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  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    Ghost is very good when it’s good. Flowerpot is ALWAYS great!
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    They most certainly have. I didn’t think they did. I’ve been looking for the last half hour and the majority of I what I would like is sold out in E.U. They do have a 6 ton press but I think I might wait to see if they replenish their stocks as their prices are a lot more reasonable. On another note, my Flowerpot has been dispatched so I’m looking forward to tomorrow. I hope its better than my Ghost!
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    I thought dabpress had a distribution point in the UK?
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    I was looking at their website earlier coincidentally but I’m from the UK. There’s a similar company here but charge between £550 and £700 for the 2 I was looking at. I’m not sure though but I’ve never tried rosin before and I really need to scratch this itch!
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    if you watch dabpress on eBay or send them a note I bought my refurb 10t 3x5 plates for $300 but you still have to buy the handpump which can also be had on eBay for $60-70
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    Cheers @52. I’ll try to build that muscle memory as quickly as possible, don’t worry about that! I only have wooden flooring so no carpet in my coil like Hapo. I just need to buy a press now and all will be good in the world.
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    Welcome, your going to love it! Just go slow and build “don’t burn yourself” muscle memory so you can avoid the “burning curve” lol.
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    Hi all. I just ordered myself a Flowerpot VROD bundle and I’m new to desktop Vaping. I was wondering if it’s possible to use a whip and glass bowl together? It comes with an 18mm female rig, what type of adapter would I need as most say 14mm? Any help or advice would be appreciated.

    I read the 15 pages aswel, so thanks to all who’ve contributed, you are legends! You’ve made me more at ease on whether I’ve chosen the right desktop.
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    LabPong the vrod head fits comfortably into an Elev8r bowl or any 18/14mm bowl? So not necessary to purchase the NV glass
    bowl? Your preference is the Elev8r bowl over NV glass?
    Chandler I have the NV glass bowl in hand....the coil and handle can suspend on top of the glass bowl. The showerhead fits over the glass enough to hold the whole coil/handle on it decently. But either bowl you use....will work fine with the showerhead flowerpot.
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    LabPong the vrod head fits comfortably into an Elev8r bowl or any 18/14mm bowl? So not necessary to purchase the NV glass
    bowl? Your preference is the Elev8r bowl over NV glass?

    To use the Elev8r bowl or any other 18mm adapter type bowl....just turn the flowerpot head upside down and use that side to put over the top of the bowl. With the NV (im pretty sure it is the same as other glass...I will finally have one to test soon thanks to Baron! :up: ) or an aftermarket glass bowl like this..the coil handle is not going to be held onto the bowl so you can let it go..they just fit or sit on the top edge of the glass piece. With the stock metal bowl..the coil head fits and slips down onto the bowl with a good overlap to allow the handle to stay there supported easily...provided your anchored well in what ever glass rig you use.
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    Damn. It's a little daunting familiarizing oneself with all the new vape jargon. I have a G43, Ed's woodscents and others. My splinter Z is proving to provide excellent effects and flavor not far behind my G43.

    But I'm dying to try one of these! Seems like a desktop to control one's VAS. I was leaning towards showerhead over vrod, the only advantage of vrod is having multiple dish's to dab from, Whereas SH dab area is titanium? I'm not a big dabber, why I was thinking SH. Is there any other advantages of vrod over SH?

    @LabPong the vrod head fits comfortably into an Elev8r bowl or any 18/14mm bowl? So not necessary to purchase the NV glass
    bowl? Your preference is the Elev8r bowl over NV glass?
  • The Weed Eater by NewVape

    So I have been using the NV, WE for about a week now and I would like to give a quick overview of what I think,
    I definitely love it, I was pretty sure walking into buying a FP was going to be a good experience but I actually found that I like it more than I thought, I cant get over the simplicity of having the bowl, out in the open for easy access, stiring, dumping, ect, I have to say the first night I went through quit a bit, but after getting use to my technique, and finding my temp settings it really came together, I usually go through a half gram after work, which in this case I don't always finish,

    Which brings me to my next point, the vapor is very potent with the WE, sure you can clear a bowl in one hit, but that hit I noticed really counts,
    I usually load about a scoop and a half wich makes about a .15, I take a nice draw, stir, then finish off the last hit, I noticed that using it this way sets you up for alot of fresh hits.

