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  • I figured out why I want a Grasshopper

    Any word if there is a grasshopper 2.0 coming soon?
  • Grasshopper Review

    Thats brill!

    You should start making a libary of AVB shot from all the vapes you own.

    These pictures clearly show thicker tric's left from GH-1 to GH to evo

    Please do a Dynavap next !
  • Grasshopper Review

    Hi guys – ok, this is a long post but hopefully interesting to GH owners and vaporists considering a GH.

    Here is the back story. I had sent two GHs back on RMA, each under their own RMA number as you have to create them in their website’s support tab against the specific serial number of the device. Last week they notified me, in ONE of the RMA tickets, that ONE of them was shipping back to me (supposedly repaired).

    The box arrived on Friday and when opened, to my surprise, both GHs, MP, charger, batteries where in the box. That is, both the one they said they were sending back and the other one which they didn't say they were sending back.

    So, I used them last night. The one they said that they were sending back (and did) worked ok. Not as good as the performance of my OG GH, but I ran the session at 4.2 and finished it at 5 and the AVB was nice and brown and the vapor was acceptable. As an aside, my OG GH performance was outstanding...I would run at 4.1 and rarely needed to go above this to get nice full extraction. But, nonetheless, the performance of the returned GH was acceptable and not something I think I can send it back for improvement. All good, right?

    So, then I ran the other one...my OG GH....for which they did NOT say in the RMA ticket that it was ready and that they were sending it back. Performance seems to be just as it was when I sent it. Running it max'd on 5, I got Volcano poo looking AVB at best....still more green than I would accept from any other vape and the vapor was on the thin side. Pretty much as I remember when I sent it back.

    I did, upon their approval, send both GHs under the two RMAs, back in a single box. I suspect that they fixed one of them and then someone just packed up everything in the bin for my stuff and sent it back and that the other GH had not been actually service. But, this is just suspicion and I do find vape performance to be a very subjective observation so I can't prove it (and can hardly remember it as it was a bit ago).

    So, being excited about my recent AVB pics and what they showed, I decided to run both with the same herb (LA Chocolate by Gleaf), and both at temp 5, and take macro pics of the AVB. I have a cheapo USB microscope that you have seen me use to post bud shots and the like. I was recently asked to take pics of ground bud and then the resulting AVB and I did so...it was very illuminating. For example, I have heard some folks distain to grind their bud as they feel that they are damaging the trichs too much. Well, in these pics, I used a BCG w fine plate and yes, you can see where they are a bit twisted up but far from being damaged or at least they are still good with me.

    So, I plan to do the same with the GH AVB.

    Below is some macros of LA Chocolate from GLeaf after it was ground and the AVB that resulted in my EVO at about 1 o'clock on the dial. Its easy to see in these pics whether its been fully extracted (it was def) or not. This EVO AVB is the bench standard for this little test. It’s the baseline for comparison. Now, the EVO is a plugged in hammer of a vape while the GH is a very small form factor portable, so while I use the EVO AVB as an example of complete extraction, I really didn’t expect to them to meet or exceed the EVO…but I did expect them to come close.

    GLeaf LA Chocolate Ground Bud

    LA Chocolate AVB from the EVO (love that vape)

    Now on to the GHs.

    I have somewhat surprising results.

    This is the AVB from the one they contacted me to ship back and which I therefore assume was actually fixed. Killed the load in 4 draws (I believe...maybe did a 5th just to make sure it was as done as possible) at temp 5. Drew until I wasn't getting anything further.

    Now, not quite as good as the EVO AVB, but the EVO is a horse of a vape and is not a portable so that needs to be taken into account, I believe. But, a lot more stalks left than with the EVO.

    NOTE AGAIN: all of this testing was done with the same exact ground flower. LA Chocolate to be exact (wow, it’s really nice stuff at 28% THC). Also, all sesh's were done with a PFE in an FC-188 as I believe through glass I can really honk on a vape and get the best results possible for this type of testing.

    Fixed GH AVB (that is, this is from the one that they said that they fixed). Not bad. Four good draws really killed the load but I took one more to give the AVB every opportunity to look good. Still more trichome stalks left then when compared to the EVO, but I’m not sure I can complain about this result.

    I believe NOT fixed GH AVB
    Now, here is the AVB from my OG GH which they did not contact me about sending back but which appeared in the box with the other one. Vapor was distinctly weaker...actually, just call it weak. I took 7 draws on it until no vapor left and it was as done as it was going to get. I actually expected it to look worse than this but I do believe that this is definitely not as good as the one they said that they fixed AND I don’t think this level of trichome extraction is acceptable.

