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    Milaana is a great vape if you enjoy the process and playing with it. It will require stirring and some experimentation to find proper bowl size and depth for the extraction you are looking for. Love both the Milaana and FW4 but they aren’t for everyone.
  • Milaana where i can buy one i am from Europe Please Help

    Milaana where i can buy one i am from Europe Please Help
  • Milaana

    Got my Milaana in maple. Batteries are charging as I write. Pics below but nothing special in the wood...just rock hard maple.

    Note the pic w a top view and see the widely radiused corner. This is a "rare" right handed Milaana....the curve fits into the web of your thumb and forefinger.

    I'm not so sure I'm buying 'rare' as its just a rounded corner....if you got a belt sander, they can all be made into 'left' and 'right' fairly easily.

    Now, it came with the guitar pick in the stack with the battery top cover/contact. I get it, you can slide it in between the battery and the Milaana's contact to ensure its electrically isolated between uses, but I removed it and just plan to take the battery out when not in use.

    Did you guys leave it attached or take it off?

    Oh, pics...yeah:



  • Milaana

    welcome to the Milaana club mate.

    Glad your enjoying it. I really love my walnut and emerald Milaana. It’s definitely becoming one of my faves.

    Dark spots are normal, I’ve even had some larger ones, but I’ve never really heard of anybody combusting with the Milaana. I’ve pushed mine pretty hard at times.

    A lot of people rotate the stem between draws.

    The Extreme Q screens are definitely the ones VF recommend.

    For an even more intensely flavourful session, try putting a whole nug in there and poking a couple of holes in it (or at least one in the center) with a pin.

    All the best,

  • Milaana

    Been using the top half of my EVO basket with my long stem. Fits perfect.Philly

    Thanks for the tip!

    I’ve now started using an evo basket top, I stretched it out a little and now it fits perfect and does make a slightly smaller load size and works very well.

    I’m actually missing my EVO really badly I sent it to get fixed nearly two weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything back :’(

    @Baron23 I was actually enjoying a nice scotch and a Milaana and a lotus with a good friend of mine. Then I saw this and I was cracked up lol :D

    Looks so classy feels like I should only drink single malt with it.Philly

    @PhillyYour right you should only drink single malt and it should be at least a 15 year old special reserve. X-) Lol but I would say that because I’m Scottish. Lol

    I often indulge In a single malt when vaping especially with the cloud Evo or the Sublimator as well as more recently with the Milaana.




    I actually just sank this bottle with my friend getting in the Christmas spirit. Lol

    So with my last wee nip......here’s a toast to all my Vapelife friends in the Milaana club!

    All the best,

  • Milaana

    Hey @Aj85, thats sad for your broken Milaana glass joint . I feel for you , being in the U.K. probably not easy or cheap to send the unit back , pay for repairs, wait and hope for it not to happen again.. . Too bad vapefiend can't help you more then that too. What a bummer..
    Part of my hesitation in getting a Milaana was the use of glass in a portable vaporizer. I went with a Lil'Bud on-demand convection instead. living in Canada , its all wood construction made it more appealing when considering cost of dollar exchange and shipping fees ; the less chances of my vape equipment breaking and needing return the better !!

    Suggestion to wishfully get you back on track with your Milaana.... if not able to find a small amount of suitable epoxy (I find it odd it says "medical grade for DIsposible equipment" - probably not equipement that heats up ) for a fair price : have you or anyone considered using a thin wooden wedge or cork to help hold the glass joint to body ? I know it's not ideal but what is in this situation? .. put a wedge in glass joint cavity and push the female glass joint in ? Danger of breaking your new joint if too tight I know , but it wouldn't be the first break in this case ..

    Wish you the best !
  • Milaana

    This is not a review, I can leave those to Bud and possibly Baron23 :)
    So after the FF2 disappointment I wasn't sure what to do, I wanted an on demand convection but some of the choices were not for me. After much searching I decided to try my luck on the RBT Milaana. Now this vape I had to get from the USA, not my first choice due to shipping and tax etc, but it was hard to turn down as it was one of the last units with lifetime warranty.

