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  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    Guys im thinking of getting the Eleaf Pico 75w for my HVT, but before buying one what other mod boxes can be used with the HVT TopFlow, temperature control is a must have since i will be using mainly ceramic donut and titanium bucket.
  • HVT Sequoia

    Anyone care to share preferred TC settings for HvT Sequioa using a quartz bucket atomizer?...I know HVT has their own suggested settings but I haven’t had much success with those.
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    This is the stainless steel HVT Sai atomizer (for wax) on an Eleaf Pico 75w mod, I put a little strip of some rosin I just squished on that nutty-lookin coil and took a nice rip, it was delightful :strong: :strong: :ok:
  • HVT SAI & Sequoia Quartz Bucket Coils

    Quartz bucket coils for the HVT Saionara and Sequoia atomizers :ok: :fire:

    Just a quick clip:

    Don't forget you need the Top Airflow atomizers to use buckets!

  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    thx for that info mate, i agree HVT site misses info on how to use it and other info... i hope ai get a good manual to learn...
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    thats exactly why i choose coming here..... got overdosed with reddit info... and i don't know sh1t about mob box... im inclining for the pico 75w because its suggested on HVT site... but i see others using different ones like the evic primo se for ex...
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    The HVT Sai TAF arrived finally and i went to pick a mod box, got this mod box Venvii Baby Ness that work with 20700 & 21700 batteries (120w) but can also work with a single 18650 batt (80w), now im using my own 18650 to experiment and so far i only tried the Ti Bucket with these settings 400F/205C 23W .67ohm and just need a small pre heat to deliver great taste and good clouds now i understand the buzz around it, does anybody know whats the capacity of the Ti bucket?


  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    Yeah i recently purchased a hvt sai with pico. Ive not been able to get vapor from the titanium buckets. Would someone be able to tell me the settings that work best . Also can you use any concentrates in ti bucket. Thanks
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    i have both + the puffco plus, @juxt gave a really good comment, i stop using the Linx because in my opinion the Plus is a better pen (cleaning, sesh mode and the dart) but both aren't comparable to the SAI... i didnt use all of the coils because when i used the TI bucket i was sold...(i didnt try the ceramic donut yet...) taste, cleaning, performance, last longer, everything is superior to the pens, but i got the SAI TAF only with ceramic donut and TI, probably i will get some more coils just to try them out.
    Still using the Plus when going out (perfect size) but the SAI TAF at home rules... even with the EVO for concentrates i rather go for the SAI this is a Beast!!
    When buying the TAF SAI check the differences because if you want to use the TI bucket u cannot get the EzSai Atomizer (i already ask directly to HVT) or the normal SAI (little smaller)

    Hey @juxt regarding your reply on the EzSai thread i asked directly on facebook messenger, this is the reply i got, so we cannot use this slick bat with the TI bucket.


    Cheers :cool:
  • HVT Sequoia

    No problem, I just got excited thinking HVT came out with ceramic buckets. I emailed them a few weeks ago and they said that they’re working on a quartz bucket.
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    Anyone got that promo code for HVT?
  • HVT SAI & Sequoia Quartz Bucket Coils

    That is correct. I spoke to Vic, the owner of HVT, and that’s what he told me. He said the Sequoia is better with TAF than the Sai. He said the larger coil of the Sequoia addressed many of the issues they had with the quartz buckets for the Sai.
  • HVT Sequoia

    So, I have the VooPoo Drag 2. Will give it a test run with the Sequoia this week. I’m going to try the Ti bucket first with some of the suggested settings listed at HVT’s site. If anyone has their own suggestions please let me know.
  • HVT Sequoia

    It sounds like you are off to a good start! I found HVT’s suggested settings to be too hot. I have a quartz bucket coil. I run in TC mode 25W and 425-435F. Seems to be my sweet spot. Provides great vapor, clouds, and flavor. If I go higher with W or F the material burns and the flavor degrades quickly. Best of luck!
  • HVT Sequoia

    I followed HVT’s recommended settings for the triple Ti quartz. The hits were smooth. Effects weren’t as strong as I expected but with some tweaking I’m sure I’ll get there. Vapor production ranged from “not much” to quite a bit. Could have been my rosin.

