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  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    didn't mean to indicate that the new mv1 had any draw resistance problems only that the vape critic could notice a slight difference between them and he attributes it to the heat sync.
  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    Seem to remember the main change being gasket and stem material. Neither of these would effect flow resistance.
  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    I've owned the older and newer versions - if you want my opinion neither had any issues with draw resistance, both free flowing. Draw resistance can be varied with stem height as well.
  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    okay thanks for your help, my mv1 will get here in a week or so. Haven’t used one yet but I’m excited to see what it’s like
  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    thanks for the info, I might pick one up just to have a spare
  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    I'm not a ghost user, but the subject came up last stream about the heat sync having more restriction, that's the extent of my knowledge. I'm use to my crafty it has really free flowing draw, if I were to get a ghost ( and it is on my radar ) I might seek out a og heat sync for that reason. But you at least have experience with a ghost, so you got to ask yourself would I mind that way?
  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    Should I buy a new heat sync, is it worth it?JMH

    No, the prime reasons for the slight change to the heat sink was two fold (well, maybe three).

    1. Make a better seal for those who had a hard time reassembling their heat sink...I never had that issue with mine.

    2. To eliminate the slight scratchy sound when pulling the glass mouthpiece in and out

    3. Some people like glass while others break it almost immediately. So, changed glass mouthpiece...I believe Macor.

    Very small changes, I have both, I don't find a preference for either and use them interchangeability.
  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    I traded for an OG model MV1. So I’m sure it has that in it. Should I buy a new heat sync, is it worth it?
  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    at the very least the heat sync was changed to be a little less free flowing, not sure what else. If you're interested in the old heat sync bud has a few extras he might be willing to part with if you hit him up on the next live stream. I'm not guaranteeing anything
  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    Is there anything different from the older models compared to the new stealth one?
  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    I believe the serial number on the bottom of the box starts with the year it was made. I believe everything from 2019 is the updated maybe even some 2018. I'm pretty sure
  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    As @BestBuds says just get the black stealth, that's definitely the latest version.
  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    @GHOSTTEAM @ghost-ops @GhostVapesNerissa @ghostvapesofficial Sorry, I don't know who to tag.

    Is there something @Friend from Russia can look for to make sure it has the new parts?

    Friend From Russia, you can also look for a stealth edition (all black) I believe that is the newer version and they didn't make a stealth version before the upgrades. :up:
  • MV1 water adaptor tools

    So after having this a little over a month I thought I'd share some pros & cons that I've come across, it's taken me a little bit to get to like it as never really done much through water

    1st impressions were that it sits very flush with the rubber, may cause an issue over time with insertion & removal but it seems to make a better seal, I seem to be able to pull more vapour maybe due to the longer length ? And the bud vapes a lot more evenly, didn't even require to turn it stir the crucible half way through,
    Makes things cooler obviously, but have noticed that sometimes it robs you of flavour a little at low temps if the bud isn't the best,

    Main downside I've come across it that no matter how little I fill it I can't get it to stop splashing my lips which is a little annoying,
    you need something to prop it up with as you'll need to let it sit for a little once filling so it levels its self and its pain in the arse to get all the water out once you've finished
    But apart from some some minor gripes I'd say to anyone it's a cheap way of making the ghost better,
  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    If you’re afraid of dishonest sellers Get your Ghost MV1 from ghostvapes.com if you can, they won’t let you down. There are other legit sites too. I know you update the MV1 threw a phone app, my MV1 will be arriving in a week or so. I traded for an older model. Don’t have any experience with the MV1, someone here will provide better info. Goodluck with your MV1 purchase, get the Stealth MV1 it looks awesome!
  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    I bought mine from Vaposhop in the netherlands they always carry the latest versions of the products they sell, arrived within 2 days
  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    id say you save your money and buy a desktop unit the mighty is way better than the ghost O_o you want to elevate you high try the new volcano or vapexhale well worth the bang for the buck!
  • Advice needed for purchasing Ghost MV1

    Hello, friends!
    This is my first post here, and I`am happy about exist of this place :)

    Currently I use Mighty, but after reading your conversations here, I`am ready to take new expirience with the Ghost!
    Unfortantly, 420 culture is really low in my country yet, thats why i can`t take enough information on subject on russian resources..
    Can you explain me please - how can I visually identify updated version of Ghost MV1 vs old version (which wasn`t so good)?
    I'm afraid of dishonest sellers who will sell me the old version and I will get a bad experience...

    Thanks for your attention)
  • Best vape for a grandma in her 80's

    I'm looking to see if we can find a vape for my friends mother. She is 85 and is looking to either start vaping or dabbing. We have let her try a ghost mv1 which was a no go as she just cannot inhale that long. And we let her try a dynavap m and she wasn't comfortable with having to use a torch lighter.

    My vaping style does not match hers and I need some input to pass along.
  • Really close to giving up on vaping

    get a ghost mv1 for sure. I used to smoke huge bong hits all day and tried a few different vapes and always went back to my bong. Until now......... since I’ve had my ghost I’ve been higher than I have for years and could never smoke a bong now, tastes like shit and the smoking high is like more of a muddled and stoned head on, but my vape gets me really high and tastes beautiful, I now enjoy getting high as much as being high. p.s. vaping requires breathing directly into the lungs rather than the mouth to lung technique of smoking.
  • Ghost Support

    Thank you I will say that I have been quite pleased with my MV1 and the service I have received.
  • Ghost Support

    Make's an account just to post a positive comment = Legend :party:

    Hope your new MV1 last's you an aeon.
  • Ghost Support

    My MV1 went into system failure over the 4th of July. I called them on that Monday after creating a ticket and they sent a replacement right away. If you go into the warranty page the phone number is there.
  • DaVinci IQ support

    ...correct...I was initially attracted to the removable battery feature...

    ...I don't think he was making anything up...

    ...he uses a Pax3 now but there was no percentage in it for him...

    ...I certainly like the concept of the Ghost MV1 but the reality of it is a bit much...

    ...I may be checking one out soon anyway, as don't think the Pax3 is all that much of an improvement over the Pax, much to my disgust and disappointment...

    ...they may have greatly improved some features but it is still like hitting a Pax, eh...
  • New Ghost MV1 heatsink problem

    I think it needs courage to state here that it was mostly his own fault :up:
  • Ghost Support

    For those of you that have experience with Ghost support, how long did it take them to get back to you after you submitted a request?

    The door latch on my MV1 failed, and I would like to get it repaired. I know last week was 4th of July, but I did expect at least a response stating that they got my request.
  • Buying a refurbished Ghost MV1 vape for 199€

    ...some times refurbished is better than new...

    ...for one thing some one will take the time to ensure it is up to spec before it ships...

    ...this is often not true of the general production run...
  • Buying a refurbished Ghost MV1 vape for 199€

    Will definitely keep you and the thread updated.
  • Buying a refurbished Ghost MV1 vape for 199€

    I have looked at them so so so many times , Real good price from Vaposhop. If I was a bit better off I would have got one already.
    I think it a soild deal hope all goes well for you .
    let us know :D

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