    It arrived yesterday and I immediately fell in love, the weight in my hand, the simplicity of the unit everything just felt right, its like a practical work of art.
    The Milaana won't be for everyone as it's a manual vape, all user controlled, no safety so you can get combustion if your not careful. I would say it obviously has a learning curve but unlike the FF2 it just seems intuitive, you can feel when things are wrong so easily. Only had it for one day and very late last night I had slight combustion but still I am totally sold on this device, its such a tiny powerhouse. It takes 18650 batteries so that's a plus over the Firefly, its easy to clean and the taste is spectacular to me. I will update here after some weeks of use and see if it holds up.

    Would love to see Bud do a review on one of these in the future or maybe a Zion when production restarts

  • Milaana

    I know https://www.420edc.com/rbt-milaana/ have some on route from RBT. https://www.instagram.com/p/BWu-4NaBCcr/?taken-by=rastabuddhatao

    Ryan is working on getting Zion finished and then he will be making Splinters and more Milaana's.
  • Milaana

    I have a ? for ya... Milaana or Stickybrick to be honest I cannot decide, I tried to get the Milaana once before and could not find a manufacture site to buy from so I decided to not get one, do you know of a official(ish) site to get it from?
  • Milaana

    It would be 420edc.com for a Milaana currently. Not to knock you off this as it is my favorite vape but you've not tried a butane vape yet ? The Brick would be great too.
    It might even take you down a butane path for a bit and away from those IQ's :)
    Edit:- looks like 420 may have sold out, they only had stock in last week but Milaana's seem to be selling quickly. Vaped.ca has them too but those prices are in Canadian dollars.
  • Milaana

    New bloodwood Milaana
    RBT is really putting out some beautiful Milaana these days.
    The finish on all of the new ones is superb.
  • Milaana

    to be honest I prefer blue it’s my fave colour but Vapefiend wouldn’t let me choose the colour of the glass. They kept saying it wasn’t possible to choose the glass colour and wouldn’t even tell me what colour the glass available was.

    Then when I’d placed my order I asked them to let me know what colour the glass in the one in my order would be I even stated I didn’t mind if I received it open. They refused and told me it wasn’t posssible to tell me.

    The tin was unsealed and had a loose open plastic wrap with a hand written note on it from ryan@RBT saying walnut and emerald with the triangular symbol that’s on the pick.

    To be honest it was like they didn’t want to tell me in case I cancelled my purchase or somthing.

    I thought they could indulge me a little and tell me what colour i’d be receiving when it’s written on the tin. Especially as I’ve been a loyal customer for over five years and I was making a £470 purchase at the time. I’d also spent £290 on a firefly2 about a week or so before.


    The Milaana is the silver tin under the white box (an honest micro torch lighter) in the top left corner, with the little hand written labal saying walnut and emerald on it. lol

    To be honest though it’s the first time I’ve ever felt let down by VF customer service. It’s not a big deal really though. I do really like the emerald and walnut now (I’m a Scottish Celtic supporter) I’ve got it. They’ve never let me down on warranty claims or anything that’s ever mattered.

    I’m not slagging VF off and do intend to still use them for future purchases. I just wanted to be honest about my Milaana purchase experience and the only slightly negative shopping experience I’ve ever had with Vapefiend.

    All the best,

  • Milaana

    Anyway, ran my Milaana with a new and newly charged Sony battery with the long stem and the RBT rimmed screen.

    F'ing A is all I have to say. Liked it a lot. Not even close to combusting. It seems very intuitive to me as to when to let off of the power button....I can feel the vapor in the back of my throat and while this may sound a bit imprecise, it actually seems to work just fine.

    Now, i am finding one little dark pin spot in my load, I think toward the edge near the air inlet. With my Enano, I have the habit of spinning the tube when on the heater (picked up from Bud's Enano review vid and its just become a habit) and think I may need to do that with Milaana.

    But it is only a pin point and I do give it a stir so not really a problem at all.
  • Milaana

    Thanks, Philly. I now remember trying new ELB top hats in my Milaana long stems and they were too small to stay in there firmly and would need to be squished a bit to hold.

    Mark at 420EDC told me that there are stems out there with slightly different internal diameters (don't ask me why...sigh) and that is what led to the RBT rimmed screens.

    I now have a few of each RBT screen, the rimless and rimmed and I expect that will hold me for a while.

    I actually don't like a carb hole and I'm glad mine Milaana does not have one. I plugged my SB Jr's carb hole with the supplied plug also....just to much to juggle around for me, I guess.