    I’m going to try the quartz bucket next and then the Ti bucket.

    I’m happy I bought this. It beats any pen. The Poseidon smoothed the vapor out a bit too. I’m not sure how this setup compares to the Peak or that Dr. Dabber thing but once my settings are dialed in for each coil I’ll bet it might be close or even better. I’m coming from mostly using carts, cheap pens, and flower. My experience with dabs on my Vrod is minimal.

    I consider this to be a portable home vape. If I ever need to carry I’ll just use my carts or the Blaze.
  • HVT Sequoia

    I plan to buy a few TI buckets when HVT has their next sale. I really like the quartz buckets. Once I dialed the mod in for the quartz bucket it has been my main portable vape. I like how easy it is to clean on the go. Simply wipe it out with a qtip after each session and it stays perfectly clean.
  • Temp Control Mod / HVT Sai

    Hey everyone, I just got the hvt sai and they recommend using the Ti bucket in Temp control mode between 400-450 degrees, and 24-28 watts. When i fire my mod, I'm wondering if that wattage isn't getting it up to the 400 degrees because I'm getting lots of reclaim. Can anyone explain how the wattage affects the temp control and if i should be setting it to a hire wattage?

  • Wismec Sinuous P80 HVT SAI TAF best settings ?

    Hi all, i have a G43 with the Wismec Sinuous P80 with myevic firmware and i also own a SAI TAF with Ti Bucket, the mod box that i got for the SAI is big so i want to use the Wismec Sinuous P80 with the SAI to be more pocket friendly.
    Before trying to change the settings i saved the profile for the G43 (1) and add another (2) for the SAI and im having problems to set the temperature, i already went thru the menus and i cannot find a way to set it up.

    G43 was already set on arrival from Bud and the display shows:
    10.5W (my sweet spot)

    The settings i have right now for the SAI on the Wismec Sinuous P80 are:
    just to get some weak clouds after a 6sec pull with small amount....

    On the mod i have with the SAI i have:
    This is the settings advised by HVT for the SAI with TI bucket
    My question is what is the best settings for the SAI TAF with TI Bucket using the Wismec Sinuous P80?

    Thank you
  • HVT Sequoia

    Big brother to the Saionara, this monster is the Sequoia atomizer from Humboldt Vape Tech along with a bunch of different coils you can get for it.

    I'm showing pics of two different versions of the atomizer, standard and top-flow, and a side-by-side pic with the regular SAI to see the size difference.

    Anybody got one of these already?

  • HVT Saionara or Prism+ for heavy use?

    Which would you suggest? Is there another pen on the market similarly priced you would recommend over these two?
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    Hi Bud - so i get that we have some real fans of the Sai but why won't this ceramic core wrapped with Kanthal coil start to taste just as bad as every other dang exposed coil atomizer (and to me they do NOT stay tasty).
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    That's a great question and I'm not sure but I'll keep you posted! :sweat: I'm going to keep using this one because of the strong love for it, and because it's good lol

    The only issue with my reporting personally is that I'm using my rosin that I squish when I test these pens and atomizers, and rosin doesn't seem to vape off quite as cleanly as other types, I guess there's still plant waxes or something in it right? So anyway all I mean is that my coils might gunk up faster than someone using shatter all the time, for example.

    Someone with more Sai experience may be able to weigh in on this :chin:
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    Yes and I'm also finishing up my Best Pens video which it will be included in as well :up:
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    rosin will really gunk up that black ceramic and it'll be foul in a few days/weeks. The new Ti cup and Top Air flow SAI is pretty boss.

    For that SAI you have there, I suggest the Triple Ti quartz, especially with waxy rosin.

    If you get BHO/PHO or sauce, then the black ceramic coils will provide the biggest hits. The triple Ti Black ceramic will drop you as well as the Kanthal only it'll taste 100 times better.

    But you'll want to stick to quartz rods, ceramic donuts or Ti cups with rosin.

    I would avoid stainless steal or nickle coils if you can.
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    Is this the Sai you're talkin about?

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