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  • Linx Hermes 2 Oil Pen

    Linx told me that the zero battery would not work.
  • Linx Hypnos Zero vs Kandypens Prism?

    Linx is the best vape pen in my opinion best flavor and has the best coiless atomizer
  • Linx Blaze

    Linx has a 4/20 sale today 20% OFF sitewide with code LINX420
  • Linx Aries on Sale for $89.99 at ToM

    If anybody is interested in the Linx Aries, its a bit on sale here:
  • Linx Hypnos Zero vs Kandypens Prism?

    Both have treated me well. Linx Hypnos Zero was the first ceramic plate high airflow pen, and still one of the best. Build quality very robust. Heavy for being so small. Flavor was unmatched even by source’s stuff until elite and Prism came out, which both had the low temp flavor of the Linx.

    Kandypens Prism is same high airflow ceramic plate with several small improvements (lightning Apple charger+ Android charger), embedded ceramic heating disc, lower fourth temp (Linx on red is way too hot), but prism isn’t quite as robust and durable. Prism is much lighter.
  • Linx Hypnos ZERO - First Look

    The Linx Hypnos ZERO pen, just opened it, never saw this type of atomizer before :-O

  • Linx Hermes 2 Oil Pen

    Just bought the Linx Hermes 2 and I must say I can't wait to use it (with oil), super high quality just like their Hypnos:

  • Linx Blaze

    Anyone try the new Linx Blaze yet? I’ve been looking at the Hypnos Zero. I called Linx and they said the Blaze is an upgraded Zero. I’m considering buying the Blaze but wanted to hear your feedback first.

    I really like the small, portable, and discrete aspects of it. Furthermore, it has a bucket style which I see as a major benefit. It also has a larger battery than the Zero.

    Let me know your thoughts!!
  • Linx Hypnos atomizer / ceramic rod is awesome!

    Do you get better/flavourful hits with the linx hypnos vs the Galaxy? I have a Galaxy and im liking it a lot. Was thinking of trying the linx or the aura not sure..
  • Linx Hypnos atomizer / ceramic rod is awesome!

    it's a little hard to compare. the linx hypnos does give very nice tasting hits as does the kandypens galaxy and aura.

    With the linx though, the heat settings are much lower than the Galaxy and a lil lower than the aura so while flavor is there no matter which one you pick. Would kind of come down to do you want big "heavier" cloud hits with the Galaxy or smaller lighter less visible clouds that the hypnos and aura give off.
  • Linx Hypnos atomizer / ceramic rod is awesome!

    the linx hypnos is prob by far the most discrete (in size and no stupid bright colored lights glowing lol) but I would pick the aura. if you like the Galaxy the aura would be suited more for you as the linx uses very low heating.

    @VapeCritic chime in buddy ;)
  • Linx Hypnos ZERO - First Look

    Yo, The Hypnos Zero just melted a sinkhole out the middle of a round flat disc of shatter. Made me a maple syrup glazed glassy donut....


    Then managed to fry an egg sunny side up:


    NOW I NEED TO GO TO WALKER BROS PANCAKE HOUSE AT 1AM. Whole damn boat of syrup on my waffles. Got maple all on the eggs and turkey sausage too. TF LINX. Diabetes runs on my pop's side, and this damn pen is supposed to be medical grade. THE F#@K.

    The friendly chefs at Linx sent me one to beta test, as they're serious about perfecting this dish... I gave them quite a few specific suggestions. We'll see which they act on. Season that pot y'all !!!
  • Linx Hypnos ZERO - First Look

    Got an answer from Linx about the temperatures:

    The Linx Hypnos Zero utilizes an innovative micro chip that is capable of achieving low temperature vaporization. There are four distinct temperature settings designed to vaporize tasty terpenes at their specific boiling points without flash vaporizing them. These temperatures are as follows;
    -Blue (Low) Perfect for low temp vaporizing terpenes ~ 320 F
    -Green (Med) ~ 375 F
    -Yellow (Med High) ~ 460 F
    -Red (High) Perfect for bigger clouds ~ 650+ F

    *Please note that these temperatures relate to the plate atomizer itself. Wax concentrates will add to heating time and maximum heat.

    Based on this I have been sticking with Green,

    I love the size and convenience of this pen but I am using a CO2 oil and it is hard to work with. Hoping to get some wax or shatter soon which might load easier.
  • Linx Hypnos ZERO - First Look

    Using the new silicone mouthpieces Linx has, allows for a very nice smooth mount and dismount of the same bubbler I was using before with 109 O-Rings. It unfortunately also cuts down the airflow too much, which is the Linx best feature, especially with the first gen filter section. I feel like the hole in the center of the silicone should be wider.

