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  • MV1 Stealth Edition Trade-In Offer Now Live

    MV1 Bundle and Halloween Promotion

    Thank you for your patience and for allowing us an opportunity to respond to the questions that have been raised over the last few hours.
    For the avoidance of doubt and to help clear up any confusion, the MV1 bundle offer has been live on our website for at least 2 months before Stealth was even launched.
    We thought it would be great idea to offer a Halloween promotion and the last thing we wanted to do was offend or upset anyone.
    As a goodwill gesture on our part, we would like to invite anyone who purchased an MV1 Bundle between the 24th October and now, to contact Customer Support for a $60 refund on the card they used to make the original purchase.
    We hope this will be received favourably and thank you for allowing us the opportunity to address the issue.
    The team@GHOST
  • MV1 Ordering Details

    MV1.... My Vape version 1
  • MV1 Update 10/8

    MV1 Update 10/8......please stay on topic in this important thread. ty
  • MV1 vs Mighty for solo on demand sessions

    Mv1 you can stretch your bud out over several hits over hours if you want. Mighty, not so much. It'd be portioning with the mighty.
  • MV1 issues

    mv1 no vapor flowchart would useful.
  • MV1 issues

    This a a long overdue first post from me. I'm a long-time lurker here and on other vape forums. Also, I'm long-winded, which is one reason I usually just lurk. :yikes:

    I purchased a MV1 around a year and a half ago, when the device was still known to have issues to work out, but Ghost was expressing a commitment to address those items as fixes became available. My MV1 worked fine -- great flavor -- but I had a lot of issues with the device overheating. (It was probably a heat sink issue but at the time I thought that not to be the case.)

    I contacted Ghost support and went back and forth a couple of times, and I threw a fit that was quite similar to the first post in this thread. Back then, I think Ghost was also going through major growing pains, as they actually lost one of my emails for awhile and didn't get back to me because of something that had gone wrong with an upgrade to their support software or some such thing. I was annoyed and threw my MV1 in a drawer and when they finally contacted me again I either ignored them or gave them another earful -- I don't remember for sure.

    Flash forward to the stealth edition and the most recent reviews by Troy on 420vapezone and others -- I was finally hearing that people were happy with the MV1 and I began to get jealous. I decided to follow up with Ghost support one more time and sent them a new email. I had calmed down but I think I still gave them some attitude when I wrote it.

    Ghost support responded to me immediately and the support rep was extremely humble and apologetic, and said that my new stealth version would be on its way to me as soon as I reconfirmed my shipping address. I returned the original unit after receiving the new one, and they let me keep the original battery and heat sink. Ghost followed up again multiple times to make sure I was happy -- more than they needed to do.

    As for the stealth MV1, it has performed like a champ. Since my problem with the first unit was overheating, I made a point of stress-testing that aspect of the vape first thing, and I did not experience any malfunction whatsoever. I have not seen any instance of overheating happen with my stealth MV1. I switched to the MV1 as my daily driver and didn't look back. I enjoy vaping much more than smoking now. The MV1 provides awesome flavor if you have good material to vape.

    A couple of weeks later I received an investigation report for my original MV1 and they found no issue with it, so I'm inclined to think that I caused the original problem by not installing the heat sink correctly. But, after finding no issue with my original MV1 Ghost did not give me any hassle at all. So, I got an extra battery and heat sink out of the deal and I'm an incredibly pleased customer. I regret not getting online sooner to sing their praises, which I intended to do. Whenever they come out with new models, I will be excited to consider another purchase if I am able.

    Sorry for the long post, but one more thing -- I know this will appear to be a shameless "plug" but that is not my intention. I will be putting my MV1 up for sale elsewhere in the next couple of days, but it is because I have nothing to put in the MV1 right now and will not for the foreseeable future. I'd post it for sale here but I have not been active on the forum and my understanding is that only active and trusted members should do that. I'm only mentioning it lest someone see my sale offer elsewhere and think I'm selling it because it does not perform well. My MV1 and experience with Ghost Vapes has been wonderful and I wish Ghost great success with their products.

  • MV1 and someone new to vaping

    The MV1 performs very well, but I believe that for optimal results, most users should not be shy about experimenting with different factors (e.g. how fast to draw air in, how far out you set the adjustable mouthpiece at) to see what works the best for them.

    I think one of the best parts about the MV1 is how forgiving it can be of many user factors, such as one's draw rate and volume of air drawn in, packing of material, preparation of the material itself (grind, hand torn), and whether you take just a draw or two or do two crucibles back-to-back.

