• The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    dope send me some music if this was you rapping. Always looking for new music!!!!
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    The load area on g43 is between 80°f and 100°f from what I observed on the g43.

    If you use another bowl underneath the g43 the temperature will be much lower.
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    Not much heat enter the load chamber unless you are inhaling.Dr green thumb

    Dr.....physically on the G....where is the 78F and 80F temp point at? Is it the basket screen area?

    Assuming you are using native loading with the basket screen and not using the G as an injector into a glass bowl/adapter?
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    G43 at 11w after a session

    G43 at 12w after a session

    Both sessions were using the p80 mod on cruise control with a fresh 18650 battery.

    Not much heat enter the load chamber unless you are inhaling.
  • FlowerPot by NewVape

    Damn. It's a little daunting familiarizing oneself with all the new vape jargon. I have a G43, Ed's woodscents and others. My splinter Z is proving to provide excellent effects and flavor not far behind my G43.

    But I'm dying to try one of these! Seems like a desktop to control one's VAS. I was leaning towards showerhead over vrod, the only advantage of vrod is having multiple dish's to dab from, Whereas SH dab area is titanium? I'm not a big dabber, why I was thinking SH. Is there any other advantages of vrod over SH?

    @LabPong the vrod head fits comfortably into an Elev8r bowl or any 18/14mm bowl? So not necessary to purchase the NV glass
    bowl? Your preference is the Elev8r bowl over NV glass?
  • Pressing cured flower , to uncured , and in between. is not very practical and who is going to buy a G for $165? if that is the

    Id rather vape that high quality flower with my G43 or elev8r then when it is $250 an OZ. :wink:
  • Different weed, different temperatures

    My vapes I currently use are dynavap ( stealth and nonavong) my outdoor use vapes.

    I use mi2 and g43 when i am still moving around but do not need the pocket size dynavap.

    At night i either use the vapexhale evo, newvape weed eater or vrod. Or sometimes all three.

    I have pax3, airvape x and xs, several other dynavaps, ghost mv1, davinci miqro, sticky brick jr elev8r and a few others I rotate in for variety.

    I use my flower for the medical benefits and dabs to get high.
  • Different weed, different temperatures

    Does anyone have a favourite temp to vape at ?Stants

    Depends on the vape. Some don't even have temperatures. Like my E-Nano, Dynavaps and G43.
    E-Nano is dialed to 6,6 (all the time)
    Dynavaps are a special story (first hit is down on the cap, the rest in the middle)
    G43 is on 11,5W

    Davinci IQ is almost exclusively on Smart Path 3 (200-210ºC).
    Ghost MV-1 is always on the level 5 (220ºC)

    I usually go pretty dark with the AVB.

    Which vape are you using?Dr green thumb

    I hope the answer above is enough :grin:
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    Thanks. Changing the Prot time I'm going fine... Been having some nice sessions. But on my p80 with G43 the Prot time is 10 sec. N it stays cruising until the battery dies, so THAT isn't what caused the issue, but that is what has solved it... now whatever that 10 sec protect time was supposed to do at 10 seconds ,is now doing at 25 sec. Hopefully my mod doesn't blow up while I'm inhaling!
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread not over pack full or pack too hard....light tamp down at best and 80% full is a good place to be.
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    There was an actual flame from the bowl that hit the heatshrink. I soaked it in "ISO" for the night. I don't use ISO, I use this:

    Hope that the vape is still working :yikes:
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    Yesterday I managed to combust in G43. On 11,5W :fear:

    Is it an issue to have it packed full? I think I overpacked it, because on 11,5W the combustion is hard to do, or I thought so.

    Another thing is, that my bud now is shitty, poorly trimmed and too aggressively dried out (it's squeezy and very hard to grind - I have a Brilliant Cut Grinder though).

    Could it be then, that fully packed G43 is a no-go? I know there's an instruction to fill it 50-80%, but I was packing it for the past couple of months like this and I had no problem.
  • Musa 510 dry herb wooden vape

    To add some more feedback as owner of Musa 510, Musa, G43, Apollo Venus 2 50W and a Davinci IQ.

    Bought the Musa 510 to get some more diversity to mobile setup. I'm absolute happy with the original Musa I already have. It's perfect, only the cable is awful. Endless power, but that cable. And you cannot take it with you. So when I saw Musa 510 pics, it was an instant must have.

    I was hoping for comparable perfomance to the desktop Musa, but as a real mobile version. Asked for one, sent the money via PayPal and package was sent before he was going on vacation. Got it few days later (hooray for european/german seller!).

