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  • KandyPens Galaxy Tornado Coil

    KandyPens came out with a new Tornado Coil for their metal Galaxy pens (the atomizer part) and its got an adjustable airflow ring and sealed leak-proof bottom (Y) (Y)

    This coil improves airflow and prevents clogging, and it also prevents oil from leaking down to the battery connection. It actually has a graduated air hole which starts off with a small opening and goes all the way up to fully open, it's pretty cool.

    Buy them from the official KandyPens store and you can use my code STAYUP20 to get 20% off:

  • Kandypen atomizer

    Kandypens company and warranty doesnt exist. My Crystal's battery button always sticks on. The quartz chamber leaks oil under the coil and burns old oil vape with your new. The customer service at kandypens make you jump through hoops, then never respond back after you do. I have posted my reviews of there products that I have purchased ( Gravity, Crystal) btw they immediately deleted the honest reviews I left!!!! Kandypens company is a fraud. STAY AWAY
  • KandyPens 40% OFF all pens & coils this weekend

    KandyPens is doin 40% off sitewide this weekend and it applies to all pens as well as the atomizers (Y)

    Use my referral link if you buy somethin to help support your man, and the code to use at checkout to get the 40% off is DAB710

    After the sale is over my usual promo codes will still work (STAYUP20 & STAYUP25)

    This is the biggest discount they give all year so def a good time to stock up. Below is my latest video to watch if you're not familiar with their pens yet, and there's a ton of info on this forum about them:

    And a couple pics:

  • Kandypens Galaxy vs Linx Hypnos Zero

    Kandypens was super shaddy with me in the past. My Linx Zero has been doing AWESOME for me.

    If you do want a Kandypen, I'd go for the Elite since it's a newer model. However, I can only advice and support the Zero since I've never used a KP.
  • kandypens mini

    Kandypens said the same thing with the gravity, it's just impulse buy marketing tactic. On a test run product they may "discontinue" if the public doesn't take to it. Which I presume they won't at the price point, unless performance is truly astounding.
  • KandyPens Giveaway - 'Tis The Season

    Kandypens are great. I got one about two months ago and I don't know if you've noticed but I haven't been on here complaining about it at all!
  • KandyPens Elite: Both Atomizers Have Glue, Good or Bad?

    So I reviewed the KandyPens Elite and it seemed like a pretty decent vape pen although in general I was never a big KandyPens fan, mostly due to the high prices. It is very sleek and the hits although not so tasty on the coils were big. The coilless was low temp and delivered good flavor. The coiled atomizer hit hard, but got too hot that it sacrificed flavor.

    Last night while finishing up reviewing it I took it apart. KandyPens claims they use no glues, but I have found this to be untrue. There is a glue at the bottom of both atomizers. You really have to break it apart to find it, but it is there. This is the real reason it does not leak.

    I am not saying it is not safe. I could not taste any glue form hitting it and it is very possible that this battery does not get hot enough to to melt the glueon the bottom of the atomizers. I am not an expert in material safety, but it definitely has an glue here and KandyPens told everyone "No wicks, dyes, or glue."

    I posted a pic of the other atomizer that also had glue in the review but the photo was a bit big to post here. It can be found on our.

    Here are the things I did like about it:

    1. The finish is very nice. Very shiny and feels quality.

    2. Lifetime warranty on the battery. Does not look like the BS Storz warranty issues I saw earlier this week on the forums here.

    3. It's discreet and looks close enough to a regular eCig no one will be able to tell.

    4. It does not leak. I like this a lot, but again this is due to the glue.

    What do you guys think about the glue? Still safe or questionable?
  • Kandypens Gravity Zero and Nova

    @VapeCritic@Baron23@Flipz@JMM folks I I have to say that I am continually amazed at the CS at Kandypens. They are always ready to assist in anyway possible. I reached out to them and they are taking care of me. So if any of you have reservations about Kandypens in anyway I would toss them aside as they are five star all the way. They have earned my business from now on. Thanks again Andrea at Kandypens. I guess I am a Kandyhead
  • KandyPens Elite: Both Atomizers Have Glue, Good or Bad?

