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  • Linx Blaze

    Linx just released their new “Budder Cups” for the Linx Blaze. They are little glass? concentrate cups that fit inside of the flat ceramic atomizer chamber on the Linx Blaze. They work pretty well too. Great microdosing solution for on the go. My full review copy-pasted below:

    “I have also had the pleasure of using the new Budder cups for the Linx Blaze Onyx. For anyone not familiar with the Blaze, it’s a great device for concentrates on its own(comes with a ceramic flat coil atomizer as well as quartz chamber atomizer). The case it comes in is pretty nifty too.

    But it’s the new Budder cups that stand out. The little case that the cups come in is brilliant. You slide the tray out and inside are 8 neat little cups. Each one comes with a little rubber cap so you can preload each cup and carry the whole case on-the-go.

    The Budder cups are meant to be used in the flat ceramic coil atomizer. Once the mouthpiece is screwed on, the cup fits nice and snug in the Blaze. The Budder cups, as mentioned above, are super small. I only put a tiny amount of concentrate in each one.

    The Blaze has different temperature levels so I started at the lowest and worked my way up. To my surprise, the 2nd level was the best for me. I thought it would take the highest heat since the atomizer needs to heat up the cup but I got great flavor and clouds on the second lowest setting and the cup looked pretty well spent after just a few rips. And that’s why the cups are so novel. You don’t have to keep loading/cleaning the same cup after each use. Just swap out one cup for another, you do get 8 of them! Lol. And the swap is easy, just unscrew the mouthpiece and it slides right out.

    I would absolutely recommend the Blaze with Budder cups to anyone looking for a discrete, clean, and portable concentrate microdosing device.”


  • 2019 Vape Pen Recommendations

    Mate regarding the Puffco Plus... the only thing i dont like is the atomisers duration... everything i want in a Oil Vape pen is in a Puffco Plus especially after the update of the mouthpiece and introducing the dart, the Linx is a pain to clean due to the design of the donut oven and thats why i picked up the Puffco Plus although this is also a pain to clean but way easier than the Linx. (i only use Rosin i make, i dont have other concentrates available and RSO is not good for vaping....)
    I use this type of pens mainly on the go, with a herb vape along or solo if im in those situations i can only pull off a single puff at a home the SAI rules for oil! the results are way better than the others desktops vapes i own and keeps then cleaner. I won't buy another Puffco Plus and im leaning to the Crystal or the Blaze for a future buy but i need to be aware of new stuff. Good performance, small & discreet is what im looking in a pen.
  • 2019 Vape Pen Recommendations

    I have had a KP Galaxy (I think it was the Galaxy), Linx Zero, and a Source Orb 4 for pen type devices.

    I did like the Zero when I first got it. Very nice build quality, at the time most pens were still exposed coil/rod construction, and my state was still illegal so not a lot of access to 'trates so not much tolerance to them either.

    I still think the Zero is a very nice device....just not for my use case, mostly. Bit to cool of temp...bit too much of a light hitter. Course, I'm nailing e-bangers these days so there is the basis of comparison.

    The Source Orb 4 has...or at least the big box of stuff that Source sent me for free for reasons I still do not understand....Ti bucket atomizer. Works well....forget pen battery, need something more like 25 - 35 watts I believe (there is a chart on Source's website). But to me, dabbing off of Ti tastes like crap and I'm not one too influenced by small differences in taste. But, for some reason, I do find the Ti buckets to not be my cup of tea. Many others...maybe most others...don't mind a bit so there is that.

    The, not sure I even have it anymore.

    I'm just not a pen person, I guess.

    I am interested in NV's emerging product, the Tsunami, as a AIO dab rig...need to see final design and cost, but this does interest me more than some others in this AIO space.

    Another device I'm interested in see as it comes out is the AVS M22. It is truly a unique approach...they didn't just copy other stuff....and its main feature is that the SiC insert is actually the heating element also (SiC is a great thermal conductor and electrical semi-conductor, right). I believe that first pre-orders were to have gone out, but that they found that the Zirconia insulator ring in there was made just a bit too tall so they are being reworked and will be replaced for pre-orders with a new one. Small issue that doesn't worry me. I also like the guy who runs this shop's attitude as seen on his YouTube vids.....calm, objective, no big overblown sales pitch, just a good demo of his product. This one may get me back into a 510 pen type device (but it def requires a pretty good box mod to power this sucker).