    In other news, I drilled four more tiny holes in one of the newer filter sections, and that helped a lot. I have another newer filter section here and might just enlarge the existing holes of it with the drill, and see which flows more freely.
  • Linx Hypnos ZERO - First Look

    Exactly. I thought the puffco plus would be superior, in terms of both performance, efficiency, and being leak proof, but it runs thru wax quicker, the lowest temp wasn't quite low enough for me, and the puffco actually leaked, whereas none of my post-beta linx atomizers have leaked even when vaping the terpiest holy water. Dart popping bubbles, and sesh mode were both great, but puffco can improve upon airflow and other things.

    Hence why I am so excited for the new kandypens ELITE. It has a larger chamber & higher airflow holes than the linx, so we can pack more for a long day out, and it's got a sealed atomizer floor, unlike Kandypens earlier offering the gravity.

    Can't wait to get mine!
  • Linx Hypnos Dio Atomizer

    That wrap looks pretty clean... only negative I see is it looks like the linx in general uses a standard eCig battery. Usually when they are threaded like that that's what it is. So better off just getting the linx attachment if they have that and a cheaper battery.
  • Linx Eden

    Linx Eden Review (write-up)

    Short video demo:
  • Linx Hypnos atomizer / ceramic rod is awesome!

    Been using my linx hypnos vape for about 2 weeks and def used the hell out if it. Happy to report the rod still looks pretty damn fresh and nice compared to other pens I've used.

  • Linx Hypnos Zero Cleaning Video

    New video from Linx on how to clean their pen. Nothing startling, but perhaps for beginners this might be informative. Cheers

  • Linx Hypnos Tricks?

    My vape pen experience is very limited - I've just used cheap quartz coil atomizers in the past. I recently picked up a Linx Hypnos, and after some drama over a defective coil I was finally able to use it. The problem is, I'm having a bit of trouble. It seems like it takes a long time for the ceramic plate to heat up, so that it's almost at the end of the 15-second cycle before it produces a much vapor. I'm finding myself resorting to pre-warming it for 15-seconds, then taking a 30-second hit by pressing and releasing the button a few times. Then I'm finally able to get a decent amount of vapor.

    Also, there seems to be a lot of black tar left around the edges of the plate and around the sides of the ceramic bowl. I soaked it in iso overnight and gently wiped it with a q-tip, but there's still a lot of residue left. Definitely more than is left behind with the quartz coils I've used.

    Is it just that I'm used to the quartz coils getting a lot hotter than the ceramic plate? Am I doing something wrong? How hard should I pull? Should I be re-positioning it each hit so that the wax moves around?

    Thanks for any advice you can give!
  • Linx Hypnos Dio Atomizer

    Also picked up the new Dio coil for the Linx Hypnos, haven't used it yet but looks nice:

  • Linx Eden

    Anyone seen or used the Linx Eden yet? If so is it any good? What's the airflow like?

  • Linx Hypnos atomizer / ceramic rod is awesome!

    the linx hypnos is def one of, if not the "stealthiest" (if that's a word) vape pen I own/seen.
  • Linx Hypnos atomizer / ceramic rod is awesome!

    For those who haven't seen it yet:

    Linx is re-releasing the Hypnos again in a month or so, with a new coil-free atomizer option called the ZERO.

    It looks like the design may be a seamless one piece, whose walls taper down smoothly into a center concave "bowl/well"(ZERO), that is also the heated area. So all concentrate will naturally pool into the area it should be in. No leaks, no reclaim ... ZERO WASTE !

    The battery power down "5-clicks on, 5-clicks off" feature has also already been added to Hypnos.
  • Linx Hypnos atomizer / ceramic rod is awesome!

    Thanks for the reply and Sorry my bad I ment to say I already own a Galaxy pen and I like it a lot! Iv been trying to choose between the aura and the linx so my question is which one is better? My guess would be the aura cuz of the atomizers and I like dr dabber products but the hypnos definitely looks interesting!
  • Linx Hypnos ZERO - First Look

    Looks really interesting. It looks like the same battery as the linx just with different atomizer. Do you know yet if people could just get the atomizer (if they already own the hypnos) or is the battery actually different? Thanks man.
  • Linx Hypnos ZERO - First Look

    Flipz - I asked this question on another forum and the rep from Linx said you can just get the new atomizer when it comes out "sometime next month".
  • Linx Hypnos atomizer / ceramic rod is awesome!

