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  • NewVape FlowerPot

    The NewVape FlowerPot = something unique and special.

    I just posted my review(s), you can find my written post here:

    Use my promo code VAPECRITIC to get 10% OFF any purchase from NewVape

    Watch my latest review of the new FlowerPot VROD below:/

    Here's some old pix of my very first FP setup:

  • NewVape FlowerPot

    20mm is the diameter of the inside hole of the coil. If you dab lots that is good if you use mostly flower I would go with the showerheat. If you have a 20mm coil and get that kit you linked here is what else you will need.

    This is to attach to the heater to have something to hold on to.

    You pretty much need this too.
    You need somewhere to put it down when it is hot.
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    Hi All,

    I want one of these....Would like to buy the full kit that is currently priced at $600. Does anybody know what the turnaround time is (e.g. if I order today when would it likely arrive on my doorstep? ). Also, I am wondering how the charges will show on my card (Custom Instruments or NewVape?) I have tried to contact Newvape several times over the past week or so with absolutely no response which concerns me. Any other desktops that are similar (besides the Sublimator and Symphony). Looking for a bong like unit for flower. Thanks in advance for any input.
  • NewVape Double-Weave Screens

    Does anyone else have an issue with their double-weave screen clogging in a very short amount of use? I am using the NewVape Fine grinder so I am pondering if that is part of the problem. I am going to try my 4-pice space case tonight and over the weekend to see if the results vary.

    I'm curious to know what your experiences have been with the double-weave screens Which grinder / grind type (course, fine, etc.) has worked best for you? Are there any other screens you would recommend? I did try the screen that comes with the Shovel Head bowl but I didn't like it. Way too flimsy. I noticed it too was beginning to clog after just a few uses.
  • NewVape (of some kind) or an EVO?

    Really stuck on a NewVape of some kind or an EVO.

    Big Flower guy but have completely lost interest in Portable Vapes that aren't truly "portable" (F2, Dynavap, Hopper) due to how much I value the vape (usually cause of it's cost to replace if broken) but also because most aren't Portable Enough for what I needed and found Desktops do a much better job at what I want from my units. Flavor to a certain degree than full extraction and the ability to use Concentrates for sleep.

    Only thing that's always stopped me from buying a NV of any kind is my fear of stepping out of my comfort zone because I have never worked a Controller. I skipped the entire chapter of Dabbing; When I stopped the new Coolest thing was a Ti Nail & Dome and I came back to...this about 2 years ago and am terrified...Gemstone Dabbing? Obsidian?! Nuts man! But around my area for good Concentrates I noticed that the ratio is like 1:1.5 the cost of concentrates (60-75%) and can go even cheaper if you buy by their "Slabs"

    I don't have the urge to "Twax" but I do want a device that has accessories or parts built in for concentrates. The MUSA is great for 'em and ime is the best device I've come across to do straight Moonrocks but ever since finding this new Dispensary/Delivery Service that has fire for cheap and was finally able to try things like 99% THCA & Fresh Daily Pressed Rosin and am convinced do need to get into this seriously.

    @Baron23 explained a little about how the Super Fancy Controllers differ from the already Good NV one and others but am wondering between any NV unit & the EVO's which one is more efficient. I understand why people Q-Tip away the end part of the dab but for me it's really more about the effects than the Flavors and would like to avoid wicking away as much concentrates as possible. Even if it tastes like crap.

    Can anyone help me decide between the two or are they just different beasts altogether?

    Thank You guys,
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    I cannot say enough good things about Edwyn (main man at NewVape).
    He does first class work, cares about his customers and is very open minded.
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    This is a PM I wrote in response to an inquiry from another member on another board re: FP. Hope this is helpful to you.

    Now, FlowerPot....I have the Shower Head version (SH) as I really will only use this for flower. I have some GREAT enails (D-nail Halo and Liger) and the "oh, I can now do a double decker hit" is really not my me, its sort of a novelty. Vape or dab, pick one! LOL

    Now, as I see that you have seen in the open thread...the only difference between Pan Head and Shovel Head is exterior aesthetics.

    Now, I have two types of Shower Head bowls....the OG (which is just the same one piece bowl for the Flower Pot) and the two piece Pan Head which was made into two pieces to alleviate issues with male Ti joints sticking in your glass (for me, every time but once it cooled of it came out easy...every time).

