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  • Firefly 2+ (FF2)

    I had an mv1 stealth still in shrink wrap and a used dispenser w/box and they traded me a new sealed ff2+ with a grinder... 2 days after I set up the trade, the mv1 did their price drop... I was glad they honored the deal, so that was cool. Initially I was trading for a slightly used ff2+ but it morphed into a $249 credit so I could get a new one :grin:
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    Thanks Wolf444,

    I'm disabled and have bad, painful hands and to be honest I have enough trouble with just fiddling with those small crucibles and just getting the door closed at times. So soon as the other broke yesterday I went and bought a 2nd MV1 so I wouldn't be without while the other unit gets repaired/replaced. Ill be set for good now and I wont have to worry as I'll always have a spare unit if one needs repair.

    Virgil is helping see what Ghostteam can do for me from their end to get things sorted out quicker, I feel confident they will get things sorted as quickly as can be in my situation. I was just bummed and in a little panic yesterday when it first happened was all.

    Everyone has been a great help, thank you all for the support.
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    Dalork you can still utilize your device with the door issue while you are waiting on warranty replacement... Just manually set the temperatures as your normally would and then use two hands to use the device (one pressing the vape button and one holding the door firmly shut).... I went through this myself and can vouch that it will work and you'll get the hang of it... Better option than not using your device....
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    Fair choice, no issue at all. For some of us, the local shop is a clubhouse of sorts and the shopkeeper is also a friend. Just wanted to make sure everyone knows you're covered with GHOST. Please keep me updated.

    you're too kind @Baron23 I learned from you!

    Virgil from GHOST Vapes 
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    Thank you all and Ty Virgil for your help and filling me with confidence in the MV1 and the Ghost teams support. I'm an international customer hence why I thought they may be delays in doing returns etc seeing as it was bought in a local shop etc.

    I've already been to the shop I bought it from and they have started the warranty/returns process I believe. I didn't know that I should have spoke with your team first I'm sorry. I was a bit worried at first and also wanted to see the store to buy a 2nd back-up MV1, I'll reply with any further info via PM Vigil.

    Thank you everyone.
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    Thank you all for helping @Dalork

    Hi there!
    The GHOST Vapes corporate office handles all warranty claims, issues so for future reference (and for anyone following this thread) please feel free to reach out to us first if you have any questions or concerns. You can tag me or (GHOSTTEAM) or Ops (ghost-ops) on this forum or reach out to us via the support tab on our website to submit a formal support request.

    I'll send you PM to collect your info and we'll get you back up and running by next week.

    Virgil from GHOST Vapes 
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    Have you reached out to Ghost directly via their ticket system on their website?

    If not, perhaps do so????

    Also, Ghost CS checks here regularly and will note if tagged like this: @GHOSTTEAM

    Cheers and I am confident that Ghost will fix you up and make you whole. They have for others in similar circumstances.
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    My first unit had a heater coil failure. I went to the post office to send out my unit for repair and on my way back home I stopped at our mailbox and my new Ghost was waiting for me. So I was without my vape for an afternoon. PM some of the Ghost Ops guys here to see if they can help it along for you.
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    thats a bummer. Same happened to me a while back. Ghost had me a new Unit in 3 days.
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    Well I'm crushed, less than a month old and the door won't latch on my stealth. Also noticed a tiny bit of the finish also coming off the back of my heatsink, my heart has sunk. Have already spoken with the shop I bought it at and sent them a video but am guessing in my situation it'll be weeks to months before I get a replacement. :cry:
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes


    Still bothering you :)

    How should I clean it? Heatsink on the stealth can be no longer disassembled as the previous models...am I right?

    Is there a guide for my model?
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    Thank you all! I would have probably ended up replacing it as a faulty device without your help!
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    Awesome!! Glad you got it sorted out :). Enjoy!!
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    Hi all again. Just a quick update

    I came home from work in the evening and loaded one crucible with the cbd I ground and partially dried yesterday with all of my trials and error.

    With a great surprise I got 4 really good hits at 185C

    A really Good amount of flavorful vapor

    And Then I finished it at 215C with other 2 hits of good vapor but less less flavor

    Apart from the fact that the flavor in this thing is superb (my firefly 2 never reached this level of quality) I was really amazed by how much vapor it was...

    @Pud was right. It was too wet

    I M vaping just now the third crucible and I’m really getting consistent behaviors. I get strong hits even at 185C. Great flavor and vapor just from cbd

    If it keeps like this i can surely say this is by far the best on demand device I could have bought
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    I am a long time Ghost MV1 owner. Got an early unit based on @VapeCritic's "This is the one..." video. I love the MV1 and have recommended it to numerous people and here on the forum.
    Ghostvapes has been great with me on customer support. They proactively sent me a new heatsink and new mouthpieces as they tweaked the design.

    Recently my MV1 has been acting up. I contacted support@ghostvapes and asked about my options. I was expecting to get tips on how to correct my issue... maybe deep cleaning.... In the time it took to open a support ticket to explain the problem, Ghost arranged to send me a new one. They are just sending me a new MV1! No nonsense. No BS. No "prove that it is broken" or anything like that. The new one is already on its way.

    Vapes are very personal. The MV1 may not be the best vape for everyone. But I don't think you will find another company who stands behind their products like Ghost does. Ghost is clearly the best vape company.
    It is all about the people.
    Shout out to Virgil and the Ghost team. @GHOSTTEAM, @ghost-ops Thank you. Thank you.

