Portable Vaporizers

  • Pax just lowered their prices- a lot

    Pax 3 is now under two hundred bucks, and the Pax 2 is now $150 (down$50). So I got another Pax 2 to keep at the office for emergencies (I’m a legal medical marijuana patient in CA, and I get my cannabis only from dispensaries). I was going to get another charger anyway, and since another charger is also included, I just saved myself another $29.99. For me, in a way it’s like getting another Pax 2 for $120.

    I love the Pax 2. It has been the perfect portable vape for on the go or a night on the town. I’ve found it much easier to quickly empty, clean, and reload than the DaVinci IQ, as well as smaller and lighter.
  • Pax 2 vs. Pax 3.....

    PAX 3 = Significantly faster heatup time

    PAX 2 = Way more durable exterior finish

    Once they're heated up and you're mid-session the differences between them pretty much become negligible. The PAX 3 wax can is OK but just for trying a few times, it's not the greatest for regular ongoing use.
  • PAX 3 vs Firefly 2

    Pax 3 blew my mind a week back. I was at a small party and it was the one vape that went round and round and round. I was pretty damn impressed actually. I owned the Pax 1 when it first came out years ago. If I didn't already own mad vapes, I'd buy a Pax 3. Over a firefly 2... well.. I like my firefly 2. I have seen people struggle with it though that were unfamiliar. The Pax though.. nahhhh, turn on and it's a blunt that never ends when it's fully packed. It'll go round and round and round and round.. hells yeahhhhh... only problem though is the stoppage to recharge. We made mad little micro pizzas while waiting so it was all good man. Delicious.
  • Pax 2 or Goboof Alpha?

    pax 2 (Y)

    the alfa isn't a bad vape at all but if i had to choose, like i said above da pax
  • Pax Warranty

    Pax is a large company and this time of the year a lot of employees probably take vacations.

    You're better off sending a single email so that they can get back to you in a timely matter. If you are on reddit message /u/ojan_at_pax (maybe /u/ojanatpax ? ) your ticket number and ask if he could takea look for ya. He's always been a killer resource for me.

    Did you include your RMA number and ticket number in the box when you sent it in?

    Pax can have a slow turnaround time, the longest I waited was 3 weeks after sending one in, but they are actually pretty good at standing by their warranty.
  • Pax Pod Panama Punch

    Pax Pod Panama Punch--love to hear what others think of it
  • Pax 3 app update

    Pax 3 app has an update if you have one and want to check it out
  • PAX 3 Update

    PAX 3 will be available for sale this thursday 12/1, I'll have my review done before then I'm working on it all day today.
  • Pax 2 or g pen elite

    Pax 2 probably over the g pen. Grenco stuff just isn't good quality in my personal experience. I had an elite and just ended up giving it away.
  • Pax Era deal

    pax era pods can be fantastic but at least here in colorado i've learned through folks involved some manufacturers use pg or other additives to help achieve the right viscosity and such for proper wicking&vaping.
    re-adding (sometimes original, sometimes not) terpenes is becoming the more popular option though and while better still not perfect imo.

    that said in rec dispos the full distillate ones can be had but are still $50+ normal price, while cheaper "cut" ones can be had for the $30s. PcBD2Qk.png
  • PAX Whip adapter from NewVape

    OK I think it's time to update this thread. Sorry for the delay guys, there's a lot going on here and I am too easily distracted :sweat:

    On the contrary on regular reviews I will start from the "pros and cons" section and then expand it and add some personal experiences I want to share.

    • Makes the Pax 'more discreet on sight': That's the obvious one right? :sweat:
      I'll explain later why is not as discreet as it may seem tho.
    • Softens your hits: The whip does an excellent vapor cooling effect, allowing you to set your Pax to high temp settings (and survive the experience :rofl: )

    • Not as easy to set up as it may seen: Not extremely hard either. It's just a minor complain I personally had but my initial setup has been working so far for me so it's ok.
      Ignore this one.
    • It holds smell: Like a lot.
      If you were being worried about concealing smells from the Pax while using this device don't look further. Your Pax will smell, your whip will smell, and the place where you are holding it (pocket, bag, backpack) will smell too.
    • Looks weird: That could be just me, but I made the test of using it on "public" with some friends and a bunch of random people walking around us (not too close) while we were taking a coffee and if you are extremely cautious you can prevent people to see your whip, but if someone see it it will definitely look suspicious. Way more than just seeing the Pax which is, in my opinion, one of the coolest and more discreet looking device.
    • Auto shut-off will be your worst enemy: As you won't be activating your lip-sensor at all, you NEED to keep moving your Pax often to prevent it to shut off. That's not a problem if you are moving the unit constantly (while waking, or just holding the Pax on the same hand as the whip so you move 'em all-toghether) but doesn't seem "right" to be "shaking" your pocket while you are on a cofee terrace :scream:
      I even got it auto shut off while I was having a pacefull walk on the countryside! But I guess that would be because of the overheating auto shut off feature? :chin:
    • Not very pocket friendly: As you could be suposing right now after reading the previous points, it's not ideal to have a smelly device in poor air flowing conditions. Not only because of the smell, but because the Pax by itself could get quite hot.
      But it's still posible to be used that way, tho.

    But don't get me wrong. Even if the cons' list is larger I've enjoyed so much the experience. It just defies my expectations as I initially thought this was made "for Discrete Vape Use" but I have (yet?) to find a 'discrete' situation where it really shines over using my Pax 3 standalone usage.

