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  • New Storz and Bickel products ....

    So storznbickle has just posted that they are going to be introducing something new here soon, I am very curious on if this is going to be a possible upgrade on a product? Possibly some improvements on the mighty/crafty cooling units?
    Or maybe possibly a new vape all together? I'm looking foward to seeing what they have up there sleeves, god knows that they don't come out with new stuff often, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed

    They are going to jump on the proprietary oil vape wagon.....
  • New Storz and Bickel products ....

    So storznbickle has just posted that they are going to be introducing something new here soon, I am very curious on if this is going to be a possible upgrade on a product? Possibly some improvements on the mighty/crafty cooling units?
    Or maybe possibly a new vape all together? I'm looking foward to seeing what they have up there sleeves, god knows that they don't come out with new stuff often, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    Try bumping the temperature calibration up 1 step to "red". So do this with the unit in stand by mode, not "shipping" mode or "vaping" mode. Tap both front and rear buttons three times to go into calibration set. You should have one yellow led blinking in the middle. Hit the front button once to bump it up so there's a red LED to the left of the yellow LED, both flashing at same time. Then just wait for the lights to go out and you're good to go.

    I found my unit to struggle to made satisfactory clouds at lower temps but effects were still good none the less.

    Although after this I could get satisfactory clouds on heat level three (three yellow LEDs), I now only run my MV1 at full temp on full heat calibration, even though I usually run much cooler temps with my other vapes (usually around 180 C with my Mighty). I don't know if this varies unit to unit but it let's the user dial in their preferences a little better than those that are not adjustable as well. Full on-demand convection has drawbacks and compromises, just like with most things.
  • Tera or not to Tera?

    Question for you - do you use the dosing caps in the device when you're using it through the bong? How do those work for that application?

    Also, any tips you could offer for new owners/users? Some people were recommending replacing the factory screen in the chamber with a Mighty/Crafty screen from S&B... There were also some people talking about removing the screen in the water pipe adapter? Looking for more info/details on these types of tips/tricks for either improving airflow and/or maintaining cleanliness of the device... Thanks!

    ~ WOLF
  • Considering the Crafty - Are there still issues?

    The crafty is potent vape but at best you only get 30-40 minutes on a full charge (new version) the charging takes a couple hours and it does not have pass through charging. App required for temperature control.

    The mighty and plenty just make more sense.
  • Considering the Crafty - Are there still issues?

    Yeah, Econ....Claude is the MAN!! :up:

    I do not have, nor have I used, a Crafty.

    I do have a Mighty and love it and do not see anything out of date or obsolete about it

    I have found that for me and for portables, I prefer hybrid heating like the Mughty over pure convection which is often finicky. Desktops are a different story.

    I prefer the hybrid scheme so much I top my Mighty loads w a liquid pad to add a bit of conduction.

    And while I don’t have @“vapecritic” ‘s incredible tolerance, I have never been a micro doser. LOL
  • Looking for new Vape

    Thanks for your opinion, I do agree I love the Mighty, but sometimes depending where i'm at or who's in the house I need to just take a few puffs leave then maybe come back do a few more. Otherwise I'll use my Mighty when its just me in a room. I do use the Vapexhale which I do like a lot, but that's my desktop one I use. I use the IQ when i need it to be discrete when I'm out. Mighty and ghost too big for that, so i'm looking for something that heats up quick where I need to get in and out...lol.
  • Looking for new Vape

    The firefly is JUNK don’t waste your time. Never liked the ghost, never tried it either, but won’t recommend it either. You already have one of the best portable vapes on the market and has been the best market for the past 5 years. The mighty is so consistent, every single time. And to be honest no other portable will produce massive clouds on each hit.
  • Looking for new Vape

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for a new portable house vape and I am kinda up in the air. I’m looking at the Ghost, firefly 2+ and splinter. I have the Mighty which I use now but I need something that heats quick no wait can stop when I need to and pick up again. Firefly seems easy to use and clean but Ghost seems a bit better but I had an old firefly and found it to be very warm in hand same with IQ. The splinter seems like the newer type of vapes but is it any different than say a Arizer Solo. Any suggestions on either or perhaps should I wait for something else to come out. Is there anything I should hold out for that’s coming out soon that might be better.

