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  • Mighty vs Solo 2

  • Mighty vs StickyBrick

    Mighty is better Man insticky brick you can combust your herb if you dont have attention in mighty combustion is omposible sticky bricks arę good vapes but i really reccomend supreme v3 better thanks sticky and mighty but vaping is sumulator to sticky but comvustion is imposible
  • Mighty vs Plenty

    Mighty has silkier smoother vapor and uses less herb.

    Mighty won't be a pain in the ass to set up everytime you want to use, unless you leave it plugged in but it's not one that can really just hangout as a center piece.

    Portability at home is key as well, even when only using at home , I never plug my Plenty in by my bed and use it before I go to sleep while watching a movie.

    If you have the Ghost MV1 you're going to have the hard hitting effects and big vapor potential the Plenty offers

    The Plenty is Storz & Bickel's best value , we have some used ones that are only $170 with coupon , but they are like the Tesla model 3, not as good as the model S or model X but you still get to feel all fancy having a Storz & Bickel vape
  • Mighty over Firefly 2!

    Mighty I think as well is by far the best portable dry herb vape. Once this old flowermate gives up or I get sick of it I am going to switch over. My friend has one I have used quite a bit. Really I don't think anything compares at this point.

    Same with Storz' Volcano, still the best table top imo.
  • Mighty - How to validate updated (2017) model?

    Mighty is pretty damn nice. Easy to use but takes a bit to get used to. Damn powerful.
  • Mighty or Ghost MV1?

    mighty it will be
  • Mighty or Ghost MV1?

    Mighty. I love mine. Just got a ghost and not happy with it. I’m not getting much vapor at all from it and the instructions didn’t work for me. Well the charging part the red light was still on 12 hours later then when I unplugged it and checked battery level it said 100%. Now I’m trying long fast pulls slow pulls hard pulls I’m getting taste but no actual vapor. I tried 365 370 and 380 as well and trying to stay around 6-8 second pulls.
  • Mighty arrived and damn.

    Mighty is still top-tier all the way, but IMHO, HO, it's time for them to upgrade the taste and smoothness of the vapor, it feels hot to me lately :scream:
  • Mighty not used for a while

    Hey all, I have not used my Mighty for a long time and was wondering if I need to clean the cooling unit before I start to use it again. There is probably still some old oil in there.

    I have not used it much after the last time that I cleaned it.

  • Mighty or Solo 2

    I have the Solo 2. The Mighty has been the top vape for many years. I do think the Solo 2 is better than the Mighty. I thought the Solo 1 was close, but now I prefer Solo 2 over the Mighty.

    Big difference in start up time (22 seconds to 385 Degrees (F)), Waiting for heat up with the Mighty I find very annoying. Battery Life is much better on the Solo 2, the Solo 2 IS MUCH Easier to clean like new (20 seconds), The Solo 2 is smooth, not harsh at all (For Me No Couging), Clouds, after effects are pretty amazing in either unit. The Solo 2 can also do aroma therapy sessions.

    A Huge difference in the Mighty is that it can do concentrates. (Very smooth experience for me).

    Another Huge difference is the Solo 2 is a 2 piece vape. The glass and the unit. Thats a Huge difference the Mighty has over the Solo 2.

    And another huge difference is that the Glass stem is made of glass and obviously fragile. Thats a huge difference in favor of the Mighty.

    All in all, in 4 years I broke 3 stems (Solo 1). It cost me 8$ to replace. I have a bunch already so this is a non issue for me. I can deal with the 2 part vape. The Mighty has to do better than updating the unit to be a 2017 improved same unit. The Solo is MUCH faster and efficient (in my opinion). It feels nice in my hand and I love having the latest tech and the Solo 2 is even better than the Solo 1 (Wow).

    A really nice touch is that when I spoke to Arizer customer service I mentioned the glass parts and they said that is why they sell the glass pieces at cost so that a weakness of the Arizer units is that they heavily rely on glass. That is why its $10 to get a glass stem for the Solo 2. Glass stems can go for 40$ and upwards on other vapes. Classy. (honorable mention: Hopper Labs a replacement battery is $8, so that any short comings in the battery life are easily replaceable.)

    Long Live the Solo (1 & 2) - Long Live the Solo (1 & 2) - Long Live .......
  • Mighty bong rips

    I have owned a Mighty for maybe two years and still love it.

    Now, I bought the Easy Flow gong adapter shown above...the one with the ground glass joint but I never used it. Just didn't seem to fit right, it put a lot of pressure on the tabs of the Mighty body if you did tighten it, and I just wasn't interested in sitting down with a Dremel tool to gring the tabs to fit. So, it has sat in my cabinet for eh....well, 24 months or so.