  • 2019 Vape Pen Recommendations

    I do my own Rosin, for that i have a Linx Hypnos, Puffco Plus and the SAI TAF with TiBucket, yes i can use the Mighty, Crafty, IQ, EVO and the G43 Which i own but for portability i am reduced to the Puffco Plus and the Linx since the SAI is way to heavy to carry around and we dont carry Guns around in Portugal.... at home the SAI rules, better taste, cleaning, the hole experience is way better but when i go out usually i carry a herb vape along so adding up cell phone keys etc... dam .... :groan:
    Puffco Plus is not bad, have the dart (excellent idea) is a small device, cleaning sucks (rosin is a dirty thing) and the atomisers have only a 3 month expectation to last but since i only use on the go usually last a lot longer... but im also looking for a better Vape Pen for Rosin...Now im leaning to the KP Crystal or Linx Blaze...

  • 2019 Vape Pen Recommendations

    Short of cartridges, I am not aware of any coil systems that are completely contained. The best ones unfortunately need to be upright in order to not spill out. Linx just released the Hermes 3, which is a self contained cartridge tank with a ceramic cup under the inlet holes. But it hits more like a cart than the Sai.
  • 2019 Vape Pen Recommendations

    SAI with mod
    Linx zero
    Dr dabber aurora
    Linx blaze
    Yocan magneto
  • 2019 Vape Pen Recommendations

    I had a linx pen which I enjoyed until it died...may be time to get another unless there are other recommendations. Old pen:
  • Linx Hermes 3

    I was fortunate enough to receive a few of these last week and although I’m not a cartridge person, this one is a pretty good option. It apparently has a ceramic bowl under the inlet holes in the tank so it’s not a Wick or coil system. It holds a little bit more than .5g and I’ve run about 2g of distillate through it now with no drop in flavor. It doesn’t leak either. I use it on the lowest temperature setting. If you are into filling your own cartridges and getting the most out of them, this refillable cartridge/battery is a nice setup. Super small and discreet too.

  • Linx Hermes 3

    Copy-pasted from Linx announcement page:

    “Introducing the Linx Hermes 3: an all viscosity, reusable, eco-friendly and health conscious vape cartridge, designed to eliminate oil waste and provide amazing flavor. The Hermes 3 ups the ante with true innovation and functionality.

    Vaporize any Viscosity

    Cannabis oil comes in a few different viscosities. Each viscosity of oil needs a specific type of atomizer; small oil inlets for thin oils and large inlets for thick oils. If you couple this with the different sizes, 0.5 gram and 1.0 gram, you can begin to see how many different cartridge sizes are needed. The Linx Hermes 3 solves this issue with its innovative atomizer. The Hermes 3 atomizer uses a ceramic bowl instead of a wick along with large downward facing oil inlets, allowing the Hermes 3 to vaporize any Oil at any Viscosity!

    Eliminate Oil Waste

    Product waste comes in the form of the oil in the cartridge that cannot be vaporized due to its proximity to the oil inlets on the sides of traditional atomizers. The Hermes 3 solves this product waste issue by moving the large oil inlets to the bottom floor of the atomizer. This gravity fed oil inlets allow all the oil to pass directly to the atomizer, virtually eliminating all oil waste.

    Increase Vapor Production

    Smaller oil inlets and the size of the heating element have a direct effect on vapor production. The atomizer on the Hermes 3 has a larger surface area than that of traditional disposable cartridges. Combine this with larger gravity fed oil inlets and you get massive clouds and unrivaled pure flavor.


    No Heavy Metals

    Tainted vaporizer cartridges are in the news more and more these days. These disposable cartridges are sometimes manufactured without strict compliance regulation, using the cheapest materials to produce cheap disposables. The Linx Hermes 3 on the other hand, is crafted from 100% Stainless Steel. By using 100% stainless steel, we remove any risk of Heavy Metals in our oil cartridges, a testament to our commitment to producing truly health conscious vaporizers.

    Reduced Environmental Waste

    Disposables are made with many different components making them difficult, if not impossible to recycle. One Linx Hermes 3 refillable atomizer removes a handful of cartridges from our oceans and landfills. Together we can take steps to reduce waste and build towards a cleaner, healthier environment.

    The Linx Hermes 3 comes complete with 290 mAH battery, 1 Hermes 3 refillable atomizer, Mouthpiece, USB charger and a Linx carrying case. Linx Vapor includes a one-year limited warranty on every vaporizer.


    Our whole team is very excited about the arrival of the Linx Hermes 3. This quality product is a big step forward from our original Hermes 2, We hope you will enjoy this one.

    Learn more about Hermes 3 here (

    About Linx Vapor (

    As each innovation is a painstaking effort, our team keeps pushing the envelope. Flavor, health and craftsmanship are three words that have become synonymous with the Linx Vapor name and as always, the Hermes 3 is continuing that tradition.

