 2-3 weeks ago I purchased a Jet Black Firefly2. I’m actually really, really happy with it! It’s heads and shoulders above the original! It’s now probably my favourite full convection portable or definitely in my top 3. I get great flavour and great vapour production really easily especially on the high setting.

    At first I found the draw really restrictive and the vape clouds where quite small.
    I soon discovered I had overpacked the oven and I was drawing far too slowly. It should really say to take a medium paced long draw.

    I soon corrected those mistakes (3rd bowl) and ever since I get absolutely massive, great tasting clouds with ease every time, without even thinking about it, also draw resistance is much much better now.

    The app not being on the Apple store anymore sucks! Firefly have said they are working to fix the issue though.

    I downloaded the app to my friends Android phone then set the temp to High and the power tuning to 110% I’ve left it that way ever since.

    Sometimes I’m coughing really heard on huge clouds of vapor and feel like I should turn it down to medium high but I don’t have an Android device and where’s the fun in that anyway lol.

    To sum up the Jet Black Firefly 2 the hits are extremely potent, the clouds are ridiculously big for full convection and the purity of flavour is amazing. I dont regret my purchase for a second. I’ve used it so, so much already.

    I’ve been hesitant to post how great it is till now! I know how unpopular it’s been in the past and how many people use it as a paperweight, however my experience with it has been nothing but stellar. Top of the top tier.

    All the best,

  • Firefly 2+

    Im in a big dillema. I was waiting Firefly 2+ release, but after reading all this comments.. Nothing really improved haha.. the only thing I like is price drop, since I was considering this vape for some time, but I was not willing to spend 300€ on it.

    Now I have the chance to get brand new Firefly 2 for 200€ and I dig that. Im not sure for how much Firefly 2+ will retail in Europe but its going to be around 250€ for sure.

    Btw I am a flavour chaser. I had crafty, now I own Solo2, Mighty and Lotus. Lotus was my last and oh man, it should be my first ;) I love the flavour and with proper technique-heating flavour just doesnt go away. Milky and tasty hits. When I use battery powered vapes I always vape on low temperatures 180-190 degrees, to extract as much flavour as possible. I read some comments that flavour on firefly comes really close to lotus, that is why I am considering it, but my mind is not set.

    If you have any other vape recommendations for around 200€ with crazy flavour, hit me up :) Thanks
  • FireFly 2 combustion complete with resin...

    It's an extra kick when it happens, I don't mind it one bit lol
    Yo man, that shit blew up my spot too a few times. Wifey doesn't smoke. She thinks everything she smells is burning weed and potentially toxic or some shit. So I catch holy hell when she smells it >.<
    Firefly friggin rammed me good, plowed me harrdddddd and then when I thought it couldn't get worse... blaaaasstted by wifey.
    Firefly was the only vape I owned that made my herb combust. Both 1 and 2. If I'm outside it's whatever man. If I'm by a fan or window... nahhhhh hate it. I hate it so much. It gunks everything up and makes it taste awful till you clean it, then clean it again, then it kinda goes away.

    All my sessions used to end with a firefly. Now they don't. I don't miss it. I love my fireflies. Now they are like treasures. I have them stored away right now.
  • Firefly 2 Preview - Full review coming soon

    Here it is, the highly anticipated Firefly 2, a *big* improvement over the original model.

    Pre-orders start on March 1st on the official Firefly website.

    I'll have my full review posted before then, in the meantime check out these pics and share your thoughts:

  • Firefly 2 - Long Term Review

    I have been lurking on these forums for quite some time now, and i have been meaning to contribute something useful. I have had the firefly 2 for at least 6 months now, I forget exactly (probably because I have vaped so many grams of shatter out of it). I have read countless reviews of people who are disappointed with the FF2.... I am not one of those people. I will however mention I also experienced a massive learning curve which most people deal with. I got my FF2 on early pre-order, I have no idea if that was why mine worked well and others devices didn't? Who knows. What I DO know is this... the FF2 works really really well for concentrates. I actually had an issue with my first oven lid which I contribute to herb / flower material getting underneath the seal. Firefly offered me 20% a new lid ( I was hoping they would offer a replacement under warranty) but whatever. So when i got the new lid, I decided it would be for concentrate use only, and so far so good. Now that I use my FF2 solely for concentrates I try to do the following to get the ultimate "rig style dab"