    I actually didn't mind the sticking as I use a drop down and the drop down was a good handle for the bowl when emptying (shites hot, mate!).

    But, I got an early two piece Edwyn was selling and some of use had issues with air leakage (and a LOT of issues with how Edwyn initially handled that on the forum....its there if you care to look, I would waste the time, though).

    This has been resolved and I would recommend the 18 mm...either Pan or Shovel.

    Now, the Pan/Shovel have a 2.5 mm deeper set of the screen in the bowl which was requested by users (not me, I prefer small bowls and just reload until I'm satiated). To compensate, I jumped my temps up about 25 degrees or so. No biggy.

    The Ti carp cap is a must...this one:

    I bought the SS scooper handle from him and like it a lot. But, if you already have a scoop that you use, not necessary.

    I did not, and will not, buy controllers and coils from Edwyn. For reasons of his own (he has stated its a better connector) he doesn't use the bayonet type XLR that's become the defacto standard (with D-nail pinouts). He uses a screw on type and I will not lock myself in on a proprietary coil connector.

    I tried and tried to convince him to change it, but alas no so I do not recommend him for that part of the kit.

    I do like Auber very much, controllers and coils (and the Georgia based company also).

    Now, the SH hits like a nine pound hammer. You can cash loads in just a couple of thick draws, if that's what you want and most do. Or, lower the temp, don't cap, and you can stretch a bowl a bit. But functionally, its terrific.

    I live alone but still do not feel comfortable leaving a rig set up in my dining room, etc. So for me, using the SH is a set up/tear down routine. I just mention this in case this would be a consideration for you and your circumstances.
    — Baron23
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    The only issue for me is I’m in the UK and I want to buy basically all of the newvape bits but the delivery is painfully slow. I ordered on the 21st December and UK parcelforce (who have had the package since 25th) finally yesterday decided how much customs I would have to pay and I assume are now hand writing and delivering me a letter asking me to pay -_- whereas I ordered something else from the US that used dhl and it arrived 4 working days later, with a customs charge that presumably the same border/customs people had to check. I wish stocked more of their stuff cos I want the wrap-around SIC now and not in a months time.
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    DHL and other companies have a dedicated customs office I believe in destination countries, so they are faster than the regular customs who have to deal with everything else. I guess newvape have used USPS which is the cheapest option for them, slow due to the time of year :(
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    It finally arrived today and I've spoken to NewVape who said they can quote me for other carriers next time and also spoke to Vapefiend who said they should be getting more of their stuff in over the next month and just got the titanium carb caps up on the site! Looks like I'll probably end up with every possible flowerpot attachment and dabber haha
  • NewVape FlowerPot


    I got my flowerpot in December and have barely used anything else since. I’ve even found myself packing it up with a 18.8 bit of glass to take to mates houses instead of using the portables (mv1, mighty, source nail and even the more portable plenty). I’ve never hit anything that can achieve the level of vapour density I get with it (I’ve tried the sublimator, cloud, volcano desktopwise)

    I know exactly what you mean.....same for me. The only problem with taking the NewVape over to friends or other places besides my that the cool off period is the only negative for me.

    My 18650's are getting lots of rest lately as my Air's only get used a few times per week instead of daily.

    Glass bowl, SS screen...........TASTE TASTE TASTE! so much better than the stock bowl setup with my Flowerpot.
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    Just spoke to newvape about some bits I’m trying to order and they said they are looking into a glass bowl for the FP
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    Just spoke to NewVape about some bits I’m trying to order and they said they are looking into a glass bowl for the FPwelshman

    Yes, and they have also said that they don't have a source for it identified yet and it will take some time (and I add, if ever) to get a proper glass bowl produced to the required tolerances.
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    Interesting.. Coughing is what makes it feel like combustion to me lol.. IDK maybe I havent used glass enough.. But for some reason I feel like i should skip over the EVO and go straight to the flowerpot..
    Not sure what I do with the wraparound SIC but does this sound like a good deal to start? I have no glass and need storage anyways.. Is there something this bundle is missing ?
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    From what I’ve heard the flowerpot is a MONSTER at extraction! The newvape combo comes with a arsenal of high quality accessories, all in a protective case. Honestly the combo can’t be beat. Use VAPECRITC in the coupon code and get a extra 10% off.
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    Thanks for the coupon tip & n chiming in!
    Ahh so you've owned all three that I'm looking at getting next.. Those 3 are the ones I've been going back n forth on. But looks like the FP has taken the lead for now. I was leaning EVO but heck might as well just skip that and go to str8 to FP if I need to get a glass piece..But hopefully waiting for a deal, maybe one is coming up closer to 420?

