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  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    Flowerpots are all of them DGT!!!!
    SH, VROD, WE & D-Cup are the models.
    Title is ok!!!!
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    Model: FlowerPot Vaporizer
    Variations: WeedEater, VROD, ShowerHead, DCup
    Category: Desktop
    Manufacturer: NewVape
    Where to buy: Official NewVape Store *see deals page for 5% off code

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    I know you guys who have this one love it so post up some quick reviews and pics!

  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    note: I've only owned a VROD for a few months, and used WE occasionally - there are others more experienced

    My VROD has quickly transitioned into my most used vape, sitting at my desk and powered on if I am in the house. It delivers consistent and fantastic results, and though it requires a bit of tuning and testing with your setup (temp preferences, draw speed, glass, twax vs one@a time, material humidity), once dialed in it can't be beat. I could post my preferred temperature settings and glass but for the reasons above that doesn't really help anyone else. Mess with it and you will find that sweet sweet spot :). There's not many vapes that allow for the experience of being able to carb cap a flower hit, which I think is quite nice, and the twax hits can't be beat off this thing (though I still think I'll pick up a DCUP and the WE nut soon). I use 4mm and 1mm "pearls" and the sic dish with a 3-angled hole carb cap.
    I have no negatives for this vape beyond the initial setup; the company CS has been fantastic and quick fulfilment on all orders.

    IMO the new-site "barebones" setup for a starter is

    160 + 115 + 50 + 7 + 40 + 65 ~ 400 w/ discount. for super barebones drop the safety stand and use a coffee mug, drop the carb cap and use an old one or a shot glass or something lol, and drop the insulated handle. that puts you right under 300.
    For the fun setup, get some pearls, all the posts for any bong fit, insulated carrying case, pid case with posts, battery, multiple caps, third party glass dishes, their grinder, some dabbers with the pool-cue stand thing...the rabbit hole goes deep friend, just ask zancru who kindly has helped advise me a few times thru my process.

    Basically, strong 9/10. I have used most all popular vapes (-g43 [yet], elev8r, splinter z) of the last decade and with few exception, the FPs outperform them all with herb hits when dialed in. Huge hits with no resistance, short draws (but if you prefer long, you can do that too), consistent flavor...just incredible. The VROD performance with concentrates is top notch, but not the best out there with dedicated dishes still holding a slight edge in my opinion. But add the ability to easily do twax hits as well, and you've got a powerhouse, multi-use vape that can fit in a desk drawer and deliver for years with very little maintenance. Some of the hits I've gotten off this thing put any seasoned smoker into a stupor - a must have in any collection, only shame is I'll need a small business loan to finish my collection :lol: !! My VAS has been nearly cured and replaced with accessory and glass buyers disease of some sort.

    As for cleaning, as mentioned, it's very simple. I prefer to swab my deck after every dab with q tips and w/ that only deep clean once every few weeks to months. I disassemble the nut and take the dish off. The SIC comes fully clean in hot water with a bit of scraping with q tip or similar (you can scrape extra difficult spots with the dabber, but I don't recommend it). Or, be lazy and slightly more risky like me and throw it in a boiling pot for a few min. The bowl + stem + screen pieces can be soaked in iso if necessary, though I've only ever needed to brush the top section and screen and q-tip the bottom where small amounts of resin build up. It takes 5 minutes.

    A few last things to add that I have not seen noted in this thread yet that I have learned from experience and from reading the FC thread that is over 600 pages long - when you have the VROD at your desk and some time 600 pages isn't too bad :lol:

    • First, the glass you use and draw speed both change the 'effective' temperature of the vape. Essentially, the slower you draw, the slower the warm air passes thru the bud, and thus the hotter it gets. I swing my temperature by almost 100f when switching between my two glass pieces for similar (flower) performance - making one of them work perfectly for twax hits at my preferred temp and one not work at all. This is probably the largest factor that prevents people from finding their perfect setting imo.
    • Second, the double titanium weave screen imo is a must. It keeps glass so much cleaner and lasts virtually forever - Expensive but worth it...for some reason it was recently removed (w/ some others) from the parts section (maybe @NVChris could fix that) but it's still available via search (part #3103).
    • Finally, for a low-temp twaxer like me, terp pearls do make a big difference in spreading the material around the full dish w/out worrying about making sure I drip it around properly. They're cheap and even though I didn't list them because my basic setup I'd hiiighly recommend them. Many brands sell them but the 5mm semi-standard size will not fit. 4mm and below.

    Sorry for the long post, happy to answer PMs or questions , but as at the beginning there are many others more experienced than me here and in the other thread.
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    ....that happens in like 3 seconds with the E Nano...