    If there were certain items that I would recommend going with the flowerpot setup it would definitely be the pax 'scoop', and the 'NV' 'fine grinder', both of these items help me out alot, I grind about a quarter of a gram, dump it in a container, then use the scoop to measure out the amount I need, the grinder really gets you that revealed surface area you want, and as far as the scoop goes, its elegant, well made, and gives me a perfect .1 with every scoop,
    Like I said before, I usually do a scoop and a half for a .15 .17.

    So I would just like to wrap it up by saying the WE is definitely worth the money, I probably from here will end up picking up the V-rod in the future considering I'm all in on the NV products, I'm also looking foward to seeing how this tsunami vape turns out, I'm sure its gonna be sweet :cool: u43x85ty74iodu31.jpg
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    :cool: q5rv1c6ltu0pnrbn.jpg
    I guess Mike from Delta3DStudios just came out with a new plenty stand, I checked it out and it looks like it has alot of potential,
    Anyway it's been a minute since I busted out my plenty for a whirl, but that's due to the flowerpot i just got, lol, I can't seem to get enough of it!!
    Anyway I was stating earlier in the thread that I feel like I'm being rushed for the next hit,
    Seeing all the vapor rush out of the tip makes me think I need to hurry and take another hit,

    Let me now talk about what I do like about this vaporizer, it gives you an abundance of quality shelf vapor all the time, sometimes for me almost too much,
    Nevertheless, I'm going to have to bust it out sometime this week
  • The Weed Eater by NewVape

    I like vaping dry with one glass piece but I would advise anyone using any flowerpot for the first time to start with water then phase it out later after you get everything else figured out.
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    had a nice buzz going on when writing this so I was more concerned on getting my stuff out versus grammer✌intelligent/insightful dialogue in my mind can make up for shortcomings of such,lol
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    I did ordered pax accessories and also a fine grinder off NV last yr and I don't remember it being 27$, I would have thought with a larger order this time 500$+ would had made the shipping cheaper, I mean most companies give you free shipping once you past a certain price point? I thought? Well anyway I'll get over that part, but I must say that website needs a serious intervention? Lol..
    Like I said I had a hell of a time building my WE FP,
    I mean you would think everything should go into one cart, but it separates the parts and configuration section into 2 different carts? That's what got me the most, but anyway I'm trying not to let the shipping and frustration get in the way of my looking foward of introducing a WE setup to my collection, Should be here Monday✌
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    well let's just put it this way, I just orderd a couple accessories off the epic vape website a couple of days ago and the shipping came out to less than 2$, I think the most I have ever seen usually is around 10$, and that's rare,
    The thing is Alaska is usually a obout the same shipping as most places because of course it's part of the untited states but some companies charge alot to ship, Puffco is the only company that I have found that charges alot to ship to Alaska, and of course now NV?
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    USPS is same price to Alaska and Hawaii. Don’t understand why people post shipping only to 48 States, well I did too years ago until I learned it’s all the same price :lol:
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    I sent a package to Alaska for the same price as an in-state package... I was quite surprised how inexpensive it is
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    Arent you in Alaska? Does anything ship there cheap?
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    hehehehe.....carriage returns are your friend, my friend. :joke: :rofl:
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    So I just ordered a WE setup, I'm looking forward, but have alot of concerns, I have ordered quite a few vapes through the last 4 yrs but nothing like this, the way the website is setup is absolutely ridiculous/confusing? I have heard about many people having issues on the site before but this was insane? It took me literally hours to place this order? I tried to explain how to better the site and hopefully 'NV' LORI will help, yes the person who actually responded and helped out my order was a lady/dude named 'NV' Lori, I think I made have literally picked the wrong pid but this tech support person helped me out the next day, if that person is on the 'forum' I give a shoutout.✌ So basically tjuhe main issue I had with the website is you would think it's as easy as ordering, I literally had a list, but it's not, when you go to the configuration chart, it separates your order from the parts chart which is ridiculous beyond me? Why not have the capability to order whatever you want on the site and have it go into one cart?
    when you go to a site to order everything should go into one cart right!? but when I tried this it didn't work? I had to go into a sequence of ordering one thing at a time, then going to the 'parts' section, then jumping back to the configuration section and finding the little add to chat button which was hidden, and added that to my cart!!??? Completely confusing? Never seen anything like it? Anyway I was not happy at all with the website and the thing is when someone like myself who is ordering a complete setup should not have to go through so much crap to order? Lol!!! I seriously think if I had to do it again I would probably fuck it up, i was literally at the point were I was about to say fuck it! And just order a grasshopper vape instead, lol.. due to the way the site is setup, anyway I am keeping my fingers crossed that my order comes through ok, I actually ordered the international rdk instead of the us rdk because of the confusion but the support tech 'NV' Lori told me she caught it, and took care of it, anyway I hope that the site gets worked on, and I definitely appreciate the help I got from Lori, I'll check back in at once I have my WE setup, Oh, and another thing!!? I got charged 28$ for shipping and handling? Does that sound right? Because that was a huge blow when I saw that, it was literally the most expensive shipping? Here I spent over 500$ worth of a setup and got charged almost 30$, i thought that was odd so if anyone wants to comment/educate me on that I'll be more than happy to here, anyway throughout all that drama I'm looking foward to inviting my new vape Weedeaeter to my vape collection✌
  • G43 vs Flowerpot

