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  • Flowerpot Starter Kit

    whats up everyone, whats your favorite glass to use with the flowerpot, I need to upgrade. Ive been using the one with the flowerpot starter kit and think its the best so far.

    Since this is my throwback piece for straight flower, I figured I needed a high school classic beaker style tall ice piece but curious what everyone thinks

  • FlowerPot or Errlectric Concentration Station with Herb Nail for mainly flower?

    Hi everybody! First time posting. I need some informed advice from the Vape community. Really torn between buying the Errlectric Concentration Station with herb nail or the FlowerPot. I'm only occasionally into concentrates as I don't like that it tends to make me immune to cannabis in its unaltered state. From what I've read they're both great vapes. I like that on the Errlectric the controller box is made in-house, is UL certified, has built in timer & all the other safety features. I also like that it has borosilicate glass for the herb chamber & the vortex "self-stirring". Flavor profiles are high on my list of priorities! What I don't like is I've read the glass handle gets pretty hot & the glass dry herb attachment is a 14mm male joint. My two glass pieces: mobius ion matrix & DH Gate GB187 mobius knockoff are 18 mm. Not sure if either of my WP's are appropriate for either of these vapes? I like that the FP for herb works with 18 & 14 mm. Can I use a 18/14mm reducer for the Errlectric or would that be too flimsy? Anyone compared the flavor between these two vapes? Do you lose too much flavor with the all titanium FP? I prefer small to medium clouds with more flavor over huge clouds with less flavor. Although nothing wrong with a real lung buster now & then! One of the things I really like about the FP is their bundle includes almost everything & it all fits into the carrying case, even the GP that comes with it. Any one used both of these vapes that can provide me with some insight would be much appreciated!

  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    First review video in a long time I'm anxious! :grimace:

    This is the NewVape FlowerPot VROD, I like it and I recommend it highly if you're looking for an excellent desktop vaporizer.

    If you don't have a good glass rig to use this with NewVape also sells a few nice pieces for under $100, including the one I'm using in my video.

    Right now the price of the VROD starter kit is $350 before any discounts, and that includes the stand but not the carb cap. You can also buy it piece by piece if you don't need everything.

    As far as VROD vs. ShowerHead it's a tough call, I like both, but I might personally prefer the VROD since I don't always need to use the carb cap with it for flower.

    Use my promo code VAPECRITIC for 10% off your order at NewVape :ok:

  • Flowerpot Starter Kit

    Hello I’m looking into the Flowerpot starter kit because the complete kit is too expensive and I already have my glass water pipe. Does the starter kit include the thing you control your temperature with and the plug to the outlet?
    In the photo is this everything I need to get started? It comes out to $335 with the sic dish, 14mm male connection, and the us 110v thing whatever that is haha. Hope someone can help me
  • FlowerPot or Errlectric Concentration Station with Herb Nail for mainly flower?

    I can't compare to the Errlectric one....but you can use a glass bowl with the flowerpot for optimum taste potential. You have to source one 3rd party right now, but easy to do. The NewVape is cool because you have so many options to build a setup as needed or to have options. The machining and build quality is over the top on the NewVape also is currently and continually updated.
  • FlowerPot or Errlectric Concentration Station with Herb Nail for mainly flower?

    Thanks for the honest & straightforward info Welshman ☺. Glad to hear you really like the FP! The one hit at a time for optimum flavor sounds like an easy enough solution. I'm really tempted to buy the Showerhead Flowerpot Twax Bundle to have an easily portable desktop setup. Thanks for taking the time to reply!
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    Still the best. Great review. Nice to see it change up a bit. Definitely increased my desire for a NV flowerpot.
    I have to say your voice seems to have gone up in pitch some. Maybe slow it down...
    Also don't remember your beard being so gray. :scream:
  • FlowerPot VROD Review


    This is what happened to my plenty after getting a flowerpot. Fell down the back of a cupboard for 8 months and I forgot I even owned one haha
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    I've had my Vrod for 3 days now. The Flowerpot is one efficient, robust and fun vape to use for sure. Very versatile when it comes to how much or little herb you want to vape at a time. The FP is my First desktop and it does not disappoint.