    I then bought the Delta3Dstudio silicon adapter that @Trix shows above. I bought it because I didn't really care for the Easy Flow design, I like Mike, and I like Mike's 3D Studio products. I never used it...never even put it on the Mighty.

    Here are the two of them:


    And on the device

    And the Delta3D one on the water piece

    Well, last night I was looking to do something different and remembered Mike's silicon adapter so I gave it a whirl. Packed the Mighty as usual...that is, with a Liquid Pad on top of the load, 385 until wisps, then 410 to finish.

    I LOVED it through water with the Delta3D adapter. Its soft so no danger of cracking the tabs on the Mighty body, it sealed really well with the Mighty and the water piece, and the Mighty worked really well through water...really well. Much like my Enano, GH, and other vapes....when through water it seems like I can really pull a big draw and get a big cloud. Vapor is just cooler and smoother.

    It is some sort of silicone based material. I know that some do not like that, but it doesn't bother me a bit. The silicone adapters in general tend to collect dust on the outside...they are a bit tacky feeling...but if that bothers you, wash it off with a bit of milk (I have no idea why milk, but that's what Mike recommends...me, its another nit I don't really care about).

    I'm really a lazy vaporist and tend to get into ruts and not try out everything...but letting this Delta 3D adapter sit in my draw unused for 15 months is just a waste.....Baron, you sloth!

  • Mighty Versions: Auto shutoff and other differences

    I'm aware that S&B has been updating the crafty and mighty since their release with firmware and design tweaks, but I cannot find any information online on this. Here are some notes I made with my brand new mighty I just bought, having confirmed with PR that it is indeed the latest version.

    Vape Critic, my mighty does not have the same auto shutoff problem that you talk at length about in your reviews. It states in the manual of mine that the auto shutoff is 2 minutes, not 1. I haven't had the vape turn off on me when I didn't want it to yet, so it seems that they also improved the draw detection feature.

    Next, apparently my mighty also has a "boost mode", but it says nothing about this in the manual. Indeed, tapping the power button twice makes the vape vibrate, makes the set temperature indicator blink, and increases the temperature. I'm not too sure that this is a super necessary feature in the mighty but it's cool nonetheless.

    Lastly all I've noticed in terms of design differences compared to the old mighty is that on the outside of the vape, where the blue o-ring of the chamber is visible, there are some extra plastic reinforcements.

    Please let me know your thoughts! :)
  • Mighty might have an issue cleaning it appeared to just make it worse

    I hope this is the right section. To make a long story short I noticed about 3-4 weeks ago heating up once it got hot the mighty would make a weird noise like fizzling, crackling or something weird. Then I’m like okay how come I get get so stoned off a 4 second draw yet a nice slow 8-12 second pull will just be a small barely noticeable buzz. I been noticing I only get clouds of valor if I’m really sucking in in and fast nice easy draws will not cut it much the way it used to. Well then I figured maybe it was time to clean it so I did with iso all I had was 70% washed it several times with water soaked with warm soapy water for an hour still smelled awful and fastest awful at this point I’m like yeah no I’m not trying to die or get drunk I hear iso alcohol is a goto for suicide or alcoholics and didn’t want to chance vaping with it smelling and tasting so awful. So I ran the unit several times for 10 minutes on 410 to burn off the iso. The think kind of smells as nasty as a pax yet it’s not dirty anymore I cleaned it spotless I changed the screens and orings still not much better. The whole top unit reaks like that nasty gunky I guess resin. After multiple times cleaning it I would think that smell would have gone away as well but it just kept getting worse over time. Since I cleaned the unit now it seems like no matter how good the weed and it is medical it makes me want to throw up it smells so awful. I try short pulls and the flavor is just mixed with some kind of nasty funky ness.

    Yes I took it apart and cleaned completely exactly how the video on here does it.

    I even tried fresh bud to cycle through and get the nasty taste out of the top unit or where ever it’s coming from and nothing. Last night I noticed off bud only being in the chamber for about a minute it was dark dark brown/black in colorlike it was starting to combust. Well all night today just testing it out trying to trouble shoot what is going on even a very tiny 2 second pull just to get a taste on 385 turned multiple doses into a very dark brown color. And nasty smell.