    If you read enough of the threads on here regarding the MV1, one thing I think you'll notice is that many (if not a vast majority) of the users that initially had issues or poor results with the MV1 were then able to get very satisfying results after they spent a little bit more time with the MV1 and dialed it in (the exception, of course, is defective units). As a beta tester, I experienced this at times with the different versions of the firmware we were testing. When first released, I usually didn't get as good results with any of the firmware versions than what I was able to get after a bit more use -- it could have been just a couple of hours, or perhaps it took several sessions, but I always was able to get better results after a bit than I did when I initially started using a particular version. What I learned was that it took a bit of use to be really able to judge how much I did or didn't like particular details about using a given version. If one decides to get an MV1 or any vape device for that matter, there may be a bit of a learning curve. Be patient...

    Another point to make: please don't just follow exactly what other users have found successful and assume that's also best for YOU. The moisture of your material, strain, how much you pack in, etc. can all affect it. Experiment, try out different things to see how it works with you and your way of vaping. The MV1 thankfully is very efficient with amount of material used. This is something that might help you feel more comfortable with experimenting -- it's not like you'll be using a lot of material to arrive at your optimal method of use.

    If you think about it, in a sense, one is actually breathing in through these things (temporarily) while in use. It stands to reason that each of us, with our own unique physiological attributes, will have a slightly different interface (i.e. "connection") with the device. That's why it's not exactly the same for each of us.
  • MV1 and someone new to vaping

    is this device really an appropriate recommendation for someone new to vaping?Terry Hutchinson

    Hi Terry,

    We have ironed out most of the issues that we were experiencing previously and the App and Firmware update (for existing users) will also be available very soon.

    All new units that we have just started shipping are fully unlocked and equipped with the latest version of firmware - initial reports from new users have been extremely encouraging.

    We are releasing a series of "How to" videos in mid-December that will make it far easier for a newcomer to use the MV1 to its full advantage.

    These will include:

    How the MV1 works
    How to set up your MV1
    How to clean your MV1
    How to use the MV1 with dry herbs
    How to use the MV1 with concentrates

    Please feel free to contact us through the forum or via a Personal Message if you have any specific questions.

    Hope this helps.


  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    That's awesome. I actually just received my MV1 bubbler on Friday. AND I got my replacement MV1 on Saturday as I was having latch issues*Shout out to the Ghost team, as always they are AMAZING!!*. I tried it with my other MV1 on Friday and I totally got baked out of my mind(lightweight here) as I didn't even realize how much vapor was in my lungs until I blew it out.
    I used my replacement MV1 with the bubbler and it was even more amazing. Nice, cooler vapor. Makes me want to go to lower temps and experiment with it some.

    But yeah, I have the habit of blowing air into the MV1 to cool it off I have to keep reminding myself not to blow into that bubbler otherwise I will be getting water into the MV1. Dangerous stuff!! lol
  • MV1 - What's in the works for updates

    You think it's not going to be airtight? They may just include the concentrate pads too. I'm sure vapecritic dude will do a review when available. They should do four or eight packs of the concentrate pads for like $4-8.
    Hopefully there will be an approved screen that can be used for the bottom portion of the crucible. I'm using a Mighty fine screen. Damn dusty ass material. The screen has kept the bottom screen in the inside of the MV1 clean. I'm not sure how easy it would be to clean that portion of the device.

    All parts and pieces they should make available for purchase on the side. Hopefully it'll all be affordably priced. Every time I re-up on Storz and Bickel with capsules, concentrate pads, screens and o-rings, I'm out like $45-55 but then I'm good for like well beyond a year. This vape the stems are a little high in price but I know that beyond the stem, what else would be replaceable besides the concentrate pads? This thing doesn't have o-rings to worry about.

    . Curious to know if there is already a functional crucible holder demo unit out or if development or if it is still in the works. Not having a holder is an absolute bitch or was for me at least. I had the MV1 and A spare crucible in a sunglasses case and the thing opened up and sprayed material all over. I switched over to a larger case that keeps the crucible secure but I'm afraid of further scratching the Mv1. I feel like the MV1 is like my car in that I know every little scratch on it and how it came to be. All three were different angles impacting just a small portion of the zipper on the case. I wish I had a smellproof soft drawstring case, Like an oversized firefly 1 bag. The one they included with their vape. The MV1 is beautiful, but a little easy to scratch. Need some skins or used replaceable color kits. That'd be awesome.
  • MV1 - is it worth buying?

