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  • Grasshopper

    Grasshopper is a dope gun.vfadilkiym8qaaa6.jpg
  • Grasshopper June Update

    I have some INCREDIBLE news for all you Grasshopper peeps who were scammed by this company. Here's what I DID to get my money back and more. I called or wrote Grasshopper and asked for a refund for my paypal payment. They went ahead and sent me a full payment for the original Grasshopper. However, they did NOT refund the first payment I made over 6 months ago. They just sent me $$160 for the original priced (before they raised the price) Grasshopper unit. They FAILED to actually refund the original PayPal payment. I then went ahead and found that original PayPal payment and opened a case of NOT RECIEVED and won that case, receiving another $160 and grasshopper tried to have that thrown out but PayPal denied their claim and I was paid $160 for the hassle Grasshopper labs put me through!! You heard correct! I was paid $160 for waiting 6 months. That's what these rotten companies who make people wait months or a year in this case. Screw Hopper labs
  • Grasshopper June Update

    Oh boy, here's the Grasshopper pre-order update email they just sent out, if I was still preordered I'd be irked by this, and are they implying they're caught up until June? aren't people still waiting from a while ago? i could be wrong, lemme know

    Hi Everyone,

    We are excited to wrap-up another successful month. Although we did not get through all orders that were estimated to ship in June, we did get through the majority of them. The backlog caused by the charger switch was not fully overcome so we are still a few weeks behind schedule. However, we completed all pre-orders from March, April and May 2015 this month.

    The current bottleneck in production is assembly. We have all the parts flowing in smoothly and are working to assemble the units faster. We have 5 new techs learning the assembly process. It takes about 30 days for a new employee to become effective, so we will see the results of more new hires soon.

    We will have updated shipping estimates for everyone whose orders were estimated to ship in June but were not yet shipped. We’ve still not hit the mark perfectly with our adjusted dates but they have been much more accurate and we are continually improving. The average wait time for a new order has gone down an order of magnitude in 2016. We are glad you have stuck with the wait as we improved the Grasshopper for everyone.

    Accessories, shirts and more goodies are in the works. You will see some of this stuff shipping to you soon. We are continuing to invest in the Grasshopper family and have plans to grow the community aspect of the product. We have been blown away by the photos, comments and creative applications of the Grasshopper.

    The shipping number tallied right around 2000 units this month. More on the way out this week!

    Thanks for your support,

    The Grasshopper Team
    — GH
  • Grasshopper Questions?

    Hey guys! Brand new to the forums! Used to be just a typical toker, but after doing a little research, Bud (TheVapeCritic) turned me into a full blown dry herb vapor enthusiast. And seeing as how I work at a vape shop, that's never a bad thing.

    Anyway, sorry to bore you with the introduction, but after doing quite a bit of research on dry herb vapes, I stumbled upon one that particularly stood out to me: The Grasshopper. I've already read up on it and I know pretty much all there is to know about it. The only thing I'm still kind of wondering, is how did it actually end up coming out? I mean I've seen a few reviews (and by that I mean very few) and the reviewers all said the quality of it was top notch. But I'm curious? Does anyone have one of these in their hands? Can they vouch for it? The reviewers more than likely got the first batch. But did grasshopper labs just make really high quality units for the reviewers, and then maybe scale down the quality on the mass production units? How's grasshopper labs' customer service? Are they nice? Do they take as long as they did to make the product as they did to respond? And the most puzzling question of all, WHY IS NOBODY TALKING ABOUT THIS THING? I mean I understand they're still exclusively dealing with pre-orders. But I know for a fact that they're way past the first batch. And from what I understand their Kickstarter raised upward of $250,000, and from how it looks on paper, it's supposed to be the next evolution in dry herb vaping. So why is it that no matter head shop or smoke shop I go to, nobody knows anything about the Grasshopper?

    Sorry this came out alittle longer than expected, but I'm just curious. I checked the website and they raised all their prices and said that the next shipment isn't supposed to be until August. (3 months from the time of this posting) So I just wanted to see if maybe I could get some early info and a justification as to why I should spend $25 extra dollars for a pre-order. Any help would be appriciated! Thanks!
  • Grasshopper or Pax 2?