    I really don’t want to go back to my pax I wish they would let me return it. I feel like they should at least put on the box hey this maybe safer then smoking but just know it smells just as bad as smoking. U can clearly tell I was vaping weed when I was using it. The smell would linger for a good 2-3 hours, even not in use just the smell from it was so strong it lingered just having it out of its case. I did like it at first until I got my mighty. I won’t lie though I wish the mighty or another vaporizer was basically the mighty with the oven the size of the pax or bigger. It may sound dumb and be dumb but I would prefer a vape to hold as much as the pax or even more.

    The luck I’m having with vapes and how much of a pain they are becoming when something is not right I’m about to just say screw it eveeyone I know is right smoking beats vaping bY such a huge margin loss a bowl and smoke no fiddling around with it trying to trouble shoot when something’s not working i usually vape high tempatures anyway. Lower tempatures have a better functioning high but even the indices don’t really do much for a body high unless I’m at 390 and on my bad days and nights I really should be around 420 I’ll be out of it but at least I’ll get relief that lasts a solid 2 hours compared to 30 minutes-45. That one I still can’t figure out other then higher temps the highs are more intense and deep but also last longer. I’ll be good off 1 draw where if I try vaping at 380 or so it’s more of a happy relaxing high but won’t get rid of the pain as well and the buzz is gone within 30-45 minutes compared to 410+ a solodn2-3 hours. I got some nice highs vaping but the few joints I smoked and got incredibly high on beat vaping every single time to the point vapes are pointless for pain relief. Not even joking it’s how I felt and that was cbd that got me stoned but it was shark shock and I think it was technically just .20-.28% higher in cbd I think it’s like 9.25% cbd 8.97% thca. Unless I need to start vaping more potent strains I primarily vape purple urkel and I get the nice body high I like but it has to be 388-390 and I’m assuming it’s for the linalool or what ever u get at 388. P.u. Only has about 13.96% thca. It the full body relief is amazing.

    If there’s an issue with the mighty then it will
    Suck being without it because even with small 2-3 second draws with my pax I can’t vape indoors or reals awfully the clouds are kind of weak the only time it got me high is taken longer 8 second draws.

    Maybe I’m still a light weight though. The guy that makes all the videos seems to take several draws and I’m still struggling to hit 2 draws. There’s times a simple 8 second draw is just enough but make it 10 and I’m gone.

    This vapor stuff just seems like it’s more of a headache and hassle then it’s really even worth. I lost about $1000 on vaporizers well waisted that much, and now $350 for the mighty I love it but now it’s just turning me off and doesn’t appear to be working right and I’m the kind of person I don’t want to wait and in this case if it needs to be fixed my the company I’ll kust buy a brand new one and throw more money I don’t have away instead of waiting 2 weeks just to be told it needs to be replaced.

    I know I’m rambling I’m kind of pissed and tired af the same time and frustrated.i have not even been getting high really for the past week.
  • Mighty making me cough like crazy sometimes

    So this has been on my mind since a post popped up almost a month ago as I have been experiencing the same thing with my 3rd (each repaired or replaced under warranty) Mighty. First let me state that I love my Mighty. It is my 3rd vape that I have owned (starting with a original Vapir NO2, a Gen1 Pax, and a Gen 1 Mighty- all purchased with guidance from Bud and this community) and easily my favorite. Out of all three it is clearly my favorite for all of the reasons we Mighty fans have mentioned many times in the past. With that said...it is also my harshest vape. I live in a state where the weather over the last 25 days can range from 21F at night to 76F with varying ranges of humidity for a east coast state. All month no matter the weather type or change in medication...my Mighty at some point in the session causes a harshness to my throat that can be a irritation long after the session has ended. Almost by accident I have discovered a trendable pattern for me that impacts the severity of harshness after a equipment failure: grind type and air flow. Normally I would be using a Sharpstone crank grinder that my wife gave me. After switching to the capsules, I found that the grind from say a S&B orange grinder or finishing grinder left some of my material tiny enough to escape the holes in the cap, sticking the finer screen I use with my cooling unit / mouthpiece. The Sharpstone would leave my material coarser than I would have liked, but easily large enough to not escape the capsule...until the crank broke rendering it useless. Since that time I have been using the S&B grinder. Now to keep down the amount of material that could escape...I found that filling and tamping caps packed my material inside...but decreased air flow. If my capsule barely leaked material...I can say that session made me cough and bothered my throat a lot. I also noticed that there would be considerable resin build up on the caps and where the cap meets the cooling unit lid. If say the capsule was filled less, there was increased air flow..but a lot of clean up afterwards...well that session was less irritable but required a lot more material clean up, but less resin. Over a months time with weekly cleanings, with temps ranging from 356F - 386F for me my only patterned impact I could control dealt with how much material I placed in each cap. My next steps are to begin looking at new grinder plus mods, water adapters / bubblers, then finally moving to more of a desktop unit as my daily driver and use my Mighty only for travel. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this, but so far these are my observations while using capsules.
  • Mighty stand/holder useful?

    when you loading herbs to your mighty vaporizer. i think most user need hold vaporizer in hand and use other hand to load. now the mighty stand from vapingfans team available now.