    Hey guys so I recently got the Linx Hypnos AND Hypnos zero and I like them both a lot and one of the reasons why I got it was this "stay white" ceramic rod and I seen in previous posts you all still have white ceramic rods after weeks of use...
    Well the Hypnos zero ceramic plate has stayed white after a week of use which is awesome!! But the ceramic rod in the Hypnos original went black after 2 sessions :s does anyone know why? Did I get a defective atomizer cuz it's very odd that it went black after not even a day of using it..
    Whatever info would be great thanks cheers!
  • Linx Hypnos atomizer / ceramic rod is awesome!

    I actually had the opposite reaction. My original Hypnos coil that I got months ago stays really white. Zero got discolored. Despite using the same batch of terpy concentrate in both.

    As soon as it got black spots and discoloration, I was worried these zero plates weren't made out of the same high quality ceramic as the coil Hypnos, and since the zero had a more plasticky smell than the totally inert neutral healthy smell and taste of my original coil Hypnos.

    Also another complaint on the zero:


    The bottom of the atomizer of my regular Hypnos is very symmetric and seems perfectly machined, and is encased in some high temp viton-like material for the ring.

    The zero battery connection point seemed out of line, was wobbly, and featured a poorly cut, off center ring, made of white spongy material, and leaked thru to the battery.

    Again, despite using the same batch of concentrate on not atomizers.

    Also, another letdown, was the airflow holes on the inside of the original Hypnos ceramic dish were maybe a tenth or two of a millimeter larger than the airflow holes on the zero.

    And finally I feel the filter section of the zero contains splatter/reclaim better, but limits airflow. Take both mouthpieces and filter sections off and test them with air. The original pulls with far less draw resistance.

    This is the case, even when the zero is totally clean, and the original Hypnos is caked with solidified reclaim:


    I don't mind scraping reclaim off of my filter section and plopping it right back down onto my atomizer. I just don't need reclaim to leak down into the battery. Especially with all the concerns of vape batteries blowing up in people's pockets.

    I contacted them and offered other recommendations too, and they assured me they were going to handle these issues prior to shipping out the first real batch of zero's. We'll see how they do. I was dissapointed in the leak because that is the reason I avoided the Dr. Dabber aura, was due to the halo atomizer seeming flimsier in construction, and leaking into the battery.

    Time will tell. I would prefer Linx winning this war.
  • Linx Hypnos atomizer / ceramic rod is awesome!

    Yeah when I first got my zero, it had a smell my original Hypnos never ever had at all. It had a .... Gulp ...... Grenco smell.

    Linx needs to check whatever source their original ceramic was from and make sure 100% to use that ceramic on their zero atomizer's otherwise they will not see brand loyalty from consumers the way they could, if they do make sure all these flaws are taken care of.

    The whole cannabis community is moving towards healthy alternatives rapidly. Other pen companies smelled plasticky and my first Hypnos didn't at all. The zero did. Maybe my zero atomizer was made with a batch of "ceramic" which had a greater amount of filler added to "stretch/cut" the real ceramic more ? And that was used to make your newer "less air flow" coil-Hypnos ?

    Regardless, much of what I loved about the first original Hypnos I got:

    1. super low temps on blue heat setting with very little visible vapor from 4-5sec draw
    2. huge free airflow
    3. no plastic or chemical taste whatsoever
    4. Perfect machining/craftsmanship/alignment
    5. No leaks

    Seemed absent on the zero.
    1. Even blue heat made more visible/harsher vapor
    2. Airflow more restricted by less holes in filter section
    3. Plastic/chemical smell/taste
    4. Atomizer battery post not aligned properly and atomizer edge machined roughly
    5. Leaking to battery

    I hope they don't cheap it out for more money, when they have potential to be the number one concentrate pen on the market, for all the growing number of health conscious concentrate users out there.

    All we wanted was the original Hypnos with all its same superior quality, but with five click battery off, and with a plate at the bottom of the atomizer instead of a coil.

    Well we got the plate and 5-click off, but in conjunction with cheaper materials and worse airflow and that's not cool. They need to get this right so they can outsell dr Dabber aura and Kandypens donuts, before the Quartz donuts 2 drops. Get it right EDDIE !

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