    As a medical user in a non MMJ state I have tried most of the tier one vapes and the Plenty and MV1 are now my daily drivers at home ......on the go, the ArGo by Arizer my 1st glass stem vape is as easy as a frog hair to use and works BUT Dazza78 ,there is no med. del. system that WORKS as well as the MV1 and KICKS your ass.....I can do a concentrate NOT in MV1 but then use MV1 with flowers and it Increases the intensity of the shatter .....No other vape has done that for me !......But the MV1 can be a pain in the ass ! A labor of love
  • MV1 Grinder

    I’m interested that you guys like the fine grind for the MV1. From the VapeCritic MV1 reviews, he said he prefers medium to coarse grind. Of course this is all subjective but knowing the medium/coarse preference, I’ve been looking at grinders that aren’t very fine. Hearing you guys like the fine is kind of making me reevaluate thoughTJ13

    Asking people’s definition of what a medium grind, or fine grind is, is almost like asking people to recommend to you,

    “what muffler is agressive sounding, but yet not too loud”?, lol.

    It’s obscure.

    I do know one thing. Take a Pax, and pack it up with a really fine grind, and throw in Kief for good measure. You will get some good tasty cloud, a good session... even in medium heat setting.

    Try doing the above with the MV1.

    The MV1 will be choked. Even with full stem out, you’ll be lucky to get 4 consequetive gooooood draws @ nothing higher than 200C(for the cheaters out there ;). )

    Bud was bang-on his assessment, of packing it lightly, patting it LIGHTLY once or twice at the top, making sure the lip is clean of residue, for a good seal. A very consistent grind is key, medium grind for most weeds out there...BUT..

    I have noticed though, an exception exists, and it does get tricky. With Super dense, super sticky Indicas, Glue strains come to mind, the MV1 prefers a grind, erring more towards the edge of fine grind, but still treading water medium grind, and absolutely ZERO patting down, or the sticky pieces will block the air passageways within the pile of flower inside the crucible.

    Remember, air will always choose passageways with least resistance. Use logic for convection. Adjust accordingly.
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    I got an older og model, it hasn’t had any firmware updates.JMH

    Well, you can update your unit if you like. These are some notes I have copied from Ghost on how to clear pairing issues and do an upgrade and other misc stuff:

    Please try as best you can to follow these steps in order. Any deviation from this sequence (as tedious/arbitrary as it may sound) will affect results.

    1. Delete/uninstall the GHOST App
    2. Re-install GHOST app
    3. Remove battery from MV1 and re-insert (this essentially resets the device)

    Next ...

    (1) Make sure bluetooth is enabled on your mobile device
    (2) Open the GHOST app
    (3) Click the icon in the top left corner > Remove all vapes currently connected (if necessary)
    (4) Turn on your MV1
    (5) Press and Hold the home and vape button down at the same time for 3 seconds to search for app (even though it still might be flashing yellow lights).
    (6) A notification will pop up on the app saying that it's stuck and needs to reset
    (7) Click okay and reset the device (Reset vape via app takes 60 seconds to complete)
    (8) Put MV1 in pair mode > Pair to app

    **** If pairing is unsuccessful ****

    (1) Remove battery and re-insert battery
    (2) Turn device on
    (3) Put device in pairing mode

    **** Once paired, if there's a firmware update, you will get a prompt ****

    (1) Click on the icon in the top right corner
    (2) Your MV1 will be displayed at the top of the next page; click on it
    (3) If a firmware update is available, you'll see a (1) next to "Firmware Update"
    (4) Click on "Firmware Update";
    (5) During update unit will display 1 Amber LED moving side to side; update completes in 60 seconds
    (6) Once done unit will flash 1 solid red LED 3x.
    (7) Put MV1 in sleep mode > pair to the app

    You can either turn it up or down. When it's off push both buttons at the same time three times and it should show an amber light you can make it go to different settings by pushing the bottom button. Red is hottest green is coldest it comes set to the middle setting. Once you pick a setting wait for the vape to turn off and it's on the new setting. Personally I use my vape on the stock setting.

    Manual calibration directly affects the temperatures - it’s intended to dial heat up or down particularly on the settings that aren’t adjustable via the app (ie everything apart from 1Red and 2Red). The change is about 8% up/down depending on whether the user selects the higher or lower setting.