    I think you should choose based on how you think you will use them. The Pax is more of a session vape, where you are going to be vaping for ~10 minutes. The Grasshopper seems to be more of an on demand one-hitter type of vape. This would mean you'd take 1-2 hits and then put it away for awhile. I'm sure you could do a session with the Grasshopper, but some people have complained about it getting hot like this. Also, if you are going to be with other people, the Pax has room for more material which makes it easier to share. However, you do have to tell people to sip on the Pax, where with the Grasshopper you can just pull. I own the Pax 2 but not the Grasshopper so take what I say with that in mind.
  • Grasshopper. Good news bad news. G-pen Elite.

    Bad news: I'm not very patient. Decided to give up the wait from HLs. Almost almost two months and no end in sight I canceled my order. I believe they are backed up at least 6 months.

    Good news: Picked a SS Grasshopper on, E-bay by a legit seller (not sure if i'm allowed to post link) for $10 more. Got it in 3 days! The unit was perfect and came with two batteries. Hmmm... 6 months, or 3 days for $10. What would you do?

    The Grasshopper works great! In fact,I like it a little bit better than my G-pen Elite. It's smaller and the clouds are insane! That said, the G-pen Elite gets the edge in taste, and cost. But not by much. There's just something about the Grasshopper, I can't really put my finger on why I like it better.

    Poll question:

    Those of you that have both. Which do YOU like better?
  • Grasshopper VS Milaana

    just to let you know (if you don't already) if you buy the Grasshopper through Vapefiend.co.uk all warranty and RMAs are reported to Hopperlabs, but dealt with and replaced by Vapefiend in the U.K.

    Vapefiend's customer service is excellent!

    I'm on my fifth RMA and four times I've had a replacement part sent out and received it within a day or two (the benefits of a modular design only one of three parts to replace) then just mailed the old part back (once I forgot and was in hospital and mailed it about 8weeks later and they weren't bothered when I emailed them to apologise they just wished me a speedy recovery) and vapefiend also offered to pay postage even though it was only a couple of quid.

    Once the hopper had to be sent in for diagnostics but I had a replacement sent out the same day they received my faulty unit, about 48hrs in total from my first email.

    I wouldn't recommend the coloured TI units though, as I have a blue and every replacement unit the Anodisation is terrible and scratches of ridiculously easily even by its own charger, or placing the mouthpiece in male ground glass joint.

    Grasshopper Labs won't let me exchange the Blue TI unit for a standard TI either the tossers.

    Also the battery's are bit crap and don't give much usage time. Also becuase of the small physical size they have a very short lifecycle most of my 6 need replacing (less than a yr old) as they won't hold a full charge anymore and power the unit weakly. With certain battery's (mine all have numbers on lol) I have to inhale much slower to make them work or the heater gets overwhelmed.

    I know it's a lifetime warranty on the Grasshopper and its pretty quick and easy to claim but after the third or fourth time you kind of lose all enthusiasm for it.

    Can I please ask for some info on buying a Milaana when residing within the UK? Where from?, how much?, shipping and tax? etc. Thanks.

    All the best,

  • The Grasshopper

    Grasshopper grasshopper grasshopper :nerd:
  • Grasshopper June Update

    My arse is really starting to twitch regarding this grasshopper debate. I ordered mine at the beginning of January 2016, and was given a shipment date of March, Come the month of March my order was set back to April. Come the end of April it was set back yet again to May and come July (my latest shipping date) it has now been set back to August. It makes no sense at all, surely if they know how many they are making each month they must have a more realistic idea of a customer’s shipment date. When I put this question to them I got no reply.
    I have over $400 sitting in mister grasshoppers Bank account and judging by how popular these things are there must be hundreds of thousand of dollars sitting in their Bank account earning them god knows how much in interest. I have contacted the so called grasshopper team several times and get the same bog standard e-mail apologising and thanking me for my patients but every month is the same, my order gets put back one month. I’m starting to think I have been well conned along with thousands of others. I’m really thinking about contacting my credit card company and telling them about, what I can only assume, is a scam.
  • Grasshopper July Update

    The e-mails each month are getting worse and worse. In over a years time we are told they hired ONE new office worker, way to make progress GH. I do not believe 0.01% they sent out 2,000 units in July yet I have yet to hear of one person getting it. As long as people keep riding the hype, GH will prolong this process each month until either forced legally or whatever way to fix their mess. It's only how I feel and I'm not looking for anyone to agree or disagree with me. For all I know, I might be the only one who thinks this whole shindig they got going is horrible... while others may see it as perfectly fine and normal. Onto the article scraper e-mail of the month lol (N)

    "Hey Everyone,

    It’s been another busy month at Hopper Labs! We’ve added four new Assembly Technicians to the Hopper Labs family and we’re excited to see increasing production rates with their efforts. In the near future, we look forward to bringing on more technicians as we begin another round of hiring.