    The bundle comes with showerhead and wraparound w/SIC dish.. I assume that is both a flowerpot?
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    That bundle is pretty expensive IMO. I got everything needed (minus the glass piece), fine grind case, and the upgraded stand for $450 after the coupon. I just went through the "Here's some suggestions to get you started" section on this page and added stuff I wanted like the grinder and upgraded stand. :)
    If you are going to wait anyways get whatever water piece you want from and avoid paying upcharges. :)
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    Should be all good as long as you go with the 20mm barrel coil heater. Just remember if you have to get replacement coils in the future they probably aren't the same pin connection as the newvape one (not that theres anything wrong with that)
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    Yea i cant find anything that has the old XLR that NV is using.. MY concern is the type of enail coil they use.. I see its made from kevlar? and the NV one looks like I want to say SS or aluminium.. Does anyone think they will be any difference in heat transfer due the coil material being used? I checked out that link.. The PID controller looks the same as all the controllers ive been looking at on DHgate. I would want to check out the coil material before i buy that..

    I only bring up this link,103,2#ctabBox

    seems like NV has pretty much the same package.
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    They all differ in size... you might be able to buy an aviator to standard XLR converter. I think is planning to offer one. Any converter might affect it's efficiency though.

    I bought a 20mm coil from TAG, but it fits tighter around the coil cover than the stem. It's hard finding a good recommendation on the NewVape thread on FC.

    But I can say, you want a 3 wrap for the coil as the bottom of the stem will go closer to the herb and decrease the power and temp needed to reach your special spot.
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    Do you have the tracking info yet? I'm wondering how many days from time of order to expected delivery. Also, can you say how the charges appear (NewVape or Custom instruments)?
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    Hello, did NewVape give you tracking info yet?
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    @Rockytdogg I am hype about the vape! Just don’t like being in limbo for several days. NewVape said it took 2 days to process. It was done Friday night then it wasn’t shipped until Monday night. It is what it is! Now just arrive so I can enjoy this thing!
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    Nice....I need to set one of those up too. Too bad it is not built into the stock box with the NewVape.
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    While discussing some new FP ideas over on fc, newvape said the following:
    “... The moment you feel any resistance in your draw, a slight vacuum is created and this lowers the temperature at which vaporization occurs which has a two-fold benefit: as the mass of the metal cools ever so slightly as it sheds its heat to the passing air, the slight vacuum enables consistent you can 'Ride the Wave' without needing to adjust anything. Also, terps. ”

    So essentially the FlowerPot to some degree does the same process as the sublimator.
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    Yea, extremely helpful.

    Sure, The TWAX concept intrigues me and I'm into it. The FlowerPot though, seems right up my alley.. Need a hard hitter vape for flower on my Rig...

    I use a stratus E-Nail - this one -

    Curious then what I'd need ???

    If that's all I would need I'm getting ASAP LOL

    -- The reviews are incredible.... nice
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    Im slowing getting a FP.. just ordered my PID & enail coil from vapecode for 69 bucks with coupon & seller discount..
    First ever order on DHgate so Im still a bit nervous

    The coil that comes with that controller will not work with the NewVape system. You will need a 20mm round coil, not a flat one like shown with that dhgate one.

    But on the good side....looks like you get a free iphone clone with it....haaaaa jk.
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    OK, so my Stratus coil is 'interchangeable'. I can attach any size apparently.. see pic..
    How do I tell what coil size this is? lol.. Sorry haha, noob questions! Heh, I just wanna make sure I don't screw up the order hehe..

    ---and this is what I am wanting/shold work...? What else do I need with this/suggestions?
  • NewVape FlowerPot

    Ahh OK makes sense!

    OK, soo then this bad boy is what I'm after. (flower focused - is what I'm after)

    and the others - perfect I see OK - Dude, thanks so much for the help! Gonna sell my Ghost MV1 1st so I can get this! :victory:
  • NewVape FlowerPot I Just ordered this on Sunday, I am still waiting on them to ship it... 581$ was the total cost, which really is not bad I am excited to get this one as it will be my first "vape station" :D

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