    * From sleep mode, triple click both buttons (mode and vape) simultaneously.
    * A single amber LED will flash in the middle of the light pipe.
    * Press the mode button until the left LED is red
    * Wait until the LED goes out and settings are now saved

    * From sleep mode, triple click both buttons (mode and vape) simultaneously.
    * A single amber LED will flash in the middle of the light pipe.
    * Press the mode button until the right LED is green
    * Wait until the LED goes out and settings are now saved

    * From sleep mode, triple click both buttons (mode and vape) simultaneously.
    * A single amber LED will flash in the middle of the light pipe.
    * Press the mode button until the middle LED is amber
    * Wait until the LED goes out and settings are now saved
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    I am a long time Ghost MV1 owner. Got an early unit based on @VapeCritic's "This is the one..." video. I love the MV1 and have recommended it to numerous people and here on the forum.
    Ghostvapes has been great with me on customer support. They proactively sent me a new heatsink and new mouthpieces as they tweaked the design.

    Recently my MV1 has been acting up. I contacted support@ghostvapes and asked about my options. I was expecting to get tips on how to correct my issue... maybe deep cleaning.... In the time it took to open a support ticket to explain the problem, Ghost arranged to send me a new one. They are just sending me a new MV1! No nonsense. No BS. No "prove that it is broken" or anything like that. The new one is already on its way.

    Vapes are very personal. The MV1 may not be the best vape for everyone. But I don't think you will find another company who stands behind their products like Ghost does. Ghost is clearly the best vape company.
    It is all about the people.
    Shout out to Virgil and the Ghost team. @GHOSTTEAM, @ghost-ops Thank you. Thank you.

    Thanks for helping me out and thanks for the excellent experience. It is so refreshing to NOT have to go through the normal BS with an RMA like this.
  • MV1 Update 9/24

    Hey guys I just caught up with all the MV1 threads and read about all your positive, neutral, and negative experiences with it. I'm very glad most of you are loving it, and I'm bummed that some of you aren't, but I'm very confident we'll be able to get this fixed up for everybody and noone will be left hanging.

    So, the app, we're all still patiently waiting for this to be ready but it is highly likely that updating your vape through the app will solve most of the issues I've seen.

    My buy-back guarantee is now extended for all forum members, so if you're having trouble with your vape your 7-day testing period doesn't start until the app is available for you to download.

    These are the main complaints I've seen:

    Overheating, charring or uneven vaporization - The first thing to check if this is happening to you is your loading method, which includes how finely you are grinding your herb and how full & tight you're packing your crucible. If you're loading correctly and still having charring issues then your unit may not be functioning properly and it needs a firmware update (through the app). Resetting your vape to the default heat levels and having the ability to fine tune your temps with the app will really help a lot.

    Battery life - If you feel like your battery is losing its charge too fast this is also something that more likely than not will correct itself with the firmware update. If for some reason it does not then Ghost will arrange to get you a free replacement pack.

    Mouthpiece scratching - New mouthpieces are arriving soon and will be sent for free to anybody that has one that is too tight and is rubbing against the ceramic insert. Ghost will let us know when these are starting to go out.

    Silicone in the vapor path - There's been some debate about the safety of using silicone in vapes, but research shows it is used in a ton of vapes (and other products) and is not harmful at normal vaping temperatures. Even though the hot vapor does not technically hit the ~1-2mm of silicone in this vape some people were still concerned. The Wikipedia page on silicone describes silicone as "generally non-reactive, stable, and resistant to extreme environments and temperatures from -55 °C to +300 °C while still maintaining its useful properties... Silicone rubber can be found in a wide variety of products, including: cooking, baking, & food storage products and medical devices and implants". For anyone still skeptical, google "Silpat silicone baking mat", it's probably the most relevant related product.

    Off-gassing and/or weird tastes - I'm really not sure what this is all about or how it's even possible, but some people are saying that they had to do a burn-off before using the vape, or that they taste something weird when drawing through it. I've never experienced this with any of my units and in fact my experience has been quite the opposite, I'm getting the purest and cleanest tasting vapor I've ever gotten from a portable vape.

    Some good things I'm happy to see you're pleased with:

    Build quality / look & feel - I'm glad many of you are finding that the vape looks and feels better in person than it does in my pics and videos, because you're right it does.

    Getting lifted from 2-4 draws - I was hoping to see reports of this and I'm glad most of you are getting to experience what I was trying to get across in my videos - supreme potency and efficiency.

    Taste and smoothness - Happy to see most of you agreeing that the vapor quality is top tier and as good as the top desktop units.