    In addition to Assembly Technicians, we’re happy to welcome a new office worker to assist in the Support Department. We’re working hard to get her up to speed so that we can improve customer service turn around and answer your inquiries faster!

    With the additions to our team, we’re also working hard to smooth out the production process. This month we visited our manufacturers to make design improvements and to better the streamline of the supply chain. An efficient supply chain is crucial to our production by ensuring we continuously have parts on hand as we send out Grasshoppers at an increased rate!

    This past month we sent approximately 2,000 Grasshoppers out the door during the month of July; about 500 Grasshoppers every week. These shipments covered the pre-orders of June 2015 through August 2015. As we begin to chip away at the pre-orders from September 2015, keep an eye on your email for an address confirmation!

    As we enter the final days of summer, we would like to pause to remember that our progress would not have been possible without you, our customers. Thank you for your continued support and patience. You made expanding Hopper Labs less of a hurdle and we look forward to continued production as we enjoy these last summer days!

    The Grasshopper Team"

  • Grasshopper external battery charger?

    Wish I was talking about the Crafty....would love to see it with a removable battery (sigh!)

    I was looking at options for the Grasshopper - theoretical options anyway (like most people, I have it on pre-order). In the end, I stumbled on the answer elsewhere. There are likely many charger options out there, but Trevor from Grasshopper answered a similar question: " We recommend this 3rd party charger: http://www.all-battery.com/Tenergy_Li-ion18500_18650_14500_RCR123A_BatteryFastCharger-01270.aspx ."
  • Grasshopper external battery charger?

    By reading about the grasshopper over the last few months (I do not own nor tried it) I just haven't been able to jump aboard the grasshopper hype train. After it's actually available to everyone & people write about the vape/issues/support etc... I'll take another look at the product. Have a good one @JohnnyK
  • Grasshopper Review

    I was recently loaned a Grasshopper (GH) to try out. It’s a bronze Ti unit with the new back end (no split in the ring).

    My main concerns with the GH are with the company, Hopper Labs, behavior with respect to delivery dates and the quality of their production. I think what they have done to people as far as deliveries (really, no deliveries), but supplying EU vendors (who apparently backed them) with units for retail sale (above list price) definitely leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    Also, there are some posters I have read with 5 or 6 RMAs already and I saw one guy claim 10! (but who knows, he may have been using his as a sex toy LOL). But, we don’t know the total population shipped and can’t make any significant and sensible projections on failure rate as all we have is anecdotal reports, mainly from the people who did have problems. On the other hand, they seem be responding very quickly with design improvements, RMAs under their lifetime warranty deal, and production line improvements.

    So, what about the vape itself? First of all, I want to be completely clear and unambiguous about this one point: I have the utmost respect for Bud, The Vape Critic, and this review of the GH is not intended in any way to be a refutation of Bud’s review of this vape. Also, I’m not taking shots at the man while he is on vacation; everything written below has been PM’d between Bud and myself already and he’s completely cool with independent opinions and understands that people place differing values on different characteristics and have differing aesthetic tastes. That dissent is not only allowed but encouraged is one of the things that make this site great and far preferable to me than some other well-known vape sites.

    Appearance and Design
    Very nice looking, chic, elegant, nice feel to hand. I agree with Bud that this is a bit spoiled by the pocket clip (LOL) but I don't object to it as much as much as he does. If given a choice, I would do without it, but the fact that it’s on their…..meh.

    The condom; I don’t mind it at all but agree that the color choice (translucent natural silicon) is poor in that it will very quickly get stained brown from vapor. But this really isn’t a big deal to me and chances are it will stay a lot cleaner than a lot of grungy pipes and bongs that many of us have passed around, yeah? For $5/each I will consider the silicon condom to be consumable and no great burden to replace if it gets too ugly to bear.

    Now, I agree with Bud that I would wish that they had expanded the scale for the five temperature hash marks. That is, I would wish that they had they used a greater amount of the diameter for the temp adjustment (more travel) as it would provide better resolution to the user when setting temp. But, I did find very nice smooth mechanical resistance when adjusting the temp ring and felt I could pretty much get it to set and stay where ever I wanted. More territory for temp setting…yeah, nice to have…but I'm not outraged or inconvenienced by it.