    That is troubling. Kandypens uses pretty standard off the rack parts from an old ecig model, adding fancy colors, updated coil-free atomizer chambers, with multiple battery temp settings, and sealed atomizer floors. But the basic pen design is dated and other than the chamber uses Chinese parts that cost less than $10.

    That said, I actually really like and own their current top of the line wax pen, the ELITE.

    I have owned the first gen Kandypens Gravity (didn't like it much as airflow was restrictive and chamber floor wasn't sealed so terp sauce leaked thru to battery), and I have heard the current gravity has a sealed floor and much improved airflow (in part thanks to the budhole 8-) )

    I also currently own and use the ELITE, and only use the ceramic coil-free atty. To me, it tastes just as clean and pure as my Linx Hypnos Zero I've enjoyed for 18months or so now. The benefit is that it has a deeper chamber and the highest temp (blue) isn't as hot as the Linx top temp (red), which makes all 4 temps usable for me, on the elite, depending on how full the chamber is (fuller load requires higher temp)

    I wonder what indeed this adhesive substance is, and if we can surmise its safety by deduction.

    1. How long have you used that atomizer before tearing it apart ?

    2. What temp settings would you operate it at ?

    3. Did you tear apart the ceramic coil-free atomizer ?

    The glue in question seems to be confined to its originally applied location, assumed to hold the lead wires in place, and in all my use of Kandypens I haven't tasted any plasticky or chemical type smells like I did with grenco's early products. Hopefully others will chime in with helpful info or experiences.
  • KandyPens Elite: Both Atomizers Have Glue, Good or Bad?

    That is super disturbing, really I would not trust the safety of anything from kandypens at this point. Pretty much seemed like an out right lie and if this dudes reddit post is true that it was melting when cleaning, that is even worse. Obviously you can tell kandypens is not that great since it uses regular ecig batteries. That usually is a warning in itself that you are paying too much. I really think kandypens is paying more for the music video than anything else. When you get a regular ecig batt with an atomizer, to me that is a flag it should be a cheap wax pen.
  • Kandypens Rubi

    I'm having problems with the Rubi pods and it seems at this point to be flavor (or maybe thickness) related. In the month since I started using the Rubi, I've been using Hi-Nic tobacco and Mr Salt vanilla custard. The pod with the Hi-Nic has performed fine. The pod has lasted a month so far and still going; I've used almost 15ml of juice so far. Mr. Salt was great when I used the first pod, but after the first refill, the juice became dark/burnt, very harsh, and hard to draw to the point where the pod would quit - no vapor. I originally thought the pod had gone bad (very quickly) so I tried a new pod and got the same results. So I assumed the Mr. Salt brand was the problem. I then went to KandyPens site and wrote a scathing review of Mr. Salt calling it a pod killer (I purchased the juice from KandyPens).

    KandyPens contacted me after the review with an offer to replace the pods and juice (they're now making their own salt nic which they say is specially designed for the Rubi). Correspondence is ongoing. So far I've been impressed with their CS.

    In the meantime, I decided to try a different brand of custard flavor. I got the well-reviewed Yami Salt Toruto. Unfortunately, the experience was the same as with Mr. Salt. Meanwhile, the pod with the Hi-Nic tobacco flavor keeps going refill after refill.
  • Kandypens Rubi pod advice

    Quick update, the Rubi pods are very inconsistent approximately 5 of 14 pods worked well (max 3 refills) with rest burning out within the 1st fill. Complained to KandyPens and told them I was so disappointed I switched back to my juul (best pod mod but very expensive. Refilling IS A MESS; leaks, liquid getting everywhere, too many variables when refilling, etc etc...).

    Kandy pens sent me a “feather” gratis - works well enough. Vapor production is good (about the same as the Rubi). The pods have not burn on the 1st fill (I leave them to prime over night) with Mr. Salt-E, but am having problem with “I heart salts” mango on the 1st fill. All feather pods with Mr. Salt-E (12 so far) burnt out on the 4th fill.