    ...has it been three months already...!!!

    ...I tried the FlowerPot and moved on...

    ...I would have liked to keep it to do a head up comaprison to the Ditanium but I used it for credit to try other vapes...

    ...I hope to acquire a G43...I had hoped to see one by now or at least know where I stand on the list...

    ...methinks I would like that more than the FlowerPot…'s not like I cannot buy another FlowerPot…

    ...I would like to see a PID controlled G43 that Bud can actually make/have made...

    ...dots left over from old days...helps on a 13' cathode ray tube...

    ...there is more dynamic expressionism possible with weird punctuation...think pre emoticons n' shit...

    ...ya feel me...???...ya feel me...?!?...ya feel me...!?!...YA FEEL MEEEE...!!!....

  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    ...not me...I just want to put a big ol' dab in the flower... looks like 52 is not using the SIC is that rig...???...

    ...I am just now realizing that e nails suck for concentrates...IMHO...

    ...the power of the FlowerPot is how they harnessed the power of an e nail into an on demand device...IMHO...

    ...anyone want to trade a new, unopened Ditanuim for a Weedeater set up...?!?... (grin)

    ...I still want a carb cab...

    ...I do not care what anyone says nor what they post on you tube to "prove something"...

    ...I wonder if there is a Stupid Assed Return Customer Discount @ New Vape...LoLoLoLoL…!!!...
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    “Bowling Balling”
    First the bowl...then the Ball(s). I prefer one after the other rather then at the same time. I also enjoy concentrates much better with(after) flower.
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    Dam, you saw that, That’s a story in itself :lol:
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    Bud on the right, rosin on the left, the perfect tool for both jobs in the middle :starstruck:52

    and a big mess in the background..... :wink: someone buy this man a qtip holder....

    I used to dump piles like that on my desk or at my cleaning station. Now........


    I put off getting one for a long time....and got one a bit of the best tools in my vape equipment. YINGMIN5 AT THE GATE
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    Got my weedeater yesterday, assembled it and had the first session. The performance was amazing (even slightly better imo than the A+ performance of the herborizer ti digital), but when I turned the front switch off, I had a complete power breakdown in my house -> fault current circuit breaker triggered. Plugged it off - everything fine - plugged in again -> power down. The guys from vapefiend answered immediately and now the controller + coil is on its way back;(

    Frustrating! Nevertheless I need to say two things: Great support so far by vapefiend! And even after one session I still already miss the weedeater^^
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    Bud on the right, rosin on the left, the perfect tool for both jobs in the middle :starstruck: x0uox28u4jrn6stn.jpeg
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    ...well, now I miss the V rod...LoL…

    ...I did my first press w/o a bag tonight and had some rosin with plant in it that I wanted to vape...

    ...I mixed it with some herb and vaped it in the E Nano, but it was not a very good experience and made a mess of the E Nano...

    ...the V Rod was much better at this...I had in fact stopped using the SIC dish and just put concentrates in the bowl with weed...

    ...I would probably have to buy a Weed Eater now if they would just make a carb cap for it...LoLoLoL...

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