    ...the fine grind helps as does remembering to slow my draw some...

    ( The guy with the slow hands wins. - Fast Freddie Spencer )

    ...this seems to help the E Nano too... the end, they actually produce comaprable vapor, which I find bemusing...

    ...dispite their considerable diffences they both bascily work the same...

    ...I wanted the Flowerpot, the V Rod specificly, right off, and had extremely high expectations of it...

    ...I was only mildly dissapointed...

    ...the E Nano was not quite a whim but I really had no expectations of it...

    ...thus I was extremely pleased with it...

    ...I am becoming more and more satisfied with the Flowerpot but would not recommend it to most of the stoners I know...

    ...I am saying more aboot them than the Flowerpot, mmmk...???....'s not a total disaster...I do have one terp pearl left, most of my burns are healing nicely and only one looks like it will leave a mark, and my FP is only slightly scratched from trying to scrape scorched carpet off of it...

    ...some of us my aspire to FP Greatness, but are, in reality, are better off as E Nano people...

    ...we just have suk harder than FP guys... .!.:D.!.
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    i have a g43(actually think i was #43 lol) and a plenty and 2 volcanos my vas is almost vape crtitc esk lol. Thats why after the flowerpot i will pretty much of had every vape in the top 10 portable or desktop and why i hope its my last for awhile. I was debating between the flowerpot and volcano hybrid, but w already having 2 volcanos i want to try something different. I am also a super heavy user so i need the vapes that get you most medicated. I look forward to owning the flowerpot very much.
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    “hard hitter of hard hitters”PAM

    I don't think this is exactly, categorically true or unanimous.

    The Flowerpot is more than anything else- just extremely fun and easy and intuitive to use and so flexible and accommodating.

    It is not that it is the hardest hitting vape just an extremely popular and very enjoyable one. Weight for weight I think there are desktops which actually hit slightly harder than the FP but they are all very closely matched. The GS and Verdamper for 2 that arguably deliver a "stronger" effect from equal herb.

    I personally feel also that I get slightly stronger and longer lasting effects from the Herborizer Ti using the same amount of flower as I did with the Flowerpot.

    But it is impossible and probably silly for us to try and quantify it they all have their own unique signature and pros and cons.

    I absolutely thoroughly recommend the Flowerpot to you still you will not find anything missing or lacking in the experience, I can only see it enriching and enhancing your enjoyment of cannabis and vaporization.

    A worthwhile investment in my opinion.
  • FlowerPot by NewVape brush came so now I am just a little bit more like 52...

    ...I would suggest to NVChris that they develop a heat sink for the PID stand like there are for 510 thread mods...

    ...I feel the need to get one for my SAI and methinks it would be nice if we had something like that for the Flowerpot, eh...

    ….the Flowerpot is already expensive and complex, but this would fit right in with the established themes of excellence and detail, and, IMHO, be an excellent way to get more of our $$$...

    ...I also wonder why no one has developed an on demand type of E Nail certainly cannot be from lack of power if we can see such good results with a simple devise like the SAI and a single battery...

    ...I suppose the sheer mass of a current Flowerpot precludes this w/o industrial levels of current...

  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    ...thank you...that looks less dangerous by an order of magnitude than zancru's Floppy Double Flowerpot Rig...

    ...I burn myself every time I use one...the only floppy bit in my rig is Hapo...

    ...I see you also put your carb cap handle on in the correct position....great minds n' shit... .!.:D.!.

    ...I would also like to comment upon the fact that is be my humble opinion that using one hazardously hot Flowerpot and some other, less dangerous vape when doing those doubles is, IMHO, a good bit less idiotic than juggling two Flowerpots with one hand...!!!...

    ...and I am not judging anyone...I am merely commenting upon the attendant irony...

    ...I have crashed two Hayabusas...going for the third... that's idiotic...I am pretty sure it is, anyway...

    ...I am ok with occasionally twaxing...the V Rod is hazardous enough for Hapo… could say he was sort of Haphazard... much extra vapor do you expect to pull in…???...can you clear a V Rod in one hit...???...I can't...

    ...if not, is there an actual gain in those double rigs...???...are they more than a novelty...??? I need one of those next...?!?...LoL...
  • Flowerpot vs Cloud Evo for microdosing

    Hi guys just looking for some advice. I currently have the Mv1 and the Dynavap, which I love and are ideal for microdosing - I tend to have like a hit every 2 hours or so, which does me nicely. With the ghost I get about 4 good draws and 2 so-so draws out of one crucible. Out of 0.1g, I find this really impressive.