    I am willing to put my name on the following statement: Based on the data I have been collecting and experiences, all KandyPens pods are designed to fail at the 4th fill. I have no evidence or experience so far to suggest any kandypens pod will give you more than that.

    Presently I am investigating switching to a regular mod with a nautilus mini (to finish all the 25mg+ salt liquids I have) and then switch to another tank mod combo and 5mg Mr. Salt-E liquid. Will keep updating with what I find to be best trade off between time spent enjoying vaping and time spent being frustrated.
  • Kandypen Gravity vs Linx Hypnos Zero

    As someone who has used all of the following pens, each with no exposed coil:

    Linx Hypnos Zero
    Kandypens Donuts
    Puffco Plus
    Omicron V4 with donuts
    Kandypens Gravity
    Dr Dabber Aura/Aurora

    If you plan on using solid state shatter or wax all will be fine, but they are listed from lowest heat to highest heat, so top list will give whisper/tastier clouds on low settings, bottom will give bigger/thicker hits.

    If you plan on using thin oils, the clear, or overly terpy live resin, I would not recommend the gravity, donuts, or dr dabber, as their atomizer floors are not sealed well, and thin oil will leak they onto the battery contact.

    This can happen with the puffco plus as well (the chamber is not one piece as we thought, rather, the bottom heat plate is pressure fit into the cup. So the leaks on the puffco will happen over time and use, but not as much as with gravity/donuts or dr dabber, where it can happen right away.

    Kandypens has a sealed bottom pen out now called he MiNi, and another one coming out with another sealed bottom, improved airflow, golden version of the gravity, called ELITE. Those two will likely be as good as the linx for thinner runnier stuff.
  • KandyPens Giveaway - 'Tis The Season

    I'm giving away brand new KandyPens vapes just because I want to and I love you guys, I couldn't keep this place going without you. (Y) (L)

    Keep it for yourself or give as a gift!

    Here's the catch, I'm gonna give them away one at a time and all I ask is that you post your thoughts and some pics on the forum after you try it out! (be honest)

    And it begins...
  • Kandypens Galaxy

    Never tried the "offical Uvape" but sure I tried one of the 10 places who make it LOL. I agree with you on Kandypens, always liked the pens as they came out... besides the donuts honestly (wasn't their best) :D

    I cant't say 100% but pretty sure replacement atomizers and parts will be available for along time. It's really from just what I noticed with the past Kandypens stuff I've bought.
  • Kandypens Galaxy battery

    Yup, if the store is a authorized seller of Kandypens - you should not have any problems. Although I'd think it's the stores job to give a replacement and they should deal with the vendor themselves. Send a nice polite e-mail to Kandypens and sure you'll be taken care of.
  • Kandypen atomizer

    Hey XL83. I recently moved from flower to concentrates solely based upon moving away from carcinogenic materials and get into more edibles and or concentrates. I feel your pain and understand your frustration as I had basically the exact same problem. I tried everything from cleaning with ISO to using my oven to burn off the rest.

    Anyhow I contacted Kandypens support directly and they were very supportive and helpful and offered to send me a brand new battery and coil attachment for my misfortunes. Which in the end makes me feel like I did not get totally ripped off.

    I took it upon myself to buy another brand just to have another pen for comparison and I would suggest going with the Dr. Dabber aurora or ghost. The only downgrade to Dr. Dabber is that the packing chamber is a bit smaller, in terms of how much concentrate it can support. I know that is going to cost you another $100 - 150 investment but I think it is totally worth the money or just contact Kandypens since their products are under lifetime warranty and I am sure they will send you at least one replacement for free.

    I would not direct your frustration to the forum or to the people that get free swagger although I do see your point. But Flipz and VapeCritic give the best reviews and are very credible, plus in this link to this post, VapeCrtic took apart one of his galaxy pens piece by piece to help another member troubleshoot their coil issue.