    - The oven must be loaded with a small ish rice grain sized piece of shatter
    - You have to preheat it by taking a slow steady draw until you start to see visible vapor ( oddly enough this should make the neck muscles slightly tense if done correctly)
    - Once you see vapor you start your super duper long hit. (i usually get 2 full 30 second cycles out of a rice sized piece)
    - I have found that to avoid clogging the holes in the oven you must take the shittier tasting small hits after your mega dab rig style hits ( i call these the ass hits, they still get you super baked, they just taste nowhere near as good)
    - I have also deemed it necessary to keep a VERY small sewing needle on hand for the clearing of the small holes in the bottom of the bowl
    - I have been keeping ~6 concentrate pads on rotation in a bath of rubbing alcohol (rinsing with water and air drying)

    I still occasionally use my FF2 for flower, but i use my original slightly damaged lid to do so. I will say however the flavor is incredible. I also own a linx hypnos zero, and a pax 2. The flavor is so far beyond those devices. Thats like my opinion, man. I meant to include so much more stuff in this post, but i also just ate a 500mg edible so getting a bit rambly and confused. Colorado life :)

    You guys are all so rad and helpful. I would love to hear your thoughts on my FF2 post

    PS I totally failed to mention that my right side button has slowly been losing sensitivity and has officially stopped working. I called firefly about it and it seems like they are going to take care of it for me.
  • Firefly 2 Preview - Full review coming soon


    Firefly is going to start taking pre-orders on March 1st, with an expected ship date of April/May.

    You'll be able to pre-order from the official Firefly store.

    The loose ETA makes it hard to say for sure when you could actually expect to get one, but preordering gets you in line.

    I'll have my review up by the launch date

    Disclosure: I'm not particularly fond of pre-order situations, but as of right now I feel fairly confident they're not gonna make customers wait long.
  • Firefly 2 broken seal

    Namaste Vapes(from whom I bought Firefly) replied saying NOT covered by warranty. So have to buy new lid for $45. My lid is black, but not available for some weeks, so ordered gold one.
    Written to them as follows:

    Hi Kory,
    The seal just broke. Photo attached. Seems the FireFly warranty doesn't cover it.
    Can I suggest that as FreFly supply the alcohol wipes which damage the seal that you warn users both in the instructions included with packaging and on the official video you provide that if you wipe the seal with the alcohol wipes provided, the user will damage the seal,( not covered by warranty), and buy a new lid.
    This is photo of damage to my Firefly. Feel free to use photo to warn others!

    And new lid ( gold, cos black not available for number of weeks) costs the user $45.

    (From Namaste Vapes:-

    "Hi Mike,

    We'll have to do a manual transaction. We can send you a Paypal request for £34.95 or we can call you to take your credit info over the phone. Please let me know how you'd like to proceed, and we'll be sure to get you set up with a new Gold lid.")

    Please put warning out for others.

    It's a truly great product. Don't spoil it with a seal vulnerable to using the cleaning wipe you provide.

  • Firefly is fatally flawed. Users beware. (And they don't offer service)

    Understand you reaction, reskey. But my usage was neither excessive nor aggressive.
    For such a key component of the FireFly2 to be so vulnerable has made the FireFly fatally flawed for me, and for others. I had no problems at all with the original FireFly. I am a retired person who has been smoking many many years. I loved the FireFly cos freed me up from the Volcano I had been using. I so looked forward to the new model which has taken a long time to be released in Europe where I live. For it to be unusable after 5 weeks is so disappointing.
    Others have had a similar problem. It is a flaw, a weakness. For me, it's been fatal cos the thing don't work anymore.

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