    Lately I've been looking at a desktop, obviously started by looking at the volcano but the bags seem a bit overkill for just me and my gf and it seems like you go through a lot more material that way too.

    So I've settled on the Cloud Evo or the Flowerpot weedeater. I know the cloud evo does well with small, 0.1g loads, but how about the flowerpot? And also, would I be able to get away 0.05g loads on either of them?

    Any help much appreciated.
  • Flowerpot Starter Kit

    whats up everyone, whats your favorite glass to use with the flowerpot, I need to upgrade. Ive been using the one with the flowerpot starter kit and think its the best so far.

    Since this is my throwback piece for straight flower, I figured I needed a high school classic beaker style tall ice piece but curious what everyone thinks

  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    Hey guys I just started a new official FlowerPot thread, please feel free to post all FP stuff in there!
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    Can you please change the title of the new flowerpot thread to newvape products

    Flowerpot as you know is just one of their vapes
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    I feel that I need to be VERY clear right up front that these are just my thoughts, no more, and in posting them I am NOT trying to check, correct, or contradict anyone. Just my thoughts on the matter.

    Re: 18 vs 14 you have probably already seen, the adjustabowl is two parts, the bowl and the "post". Posts are made in both 14 and 18. Personally, I like 18 but I also have an 18 mm joint bubbler. I'm sure 14 mm would work fine, have a 14 mm post, but I have never used.

    if you go to this page on NV site for the bowl assembly, and hit the "customize and add to cart" button, it will take you further down the page to where there is a list of options...14 vs 18 posts, male versus female posts, etc.

    This should be selectable via their "bundle" package but I do know that they are still working on their website (kind of an eternal, never ending, task) and I'm sure that if you wanted a bundle, you could get the post you want with it. Alternatively, the do sell posts separately:

    Now the subject of PID I differ a bit with Edwyn, he and I have talked about it for a long time, and we agree to disagree....about the proper connector and pin-outs to offer.

    But let's start with the controller itself. PID is "proportional–integral–derivative controller is a control loop mechanism employing feedback that is widely used in industrial control systems and a variety of other applications requiring continuously modulated control."

    PID itself is a mathematical algorithm that vendors implement in code in their PID sub-assemblies which controller level box manf generally buy (i.e. Omron E5CC sub-assembly). The purpose is to reduce over/under shoots and be almost predictive in responding to temperature changes. But, we really....for the most part, don't have a really demanding PID application. This is not some industrial process where a batch of expensive stuff will be ruined if the temperature varies more than X degrees. We really just want stable temp for the most part.

    Oh, some folks love pursuing controllers with extra features like pre-set offsets for different bangers/nails, up temping profiles, etc. I don't use any of that and neither do the vast majority as far as I can tell. But for the right enthusiast,....well, they like this. But for most of us, all we want is for it to heat up to the right temp and maintain it. Simple, right?

    So, NV PID controller (which is a white labeled Vapecode box) or another like the Auber. Well, both will reach and maintain temp. I have two each dual NV (vapecode) PIDs with my rosin press. They def over shoot a good bit (and yes, they have been auto-tuned), heat at different rates, but given some time they all settle to the right temp and are stable there which is really all we want. I do find the Auber RDK-300 to be a better PID implementation, but again...we just want it to hit temp and stay there through a dabbing session. So, in terms of basic function, its either this or that with Auber vs NV controllers. I note that the NV with coil is right at $119 and the Auber RDK-300 has gone up a bit since I bought mine and box with coil will run $165.

    For me, my difference with Edwyn is on connector type and pin-outs. Almost the entire industry uses full size, five pin, XLR connectors with the D-nail pinouts which are sort of a defacto standard (yes, there is not formal standard like ASE, ISO, or IEEE). These pin-outs are 1 &2 = power, 3 & 4 = thermocouple, and 5 = ground.

    Edwyn has chosen to go with an aircraft wiring, screw on, style of connector and argues that it is more robust with the capacity to handle more current. But my response is that a greater current capacity is not needed for this application and the only tangible result of using this connector is to lock people into a single source (or much more limited source) for future coil purchases. Also, Edwyn chose his pin-outs to be 1 = ground, 2 & 3 = thermocouple, 4 & 5 = power.

    I do have these connectors and pin outs on my rosin press as it comes pre-configured with the PID and cables. They work fine, but I note that going forward on presses that Edwyn is now using the Dabpress controllers.....not exactly sure why and the implications but he also transitioned to cartridge heaters instead of flat coil heaters and probably found he needed the XLR/d-nail pin outs in order to source cartridge heaters....but this is pure speculation.