    Thanks for helping me out and thanks for the excellent experience. It is so refreshing to NOT have to go through the normal BS with an RMA like this.
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    yes it is not dry enough. In a closet will eventually dry better if you could have a fan indirectly blowing in the closet but not directly on the weed. But MV1 must have bud drier than what yours currently is... I’m betting that is a large source of your problem.
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    @Vahn depending how much you pack, you may just be lingering too long at lower temps (although visible vapor should be available on first heat setting, i haven't found that to be the case yet - just flavor and effects). For that many desired draws, fill it full, but somewhat loose, medium grind, good and dry.

    Try bumping up the calibration, taking one draw on heat level 1, 2 at level 3, then finish the crucible on 4 or 5. If no visible vapor after the first draw on heat level 3, try some "cigar" puffs on your first draw on heat level 1 on your next session. This should pull more heat into the chamber than just drawing (pull hot air in, let it sit in the chamber), and finish the drying that is required for ample vapor production, at heat level 3.

    I find with a full packed crucible, running on full heat (for herb anyway), I get ~ 3.5-4 good strong draws before the herb no longer produces vapor. It should be noted that the cooling provided by the heatsink makes this higher temp vapor very smooth still and flavorful, until the third draw or so, while still smooth, just not as tasty.
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    The goal I tend to is the same I had with the FF2

    With that I got 1 hit just flavor at lower temp...2 good hits and about 3 “ok” hits at higher temps

    All of that while stirring in between couple of hits

    I don’t really want to surrender. But I just want to reach the point where I’m satisfied about the results I get
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    Hi..thank you again @Pud

    I can’t really let it dry overnight on the table for specific reasons so i thought of a solution to dry it inside my closet. Does it make sense to buy some boveda packs and a container to use for the occasion?

    Anyway It isn’t freshly picked at all but it doesn’t snap...it bends a little before snapping
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    let it dry overnight or two uncovered... you don’t need boveda packs. I’m asking if it is drier than that... as in, where did this come from? If it is freshly picked it is much to wet. If came from dispensary it should be known how wet. But 25 min is nothing to dry. Let sit out uncovered 24-48 hours. If you try to break it does it snap or bend?
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    Another thing to take note of: if you're looking for ~ 5-6 good full rips, make sure to pack your crucible a little fuller than you would think you should. ~0.12-0.13. if you're looking for around 3 nice rips, pack the crucible a little less full, ~0.7-0.8.

    If the crucibles aren't packed to capacity and you're running on lower temps, this could explain low vapor volume/# of rips you're experiencing.

    Lol sounds like a lot of variables to nail down, but once you get used to the thing (trust me you will if you keep with it), the ghost MV1 is almost indispensible to me on the go during the day.

    Good luck, stick with it, keep sharing your experience.

  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    Try bumping the temperature calibration up 1 step to "red". So do this with the unit in stand by mode, not "shipping" mode or "vaping" mode. Tap both front and rear buttons three times to go into calibration set. You should have one yellow led blinking in the middle. Hit the front button once to bump it up so there's a red LED to the left of the yellow LED, both flashing at same time. Then just wait for the lights to go out and you're good to go.

    I found my unit to struggle to made satisfactory clouds at lower temps but effects were still good none the less.

    Although after this I could get satisfactory clouds on heat level three (three yellow LEDs), I now only run my MV1 at full temp on full heat calibration, even though I usually run much cooler temps with my other vapes (usually around 180 C with my Mighty). I don't know if this varies unit to unit but it let's the user dial in their preferences a little better than those that are not adjustable as well. Full on-demand convection has drawbacks and compromises, just like with most things.
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    Hi just a little update about some tries i did yesterday in the evening.

    Cbd vaped a little better after leaving it on a print paper for about 20mins but got more or less 6 hits from 2 different crucible and at different temps

    The first one got me 2 good hits at level 1 and one at level 2. The second crucible got me 1 good hit at level 1 and nothing at level 2...but 2 good hits at level 3 (with less flavor)

    What’s disappointing is that I got no significative improvements with my “other stuff” . I let that dry for about 25mins and got me not a single good hit of vapor...just flavor (and strong effects)

    Do you think I should have seen already some major improvements? Cause I’ve just been informed that I still have 2 weeks to ask for a complete refund of the order. I can buy a new vaporizer (maybe the firefly 2+ or a new Mv1) while I proceed with the claim to ask for a refund

    What do you think? I thought I could try with boveda packs but before buying them I need to know if it makes sense given the fact that I didn’t got major improvements with drying the herb on the paper

  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    Thank you Virgil... I sent you a response to your private message - can you please confirm receipt? Asking because I know awhile back Bud had disabled the private messaging for new contacts - and I want to make sure you received my information... Thank you...

  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes


    I’ll definitely try some more days paying attention to how much dried the stuff is
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    for sure the drier the better... I’d grind then let it sit out overnight. I was using 58 boveda pack which then I let it dry even more and solved my issues. The uneven burn sounds like it’s more “wet” than ideal. I’d start there.
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    I would think that the MV1 is not sealed when closed (convection - must be air flowing thru), therefore, the herb inside the MV1 would be open to atmosphere, and retain moisture levels in the surrounding air.
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    That’s really a light of hope. I don’t really like the idea but if it solves the issue I will gladly force me to like it

    In fact...you just make me think that I prepared my crucible the night before...then the morning after I had almost no vapor at all. But when I came back the same afternoon it was probably much drier (dried from the hits in the morning) cause I got a good hit from the first try at 180C

    Can the moisture level resist the night if the crucible is placed inside the ghost?

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