    I also agree with Bud that they should have added a few more threads to the attachment of the mouthpiece. Think of it being a little more like 'Space Case' type threads. But I can also see their design challenge. To provide for an oven of any size, plus insulating double layer, well...you are left with only so much room for the thickness of the mouthpiece. Also, it occurs to me that many folks well prefer it the way it is as you don’t have to unscrew for an age to get the mouthpiece off and once on it is very stable and not liable to just come unscrewed. So, it’s a non-issue for me.

    My one criticism of the design is on the decision to add induction charging circuitry (The slip it over the end charger) to a vape that has very limited mechanical space and a challenging thermal environment. Doing this in a pen where the batteries are removable and external Li ion chargers are readily available doesn’t make sense to me but for those that travel with their vapes a lot, this may be very desirable (but still…really?)

    Operating a GH
    This is dead simple. No technique or body language needed. The oven is rather small (which I like for this vape’s purpose) and I get about .15 of fine ground herb in there with a very light tamp to no tamp at all. I start about about 3.75 on the temp scale (which is right at 365 F) and get wonderful flavor and the start of psycho active vapor. I then bump up to about 4.2 (approx. 385 F) for the bulk of the load and might bump up just a bit more to 4.5 for last draw.

    I have run it with fine grind and hand chunks. I think ground works better but it handles chunks just fine which is very good in an ‘on the go’ vape.

    I tend to start with a long slow draw to heat the herb and when I start to feel good vapor (maybe half way through) I speed up my air intake. I have seen no evidence at all that the GH heater can’t keep up with whatever air flow I chose to use.

    The AVB comes out a nice even mid-dark brown. Actually, comes out more evenly browned than from my Volcano! While I have gotten some roasted flavor later in the load, there has not been a single shred of evidence of combustion while at the same time my herb appears to be completely extracted.
    I primarily use this vape to take a draw and then set it down. That is, turn it on…take a draw…right at the end turn it off and keep drawing for a little bit…then set it down. I use it like this when watching TV or reading a book. Take a hit, let it sit; take another when the mood hits. That or for a quick couple of draws before leaving the house, for example. In both of these use cases, the temperature of the mouthpiece (and body of vape for that matter) is not an issue to me at all.

    I’m waiting for a 18 mm male to 14 mm female adapter to put the GH on my glass. Looking forward to that.

    The Heat
    Now, when using as a session vape…well, that’s a bit of a different story. When taking one hit after another in quick sequence, the mouthpiece gets pretty hot. By the 7th hit, the mouthpiece without the condom was too warm to hit comfortably. But it was fine up to about hit number 5. Again, this is fast sequence drawing. With the condom, heat was no problem for me.
    The session vaping does bring up a point. This is definitely a convection vape…until the sides of the oven get so hot that they transfer heat to the mouthpiece. Surely if you get this unit that hot, there must be some level of conduction. But I for one don’t think that conduction is a sin and I have found the vapor from this unit to be very good and perfectly acceptable to me.

    A battery lasted me through three loads but when it died I did not get the fast flashing blue…it went straight to fast flashing red and died. No problem, I had the extra battery already charged in my external charger so away we went. I have had no problem charging the unit with either the induction charger (magnetic bit that sticks on the end of the vape) or with externally charging batteries. I tend to charge at lower amps on my external charger as this is kinder to battery life (i.e. .5 amps).

    Plug for Delta 3-D Studios
    They make a nice little stand for the GH and a lot of other keen stuff, much of it 3-D printed. http://delta3dstudios.com/portable-vaporizer-accessories/grasshopper-vaporizer/

    I like this vape a lot on appearance, design, operation, and my personal use cases it fulfills. To me, this is a very nice ‘instant on’ companion to my desktop Volcano. The short falls are on company execution (delivery really) and some concerns about failure rate and how Hopper Labs is going to do long term with their lifetime warranty liability. But, that’s a possible future impact and at the present it’s working just perfectly fine and I’m enjoying it tremendously.
  • Grasshopper Review

    overall does the crafty or the grasshopper hit harder, regardless of the sizes? I heard so much beef on grasshopper before, but like any electronics there are always improvements so maybe they really just made it a lot better and you got the latest version
  • Grasshopper Woes-FYI

    Still between a Grasshopper and Crafty. I dunno why but I kinda wanna get the Crafty, even though I had been eying the GH for ages now.