  • Milaana

    @Cl4ud3 @Philly , et al - well, just happened by my computer when 420EDC's email arrived that they now have spalded and aspen Milaana's back in stock.

    I ordered a Spalded with Emerald internal/external and they only had the one. I think they have one other (at least) spalded with clear internal/external.

    So, what to do with my week old Milaana in rock maple. First world problems, certainly. haha
  • Milaana

    Congrats @Kinick23 and nice choice.

    Flavor is great in both of them but the Milaana edges out the Tubo by a very small margin for me.
    As far as smoothness that is very dependent on the user's technique with on-demand convection vapes like these.
    Each individual hit on the Milaana is totally customizable by the user so it can be as smooth as you want.
  • Milaana

    They've got the Milaana on vapefiend

    edit: Oh but only in maple at the moment
  • Milaana

    Hi, I just heard from a guy from Vapefiend CS.
    He said that they are expecting some Milaana's in a fortnight, which is good news.
    He also told me that there are some Ghost MV1's at UK customs, but that Ghost have changed the heatsink slightly, and they will have to wait on those. Hey ho.
    I wonder if they will get a selection of woods for the Milaana's. Problem is once you get away from basic maple they start getting pricey.
  • Milaana

    Damn! Me really like this thing. The milaana 2 should not just concentrate on reducing overall size, the stem needs to be recessed into the vape to reduce length. A long stem on an og milaana would put john holmes to shame.
  • Milaana

    Thank you for the plug! We have a few Milaana 1.5s (one might make an appearance in these parts shortly). Have a good selection of woods in the 1.0 as well. Only difference between the 1.5 and 1.0 is the 1.5 has a squared base for increased stability for those insisting no standing up their Milaana. Personally I try to lay them on their side to prevent any glass incidents.
  • Milaana

    I am rarely in a group setting. Normally sharing the Milaana with my better half 95% of the time. If we are out and about, it could be in the car before a concert in a parking garage.

    One of our group use scenarios would be while river kayaking with friends, but out there we don't really have anywhere to sit a Milaana down, so if we are using it, we are melting faces with it. Otherwise it is in a ziplock in a waterproof/airtight case inside a dry bag (triple protected). Outdoor use is weather permitting of course.
  • Milaana

    Esthetics and feel are an important part of design. The Milaana has a wonderfully elemental look to it. The wood grain, the copper and the glass takes you in the opposite direction of more technical vapes, and remind you that we are interacting with a sacred plant. It just feels good. The button is simple and sturdy with a nice finish. It is simple.
    But don't be fooled, there is on demand clean glass hits that more digital vapes would be hard pressed or proud to produce. It is almost impossible to not get a sizable vapor cloud, even people that have not used it before. The technique is similar to smoking with a spoon style pipe with a carb or filling a bong tube in that you roll the cherry bowl along with your draw to keep it going(ignited), only this way you are rolling it along to stay under the point of ignition. You can tend to the hit with the length and strength of your draw, and use your finger to baffle the carb screen, and hit that silver button to boost it along. It may sound like a complicated technique , but it is as intuitive as can be.
    Battery strength is a major factor in this unregulated system. They hit harder when fully charged, almost to the point of being too jacked up when they come off the charger causing a harsher hit. When they draw down, that was when I was able to gets some of the good flavor I had been hoping for out of the Milaana. Getting huge hits that get you ear ringing high is easy, getting flavor and big clouds is the optimal goal. She will get you there, but battery strength is my path to flavortown. When you get the lightest cleanest hit you've ever had, it is because your battery and copper are not in contact with each other Stonehenge. The copper and battery contact do cause a bit of " did I leave the iron on" neurosis, but rotating the copper to a kickstand storage does prevent that. (broke my pick)
    I find it pretty pocketable and durable with short stem. Worry about dust and grit from pockets going into battery chamber and screen over time(masonry dust) but there doesn't seem to be much that could go wrong with it, and I believe it has a 3 year warranty. $220 +- entry level to a monster cloud producing tasty high as can be good looking easy cleaning glass hitter. If I was only going to buy one vape for dry herb,( and did not require precise digital control of temperature) this is an easy choice. No complication .This would be a GREAT first dry herb vape for anyone just entering vaping. There will be no disappointment or not high enough feeling or I cant figure it out or I am so frustrated.
    I would highly recommend a 3 piece grinder for on the go sessions because you can jam the loader into it with out a screen getting in the way or spilling over the sides .