    So, I make no suggestions but offer this info up to inform people's decision making process and I hope it was helpful.
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    also, I would try and abandon all preconceptions about how you may settle into an exact style of usage with the flower pot with regards to your current usage and other vaporizer experience up until now.

    There are so many different ways to use it that you literally can just be completely flexible from day one and continually tweak things until you find a perfect medium.

    You can easily micro or macro dose and in my opinion the flowerpot is much easier to use than a log vaporizer if you are a heavy medicator with a high tolerance for absolute certain it makes a total breeze out of medicating whereas a log vaporizer I find hard work personally for my reasonably high tolerance level.

    I mean you could just load tiny little sprinkles over the screen and micro dose that way or you could fill the bowl and just take little hits or big hits and so many other options and variables to play with so I really would not even try and anticipate how it would work for you but I just decide whether you want to upgrade to a significantly better desktop which will give you a wide array of options and which should not fail to satisfy, allowing you to dial in your usage precisely to your preferences and requirements.

    See what the others say of course I mean I only use the Flowerpot for a short period of time I'm really not qualified to comment but still I don't think anybody would disagree with what I have said here? Fortunately I don't think titanium is likely to rust on me anytime soon lol!
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    any of the flowerpot line from new vape will get the job done. For just flower I use the weedeater, for concentrates and flower I use the vrod, and for dabs I hear great things about the d-cup. The flowerpot is still available as well if you wish to use that.

    I would say that the weedeater is the most efficient non glass desktop heavy hitter for flower. And it works very well with out using very much flower. I find myself only using 1 pax scoop and getting a nice effect.
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    Good morning all!

    Its no surprise that peeps often seem overwhelmed and confused with he flowerpot, there are a lot of parts involved. Here my latest attempt to offer a clear picture of how it works. Especially for newbies that are seeking out to understand the basic architecture of it. Anyway, if you have further suggestions, they are always welcome. FlowerPot-Components-Chart.jpg
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    ...I just logged in to say that my V Rod is packed up and the E Nano is still on duty...

    ...once the novelty factor was over I ended up reaching for the E Nano to spare my lungs/throat and conserve my is possible to micro dose with a Flowerpot but the device does not encourage this... seems that I need to need to move a lot of hot air with the Flowerpot compared to the E Nano to get a good hit...

    ...I was not so favorably impressed with dabbing off the V Rod even with the SIC dish and ended up just putting concentrates in with the weed...I seemed to get a lot of thin harsh hits and cook off a lot of the material...maybe I needed more heat...I've tried up to 660 on the PID...

    ...IMHO the weed eater should have a carb cap...I uses one every time on the V Rod... looks like most people use one of some type with the Weed Eater...

    ...I just gave my Pax 3 away...
  • FlowerPot by NewVape the V Rod...I fuked up and did not order a weed eater nut to try...

    ...I have read reports that the weed eater nut and the V Rod diffuser is the best set up for weed becuse of the extra mass of the V Rod diffuser...

    ...hey it is not like I am puting it out for recycling...

    ...I have always considered the glass bowl...I was reading someplace aboot using a screen in it to get a comfortable draw resistance and not ruining the flavor... next New Vape order will most likely include a weed eater nut and a glass bowl, but I don't want to pay shipping becasue I am so cheap, and I need to heal up some, as mentioned...

    ...eventually I will probaly get that cool PID stand, and then I can get that stuff w/o paying shipping...

    ...I would trade my FP rig for a Ditanium today, but I will eventually buy one of those too...maybe even before I use the Flowerpot again...

    ...I just don't like to see people putting forth that everybody should get a Flowerpot because it be the best that ever just isn't true, IMHO...

    ...this is only true of the E Nano...!!!... (grin)

    ...are you feelin me here yet...?!?...

    ...I got nuthin'... .!.:D.!.
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    ...this is helping me gain a better prespective of the Flowerpot...

    ...I am coming to understand why people use first/last attempt was a comical ended when I dropped the banger...LoL...

    ...the biggest problem I have with the Flowerpots and concentrates is not having a way to shut them off between hits...

    ...I see this would be an issue with any E nail type of rig...
  • FlowerPot or Errlectric Concentration Station with Herb Nail for mainly flower?

