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  • Best vape for a grandma in her 80's

    Well my mom is a fan of my crafty, had a much better experience than with her old one and has already asked to borrow it for a bit. Looks like I might be out of a vape, time to upgrade to a mighty lol
  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    id say you save your money and buy a desktop unit the mighty is way better than the ghost O_o you want to elevate you high try the new volcano or vapexhale well worth the bang for the buck!
  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    Hello, friends!
    This is my first post here, and I`am happy about exist of this place :)

    Currently I use Mighty, but after reading your conversations here, I`am ready to take new expirience with the Ghost!
    Unfortantly, 420 culture is really low in my country yet, thats why i can`t take enough information on subject on russian resources..
    Can you explain me please - how can I visually identify updated version of Ghost MV1 vs old version (which wasn`t so good)?
    I'm afraid of dishonest sellers who will sell me the old version and I will get a bad experience...

    Thanks for your attention)
  • Really close to giving up on vaping

    @proc420 dont give up, sounds like you just need a heavy hitter. This forum is a good source of info. Dynavap, NewVape, G43, Rasta Buddha Tao (RBT Z V), Mighty, Plenty, Ghost would be good places to start.
  • Milaana 3 abandoned?


    I would agree with that sentiment wholeheartedly. Amongst my collection I have a Mighty and a Pax 3, which was my first vape. I do still like them both but I no longer have any interest in acquiring similar vapes unless someone comes up with a real ‘game-changer’, which I somehow doubt will happen.
  • SimrellCollections Custom Dynavap

    Thanks again man, I'll def do that. This will be my first dynavap, so I'm pretty stoked to try it. I'm sure they have a large learning curve, but after I get the hang of it I think it'll be just what I was looking for. A small, portable one hitter that's hard hitting with connissuer quality flavor. I was actually thinking of either a Mighty or Ghost before I first found out about Dynavap. I mostly use concentrates these days due to my immense chronic pain , so I'm not as familiar with herbal vapes. Thanks so very much brother.
    ✌ ️❤️
  • Sticky Bricks AVB in mouthpiece

    you have to clean your screen more often if you use a fine one
    from storz and bickels mighty....
  • MV1 firmware update?

    sure i mean it doesn't vape my bud at the rate i would deem ideal...heats up as soon as i get any vapor, bowl gets really hot so makes it a pain to do more than 0.05 grms at a time if you over fill it sucks if you over grind the weed it sucks if you over extend the stem on the vaporizer it sucks...no sense of consistency always to remind you that you are better of with a dynavap which is 100 bucks only or cough up 20 more on top of the 295 bucks and go for the mighty... just saying doesnt work at all...
  • Ghost MV1 Advice?

    Maybe I should just contact ghost in PM's. i'm aware of all the other ghost threads and they have not helped me at all. I double, triple, quadruple checked and I am using the vape 100 percent correctly. Most likely a defective unit, and if not the ghost is definitely not for me. I'll contact them ASAP and see if I can get it checked or get a refund, the mighty is sounding mighty nice right about now. Regardless I appreciate the time you guys spent with the responses, thanks!
  • Mighty scratched olive/grey plastic above filling chamber

    You should worry and contact Storz&bickel technical service , it might be because of the grid in filling chamber , I contacted them for same problem they made me an offer for 200euros buying a new vaporizer but mine is 5month old only lol
    So they know there is a default if they do this kind of offer , they know about this hide vice
  • Looking for best vaping store online (India)

    I found this....

    I saw the Mighty, Pax, Ariser, Firefly...and others
  • Best vape for short draws

    Love my Mighty, but it's a session vape- even with dosing caps.
  • Best vape for short draws

    Dynavap #1 then mighty......... Other vapes like mv1 and on demand vapes are tricky for most people to get good results. I think dynavap for micro dosing and mighty for ease of use. Next in line is arizeer line up solo 2 for at home or argo for on the go
  • Best experience from which portable?

    If I had to pick 4 portables it would be that rare nomad device, ghost, mighty and milaana 2
  • Just looking for some guidance on my next purchase :)

    ghost is one of the best on demand portables out there. Flavor is amazing, it feels great to use, has swappable batteries, etc etc etc. For me, I was sharing it with friends (who went bananas for it) more than I was using it. They've addressed most of the early issues with it, and their customer service is AMAZING (even have a presence here on the forum). I'd purchase from them with confidence you're getting a top tier vape with great support behind it.

    The Mighty is just about the most stupid easy vape to get great results out of. Turn on, load, enjoy. Vapor flavor is great but not amazing like some others. I personally get annoyed cleaning it, but some don't find it so bad. Again for me I have others I use for session vapes and it's a little more bulky than I like my portable to be.

    TL; DR
    - Both are great
    - Ghost for on demand
    - Mighty for session
    - I have sold/traded both because I prefer other units in these roles and they were not being used
  • Just looking for some guidance on my next purchase :)

    Hey there, thanks for the insight on the Splinter Z, I've never heard of it before, so I'll have to look into it. I am preferably looking for an on demand device, and the ghost really does seem like a good fit for me. I'm just worried about some of the mixed reviews I have seen online, otherwise I would have already made the purchase. Are you aware of what people were so skeptical about? I heard something about a whiny noise, but I don't mind that at all. Was there anything majorly wrong? The other vape that I was heavily considering was the Mighty, as I have seen very positive reviews for it. Which would you personally prefer between the mighty and the MV1? Thanks again for the info!
  • Best experience from which portable?