    I wish I had ordered some of the other screens, l made the mistake of assuming it came with both the reg titanium and double weave titanium. I guess I now have an excuse to order a panhead bowl and sic dish .

    The full kit is a very nice package albeit on the expensive side. You get everything you need to get the most out of the FP right from the get go. For someone without glass/pid/coil it was the best option for me.

    I find that with water it produces some seriously smooth vapor and without water a very flavorfull and satisfying hit.

    Thanks @VapeCritic For the review, definitely reassured my choice of the Vrod over the showerhead!
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    @Baron23 thanks lol. i just like things to look nice shinny like my guitars and ARs. I know grasshopper charges alot more money for the ti rainbow effect so I guess I saved money there lol. Grasshopper has had my unit for six months. Their sevice sucks. This is my first experience with the flowerpot.I sold the switch after my disapointment. I love how well it vapes flower.but I still like vapexhale evo experience more for concentrates.
  • Flowerpot Starter Kit

    Hmm I was just checking also and it looks like they changed how you order the Flowerpot, I'm finding it a little confusing...

    But yes the $335 kit you put together has everything except the glass rig and the carb cap, and the loading tool.
  • Flowerpot Starter Kit

    What does the flowerpot look like without the email handle?
  • Flowerpot Starter Kit

    is there anyway to pick when you make your own bundle?JMH

    Doesn't appear to be so...looks like if you want a SH, then you need to order individual parts.

    This build a bundle is a new website feature for them...they are either promoting the Vrod over the SH or just haven't yet included the SH in this form.

    If you want a SH bundle, I would just call them and ask. I bet they will give you a price for SH bundle you want.

    What does the flowerpot look like without the email handle?JMH

    It looks like a coil without a handle...not sure what you are asking here. E.G.


  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    Hello everyone, I just ordered my flowerpot! It will be replacing my silver surfer that I’ve had for a few years and I’m really excited. Mainly posting to see what experience you’ve had with their shipping. Ordered mine on Tuesday and it has just moved to processing. How long should I expect to wait?
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    @VapeCritic flowerpot or herborizer flavor and potency? Both excellent and about the same or do you find one more flavorful more potent than the other?

  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    Got my flowerpot on Friday and am totally blown away by it, even with the high expectations that I had for it. How efficient it is while giving huge and tasty hits is amazing. Still getting the temp to where I like it, and I have yet to test out the SiC dish, but I now understand all the love around this thing. Thanks to everyone of here confirming that this thing is worth the buy in!
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    @VapeCritic i’m on the list for the g43 and can’t wait to try it. I think I’m somewhere around 180. That being said, I don’t currently have a true desktop set up and while I await my g, if I go with a desktop, flavor/vapor quality/consistency what is your preference? flowerpot vrod or herborizer Ti?
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...this looks good...

  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...sorry you feel so threatened...I find you amusing...

    ...I'll let y'all know of my first Flowerpot impressions tomorrow…
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...what I find especially helpful is knowing what to expect so I don't flip out when the Weed Eater nut isn't a perfect fit on the V Rod diffuser n' shit...

    ...I find myself bit skeptical that it will be all that much more effective than the E Nano or even the Dynavap though glass, especially considering the difference in complexity and expense...

    ...but, I don't know anyone who has a Flowerpot, or even heard of one, so...…...
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...wasn't calling anyone anything...just sharing a thought...

    ...but I feel ya...don't especially like being tagged a troll... can I say...???...that Floppy Double Flowerpot Rig looked dangerous...LoL… .!.:D.!.
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...should I have said " IMHO I feel zancru is being foolish and reckless " instead...???...'s not like I have never pulled an (idiotic) stunt...and I have the scars to show for it...

    ...should I just kiss Bud's ass...???...can we focus on the Flowerpot…?!?...
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...well...I am pretty bad at ass kissing and I tend to be a bit terse...

    ...but I will give it a go...