    I'm going to start receiving the first returned units tomorrow, and within a few days I should have enough returns tested to know first-hand whether these vapes just need updating or it happens to be user error. I'm guessing it will be a mix of both but we'll know real soon what the split is.

    I'm not sure how many I will have but if you're interested in a like-new unit that was personally tested by me please shoot me a PM, I have a short list of people waiting for one. If any of these returned units do in fact need to be updated then I will of course not offer them to anyone until I update them myself and do testing.

    Lastly, I've been getting some real nasty comments and messages lately, I'm experiencing more vitriol than ever with this vape. I love you guys and I know this is not representative of my audience as a whole, so if you're one of the nice ones which most of you are, EARMUFFS, because whoever has been going out of their way lately to try and get under my skin, you can go fuck yourselves. Having the balls to send me disrespectful, loser comments that if made to my face it would be lights out, good thing for you there's a screen between us.

    Anyway back to business, thank you all again very much for your patience and understanding through this whole launch process, I know blah blah blah, but I really mean it.

    ALSO, regarding the new Ghost MV1 category page, If you don't want all of the MV1 threads showing up on your homepage (All Discussions) then all you have to do is go to the Categories page and uncheck the box next to the Ghost category name.

    Stay up!
  • MV1 Stealth Giveaway and Trade-in Offer

    Hey Guys,

    Our new MV1 Stealth Edition is already making waves but we want to make it even easier for VapeLife members to get their hands on one.

    Nothing beats a free prize weekly giveaway, so we are sending Bud 4 X Stealth Bundles for a few very lucky subscribers.

    Each giveaway bundle will include a Stealth MV1, Fast Charger, Spare Battery and Crucible Dispenser, so stay tuned for details on how to enter once he returns from the vape cave.

    We will also be announcing a very special trade in program later this week that will allow existing MV1 owners to trade in their original device for a new Matt Black Stealth model - for only $169.

    By trading in your original MV1, you will also be doing your bit for a very worthy cause.

    All trade in units will be refurbished, upgraded and then fully tested, before going out to Vitolo for his ‘Pay It Forward Program’.

    The refurbished units will be gifted to pre-qualified, low income medical patients and veterans suffering from PTSD and other conditions.

    Vito has been running this program tirelessly for the last few years and we are honored to contribute to this truly worthy cause.

    More to follow shortly but we do promise to make it widely available with very few restrictions.

    A few of you have also been asking about the latest Firmware update.

    For the avoidance of doubt we will indeed be releasing a new Firmware Update very soon but we can’t give a specific day and time just yet - please stay tuned for a separate announcement.

    The Team @GHOST
  • MV1 overheating issues

    How often does your MV1 overheat? I'd say mine overheats 95% of the time I use it. This is a replacement MV1 that I got a couple of weeks ago because my first one had some issues with the finish peeling off. My original MV1 overheated a couple times in the month or so I had it. I've already reached out to Ghost about this issue. After I sent my first MV1 in for an evaluation I was told that overheating is a common occurrence. How many pulls can ya'll take before overheating occurs? I'm lucky to get through one crucible before the overheating lights kick in. I'm getting great hits so I'm pretty sure i'm doing everything right. I clean everything regularly. I've tried different types of grinds. I've taken both heatsinks apart numerous times and made sure they are put back together properly. It doesn't matter which setting I use either. It overheats on level 1-5. I never use level 6. It just seems like this device is getting way hotter than my original one. Anyways, thanks for any insight ya'll may provide. I won't give up on this product. I love the effects I get from such a small amount of herb.
  • MV1 Troubles

    Hi everyone, I recently bought myself a MV1 and am loving it so far. The potency and taste are amazing, I have a mighty, pax, and firefly and haven’t used them since I got my MV1 in the mail. I am however having a few issues I was hoping someone could help me out with. First one is extremely uneven AVB. I am getting a lot of green left in my AVB with a dark brown to black center. Is this due to my pack or material? I am a sipper and it is the reason I got the MV1, I feel the effects to intensely after a full session on the mighty or even the Pax so would regularly half pack it. I stir after every few hits but still haven’t gotten even AVB yet. Second is the vape button occasionally gets stuck in the on postition. I will take a hit and sometimes a second or two later feel a vibration after I release the vape button. It’s not a huge deal just wondering if it was normal for a new MV1 to do that. Third is my door has a very slight, but visible, gap by the thumb switch. Another question that I think may be normal but figured I would ask. Thank you for any help!
  • MV1 issues

    I got my MV1 Ghost a while ago, and I felt like I was totally misguided by VapeCritic's review of this vape being one of the best. I didn't spent all my money on extra charger and what not but it was still big purchase.