    VapingFans Mighty Stand gives your Mighty a flat base so it is able to stand upright by itself for easy loading and resting making it the perfect addition to your Mighty experience! It allows full access to all functions.

    do you think that useful for you ?
  • Mighty vs. Crafty

    Amazing decison Alan.

    Here are some of the differences:

    Size & weight - and price

    Battery life - mighty 90 mins, crafty 45 mins

    Charging - crafty is micro-usb, works with power banks

    Mighty works when plugged in even if totally dead, Crafty must be ~25% charged before itll turn on

    Temperature is more accurate with Mighty, there is 5 degree F swing with the Crafty (if you set it on 355 itll fluctuate between 350-360) - not a big deal

    Crafty has the phone app that controls the temp settings and some other stuff and the Mighty has the lcd display on it

    Performance is extremely similar between the two it's very hard to notice any signifcant difference

    Herb chamber sizes are exactly the same, but cooling unit of mighty is technically a tad larger - i don't believe this has a noticeable effect

    What else hmmmm......

    I'm sure i'll think of more lol
  • Mighty arrived and damn.

    Make no mistake, I'm not knocking this device by being mean to it. I've owned three of them over the years. Storz was great at replacing them for free while they were under warranty. The Mighty is a wonderful vape. I'll always own a Mighty. That cooling unit though.. Vapedude is right.. considering how much time has passed since when this device came out, figure there would've been more tweaks or a completely revamped Mighty 2.0 they would've released.

    User replaceable batteries or swappable batteries would be awesome. I want something as easy as an MV1 as far as swapping out batteries is concerned. I haven't had to physically tether my MV1 to an outlet at all. Quickcharger works wonders and the device never dies. The firefly was like that too for me. IQ is more of a bitch but still a-ok. Crafty and Mighty would be more awesome, awesomer..?.. if both had swappable battery packs. Hells yeah.. Gimme a Mighty and Crafty 2.0 with a revised cooling unit and swappable battery packs.
  • Mighty vs Plenty

    Man, the Mighty is awesome! And i literally had to convince myself to buy one. I was super oposed to no swappable batteries, and lets face it this thing isn't winning any beauty contests, it looks like a black plastic brick. But I had to know for myself what all the hype was about. While i still think based on the construction of other vapes that this one could be less expensive... I get it now. The Mighty performs so well that you tend to forget all of its short comings. I mean who cares what it looks like when the vapor is so nice! It completely boggles my mind that a plastic vape tastes so good, for as long as it does. I picked up a MV-1 as well, and the flavor of the MV-1 might be better for the first couple of rips, but the mighty flavor lasts longer. That combined with ease of use and the ability to easily pass the mighty back and forth has me grabbing the mighty more often. But the Ghost is a pure face melter, so that stil gets plenty of love, just usually on solo sessions.... And yes as @Baron23 mentioned definitely a hybrid. I still have no full conduction vapes. Closest to conduction i have is VapCaps.
  • Mighty 2 Year Warranty not honored due to wear and tear??


    New to the forum but noticed the positive posts about Storz & Bickel and wanted to share my experience since I've not been one of the lucky ones using their warranty services.

    - I purchased my Mighty on 05/29/2015 directly from their online store and it stopped working this past March.
    - I opened an RMA ticket with S&B on 3/24/17 and paid $12 to ship it to San Jose, CA to repair it. (It will charge but I can't turn it on with the orange button anymore).

    Received this message today from S&B regarding my repair status:

    Email response from Storz & Bickel below:

    We have received the device you sent in for service. Thank you for your patience while we made our assessment.

    The device has malfunctioned due to wear & tear. We are happy that you have enjoyed many hours of use from our device but we also regret wear & tear is not covered by the warranty. The device is not reparable and will need to be replaced. We would like to offer you a discount on a new Mighty for $249, including all parts and shipping..

    You will be sent a PayPal Payment Request in a separate email.

    For warranty information, please refer to the link below:

    They sent me an invoice to PayPal already for $249 after making me pay to ship it to them and countless power charger replacements. Really not happy with this support and thinking I will probably rather buy a different vaporizer than deal with this.

    Anyone else run into this before?