    I don't think its a huge deal as I'm sure I'll get another vaporizer within the year, because some cool shit looks like it will come out. MV1 and saw this other new wooden looking vaporizer on fuckcombustion that looks amazing.

    I'd love to live in California. The flowers have gotten better here actually, but in Cali their great. Although, not completely down with the obsession with Kush. More of a sativa person myself. San Diego is amazing. Great weather.

    Well, I guess I'll order the Grasshopper. Was just reading about the quality of vapour and lack of draw resistance on the mighty/crafty.
  • Grasshopper Review

    "Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;. I come not to bury Grasshopper, but to praise him"

    (yes, edited a bit from the original haha)

    You may remember that after a year and change, my Ti GH finally stopped performing the way it did. It would still vape, but weakly and it no longer milked my can nor did the AVB look done.

    So, I blew it out, I cleaned the threads, I sacrificed a virgin to the gods (and you just don't know how hard it is to find one of them these days), all to no avail.

    I despaired of having to send it to Hopper and go through the RMA cha-cha with them.

    But, I did think to order a new set of batteries first to eliminate any further possible causes. I had been using my second set of batteries, GHB-2s, and I religiously rotate and charge the four batteries I keep in the line up.

    Now understand, it wasn't that I wasn't getting as many loads as before...it was that the vape was not running as hot as previously...by a long shot.

    Got my batteries this past weekend, topped them off in a Nitecore charger, and ran it last night with a PFE in a stevenlmz79 FC-188, 14 mm, Mobius knockoff. The new ones are GHB-2 also, but with what appears to be a thicker sleeve on the outside.


    Seriously, performance was back to brand new.

    I did try different batteries out of the four when I was having issues, but since they were all rotated religiously they all had the same number of charge/discharge cycles and apparently they all got puny at the same time also.

    So, if you are finding your GH running a bit cold, you may want to consider new batteries before RMA.
  • Grasshopper Review

    I don't think GHL is going anywhere. The Grasshopper is an amazing little vape that's affordable, extremely portable, effective and efficient. There's really nothing else like it and it's made in the good ole USA. Sure, GHL has had some setbacks and they're currently working through some big changes but I think it would be crazy to give up on the Grasshopper. I mean look at their new charger, it could be the same old same charger but they made that a work of art and it's supposed to be super quick too and the GH is also a work of art IMO. GHL is the vape company to watch!
  • Grasshopper Review

    When its at 100% and going through a water piece there is no portable on the market that can match it imo. I have never personally received a DOA brand new one but others on Reddit have and I've received "repaired" units that didn't work. I was a HUGE fanboy of the grasshopper up until like the 10th or 12th break, now being on my 24th break I see HL doesn't have a clue how to make these things reliable but when they work, its amazing. I now generally tell people not to buy a grasshopper but not because of performance, because of reliability.
  • Grasshopper Vape Pen


    How are you liking your grasshopper? Are you having any of these issues or has your grasshopper been holding up?
  • Grasshopper Review

    So I am definitely going to take the plunge and pick up the grasshopper vape next yr. during tax return season, I dont know if this means to much stock, but I just recently recieved a message from the grasshopper support team telling me that there is less than a 1 percent chance of having to send on for repairs on the hopper these days , that is music to my ears!!, regardless, im picking one up anyway because I have been wanting one for awhile, if anyone has any 'real' critiques, or info to add in the meantime I look foward to your advice, but in the meantime I will be doing some homework⚡⚡✌✌
  • Grasshopper External Charger!

    I believe the ghost vapor is a cooler extraction but it is not as quick. The grasshopper extracts amazingly fast which adds to its amazing stealth. The ghost seems potentially much more reliable. My grasshoppers need to be treated so carefully and one works much better than the other. The batteries are iffy. I don't know why the ghost seems to makes the medicine seem more potent on much less .
  • Grasshopper Review

    It is not go time, here is their June Update:

    "Two months ago we released the State of the Hopper blog post which outlined the manufacturing issues and resulting problems with the Grasshopper. We presented a timeline for what had happened so far and what was to come. In the last 60 days, we have made meaningful progress towards our goals in both repairing units and shipping new orders. We averaged throughput of 220 units per week as the new production lines continued to ramp up. This includes serviced units. Our customer service department and warranty departments have both made tremendous strides in keeping up with inquiries and getting responses out quickly. Most importantly the rate of device failure has plummeted.