    I watched MV1 Q&A, followed the instruction but my vape won't do what Vape Critics do. The button won't need triple click to start (only one click) can't change temp level (ignores my setting from a paired phone) and when I put herb in crucible, I get some vape but when I am done and look at AVP, it is ALL GREEN. Like I could use it with my bong to get proper high.

    MV1 just isn't capable of performing ANY vaporazation. It shouldn't even call itself a vaper because it won't vaporize anything and they took my $300 and run away. I complained and ask for refund, they refused. In place they offer me for live skype trouble shoot but when it came down to scheduling, support staff ignored my email and it's been like a month but still haven't heard from them AT ALL.

  • MV1 Ordering Details

    I'm going to close this thread now so that we can all chit chat in fewer places
    FOR DISCUSSIONS ABOUT ORDERING AND PRE-REGISTRATIONS GO HERE: https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/1748/ghost-vapes-is-starting-to-send-out-emails

    GHOST MV1 USAGE GUIDE & TIPS FOR BEST PERFORMANCE (MUST READ): https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/1767/ghost-mv1-usage-guide-tips-for-best-performance

    MY FULL REVIEW THREAD FOR THE MV1 VAPORIZER: https://forum.vapelife.com/discussion/1633/revised-ghost-mv1-review-full
  • MV1 Update 9/24

    I guess I am lucky.

    I don't have any of the above problems. I just love this vape. It feels the best, looks the best, works the best.

    Many times what happens is the folks who are having issues the first resource to check and communicate is in this forum. So although it seems to be negative at times, it sounds like of those that have received their devices very few complaints.

    WhatI appreciate is the outstanding customer service. Customer Service is important in case you need it!

    The only thing this Vape is missing is the ability to store and dispense The Munchies.

    You speak about uneven vaporization. I have never found that to be an issue. I take out my crucible (post session) (See Picture Below) and it's nice and even, nice and brown, no black which would signal conduction or unevenly vaporization of materials.

    The scratching sound to me that's the sound of the unit being airtight. I never thought of it as an issue until I read it here.

    I do wish the MV1 came with the app working out of the box.

    I do wish the Fast Charger would be in the box automatically for everyone. (8 Hours is a long time)

    I do wish that everyone on the list gets theirs as soon as possible. (It's worth the wait).

    I was concerned about the silicone. Although it is safe because of what you explained, my concern was taste. Herbs taste good, silicone tastes disgusting (I have had vapes like that). I am ULTRA sensitive and there isn't a hint of silicone taste. If you have an Arizer Solo, that is taste in its purest form (IMO). I am so happy that I can say the MV1 is as good as the Solo in its ability to produce pure taste.

    It may be a good idea, to open the vape take it apart and put it together again. I did that a lot and was able to see that there is no way the silicone comes close to the heating coil or the air path. It just seals the unit up so that it is efficient and fluid.

    Battery Life - My MV1 has given me 2.5 hours. I expected that.

    Burn Off Cycle - The very first time using this vape (or any other) its a good idea to do a burnoff. Using a drop of plain water and put on a Q Tip. Rub the inside on all of the non-removable parts. Run warm water over the removable parts. Dry it up and reassemble. Run the unit on level 5 for 3 cycles. Any post-production taste should be gone.

    Unfortunately, the likelihood of people acting like Ass*****s won't stop acting like Ass*****s that's why they are ass*****s. Get used to it.

    What is the ETA for the App for iPhone and Android?

    Did you hear? The 7-11's where Bud lives are now open only 23 hours a day 7 days a week. They need an extra hour to refill the munchies aisle. Evidently that Dang Vape Critic, is going pretty hard at them munchies since he got that Ghost MV1. He often is seen speeding his Vape Mobile at all hours of the night, to get munchies.

    Peace, Love and Vape
  • MV1 Update 9/24

    When I got my MV1 I really wanted to love it. I got it, I charged it and wow was it hard hitting. I was getting great flavor on 1 but not much visible vapor. I turned it up and at some point, I was getting a burnt flavor. I opened the crucible and I noticed that it was burnt in the center and still green on the outside.
    I was a bit disappointed but I really wanted to love my MV1. So what did I do I started to play around with my grind and the way I packed my crucible. I found that I was so concerned about over packing it that I think I was under packing it and I think that is what led to some of the burning of my flower I was tasting. I have found that by putting a bit more flower in it seems to really help along with a more coarse grind. I do find that my Ghost does heat up and gets hot too still but I have been getting much better results now with much more evenly toasted abv.