    Thanks, and if you enjoy the Linx Hermes 3 or any of our other products, let us know. Hit us up on IG or add a review on our website.”
  • Carta V2

    What’s the Linx coil? Have a link?
  • Carta V2

    I got the Everlast atty yesterday, mounted it. It’s lasted so far, lol. :rofl:
    The SIC pail comes Sept. 13. Got the little atty repair kit cuz I love little cases and it might come in handy and a tether for the Carta so I can give my Peak back the one I stole from it FOR my Carta.
    I’m also impatiently waiting for a Dio double coil for my Linx Zero as well.
  • Linx Ares Honey Straw

    I own the linx zero and it rocks with the dio quartz atomizer, big clouds! And as far as the aries i have always been interested, I would be interested in using it with the bubbler attachment⚡✌9i9i6ktcwekt9uye.jpg
  • Linx Ares Honey Straw

    flavor and ease of use is great. The one thing i dont like (actually hate!!) Is the charger screws in to the air path which gets gunked super quick. I hated to have to wipe off the charger and port every single time untill eventually my charger broke. If they fixed the charger i would hands down still be using it. Also cleaning some spots is a little anoying but not too bad. Overall ill give it a c+ mainly due to the charger bs. Flavor and cloud and ease of use is on point for me at least. It also looks pretty sexy and love the magnet lids.
  • Linx Ares Honey Straw

    I’ve got one of these coming soon. I’ll let y’all know my thoughts.Zep4

    Gosh Zep.....only took ya over a (actually over 3 years since Aventus's post.

    Let us know your experience with it after you test it good.
  • Linx Ares Honey Straw

    I’ve got one of these coming soon. I’ll let y’all know my thoughts.
  • Linx Ember

    I bought a linx Ember last yr when i was on my distillate hunt and i gotta say i was a little taken back on the difficulties of pouring distillate through the tiny holes, i gotta say its not the worst but the atomizer cartridge/battery didn't seem to give off enough power for my liking, have you seen there linx zero, i use the dio quartz chamber atomizer and boy it rips.
  • Linx Ember

    My awesome Linx Ember. 3k3o4xkr0vtr3ck5.jpeg
    I got a second atomizer which I mounted on my KP Crystal Battery. Great battery. Wasn’t crazy about their atomizer however.
  • What’s a great wax PEN that’s not the size of the Crystal / Prism+ or Blaze?

    FYI...after a bit of experience, I’m gonna give the Linx Ember 2 thumbs up. I put in more like 3-4 rice grains worth. The air holes are way up at the top and I’ve not had ANY clogging AT ALL, a big problem when I overloaded my Puffco Plus and Pro 2 which I’ve also decided are fine IF not overloaded. I just make sure to tilt the pen a little to keep it shallower where the rod is, and I get extremely good vapor. I tend to hit a pen early and often, so I did need to recharge it the next morning (or overnight) My Husband is getting one too.
  • What’s a great wax PEN that’s not the size of the Crystal / Prism+ or Blaze?

    Cool! I was looking for a wax pen smaller then the large Linx large stick styles but the ember looks very pocketable and very well made for the $. I just can’t find replacement coils local
  • What’s a great wax PEN that’s not the size of the Crystal / Prism+ or Blaze?

    I should have my Linx Ember by Saturday. I’ll try to post an initial impression ASAP.
  • Linx Eden

    This might get me back into flower.
  • Linx Eden

    Looks cool, I don’t like stick style vapes.
    I had a Linx Gaia, quartz chamber etc and draw was too restricted, didn’t taste great and got super hot...over time the glass stem became loose as well
  • Linx Eden

    Linx Eden Review (write-up)

    Short video demo:
  • Vape pen with an easy to clean ceramic bowl?

    I have a linx zero, it's amazing but not super easy to keep clean, it's also very tiny bowl, Same for the puffco ( but a larger bowl) but I've had bad luck with multiple plus pens..the linx blaze and Kandy pens with large quartz buckets would probably be easiest to clean
  • Vape pen with an easy to clean ceramic bowl?

    Hi guys can you recommend a pen with a bowl like the attached image? So far I was going for the linx zero or the kandypens prism+, theyre both perfect but I really want a smooth ceramic bowl atomizer (not donut)

  • Linx Eden

    I think they need to make a MP or glass piece for it.......I just get scared with any vape that your mouth is an inch form the heater and load.

    With my KP Crystal.....(i know its not for herbs)....but I use a bubble stem on it to deal with that direct too close to your mouth deal.
  • Linx Eden

    Bud uses it on last Sundays Live Stream:
    Around the 45:25 mark

    I think he's working on his review...
  • Linx Eden

    I saw a review earlier on YouTube. Convection heat 100% no plastic and did flower, oil, or both.
  • Linx Eden

    Anyone seen or used the Linx Eden yet? If so is it any good? What's the airflow like?

  • Linx Blaze

    Is the chamber on this about the same size as the PRISM+ ?

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