    Thanks guys,
    It’s tough choosing one without trying them out so I’m trying to get as much info or research before I choose one.
  • Most efficient portable vaporizers?

    It should be mentioned that you can get an induction heater for VapCap if butane torches aren't ideal.

    I think anyone who vapes should have one for if the power goes out. $60 for an M is about the best money one can spend on an herbal vaporizer imo. I didn't think I'd like the butane torch but my 18 M is basically my DD and I've also bought a Lotus (also butane powered) to complement it with tasty convection hits.

    That being said, I believe the Tubo products should get an honorable mention here. Session, on-demand, stem, wooden tube, dosing capsules, whips; I think the only thing it doesn't do is fill bags (but probably could?). The amount used is also variable here, ~0.1g in the rimmed screen, and ~0.2-0.25g in the stem with a cap. Performance is very good, my tubo evic is higher than my mighty, right on par with my E-Nano (although E-Nano is better microdoser), I like it more than my ghost (more versatile and less fiddly/particular). Still doesnt replace my dynavap or lotus (or E-Nano). It could replace my ghost, mighty and volcano if I had to drum up some quick money.

    I think one of Ralph's products and a Dynavap M would put a large dent in one's VAS if they looked at what dynanics (ie - use cases) could be covered by these two vapes.

    Just my opinion, not trying to start any wars.
  • Dynavap

    hey hows it going, so I did some research last night on the past dynavap streams and i was lucky and fortunate to recieve that one tip that clicked and it changed everything!!, SO there were 2 tips that I had picked up off gorges live stream and 1 of those end up absolutely changing my entire experience, the first one that I tried was when you first start your draw after your second click, plug the airport/carb hole for 2 seconds, then draw the remaining time, well that didn't work well, still had the pain, the other tip that was to manually plug the carb hole partially so I can have cool air come into my draw, well needless to say it took my experience to another level, it worked perfectly, I figure, if I let in enough air initially, and kept that steady air coming in, it would stay cool the entire time and it did!!! I used a rubber band to cover a lil more than half of the carb-hole and the control and vapor production was Awesome!! My living room filled up with vapor as if I was using. My volcano! I was actually getting much better hits by letting air in! Very exciting,
    So what I was doing wrong was plugging the carb hole completely, heating the oven, scorching my lungs, than letting air in, Versus, letting steady air in which worked, Anyway this new discovery tells me that the Omni model is exactly what works for me, considering the set it and forget it function, I'm very exited about my new discovery and i am looking very much foward to exploring more, thanks for your concern my friend✌, your right, I'm working probably with the wrong model, I see the XL omni titanium possibly in my future.kz9n0bv1lc4pbihp.jpg
    Oh yeah, to answer your question about vapes, I own quite a few, but only use the volcano, and mighty/ nonavongvong at the moment, although in about 2 weeks should have the WE in my collection✌
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    I have a Mighty and didn't enjoy the experience with concentrates which is why I purchased the FF2. The warmup time and "session" style of the Might was a no-go for me. I am excited to try the FF2 and see how it actually does. Went to a fall festival today with the family. It would have been a perfect opportunity to try out the FF2.

    I don't have any pads for the FF2 so I'm going to send it in for the "upgrade" to the + and order some new pads. Hopefully the turnaround time for the service is fairly quick.
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    trouble with trates in the mighty is that it can easily drip through the pad down into the heater. No bueno. The few times I have tried it I used the WPA and kept it inverted to try and avoid this. Even then it left the bowl fairly messy. It will work in a pinch, but I find its not worth the hassle.
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    interesting...will avoid...wonder how the mighty holds up?Hermes

    Don't have one and have not used one with trates so I don't know, but lots of folks here will know. Try it. :nerd: I think the Mighty is a quick and easy clean? Am I correct?
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    interesting...will avoid...wonder how the mighty holds up?
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    so gratefully my lungs are not affected by my paralysis oh me so slightly but not enough to affect my draw. From everything I've heard the mv1 has better flavor and again is on demand Etc. Of course the mighty has been around for a while and is from one of the most reputable companies around. So my paralysis happened 17 years ago but I've probably been smoking for 35 years almost give or take. Given that I'm fairly confident that after a few crucibles and messing with the stem length I should be able to get the hang of it. As far as dexterity and pushing buttons Etc that would all be done by someone else because even with the mighty I would not be able to push the temperature buttons or the power button for that matter.