    I will speak for myself but maybe more people might feel the same way. I think when I don't see strongly visible vapor clouds I may feel like I'm not getting as strong of an effect until I get out of my chair and move around. So I think that may be more psychological.

    So do I love my Ghost MV1? Well right now I really really like it and I totally see potential when the app comes out and I really think I am going to love it then. As far as customer service I only emailed ghost 2 times before I got my MV1 and both times I got a really quick response. I was super happy whit them about that. I would like to thank Bud for being a great ambassador for the ghost team. My hats off to you Bud thanks for helping to make this happen.
  • MV1 Update 9/24

    As perhaps Baron23 may remember prior to the release of the MV1 I was one of those defending Bud's integrity and that of Ghost Vapes. I will continue to stand behind both since I know Bud to be a good dude, and I think Ghost is going to be a major player in the vaporizer industry. We all knew going in what the Ghost was going to be, if you did not, it was a lack on your part since Bud's preview video was full of information and his personal feedback. His buy-back guarantee was like the "good housekeeping seal of approval" and was something only a person with complete confidence in a product would even consider offering. Whether he would be financially responsible for the buy-back or Ghost was going to support his offer, it was still a great offer. An offer I quite frankly never thought I would need. Also being an old, disabled, customer living on a strict budget, I have to research any major purchase, and any vaporizer I have purchased has been thoroughly researched, through manufacturer's website, user forums, and critical reviews. Having a working understanding of heat transfer I was also aware that convection vaporizers are quite a different beast than conduction vapes; whether they produce markedly better vapor quality is still not an absolute, but after hitting the MV1 I would tend to agree. The E-nano, which many swear by, produces outstanding vapor quality for one or two hits, but if you want to get a substantial amount of visible vape with it, the temps have to rise leading to a slight degradation of flavor and coolness. The few hits I have been able to get from the MV1 have produced the best vapor I have experienced, flavorful, cool, and copious. Even though I am returning mine, I would recommend it to anyone seeking an on-demand vaporizer, which mostly use convection heating. I try very hard to be as concise as possible whenever I make a comment on a viewer forum, which at times seems to create confusion. I also try to write like I would talk, and perhaps some of my similes/metaphors get lost in the translation or by baked readers. I applaud the efforts of Ghost to solve the glitches some of the vaporizers they shipped to customers appear to have. At the same time, I think we vaporizer consumers need to demand more from those companies involved in the industry. If Ghost has to replace or refund customers for having received a device that was not up to the design specifications, why in the world would other customers blame the customer. Does anyone honestly believe I wanted to receive a device that would not work as designed? Do you honestly believe once I received the device, if it was not performing like others claimed it did, I would not try the methods they described to achieve the same results? Finally, when the manufacturer reveals they did modify some devices delivered to customers, and they are aware of problems those modifications might have, why do you feel it is necessary to tell an already frustrated fellow customer to quit bitching and learn how to use the device or be patient and wait for an eventual software update or app. We live in very divisive times, and it is my opinion, the reason the divisions seem so insurmountable is the lack of empathy and the lost art of listening. Sorry for the length and wordiness of this post and I will say no more about my MV1 experience except to say it is a great vaporizer but just not for me at this time.
  • MV1 Update 9/24

    Holy Toledo! Who would have thunk? It was just feedback. Simply one man's personal experience with the MV1. Unfortunately the MV1 was one that did not take kindly to unlocking of software. A replacement for the vaporizer in question was in the works, but I was not aware of that since I did not get a confirmation by email. It arrived yesterday and I was contemplating using it since its arrival. Figuring I have nothing to lose, and knowing I would buy one eventually, I am charging up the battery as I type this. There are 3 notable differences. The new vaporizer has the gritty sounding mouthpiece, which is no big deal. It is being dealt with and I have not heard anybody say it affects the vaporizer's performance, besides I only extend the mouthpiece once a day. The crucible door on the new vaporizer is tighter than a bull's balls in a snow storm. Again, it does not seem to affect performance, and should become easier to latch and unlatch with use. The heat sink for the new vaporizer slides in and out of it housing much much easier. The old vaporizer's heat sink was so tight I could barely remove it and there is no way extending the mouthpiece could cause it to unseat and move up. The first crucible load was great. The new vaporizer actually buzzes strong enough to feel it, something the old one did not do. The ABV had a slight bit of charring from bumping to level 3 just to check if it got hot, and it got hot but nothing like the old one. I think it is a keeper. Perfect, of course not, for everyone, it could be but you know how that goes, the best vaporizer available, who knows. I know It is putting my other 2 daily drivers in retirement, and both are many vaporizer users favorites, the Mighty and the original Solo. I know they are considered session vapes, but the MV1 has the ability to be a hit on-demand vape and a session vape, so I am set and will be cruisin' for a bruisin' with my MV1.
  • MV1 vs Mighty for solo on demand sessions