    So first try. No power horse at all. I was starting with low watt amount, getting up slowly. Was a little bit disappointed and def hoped for something with more strength. So while opening the Musa 510 and looking at it I thought about throwing in some glass beads (learnings of G43 lessons, for sure :pray: ). More heat, more power, right? Tried that and was def more happy with the result.

    I then started to talk to the musa maker and described my not so good experiences and my optimizations with the glass beads. Him being on vacation I did not expect any response, but he really tried to give me tipps and what to look into. Two weeks later he wrote me about tests with clapton wire and that the results are much better then with single ss316 wire coil. He sent me one and this setup is finally that, what I was hoping for.

    So: what you need:

    - Musa 510 with SS316 clapton wire coil
    - Arizer black curved stem OR Arizer 3D Flow Stem for Solo 2/Air 2
    - A boxmod

    And you get a vape, that is able to produce instant clouds, that are cool and not harsh with really good taste. You need to experiment. If you run it in watt mode, you need to find the manual hotspot of watt you're running on vs air throughput vs material amount (vs ...). The problem of sweet spot being quite near to starting to burn the material is def given with this unit. If you preheat too long, if you use too high watt amount with not enough air throughput, it gets brown and that typical horrible flavour. You can try running it inside TC mode but you need to experiment with settings there, too.

    It might be easier, to sell Musa 510 with a boxmod already configured, but yes - would say, Musa 510 is not a vape for someone, who wants a easy to use vape. You should buy something else.

    So let my finally compare it with my other vapes:

    - Davinci IQ not really usable without water cooling unit: too harsh, to hot, to less power, air throughput is horrible (squeezing feeling) so it is a mobile unit, but does not work for me without water cooling unit and is def my most restrained device I own. Do not use it much at all right now.
    - Musa and G43: both excellent and real powerful vapes. Both need a jhook (ore another glass unit) to cool the vapor. Using straight stems is horrible with both, but jhooks is fine to get cool and good flavour out of them. Musa has endless power and is a really beauty, but a real desktop vape. G43 is not a real desktop vape and quite mobile, but not a real mobile vape. Something in between, but I always would prefer to use it while sitting at a table. Taste Musa vs G43 wins the Musa, but only a little bit and especially after the first two hits. Musa has a better taste in the long rung. But both unit set the bar I really would like to have with a real mobile unit. Musa and G43 are a session vape for me (amount I use is double the amount I use inside Musa 510).
    - Apollo Venus is quite a power horse, too, and with cooling unit it is quite enjoyable. I think jhooks work a little better in sense of cooling. Taste is quite fine with Apollo. The only thing that really sucks with Apollo Venus is the cleaning part, especially the cooling unit. But it is a real mobile unit. They fixed in the new v3 the heat shield problem to not get burned. Was not a personal problem but it is nice to get that problem finally solved. It is a session vape for me. You might be able to do micro dosing with it, but a pot is only a good pot, if it is filled up :).

    Compared to all the vapes Musa 510 is really good with cleaning of the unit and getting it apart. If bending wire / making coils is already something you're doing, perfect match. Everything is easy maintainable. Using arizer stems give you a really good diversity of stems. Using the bent or the cooling one is a must in my opinion. So cleaning is mostly cleaning the stem and done. Doing a deep cleaning on Apollo Venus or G43 (not needed so often) is def more complicated.

    Related to easy of use: Apollo 2 works def for everyone. Everyone I gave the vape (with warnings to not touch the pot and how to hold it) was able to use it. G43 is quite the same (you just need to wait). Musa Desktop unit is easy going (finding the heat sweet spot for yourself is the most tricky part here). Davinci IQ "works" for everyone, too. Musa 510 is something more special. But if you finally know how to use it, it is a mobile unit, that is able:

    - to put a loaded stem into it
    - push fire and start inhaling
    - and get instant good clouds out of it
    - great microdosing unit, as amount of material inside stems is quite small compared to the other vapes

    One thing I don't like with arizer stems: stirring. Stirring helps to get material completely depleted but it is really hard to stir in that small stem hole, that is mostly filled up.

    And as it is made out of wood: Musa 510 really looks great (Musa, too!). I only need to find a mod, that fits a little bit better that style of the musa.

    One recommendation to the musa maker: perhaps don't use linseed oil. I know, wood workers like it, but the taste/smell of it, is horrible for the first few days. So instead of linseed oil, use beewax with jojoba mix or wood butter or something with a little citrone note (for example uulki holzwachs is great, I really like it to use it with my wooden vapes). Anything that is more neutral would help for acceptance I think.