    ...I wouldn't even know nor care what a Flowerpot is if it weren't for the Vape Critic..., I've bought four of his top ten so far...that's kissing some ass, no...???....
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    Also very glad that all of you are diggin your Flowerpots :100:
  • G43 vs Flowerpot

    Flowerpots have such low draw resistance it’s notvevrn measurable and almost needs water to create some. G has a little and is better if you if you use your glass dry. G can be used through a Jhook easier.
  • Glass Symphony vs Flowerpot for dry herb only

    So for me it's a harder decision between the both.

    The GS is the fastest extracting vape I've owned or used, the flavour is hard to beat but I still wouldn't give up my Flowerpot.
    Flowerpot taste isn't as good even with a glass bowl but it's not a massive difference when you get to the top end desktops, for me it's more an absence of a full taste. The reason I won't give up my Flowerpot is versatility, the GS is only a flower vape where the Flowerpot is great with everything.

    Flowerpot is built to last, the GS is fragile but you can get most spares apart from the heater as off the shelf scientific parts.

    I would get both too.
  • Interested in a new vape, Flowerpot maybe?

    So, after owning and using mainly my Volcano pretty much daily for quite a while Im looking for a new vape to use. I love the Volcano but sometimes I just get tired of using bags and would like to have a direct hit vape that I really like. I also own the Extreme Q, Silver surfer, and the Plenty. But my Volcano is really the only one I prefer to use on a regular basis. My most recent buy was the Plenty: I was unfortunately disappointed to find it was generally too harsh for my liking (may be a defective unit but I'm not sure). Im looking for a direct hit vape that produces strong vapor but is also as close to the smoothness of the Volcano as possible, without the dryness that it tends to have. I have been eyeing the Newvape Flowerpot. How does it's performance compare to the Volcano? How smooth is the vapor compared to the Plenty? (since that one is pretty harsh IMO). I would also like to know how it functions with water in the rig. Im using flower only so should I look at the Vrod or the showerhead? Ive heard different views on each but Im leaning towards the showerhead since that seems to be intended for flower. But seems like some like the Vrod better either way. And also, can you use the flowerpot with pretty much and glass? I already own some Grav Labs 14mm pieces. And when ordering the Flowerpot, how necessary is the e-nail handle? And is it better to have an 18mm connection for better airflow?

    And if anyone could recommend any other vapes, kinda looking at the Enano and Cloud Evo. But the Flowerpot is looking more tempting. Any input would be helpful!
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    no not a sore throat at all. No irritation either. I have had the most severe and unusual and complex allergies for 13 years due to Lyme disease. I am allergic to most things in some way even if I'm not allergic to them I still have an adverse reaction to virtually everything I ingest including all foods, resulting in abnormal and excessive respiratory mucus production.
    My life revolves around managing these symptoms 24/7 I spend 7 to 8 hours daily aggressively clearing the mucus from my lungs and must adhere to a very restricted diet.
    The vast majority of supplements are intolerable causing unbearably excessive mucus production also like 95% Plus of the supplements and herbs out there I cannot tolerate at all.

    I am also allergic to cannabis but I'm dependent on it for numerous reasons especially to cope with illness and depression. So I proactively manage my allergy symptoms in order to vaporize and enjoy my weed as much as possible to keep my sanity while I work continuously to recovering my health from the long running Lyme disease.

    What is very unusual however is my extraordinarily varying reaction to different. The Flowerpot I bought last year but I cannot use it at all I suffer an unexplainable allergic respiratory reaction to the flowerpot vapor which has nothing to do with the materials of the vaporizer. As soon as I take the vapur in I immediately start experiencing thick dense mucus production in my lungs and airways which makes it incredibly hard to breathe and only gets worse with more usage.

    In every other way I feel remarkably better when I use the flowerpot it truly is a medical device in my eyes except for my breathing and lung congestion which becomes unmanageable.
    I also had the same type of reaction to the Glass Symphony vaporizer.