    If you're looking for on demand convection, that's the MV1. The Mighty is a session style vape that is designed for you to finish the entire bowl. It sounds like the MV1 will fit your wants better than a Mighty.

    But if you do get the MV1, be patient and be ready to experiment (draw speed, grind, pack, temps...). It is a brand new vape, so as you've probably already read elsewhere there can be some problems. But Ghost's customer service is second to none and they'll fix you up pronto if need be, and they are always there to help. I was almost about to give up on my MV1 before I found my sweet spot with it, now I can't get enough of it.

    The Mighty is much more out of the box user friendly, pack and go. But doesn't hold up well to taking a few draws, turning it off and starting again.
  • MV1 Stealth Edition Trade-In Offer Now Live

    I would jump on picking up a Steath MV1 but, my problem is dealing with the fact that I’ve had the Silver MV1 for only 6 mos. and the Satin Black MV1 for less than 3 mos.

    This could be a expensive upgrade unless I can sell one for a decent price to minimize my losses. Does anyone have a handle on what a clean used MV1 would bring? Might be a rough sell without a warranty.
  • MV1 issues

    It's easy to write, especially when you're on the internet and don't need to be accountable. Please present solid proof. Haphazardly defaming someone is without class and it probably is a crime and certainly grounds of being sued.

    Cowardly, perhaps - How would you feel if someone was reviewing you in your job or whatever you do, and said such negative statements, I am sure you would love that.

    A scam ? Hardly. It's a top-notch vaporizer. It does age. It's not like the Vapes that are brand new every time you clean it. It can be fussy to get the maximum effects. A solid Vape with tons of features. Scam, 100% no, maybe a bit fussier and it takes more to clean than most vapes. When it came out it was one of the best.

    Since the Ghost MV1 came out other vapes came out and perhaps they are better than the Ghost MV1, The Tera (V. 3) is the best of the convection vapes. The G43 is a heck of a good vape.

    Other vapes have come out that are better in my opinion but lets not forget when the MV1 came out it was up against the Mighty and the Arizer vapes. Now there are more players and I am a big fan of the G43, The Tera (V. 3) and The Solo 2. If the MV1 came out now there are different players so its easy to go back and blame the messenger.

    Maybe you can find the positive and that is excellent customer service, a solid warranty.

    I disagree but we are all entitled.

    I wouldn't put that on Bud.

    That's the issue I have with your post. That's quite a leap from the truth. Maybe you should think before you write.

    Perhaps you should recant your rave and false accusations.
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    so begun working on a video where i got my group of friends to use this mv1 and the mighty and i also had a plenty honestly speaking all my friends hated the mv1 and thought it was stupid how it operated with wax and flower. they liked how it looks and the battery being removable was awesome but the quality of vapor for a group session is non existence coupled by solo session with a 3 of them all three had been heavy tokers all 3 really disappointed with the mv1. i took out my dynavap not seeing it coming was the favorite method by all. so my question is have i just had a defective unit all this time? or is everyone on this forum exaggerating i'm not sure. but this has troubled me since i joined this forum. or is it that im such a heavy user that really light bowls on the mv1 just don't do it for me? cause you can't stuff your bowl.
  • MV1 by Ghost Vapes

    What would cause your phone and MV1 to spontaneously cease pairing?

    Tonight I came home from work and went to fire up my MV1 for my first session and it refuses to pair with my phone and the app... I've rebooted my phone several times, removed the battery from the MV1 and reconnected it... I cannot get my MV1 to pair with my phone/app right now.... Wondering what caues this and if there are any recommended steps to resolve the issue... Uninstalling/Re-installing the app didn't help either...


    UPDATE: I downloaded and ran the Ghost Bluetooth Test app and the report came back saying there is an error that should be reported.

    I currently have an open ticket regarding a prior issue (replacement). Do I need to fill out a new ticket for this current device and issue? Or can I simply continue communicating with the Ghost staff member who has been assisting me on the previous issue (initial support ticket)?



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