    To me, the OG GH AVB is really not as good as the one above which I believe was fixed (although I still get flickering blue lights when drawing except when set on temp 5...dunno wtf that is about).

    So, guys....what do you think?
  • Best experience from which portable?

    Splinter Z is a great vape if its portable enough for JMH. I think the Grasshopper is one of the strongest ultra portable vapes, but we know how their product reliability is so i can't really recommend. There is no doubt about the performance when they work though.
  • Dr Dabber Switch

    I have ONLY used my Switch with the directional carb cap, a quartz bucket, and on crystal mode and it functions very nicely! I have never used the stock carb or the stock titanium bucket so I can’t speak on the functionality of that set up.
    I currently own the Switch, Mighty, Enano, Supreme 4, Sequoia with water piece adapter, G43, and the Grasshopper. Out of all the Vape’s I currently own including Carter Focus, the Switch performs way better then all of them with the set up with I use.
    Is this the best Rig I’ve ever used? No I still feel like the NewVape Showerhead and some other Pid controlled devices will perform better. Although out of of the battery operated devices I’ve used I’m liking my Dr. Dabber Switch the best without question. I don’t have to join any atomizer monthly subscriptions or add several hundred dollars in mods or atomizers to get it to function the way I want it to.
  • The best dry herb vaporiser is...

    Honestly I'll be the one to say the corney answer of:

    "The best vape is the one that works best for you."

    But the obvious aside and opinions tagged in the ring. I'd say the Herbalizer for versatility as the Large (Stationary) Desktop but that can also be easily replaced with an EVO Depending on your preference/style. The Log vape as a "From socket-to-socket" Plug-In but being the OCD Eco-warrior I am I dont like leaving on vapes to use power (not a knock on anyone who does. Again I'm just really OCD) so I recommemd the MUSA cause it, like the Herbalizer has less than a 30 second heat up time and therefore doesn't need to be left on. What I call "Desktop"/Home portables; Devices just too nice to risk taking out or too big, I'd say the Solo2 & the TUBO. For a Daily Driving device the Mighty is SUPER hard to beat from simplicity to be able to share and be smooth for novice or first time users but I can reach for the Fury2 just as often. I owned a Fierce for all of about 4 sessions before it bricked on me (2nd reported brick) but if the new version is as good as Tory says than I might grab another down the line but Green Collective or whoever ownes HR wasn't very helpful...to say the least with the return and refund so id have to think hard. Stealth it has to be the vapcaps with a Quad flame in a legal state or in an illigal state again the Fury2 is so great. A Grasshopper is the best option but they have those oh so known issues but...if you dare, they work great when they do. Best device that has to be used with a glass piece that accepts the vaporizer piece like the G43/FP/GS/Supreme I can't speak on.

    This is from what I can say as I'm sure there are others in my categories that fit better but I can't speak to them.

    Would anyone add a category or vapes to categories already named that I can't speak on?

    Edit: totally forgot 510's. The StemPod feels like you could be charged with Assault with a deadly weapon if you dropped it on your friends foot which makes me believe it won't break unless you try to break it. I couldn't get to many good sessions from the time I had using it that I didn't get a hotspot in the center but I was on Wattage mode. I had like 3 hits on a Z in TC mode dialed in and it seemed to give a smoother hit but seemed to vape everything but the edges of the bowl. Probably just my draw technique. I think I'd probably choose the Z but I have no idea as I have such little experience with them.
  • New vape user (Pulsar APX v2)

    I still never bought a charger so my grasshopper hasn't been used in months LOLLLLLLLLLL.

    I forgot how good the thing is.
  • I figured out why I want a Grasshopper

    420 bundle looks sweet. I bought my GH last year from Namaste vapes . com and Ive had no problems but I dont use it hard core.. Occasionally.. I gotta say this, I put down the GH for one month and then I ran next to the G43...I say it fairly equal, I like the flavor from the GH more than the G43.. but IMO i think GH holds a little less material than the G43.. so effects to compare to one another I would say equal..
  • I figured out why I want a Grasshopper

    I swear when I saw this I thought MagicMan was back! :gasp: :rofl:

    I am not in this market -- would never want one -- Grasshopper did at least one business thing right. They priced their product high enough that they could stay in business. It's the top fatal mistake of new manufacturing businesses. Pricing mistakes.