    { I miss my Mighty, true, but I am in no rush to kick down that cash to replace it. Loved mighty dosing capsules for sandwiches and precise temps, and was hoping to use it with some glass bubblers, but I don't think I am going to replace it. I would recommend finding a way to eliminate to cooling chamber on the Mighty via an after market glass adapter(careful may cause damage ) and a glass stem or mouthpiece, cleaner the hit with less plastic contact better flavor and high. cleaning cooling chamber is pain in the ass. Eliminate it then you will have an awesome work horse.}
  • Milaana

    MV1, Plenty, Mighty ......BUT I keep reaching for my milaana ! .....On my way to trout fish ......with Milaana
  • Milaana


    My milaana arrived today and I am totally in love with this thing! The pictures online really don't do it any justice. Such a beautiful finish and also feels so smooth in the hand! The flavour is insane on this thing. I've never experienced vapour with such a rich and pure taste! I've only had it for an hour or so but immediately feel that I have a decent technique and have produced excellent results. I'm so pleased as I had heard many people online saying it's tricky to get great results at first. At first I thought the battery was too big as it sticks out quite a bit. I was wondering if the battery chamber was too shallow but the cover does fit on but is very snug! I wanted to ask all you milaana owners on here what your habits are with regards to leaving the battery in whilst not in use (in-between use) it says to remove the battery as it's obviously ready to go while the battery is in and if the button is pressed accidentally then it would cause problems. Do you guys leave the battery in with the plectrum in place at all times or do you constantly remove and replace the battery?
  • Milaana

    Its a lesson learned. I had a few beers and i took the milaana out into the garden to show my wife. I noticed the plectrum had cracked so I turned it to look at it and the stem slipped out of my hand and fell to the floor. So fragile! Absolutely gutted though I'm going to the beach for 3 days today and was so looking forward to using the milaana while I'm there! Should have ordered a spare stem knowing how clumsy I am! Oh well. Xvape fog and vapcap M are both packed and ready to go and another stem ordered from vapefiend! Also really can't wait for the cooling mouthpiece to be back in stock!!! Pretty warm with the short stem.
  • Milaana

    @Microvaper at home I always use the long stem, I rarely do take my milaana out but that’s when I use the stub stem, I’ve tried the cooling mouthpiece when I filmed with vapefiend( that’s where I get my milaana stuff) but I don’t own one as I’m happy with my long stem set up ;)
  • Milaana

    I recently became a proud member of the Milaana owners club. Something which is not easy in Europe and the UK since vapefiend ran out. Huge thanks to Mark @420edc for hooking me up. Even though he was technically out of stock he let me have this amazing Aspen Milaana, and it is such a beauty. After spending two weeks in customs it finally arrived, because apparently it takes that long to work out the tax, maybe they are still using a abacus.
    I absolutely love this vape, I have wanted one for so long and it surpassed my expectations. When I first got a vape I bought a da buddha and I thought when someone can take this and put it in the palm of my hand I will be happy. Six years later I finally think I'm there, full on demand convection at the touch of a button in a hand held. The flavour and effects are so strong I have saved a bunch of weed since this arrived and still been peel me off the ceiling high. I think the best vape for you is a subjective thing, there is no one best vape that will work for everyone because people are different. This vape is the best for me, I love the manual control, unregulated style, full on raw punchy powerful flavour and the effects are the best I have experienced. I'm finally starting to feel like I have my VAS under control, only a couple more I really want.240qzb1mg2ljs2yk.jpg
  • Milaana

    just picked up a milaana 1.5 maple with purpleheart cap ... looks brand new and will go nicely with my milaana 2! it heats up way faster than my 2 which surprised me (i started a new thread about it)!
  • Milaana

    Yeah guys Milaana's have been tuned slightly different over the years so to quote Forest Gump, it's like a box of chocolates! You never know what you will get. Battery age and level also play into this.

    Enjoy the Milaana PH cap Warren! She's a beauty!
  • Milaana

    So far I'm absolutely loving the thing, it has warmer vapor than normal which I'm enjoying a lot. The warmth helps you self regulate the temperature. Taste is unbelievable, the first hit is so intense, much better to me than the Firefly2 (which I found to be the same as a MFLB)
    Milaana is a roided up MFLB :)

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