    Hi everybody! First time posting. I need some informed advice from the Vape community. Really torn between buying the Errlectric Concentration Station with herb nail or the FlowerPot. I'm only occasionally into concentrates as I don't like that it tends to make me immune to cannabis in its unaltered state. From what I've read they're both great vapes. I like that on the Errlectric the controller box is made in-house, is UL certified, has built in timer & all the other safety features. I also like that it has borosilicate glass for the herb chamber & the vortex "self-stirring". Flavor profiles are high on my list of priorities! What I don't like is I've read the glass handle gets pretty hot & the glass dry herb attachment is a 14mm male joint. My two glass pieces: mobius ion matrix & DH Gate GB187 mobius knockoff are 18 mm. Not sure if either of my WP's are appropriate for either of these vapes? I like that the FP for herb works with 18 & 14 mm. Can I use a 18/14mm reducer for the Errlectric or would that be too flimsy? Anyone compared the flavor between these two vapes? Do you lose too much flavor with the all titanium FP? I prefer small to medium clouds with more flavor over huge clouds with less flavor. Although nothing wrong with a real lung buster now & then! One of the things I really like about the FP is their bundle includes almost everything & it all fits into the carrying case, even the GP that comes with it. Any one used both of these vapes that can provide me with some insight would be much appreciated!

  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    First review video in a long time I'm anxious! :grimace:

    This is the NewVape FlowerPot VROD, I like it and I recommend it highly if you're looking for an excellent desktop vaporizer.

    If you don't have a good glass rig to use this with NewVape also sells a few nice pieces for under $100, including the one I'm using in my video.

    Right now the price of the VROD starter kit is $350 before any discounts, and that includes the stand but not the carb cap. You can also buy it piece by piece if you don't need everything.

    As far as VROD vs. ShowerHead it's a tough call, I like both, but I might personally prefer the VROD since I don't always need to use the carb cap with it for flower.

    Use my promo code VAPECRITIC for 10% off your order at NewVape :ok:

  • Flowerpot Starter Kit

    Hello I’m looking into the Flowerpot starter kit because the complete kit is too expensive and I already have my glass water pipe. Does the starter kit include the thing you control your temperature with and the plug to the outlet?
    In the photo is this everything I need to get started? It comes out to $335 with the sic dish, 14mm male connection, and the us 110v thing whatever that is haha. Hope someone can help me
  • FlowerPot or Errlectric Concentration Station with Herb Nail for mainly flower?

    I can't compare to the Errlectric one....but you can use a glass bowl with the flowerpot for optimum taste potential. You have to source one 3rd party right now, but easy to do. The NewVape is cool because you have so many options to build a setup as needed or to have options. The machining and build quality is over the top on the NewVape also is currently and continually updated.
  • FlowerPot or Errlectric Concentration Station with Herb Nail for mainly flower?

    Thanks for the honest & straightforward info Welshman ☺. Glad to hear you really like the FP! The one hit at a time for optimum flavor sounds like an easy enough solution. I'm really tempted to buy the Showerhead Flowerpot Twax Bundle to have an easily portable desktop setup. Thanks for taking the time to reply!
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    Still the best. Great review. Nice to see it change up a bit. Definitely increased my desire for a NV flowerpot.
    I have to say your voice seems to have gone up in pitch some. Maybe slow it down...
    Also don't remember your beard being so gray. :scream:
  • FlowerPot VROD Review


    This is what happened to my plenty after getting a flowerpot. Fell down the back of a cupboard for 8 months and I forgot I even owned one haha
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    I've had my Vrod for 3 days now. The Flowerpot is one efficient, robust and fun vape to use for sure. Very versatile when it comes to how much or little herb you want to vape at a time. The FP is my First desktop and it does not disappoint.

    I wish I had ordered some of the other screens, l made the mistake of assuming it came with both the reg titanium and double weave titanium. I guess I now have an excuse to order a panhead bowl and sic dish .

    The full kit is a very nice package albeit on the expensive side. You get everything you need to get the most out of the FP right from the get go. For someone without glass/pid/coil it was the best option for me.

    I find that with water it produces some seriously smooth vapor and without water a very flavorfull and satisfying hit.

    Thanks @VapeCritic For the review, definitely reassured my choice of the Vrod over the showerhead!
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    @Baron23 thanks lol. i just like things to look nice shinny like my guitars and ARs. I know grasshopper charges alot more money for the ti rainbow effect so I guess I saved money there lol. Grasshopper has had my unit for six months. Their sevice sucks. This is my first experience with the flowerpot.I sold the switch after my disapointment. I love how well it vapes flower.but I still like vapexhale evo experience more for concentrates.
  • Flowerpot Starter Kit

    Hmm I was just checking also and it looks like they changed how you order the Flowerpot, I'm finding it a little confusing...

    But yes the $335 kit you put together has everything except the glass rig and the carb cap, and the loading tool.

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