    I was really late to the Firefly 2 party and i dont know how drastically it changed or what is really different, but Im really happy impressed with this vaporizer i havent had it long but thus far it has met my expectations.Tyedyesamuraiguy

    Me too. I bought a year ago, waaaaaay after the hype and pomp of new vape release bullshit. Apparently, at launch, the Firefly2 gave orgasms with every hit, and increased your chance of winning the lottery !!! :joke:

    So your keyword here is "expectations". I was NEVER "disappointed" in my FF2 because I had done my homework and knew precisely what to EXPECT (and not to expect). I knew all the bitches people had about it. (Ditto with the Peak). My expectations were met. Many other people's were not. All I expected was for it to taste good and faithful to the flower/concentrates itself.

    Mine has never broken, always worked, the foam seal material is just like new, my holes are not clogged nor do they get clogged, I get 40 full draws on the batteries with flower and about 20 at 550f degrees, can full-clean it in about a minute. I like mine so much I bought an extra that is unopened, just in case the FF3 sucks, and my FF2 will eventually someday stop working. :scream: It would be a cultural shock to how I like to vape if i didn't have it anymore. If you value great taste most (most don't) I doubt there is a better portable for the purpose.

    It is also the only vape I do not use with water. And this says quite a bit for I am essentially "aquaman" when it comes to vaping anything.
  • I figured out why I want a Grasshopper

    agreed lol.
    I scimmed a reddit thread where they acknowledge that there was an intial bad batch of them. I think the hopper nightamares are going to be a thing of the past eventually.
    I was really late to the firefly 2 party and i dont know how drastically it changed or what is really different, but Im really happy impressed with this vaporizer i havent had it long but thus far it has met my expectations.
  • I figured out why I want a Grasshopper

    I just figure these are the vapes used by nasa engineers. They are just perfect for pocket protectors and slide rules.
  • I figured out why I want a Grasshopper

    I have 2 of them that are 2 to 3 years old and both still work. There are some small tricks that keep them working fine even if u get the red blue flashing light it can uasually be fixed at home. That being said i dont even use them anymore for mutliple reasons! ( none of these reasons are due to malfunctions rather just how it opperates. Most annoying of all is battery life even w swappable batteries.)
  • I figured out why I want a Grasshopper

    You should grab that 420 bundle. :)
  • I figured out why I want a Grasshopper

    Hahaha. It's really awesome when it works
  • I figured out why I want a Grasshopper

    I really do want a Grasshopper. I’ve heard things about them, and I know I’m probably not supposed to want one, but I do want one.

    I figured it out

    The Grasshopper


    One of my favorite things ever from my childhood

  • Grasshopper new item

    Ha! Could you post the link to this piece? :)
  • Grasshopper new item


    Less then half the price. The grasshopper logo brings significant value. :chin:
  • Grasshopper new item

    I like the profile of the this sidecar. Any one have a link of one that is a bit smaller and 14mm?
  • Grasshopper new item

    Any 14mm joint rig will work with a GH. Smaller cans are my preference, but the PFE is just a 14mm male joint.
  • Grasshopper new item

    i think i saw one of those traps set under a bridge :chin:
  • My new Mighty review?

    Burnt weed isn't as dark as I expectedGergin

    fill your oven and then put the liquid pad on top...not for 'trates, but it adds a bit more of conduction to this hybrid and your AVB will come out a completely even coffee brown.

    Also, keeps crap out of your cooling unit.

    As far as finishing off a load, I double click and boost to 410 to get the last out and it works pretty well. I run 385 for most of the sesh....maybe higher than some like, but I do really vape sort of like doing shooters. I want quick and hard...hitting.....LOL

    Glad you like it. I'm a bit of an older guy so mostly use desktops at home, but my fav portable remains the Mighty. Well, I may well love my Grasshoppers again if I can ever get Hopper to fix them correctly! haha But when working, they are also a very kick ass vape.
  • Magicman's Grasshopper diary

    you were too busy hittin dat SAWSE!Hazel

    I went from zero to three varieties, and therefore felt compelled to see which one pressed the best :nerd:
  • Magicman's Grasshopper diary

    you were too busy hittin dat SAWSE! :nerd:
  • Magicman's Grasshopper diary

    you done fucked up with those last picturesVapeCritic

    Magicman banned even in his statusDr green thumb

    I must have missed something! :gasp:
  • Magicman's Grasshopper diary

    Magicman banned even in his status
  • Magicman's Grasshopper diary

    I would normally defend you but right now you are not even trying to be funny (you would not either even if you were trying)

    If I were a mod I would delete that shit and ban you without question or warning or permission, right now.

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