    I definitely wanna add a Dynavap As well as an induction Heater. The majority of those there are long wait lists for the more "popular" models.

    Finally anybody familiar with the site Vapor[-dot]com?

    They are selling the MV-1 for 35% of off list price... everything looks all good but sometimes things are too good to be true.
  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    Unfortunately, I don't have any concentrate pads so I haven't used it. I called FF and processed the "upgrade" and when I was finished I asked if they could add a few accessories in the box when they return ship it. The lady told me the service center is separate from the distribution facility so they couldn't help me out. I was bummed... So now I will just send it in for the upgrade and order some concentrate pads.

    I considered canceling the upgrade since they can't help me with the pads. I was going to use a pad from my Mighty but it is too big.

    Looks like I'll have to wait a few weeks longer.....
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    I love my MV1 but would probably recommend against it due to your description of having minimal hand movement. The MV1 requires and constant press on the fire button during heat up and during your draw. The Mighty, OTOH, just requires you to press the button once and the whole process starts. You can press the button again to turn it off or wait ( I think it's 2 minutes ) for it to time out. Much less dexterity and strain required. It doesn't taste as good as the MV1 and it's not on demand. But I think the Mighty will work better for you.
  • Upgrading from Arizer Air 1

    I can tell you the WS is closer to a plug in Arizer, or rather Arizer made a portable from a log vape design.
    Mighty Vs a plug in log? one is fully portable and one isn't. Mighty heats up quicker but you can leave a log vape on all the time. Mighty continuously heats your flower during the session while you can just take a hit off the log and remove the stem. Woodscent comes with a Dynavap that can be your portable.

    I won't comment on taste between them because that is something completely subjective.

    Do you need another portable ? or would a desktop be better.
  • Upgrading from Arizer Air 1

    So the G43 is out of the list. :)

    would it be possible to you to compare the Woodscents with the Mighty? Have you ever tried both?

    At the end I'm just looking for a better upgrade from my Arizer Air.
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    given your infirmaries, and you want a portable, I suggest a Mighty. You can run a pretty small load through there by topping w a liquid pad. No, not on demand but so far I demand means finicky for the most part.

    And yes, I do own, use, and like the two MV1 I have. But w the Mighty, all you need to know is how to inhale.

    Enano’s are wonderful but I’m surprised that with your movement challenges that you aren’t interested in a Volcano. No, not a micro-doser but completely and utterly consistent, very good vapor quality, and the bag has zero draw resistance which I thought might benefit you.

    Insure someone will mention vapcaps and they are wonderful and do run very small loads. But require either a torch lighter to heat it or an induction heater which Dynavap now sells and which I recommend. But they do have some stuff draw resistance. Does you paralysis extend to any weakness in your diaphragm ?
  • Upgrading from Arizer Air 1

    You could always go crafty and a 2019 dynavap m for around the same price as a mighty. The shorter battery life shouldn't be a problem for you. There is also the MV1 it's a on demand vape but can be used for sessions, crushing a crucible or two. I'm in a toss up myself between the MV1 and Splinter Z. I have a crafty and it is a good vape but I don't like it as much as I love my dynavap, in fact I gave my crafty away to my mom but I can at least borrow it back every now and then.
  • Upgrading from Arizer Air 1

    i have all of them except the musa and the Tubo Dual. All great vapes. Personally I would wait for the Dual, but Im a bit of a Tubo Fanboy, so I'll rate those in the order i like them...
    1 Tubo Evic (dont have dual)
    2 Woodscents
    3 Mighty
    4 Splinter

    Keep in mind every one has different taste... i will say if the splinter has better flavor than the Mighty, bit I'd still go Mighty over splinter.
  • Upgrading from Arizer Air 1