    Our current goals include reaching a production capacity of 500 units per week, improving our customer service, and increasing overall satisfaction with our products. For those currently waiting on a new Hopper or service on a Hopper, we sincerely appreciate your patience as we work to deliver. We understand and relate to the process being frustrating as we want to get you these items more than anyone. Delivery has had some stop-n-go as our production lines are still gaining momentum. We expect outstanding orders to be cleared in the next 30-60 days and warranties to be caught up in the next 120 days.

    We currently have two items that are still on pre-order and have already been significantly delayed, the Stainless Case and the External Battery Charger. Hopper Labs has nearly completed both these items, and the designs are with our manufacturers for CNC machining and injection molding. The electronics and software are finished, and testing has been ongoing for the last few months. As our core product has become more stable, we are pushing these projects forward to completion. The delivery date has been estimated many times, and we wish to combat Hopper Lab's overoptimistic timeframes. Our current estimation is delivery will happen in the 3rd quarter of 2018 with more accurate updates to come along the way."

    We will be releasing a new batch of the Heat-Treated Grasshoppers and PFEs today. A 5% off in-stock accessories for the 4th of July Holiday starts now with the code "Middlefork."

    Thanks for checking in with our short newsletter.


    What email should I use to contact Hopper Labs?

    The best email for contacting Hopper Labs is .

    I have an order that has been delayed past its delivery date. Why is that?

    Orders from January, February, and March, were delayed due to a 3rd party manufacturing issue. You can read about that here. More recent orders have either shipped on time or been delated due to an unexpected parts shortage caused by the need to upgrade many of the units in the Warranty department. These parts have been coming in from our manufacturer at a steady rate, and we expect to be caught up on order in the next 30-40 days.

    We have been using our Instagram to put out small shipping updates. Please check out our story to receive weekly information. @grasshoppervape

    Thanks for checking in on our quick update.

    5% off all in-stock accessories when you place an order in the next 5 days. Code: Middlefork
  • Grasshopper external battery charger?

    Just pre-ordered a Ti Grey Grasshopper with a couple of extra batteries to keep my Crafty from getting lonely...site says it should arrive in Dec (for a VERY merry Christmas I hope :-O ). In the painful meantime, I was wondering if there's any way to charge the batteries separately from the vape itself? Thanks...

    P.S. Looking forward to a detailed review from the "Master" to confirm or deny all the positive hype....
  • Grasshopper or Pax 2?

    Trying to decide between the grasshopper and the pax2.... any advice from anyone who has both?
  • Grasshopper vape pen rubber silicone mouthpiece tip question

    hey everyone, glad to be new member! i was wondering if anyone knows if that silicone/rubber piece that goes over the grasshopper vaporizer mouthpiece is required to use it? or is it just for people sharing the unit? i put pictures to show you the thing im talking about.


  • Grasshopper vape

    Has anyone received their grasshopper vape pen yet? And if so, how do you like it?
  • Grasshopper Review

    After all of the shenanigans and hooligans with the grasshopper I finally got it today. First of let me state I own the crafty, evo, solo 2, Milanaa so I have a little experience. First off speedy delivery ordered Thursday home by Saturday perfect

    First Thoughts:
    A littlle put off by not receiving an extra battery like the other shipments receive earlier but hey those guys waited for months before receiving one . Other than that nice small box easy to hook up n get going.

    First Pull:

    Instant utopia first pull 3.5 notch it was great but I didn't feel anything. The problem was I was sipping like with my crafty when I should've been sipping like from my evo. This thing is fierce and at the movies while waiting for wonder woman it took me 3 minutes to get movie ready.


    For me personally the best portable out there u can buy. When I think portable I think quick, stealth, n potent somethING this thing does flawlessly. I'm finally putting down my crafty as far as on the go vape. This is the best especially if u miss combustion.
  • Grasshopper Woes-FYI

    Just a heads up in case anybody else have this issue, recently I cleaned the grasshopper with a Qtip and ISO. Charged and went to use my beloved and it went straight to blue without the usual red then blue. It didnt heat up nor did ut stay on long. So i figured maybe it didnt dry and put a blow dryer right in front of the front end for 30 minutes. Still no help, after looking for a box to return I clicked it on and worked like it never had a issue. So just in case this happens to anyone this trick may work.

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