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  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    Homie when are you gonna check this @Hapo dork? You’re loosing forum members and YouTube subscribers letting trolls pester your true fans
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    .you guys are raising up an ape here...Hapo
    I totally know what this means, but for those who don't know what this means...... Wanna help them out? :rofl:
  • FlowerPot VROD Review a degree anyway...

    ...that video made me not want the Weed Eater at first...

    ...but every one kept getting them and I wanted to hang with the cool kids...

    ...they showed us the Weed Eater might give you more control, a concept beyond my grasp last week... guys are raising up an ape here...
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    Have you watched all the vrod videos so you know what to do and expect?

  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...I may not have a year...

    ...I am looking to get up to speed in a week...I know that ain't happnin'...

    ...I will never be normal...I will try to be less trivial... could be more tolerant...
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...I cannot comment upon the attendant irony...

    dont comment or type anything....just read and learn for a year....then come back and stop with the off topic trivial postings. Then you will be normal.......
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...methinks zancru is an idiot...Sorry Bud...just sayin'...Hapo

    me thinks we need a "BLOCK USER" button ! totally saying!
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...I cannot comment upon the attendant irony...

    ...I can ask if the V Rod is going to do well with hard concentrates like shatter...

    ...I can't see why not and I will find out soon enough, but I am in some suspense here...

    ...hey, you will note every post of mine on this thread is in reference o' the topic, eh...???...
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...well...I am pretty bad at ass kissing and I tend to be a bit terse...

    ...but I will give it a go...

    ...I wouldn't even know nor care what a Flowerpot is if it weren't for the Vape Critic..., I've bought four of his top ten so far...that's kissing some ass, no...???....
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    Yes, you should have.

    And yes, you should.
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...should I have said " IMHO I feel zancru is being foolish and reckless " instead...???...'s not like I have never pulled an (idiotic) stunt...and I have the scars to show for it...

    ...should I just kiss Bud's ass...???...can we focus on the Flowerpot…?!?...
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    publicly mugging off the forum owner after calling an individual an idiot.

    You need to do better than that Hapo
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...wasn't calling anyone anything...just sharing a thought...

    ...but I feel ya...don't especially like being tagged a troll... can I say...???...that Floppy Double Flowerpot Rig looked dangerous...LoL… .!.:D.!.
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    Refrain from talking about other members, dont call anyone names, talk about vapes only.
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...what I find especially helpful is knowing what to expect so I don't flip out when the Weed Eater nut isn't a perfect fit on the V Rod diffuser n' shit...

    ...I find myself bit skeptical that it will be all that much more effective than the E Nano or even the Dynavap though glass, especially considering the difference in complexity and expense...

    ...but, I don't know anyone who has a Flowerpot, or even heard of one, so...…...
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    The thread still has some GREAT info. So Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their knowledge and experiences, I learned a lot! :clap:
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...sorry you feel so threatened...I find you amusing...

    ...I'll let y'all know of my first Flowerpot impressions tomorrow…
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    @VapeCritic don’t you worry Bud, your new friend, knows when to tag, when it’s convenient to him.
    On the other hand, again, good luck with your new troll friends. Seems you’re having a good time.

    Don’t you worry friends, you know we have a safe place at my live IGs, where trolls like this guy, can’t touch us.
    I already invited VCBUD, to come join us.
    So he can have fun too, without trolls.
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    methinks zancru is an idiot.Hapo

    No huevos to tag the man
    @52 @zancru
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...not someone...zancru…did you see that video...!?!...

    ...I just saw it...methinks he could use an assistant...LoL…!!!...

    ...hey, it's just an unsolicited biased opinion related to the topic...I'm done... .!.:D.!.
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    Me wish we had a dislike button.
    Calling someone an idiot?
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...methinks zancru is an idiot...Sorry Bud...just sayin'...

    ...aaanyway, would this help...???...

  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    If you want to see if your K-type TC is accurate, put it in some boiling water (and don't let it touch the pot) and then in a glass of thrououghly cold ice water (LOTS of ice).

    This won't verify temps up where we are operating, but it should give you added confidence in the device's accuracy, I should think.

  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    ...Hapo want like button back...
  • FlowerPot VROD Review

    I did some temperature comparisons with a temperature probe that came with my DMM. I have never used it and have no idea how accurate it is other then being spot on with room temperature on my home thermostat.

    This one shows the PID set to 800°, the probe is resting in the aluminum stand that is at room temperature of 76°

    I set the probe into the hole on top of the Vrod and waited for it to settle. PID 799° Probe 569°
    Set to 575°, PID 574° Probe 477° Sorry the temps are out of order. I started at 800° and lowered so I knew the head would be heat soaked.
    Set to 666°, PID 667° Probe 465°

    Top of bowl temps are in line with vaping flower when you figure by the time the air hits the flower it will be cooler I guess.
    I wish I could measure the temperature of the dish surface, I’m figuring it must be hotter, the coil sits just underneath and is fitted very snug in the Vrod nut.
  • Would you buy a Flowerpot for 20% off today?

    ...they appear to have actually shipped what I actually wanted even though I didn't actually know what I actually wanted...
  • Would you buy a Flowerpot for 20% off today?

    appreciate the quick response and welcome! I’m sure it’s plenty busy so however long it takes is good to me, excited to try it.
  • Would you buy a Flowerpot for 20% off today?

    we always like to anticipate a lot of orders so we announce a 3 to 15 day delay for processing orders to give ourselves some room. It's on the banner on the site. At this point, I am not quite certain as to where we are on that queue as I've been on the phone with customers all day... Perhaps I can give a broad update in the coming days.

    Its busy at the shop though, that I do know!

    But thanks for the business and welcome to the FlowerPot club!!! You're gonna love it!

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