    Would be really interested in a comparison of Splinter (Z) vs Musa 510.

    so far - enjoy your vapes!
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    Crazy. Messing with the mod. Messing with my sessions... Returning to G43 for remainder of the evening
  • The G43 Vaporizer Official Thread

    Hi @Hazel - Please add me to the ever increasing wait list for the G43 (or is it now a wait list to get on THE wait list? lol). Either way, holding out hope I can someday own this absolutely gorgeous and functional work of art! Thanks!
  • G43 by VapeCritic

    Hi, if there is any that has an extra g43 or even one that they have will to sell it PM. Please
  • G43 Mods & Firmware

    No problem. Enjoy and if there are issues, let us know. :victory:
  • G43 by VapeCritic

    Had a good friend offer his place on the list if it makes it that far. Anybody know what number it up to and around how many left?
  • How do I get my posts approved?

    Tried is the key word. Lol. I thought you became a Jedi or something. Sorry. I had a tough morning in PT and im killing the pain with Chocolate OG 30%thc in the G43. Needless to say I'm "put your socks on in the grocery store" high. A little reference for @420vapezone :rofl:
  • Wismec Sinuous P80 HVT SAI TAF best settings ?

    Thank you i managed to change the mode to Temp Ni as i wanted now im running 210C/410F 30W and the SAI works great for me, if i want bigger cloud i just increase the temp by 10C or 15C. I just need a final advice... :nerd: How do i change the watts in this mode? in Power/wattage mode is just by pressing + or - and i can control the watts, now in Temp NI the same procedure change the temperature as i wanted.
    I will sell my other mod since now i can use the P80 for both G43 and the SAI with their own dedicated profiles.
    Thank you again
  • Wismec Sinuous P80 HVT SAI TAF best settings ?

    thank you mate but this is what i see in mine....
    This is mainly to use with the G43 and i just want to use with the Sai but i dont want mess too much with the settings...(although they are saved in a Profile)
    Is your P80 with myevic Firmware? I dont even see what is the temperature right now....
    How can i change so i can see all that info on mine? it would be easier to set properly is i had that info but i cannot, at least add the temp and the TCR mode
  • Lamart FLAM

    It looks like the connection piece for a whip that's encased by some 3d printed piece.

    This is what the g43 needs @VapeCritic the outer case and maybe build the g43 with existing glass pieces instead of the custom slide.
  • Wismec Sinuous P80 HVT SAI TAF best settings ?

    Hi all, i have a G43 with the Wismec Sinuous P80 with myevic firmware and i also own a SAI TAF with Ti Bucket, the mod box that i got for the SAI is big so i want to use the Wismec Sinuous P80 with the SAI to be more pocket friendly.
    Before trying to change the settings i saved the profile for the G43 (1) and add another (2) for the SAI and im having problems to set the temperature, i already went thru the menus and i cannot find a way to set it up.

    G43 was already set on arrival from Bud and the display shows:
    10.5W (my sweet spot)

    The settings i have right now for the SAI on the Wismec Sinuous P80 are:
    just to get some weak clouds after a 6sec pull with small amount....

    On the mod i have with the SAI i have:
    This is the settings advised by HVT for the SAI with TI bucket
    My question is what is the best settings for the SAI TAF with TI Bucket using the Wismec Sinuous P80?

    Thank you
  • G43 Mods & Firmware

    hmm. trying to update my evic dual with myevic software, but the link is dead. leads to a legitimate link would be appreciated...
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    I use the software that is used for the G43 for my splinters.
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    @BestBudsthanks. Sold out of Z's by the time I tried to make the purchase. Settled for a splinter v2. A little disappointed after all my research I had decided on the Z over splinter. Ah well. I still look forward to it.

    I see ppl talking about arctic fox for rbt. What firmware are you using @BestBuds? What about the software for G43?
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    I have a joyetech eVic dual sitting in its box I got as a backup for my G43. It should pair with the Z fine no? I think I want this vape more so so I can put this joyetech to use! Not a mod user, I'm wondering do I NEED to install custom firmware to my mod, or can I just use my mod n turn up watts from the start?

    As I ask the question, I'm about to place in a battery n check out this mod for the first time.
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    @BestBudslol. I need to revisit and try that. I have all the tools! I have been meaning to reaquaint with Elev8r for a while, but G43 testing took precedence.

    How do you enjoy concentrate otherwise with your Z?

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