    What I found until now:

    - Mighty (new version) 222eur
    - WoodScents 290eur
    - Splinter + Mod 180eur
    - Musa V1 313eur
    - Tubo ??? (is the waiting worth it?)
  • Upgrading from Arizer Air 1

    The splinter is a good vape. Once you dial it in to how you like it, you can get some pretty amazing vapor. I personally prefer the Tubo though. You can use it in session mode OR on-demand and the controls are IMO easier to use. Plus if you like fidgeting with mods there a lot of options that i have never even explored on the Tubo. Lol. I guess i would see how long of an expected wait the dual is, before i decided if i was you. But the splinters not a bad fall back.

    The Mighty is older for sure, but it still is at the top of its class. If mine breaks, I'll get a new one. That being said, the Mighty was my daily driver until I got my Tubo. I still use it regularly, but man do I love my Tubo.
  • Upgrading from Arizer Air 1

    Thanks for the suggestions!

    The Tubo is out of stock at the moment. Someone suggested me the Splinter. How would it compare to the Tubo?

    The Mighty is the one that was always on the top of my list when I first started researching about vaping. It always looked the king of the vapes, german technology and all that. But I was wanting to know if vaping technology got better since 2015 and if there are much better products than the Mighty on today's market.
  • Upgrading from Arizer Air 1

    damn, no i dont. Hmmmm. :chin: Theres always Dynavap. Has a small load and kicks like a mule. If you dont like the torch, you can grab an induction heater. You cant go wrong with a Mighty either, but the bowl is a bit bigger than your Air, and is best used in one sitting. The Tera is also very powerful, but unless you plan on always using it through a bong, I'd go another route.

    Edit: The Tubo Dual looks amazing, and is made in Europe. I haven't used it but I love its Predecessor the Tubo Evic
  • Having problems with your Crafty? Read my story

    I posted that video some time ago and mentioned my case with a crafty...

    If you are having the yellow/red flashing is the thermal fuse, i already used this video twice to replace the thermal fuse and bring my crafty back to life, the 1st time i replace the thermal fuse with the same specs 184ºC 250C 10A (sorry the temp is celsius EU here) and didnt last longer, btw thats the fuse used on the video. On the 2nd fix i replace the fuse with a different one 192ºC 250V 10A just to check if this one would last longer since is higher, i also replace the battery for a Sony VTC6.
    1st time died with 150h then 1st fix died with 190h and then 2nd fix now due to battery changed i dont have the report on the amount of hours....
    My crafty is still working and not thanks to S&B but i won't repeat myself on whats happened with CS.... nor im going to talk about warranty issues or hours of use, there is a lot of different views about this....
    Im able to address this problem but now is the casing that is breaking away :lol: :rofl: :lol: from 4 screws i only have 2 b because the casings are broke.... so anyone with a dead crafty.... PM me

    My understanding of the device is that 1st is not a device that is going to perform 3 sessions a day for a long time, 2nd only if you turn off the device when the temp warning shows on the app you might avoid getting damage but who is using the app while vaping... (only to show off and change settings).

    I love my crafty and i got a mighty after.... i will not buy another crafty apparently the problems have not been taking cared off there so.. although this is a wonderful device im not going to spend 200€ for a 60h device or a 2 year max...

    P.S. Under warranty S&B replace my crafty once with 150h and 13month of use, i guess now is worse "about 60 hours or 2 years"... Wonderful devices shitty company...

  • Which dry herb vaporizer produces the coolest temperature vapour, the Pax or Firefly?

    I think a close counterpart to the Pax3 is the Mighty. Folks agree?
  • Help Me Decide...

    I am on the hunt for a portable vape to use exclusively with concentrates. I am looking for an on-demand device

    I currently have a HVT Sequoia with a quartz bucket coil. It’s ok but I need something better. I’ve also tried the Lynx Blaze and quickly decided the pens are not for me. My only other portable is a Mighty. I need something that can provide much faster vapor production.

    I am leaning towards a Firefly 2+. However, I’m not sure what else is out there and what other folks like.

    I’d like to hear your thoughts and input.

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