    I hope this was helpful or at the very least gave you a little reassurance,

  • Kandypens Rubi

    So I've had a Rubi for about a month now. Bought it because I wanted something discreet and dependable. Refillable pods were appealing to me for a guy who's always on the go. I pulled the trigger and bought 1 with an extra pod.

    Here we are a month later and I've had countless issues with pods. Namely that the refill leaks like a mother. Additionally one pod is "froze" and will not clear the vapor path, thus leaving my precious oil to rot away in the pod.

    Reaching out to Kandypens, and they don't GAF. Keep sending me pods that are 9.99 a pop, but won't refund my pen purchase. Anyone else having these issues with this product or other Kandypen Products?
  • Kandypen atomizer

    I hope for all of you who never bought a pen before thinking about it see this. I got my galaxy pen from Kandypens in the mail less than 2 weeks ago. 2 atomizers clogged in less than 10 days. A few days now spent trying to unclog the bastards and then trusting them to put more oil in the pen. Ya'll need to get real with yourselves tellin people a little rubbing alcohol is gonna solve the issue long term. One or 2 fills later back to the same wasting oil bull shit. Now the alcohol doesn't even work anymore to unclog for a couple puffs. Get back in the lab KandyPens - your shit is weak. VapeCritic stop lyin to the people. This shit clogs like a mf
  • Kandypens Galaxy

    Just tried it out and it works awesome. I was using something called a Uvape or Ultimate Vape 3.0 Turbo I got at a local shop. It was super cheap but works really well. I plan on keeping it and using it for travel. I'd love to hear some common complaints with cheap off brand units like that because I don't have any. I have read terrible reviews from people saying Kandypens are just re-branded cheap pens. This is definitely not true. There may be common parts, but not where it counts. The Kandypen rips hard, and tastes great. I wasn't sure if it was going to be worth the extra money, but it is. I only hope that replacement parts stay available for a while. Glad I made the purchase.
  • Kandypens Galaxy Light Sequences

    Hi all,
    Does anyone know what the different light sequences mean on the Kandypens Galaxy? Specifically, there is a sequence where it will flash red, green, and blue twice. The battery isn't dead, it almost seems to do it at random. Any insights?
  • Kandypens galaxy "tornado" atomizer

    I was looking on the Kandypens website today and i saw that they had new atomizers with adjustable airflow holes on them, similar to the source orb mouthpiece. Has anyone seen / used these?
  • Kandypens Galaxy battery

    Hello, the battery to my kandypens galaxy stopped functioning properly, everytime i hit the power button it rotates through the power settings, in order of red green and blue. Is there anything i can do to fix this? If i remove the battery from my atomizer it will appear to be working fine, itll allow me to hold the power as if its working but immediately after i put it back on the atomizer it goes back to malfunctioning, same thing happens. When i try to charge my battery the charger shows my battery as fully charged, except that's not the case. Sorry for the wall of text, does anyone know of any fixes? Thank you.
  • KandyPens Free Stuff #1

    I have some extra KandyPens coils and mouthpieces that I'll send for free to whoever needs them, here's what I got:

    2x Galaxy mouthpieces Black/Gold (no Bud Hole)
    1x Galaxy mouthpiece Rose Gold (no Bud Hole)
    1x Gravity mouthpiece Sandblasted (with Bud Hole)

    1x Galaxy standard coil Rose Gold
    1x Galaxy Tornado coil Gunmetal
    1x Galaxy Tornado coil Gold

    2x Gravity quartz coil
    1x Gravity ceramic coil

    If you want or need any of these just post here and lemme know!



    I'm very excited to compare the KandyPens ELITE to the Linx hypnos zero (which has a smaller chamber, lower airflow holes, and smaller ceramic plate). I hope this has just as good or even better airflow!

    Also excited to compare the ELITE to my heavily airflow-modified puffco plus (which when stock, feels like trying to pull a hit thru a brick). Another weakness of the puffco is that despite having a deep chamber, the airflow holes can get clogged with loading 0.1g to 0.2g, since they are placed only halfway up the chamber walls, instead of higher.