    Simon B
  • Mighty using medicinal herbs

    Hi guys ! I am Mateo from Barcelona. I've been looking for answers to my endless list of doubts about vaping in the internet and finally I've found Vapelife. This site seems to be reliable and visited by people that know what they're talking about. I would appreciate your help to give me a few advises about my approach to this experience. I've bought the Mighty hoped to give up combustion and start vaping.
    I received the Mighty yesterday and wanted to start with some medicinal herbs, so I bought a couple of herbs- Ginkgo Biloba and Eucalyptus leaves. I followed the instructions and started using the device with the appropiate temperatures and made a couple of attempts but I couldn't draw any vapor at all. I am very dissapointed. Does the Mighty vaporizes those kind of herbs or only cannabis? I like cannabis too, but I want also to try other herbs. Is there a way to draw vapor with the Mighty using those kind of herbs?
    I would very much appreciate any help. Sorry for my english wording. Salut !
  • Mighty vs CFX questions

    I had a Mighty and replaced it with a CFX and haven't regretted a thing.

    CFX is better built with a better screen (Mighty's plastic retainer ring for the head unit is prone to going brittle and busting), hotter 80W heater (as opposed to 30W), a big chamber, flat base, way the hell faster heating, two recharging options out of the box, an easier to clean head section with way fewer O rings, a timed on/off as opposed to Mighty's seemingly random shutoff... That's just off the top of my head.

    And, hey, you can buy two to two-and-a-half CFXs for the price of one Mighty depending where you shop.
  • Mighty vs CFX questions


    I've tried the Mighty (only a few times) and personally own the CFX myself. While the Mighty may offer slightly better performance in terms of potency, the CFX still gets the job done at more than half the price depending on where you shop. If you're looking for super cool vapor, the Mighty does offer a more 'pleasant' experience in this regard. However an LED screen, fast-charging, and large chamber with pretty equivalent performance as the Mighty is an honest-to-god great sell for the CFX. Glad you made the right choice :) previous Arizer Air owner here btw.
  • Mighty 2 Year Warranty not honored due to wear and tear??

    Thanks for the community support and feedback. I just wanted to add that I did send a message to S&B support about the holes they put in my Mighty during their RMA repair process. Their response is below in quotes but basically they are willing to give me a sticker to cover the holes and a discount for $249.

    "22.05.2017 – American Market

    Reason for service:

    "My Mighty seems to be charging okay but for some reason the orange button will not turn it on."


    We have received the device you sent in for service. Thank you for your patience while we made our assessment.

    The device has malfunctioned due to wear & tear. We are happy that you have enjoyed many hours of use from our device but we also regret wear & tear is not covered by the warranty. The device is not reparable and will need to be replaced. We would like to offer you a discount on a new Mighty for $249, including all parts and shipping..

    The device you are inquiring about no longer had a valid warranty. In order to assess the device the device needed to be opened. The device was not damaged by our repair staff. If you wish to obtain a MIGHTY sticker we would be happy to send you one."
  • Mighty 2 Year Warranty not honored due to wear and tear??

    S&B maintain that my Mighty won't be replaced through warranty but the kicker is that in order for me to get the "discount" on another new Mighty; I still need to mail them my old Mighty back to them even though I already did that but would have to do it again since they sent it back when i asked them to in trying to repair it but finding out it was far more broken after it was in their hands. So to get the discount, I have to ship it back to them which I'm guessing is the San Jose, CA location I sent it to previously.

    I can read the warranty just fine but there's no real gauge to determine wear and tear even if all the other components are working okay besides the one at fault. It's not like there's an orange button counter that I can view in an app or in the digital display that shows me usage stats or mileage and if its considered high risk for wear and tear warranty void. I bought the Mighty because I thought it was the highest quality medical grade premium portable vaporizer on the market with a great company standing by it through a solid 2 year warranty and could handle the rigors of regular use based on that description. Lesson learned here is that I'm probably better off buying cheaper vaporizers and just realizing that their shelf life is short instead of paying up and having expectations for "premium" portable vaporizers to last up to the warranty specified.
  • Mighty vs Solo 2

    I haven't tried 2 sessions in a row with the Solo 2 yet. usually 1 session is enough for me. And if not I switch to dynavap or firefly 2 just to get 2-3 more draws! 1 full session with the Mighty kills me :D
    I guess the effect of two sessions with the Solo 2 should be similar to 1 full session with the Mighty!? (IMO an advantage for the Mighty - just have to pack it once!)
    BTW I pack the Solo 2 with a lose, coarse grind while I pack the Mighty with a fine, dense grind...

    ... and lately I used both of them with a watertool! ;)

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