    What is even stranger is that I tolerate the Herborizer Ti remarkably well and I do not suffer any type of allergic reaction to the vaporizer specifically or the Vapour it produces just the usual standard level of allergy symptoms to vaporizing cannabis which I am able to manage much more comfortably and effectively when I use the Herborizer.
    This doesn't make any sense because the materials are identical to the flower pot and the vaporizers are very similar in many ways in terms of vapor quality, purity, potency and hit size.
    I also tolerate the Elev8r very well. I can take the hugest lung busters with the Elev8r and not experience the type of reaction I will get with the flower pot from the tiniest, whispiest little hit on the lowest heat setting.

    So I am a very unusual case although there are actually quite a few reports emerging of people having issues with the flower pots in particular such as sinus problems and some also have a respiratory intolerance and have been unable to use the Flowerpot so there is definitely some potential for it to be more allergenic in some ways to certain individuals.
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    sorry for your unlucky delays bro. Im seeing it so widely wuth all you guys over there atm. It does look lke it has already been back to the US again, quite some days ago. Now seems to be on the move. Just- hopefully in the right direction now.
    Either that or back to NV. Fingers crossed it gets to you sooner, I know how much you need it and the wait cant bw easy, but you will put all that behind you soon enough.

    A few slightly mixed reports coming on from new users recently. Some have been underwhelmed by the FP flavour or lack of. I agree it isnt the best tasting vape. But at lower temps, 550-580 ish, I thougt it was right up there at the time with the best tasting vapes Ive ever used (I hadn't tried Elev8r back then, which rides on par with the Vrip I believe).

    But the Flowerpot is about SO MUCH more than flavour. For me, it is about delivering the actives in such an easy, comfortable and enjoyable way. It isnt the hardest hitting vape signature IME, but it is immensely enjoyable. It is just a very smooth, comforting and non debilitating effect for me.

    Just very enjoyable. I also did firmly feel that the Showerhead has a very powerful broad range medicinal action. Similar to the Herborizer Ti, when I used those vapes I felt the relaxing, balancing effects around the clock, and my general health seemed to be bolstered and improved.

    Having been very ill for 13 years with Lyme Disease and a crazily overactive immune system, I am very very in tune with my body and how every little thing is affecting it. I couldn't tolerate the FP vapor due to a bizzare respiratory type of intolerance (which Im sure is due to my malfunctioning immine system).

    However, despite my hight level of respiratory suffering, I was amazed at the powerful and penetrating medicinal action I could feel all over my body from the FP use.

    So to me, this is important to be kept in context when considering the Flowerpot. So much emphasis goes on hard hitting and extraction, taste etc, big clouds, raw power. For me the Flowerpot is a superior medical device and does not get enough acknowledgement or appreciation from this particular angle.

    Im only putting it like this to hopefully help some people who are a little underimpressed by the FP so far, to recognize the value and benefit of it in this health supporting sense.
    Anyway @SunnyHours i seriously hope the Flowerpot works well for you and you are very happy with it as a replacement gor your Vrip.
  • DHgate Glass Advice for FlowerPot

    I too use the same stereo matrix water unit. I have others I like to use, but they are just a bit too small or have too much diffusion.

    I am looking for a new one too..... The type I want is something shorter than the 32cm stereo matrix, but with the same volume almost with little diffusion. I have a D020-D...but I do not like it with the flowerpots free flowing draw...too much turbulence with this setup. I also did not want to get a sidecar variant as it has too much volume and I do not want to take a second breath to fully clear it. I like being able to draw a 3-6 hit and get vapor and taste almost like combusting water hits. So using specific temps with the flowerpot seems to change which glass piece I want to use. Currently, I am looking at some of the seeds of life percs.

    But as a side note.....
    I got this one recently and was not sure what to expect, I only got it for the glass bowl to use with the flowerpot. As it turns is fantastic, but just a bit too small for what I want using with the flowerpot. Also the bowl did not work out as I wanted....too small load area and I didn't like the double wall deal with it. It did work well though if I use low temps and draw easy. Using it with my other vapes, air and wonderful! I actually like it more than the D020-D. And that should tell you a lot as good and popular as the D020-D's are.

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