    I think with the fourth lowest temp & ceramic plate from the gravity, and a sealed bottom (like the linx), this will finally be the best option for us low temp terpy live resin lovers! I can't tell if the atomizer section has two outer airholes or one, but I do see that it has the budhole in the mouthpiece, which is good.

    Dropping online 11/15 headshops 12/1
    Can't wait!

    Thoughts ?
  • KandyPens MiNi

    This is the new KandyPens MiNi vape pen and it actually performs really well, I'm just not thrilled with how it looks.

    Basically the standard kit comes with the coil-less ceramic plate atomizer, and this one is very nice but the main downside is light vapor production, it's not a hard hitter. Flavor and smoothness are top notch with this one though, so I definitely enjoy it and think you would too. I wish the pen looked cooler like their others, but at least they got the performance right.

    The quartz atty looks and feels like a slightly upgraded Galaxy coil (a good thing), and the vapor production with this one is much greater than the ceramic. I personally love the flavor from quartz coils and prefer bigger clouds, but there's plenty of times I like the coilless one too and I know a lot of you like that style also.

    Airflow is on point with both coils, it feels very natural and I like that, but it's not adjustable (doesn't need to be imo).

    It's also leakproof on the bottom, they sealed up the holes that were above the threads and instead the air comes in through the side air holes like most of their other pens now. This means you can use thin oils and it won't leak down into the battery connection, but you still can't tilt it on its side like other pens and some oil may eventually build up inside the atomizer itself (this you can actually reclaim). The air holes inside the atomizers are pretty high in the chamber though so I think the amount it can hold comfortably is pretty good.

    Here's some close up footage of the atomizers in action:

    And here's some pics, they go all out on the colors:

  • KandyPens Mini Review


    Thanks to @VapeCritic for the giveaway! I'm gonna keep this short and sweet.

    The Mini is very easy to use and I haven't had any issues with it yet. It hasn't had any clogging or leaking and it has O-rings instead of a threaded screw, which removes the need to constantly clean it just to open/close it. The airflow is top notch; it feels like you're breathing in air. The vapor is flavorful on both atomizers, however, the ceramic atomizer wasn't quite strong enough for me. The dual quartz coil is definitely the way to go. The Mini has a long battery life and pass through charging, which has proven to be very convenient in my short week of usage. This has been my favorite way to stay up due to the convenience of a vape pen and the flavor. The only 2 things holding this pen back are the price and the weakness of the ceramic atomizer. This pen is not worth it without the quartz coil. I definitely see myself buying a KandyPens product in the near future and would recommend this to anyone looking to get into vape pens. Just make sure you use Bud's discount code to get a free quartz atomizer.
  • KandyPens RUBI Oil Vape Pen

    My review of the new RUBI oil vaporizer pen from KandyPens. What makes this one different is its open pod system, you can refill the cartridges yourself with any thin oils or e-liquids. It's like the Juul and the Era bumped uglies and out came this thing, it's got features from both but overall I'm diggin it better, and I decided to review this one over the others because I can finally fill this one myself (and not with e-juice).

    Pods have a ceramic coil inside wrapped in japanese cotton and they have a 1mL capacity. I made my own oil to use with this by mixing some wax I pressed with some terpenes I bought separately. You can also use products like "wax liquidizer" that use a PG-blend to thin out your oil, if you don't mind the PG.

    I haven't had it very long so I can't comment on the longevity of the pods, all I can say is that I haven't had any leaks or spitback.

    It's listed at $49.95 on their website and I have a promo code for 25% off.


    My referral link to buy:

    Thanks bros, stay up!

  • Kandypens asap rocky limited edition mahogany quartz atomizer

    Quick question: my dual quartz kandypens atomizer has some insulation(?) hanging over it's rim. Is this normal or is it potentially dangerous to inhale??81k5nw3aicihn7th.jpg

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