    Also check out the Budkups dosing capsules for the Pax 3. They look pretty interesting and seem to be similar to the dosing capsules for the mighty/crafty.
  • Best experience from which portable?

    From what I remember it comes with a pax, crafty/mighty and something else attachments
  • Crafty/Mighty filling aid, genius add on or useless plastic

    Well I'm calling it and the no's win but not by as big a margin as I expected
  • Best experience from which portable?

    I still recommend the mighty, I love............. maybe not love but I'm in very deep like with my crafty. The mighty is a solid vape and a really good starting point you can always branch out to a different style maybe when you have a better idea about what else is important in your next vape ( I sense the vas is strong with you ) . At the end of the day it checks a lot of boxes, not all but a lot.
  • Best experience from which portable?

    @JMH This is when you were a young puppy on the forum.

    I’m definitely gonna go with the Ghost MV1! I can’t wait! Thanks for the help everyone!
    — JMH
    4 days ago

    I’m actually going to get the Mighty. It fits me more and the amount I use. Is the vapor from the mighty warm, or get warm after a few bowls? Just want to know what I’m getting into, haven’t found a review that says anything about it
    — JMH
    3 days ago

    I’m definitely taking my time deciding on one. I like the Mighty, Ghost MV1, Milaana 2, and the Firewood
    — JMH

    @JMH I've been in the same conundrum as you. It can be so overwhelming. Good luck, take your time, and ask further questions if needed. :victory:
  • Best experience from which portable?

    yeah idk what small parts he’s talking about? The glass spacer? That I won’t be using it I get it, or the pick tool on the bottom? Only 2 small pieces I’m aware of. I honestly highly doubt you have to clean it after your first or second pull. Sounds like the mouthpiece gets clogged because that’s a common issue in a lot of vapes that you have to clean that part. I know, the only real vape without risks must be the Mighty because every other vapes has its issues. I will be rethinking it and considering all of the vapes I’ve listed that I might get.
  • Best experience from which portable?

    The Firefly 2+ over the Mighty? Are you trying to give me a Heart Attack? :scream:

  • Best experience from which portable?

    The fact that the ghost bundle doesn’t include the dispenser and they are out of stock of it, rules that one out for me. Not getting the milaana, might as well wait for the 3rd. Not getting the splinter or tubo just cause I’m not a fan of mods. So I’m either going to get the Mighty because of the ease of use & I can dial in the exact temp without an app! Or the Firefly 2+ because of its glass bowl & vapor path.
  • Best experience from which portable?

    You can complete the S&B lineup with the Mighty which is freaking solid! But if you want a heavy ass hitter, Splinter Z. You get so much with so little herb it's crazy. Do back to back bowls and you're off to Lala land.

    Enjoy the hunt!
  • Crafty/Mighty filling aid, genius add on or useless plastic

    You can fit a few dosing caps in there like a capsule caddy.
  • Crafty/Mighty filling aid, genius add on or useless plastic

    When my Crafty was my go to I used it lots. In fact so much that I bought a 2nd one so that I could have 1 for indica and 1 for sativa. This was early in the Crafty days, before dosing capsules were released if I remember correctly. I found the filling tools great for a day out, they held a decent amount too. But I never did try out the dosing capsules after they came out.

    Later on I moved to just a scoop and/or funnel when at home, but I still used them when going out.

    I don't use my Crafty anymore, as unfortunately it has hit it's best before date, and then some.
  • Best experience from which portable?

    @JMH I picked up a Tubo a few weeks ago and though still in the honeymoon phase, it is hella fun to use. For one you can use it on demand like an MV1 or session (cruise mode) like a Mighty. Can use diff stems (j hook, bent, straight), water adapter for rigs, even has a temp step mode so you can set it to say for example stay on for 120 seconds and cycle through 4 temps btwn 340-375 then once you activate that mode you don’t need to fuss with the temp changes, or go cruise on a specific temp until whenever your done and shut off by clicking the button. You can even set the mod to reduce the temp when your not inhaling, just goes through batteries quick so need to have backups. Last thing I’ll highlight for now I enjoy is that the mod and heater are side by side instead of vertical - this is where most of the mod style Vapes suffer from a portability perspective imo, too tall. Holding the Tubo in your hand feels very comfortable and solid. Best of luck to you.
  • Best experience from which portable?

    I still consider the Mighty to be the best experience.
    The interface for loading and unloading is one of the fastest and easiest of any vape.
    The power/temp interfaces are simple and straight forward.
    The vapor is great and the cooling unit does a good job of cooling the vapor.

    I used to consider maintenance it's biggest challenge, but now I q-tip the cooling unit out while its warm (every 5-10 bowls) and its remarkably easy. I haven't soaked anything in nearly 6 months.

    Removable batteries, a faster heatup, and a higher temp range would make the Mighty more modern.

    This ^^ +1

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