    It is still usefull at concealing your Pax in public sites you know nobody is going to get too close to you.

    But so far the best scenario I found for this whip is for vaping quick bowls at really high temperature. So I guess it's perfect when you want to make a 'rush session' (shared or alone) to vape a full, or half, oven over the fastest time possible.
    I've tested on half oven with max temp and you can finish it all so so quickly (not sure if there's a waste as I'm not a heavy user and I cannot test it too much on those situations :sweat: )

    Another interesting situation would be one where you put your mouthpiece fixed to a surface that allows you to take quick draws while mantaining it hidden (?) Like in my motorbike helmet or something like that.
    I did not try that because I never vape while driving (nor immediately after) BUT I could try to find an isolated private road to try some crazy stuff if any of you guys are really interested.

    Oh! And please, feel free to suggest me any kind of experiment to further test this device. Or any questions you may have that are not already answered on the NewVape
    Pax 2 & Pax 3 Whip Adapter site page.

    PD: Forgot to mention 2 quick details:
    1.- The lock-on adjustement is very nice. You can actually notice when you are inserting the Pax on the unit because it push out any air left on the whip itself from the mouthpiece. No vapor was escaping on my tests.
    2.- This kind of accesory (along with water pipe adapter) looks cool on paper, but it's outome is severely reduced when you start noticing the issues derivated from the fact the Pax is not thought to work that way. And it's a pity because it's not even accesories developers fault!
    Those kind of stuff make me feel the advantages we Pax users would enjoy if we had a fully customizable oven heater firmware, where you could adjust your auto shutoff preferences (or even disable 'em completely).
  • PAX 3 vs Firefly 2

    Here we go!

    The first thing I always say is the most faked vaporizer is the Pax vapes. It may look EXACTLY like the authentic version. I know what to check for and still can be fooled. Only buy via the Vape Critic links on botton of his reviews or from Pax INC. or in a reputable vape shop or smoke shop. Please be careful.

    I agree if I were in the Market I would wait for the Vape Critic review of the Argo. What can you say other than when Arizer makes a vape its a darned good idea to pay attention! But the Pax 3 is a fantastic vape.

    I disagree with many of the reviews that say the Pax 2 and Pax 3 are the same except for the app. Not true, vape production is better, much faster to heat up, the app is a very big deal I love using it and its incredible.

    The Pax 3 is a major player in the portable dry herb vaporizer market.
    The FF2 is a well marketed dry herb vaporizer but that's about all I can say about it. Great box, great name, great marketing. Looks nice.

    $200 for Pax 3 Basic Kit (this is a late production Pax 3 are even better than the first Pax 3's made) The $250 deluxe version includes the half packed lid and the concentrate insert. I don't like the concentrate insert so I bought the half packed lid from a Pax authorized reseller.

    The Pax 3 is a very high quality, well made and high performing vaporizer with a 10 year warranty that you most likely won't need. Battery life is outstanding. I am getting from a 30 minute session LESS than 25% battery drained. I wanted to drain the battery (because it is supposed to be good for the battery to do so occasionally), it took me almost a week to do so. Effects, The Pax 3 really gets me high. It hits really hard and is extremely enjoyable. You do need to stir every few draws. Cleaning the Pax 3 after every session is important. It is not a simple cleaning but once you get the hang of it, a proper cleaning will restore the unit to brand new condition. Impressive. I know I got a high performance vape for 10 years. $200 for Basic Unit. I bought the basic unit and a half pack lid. I don't like the way the Pax works with concentrates because I don't like the insert. So I saved $30 getting the basic and the half pack lid serperatley. The Half pack lid is a winner. I use less herbs without loosing any intensity.

    The FF2 - Is a mediocre performance vaporizer (from my experience). It is not well made. (Gasket issues, battery issues, overheating issues, loose back plate, clogged screen that cant be cleaned) It comes with a 2 year limited warranty (That I needed to take advantage of twice, before I stopped using the unite entirely). I could get a 20 minute session on one battery. After a few draws my finger tips hurt from the heat. The effects are not great because the same herbs I use on my other vapes are not vaped well by the FF2. The taste is superb. Like when you vape from any vaporizer for the first few draws. The FF2 stays that way because at the end of the day when I look at the herbs after a session the FF2 doesn't do a good job at vaporizing my herbs.

    Finally I have to say that FF2 did try to help me. It made things worse because it confirmed that my first device didn't do a good job and the replacement also sucked. What I didn't appreciate is the constant scrutiny of my negative impressions by a high ranking person at Firefly. More scrutiny on my words than the real and only issue - That issue, the FF2 is not a good vaporizer.

    I call this the dont shoot the messenger situation.

    As anyone in this forum knows I love getting gitty about my devices. I love vaping and the equipment is a ton of fun and enjoyable.

    The FF2 price dropped from an insane 329$ to $249. I literally wouldn't buy the FF2 for $2.49 - I don't need it.

    Get the Pax 3 don't even think for a second the FF2. Hopefully my negative experience can at least prevent others from making the same mistake.
  • Pax 3 vs Mighty, vapor quality


    I have been using Mighty for the last 3 years. Recently I bought PAX 3 what happened after few very positive reviews where people said PAX 3 vapor is very similar to Mighty.
    Now, after few days I am a bit disappointed. Trying to get most of my PAX with this thread and in fact I need to make decision. Stick to Mighty or move on to PAX. Wondering if I do something wrong, or it is just the way things are. Hope you guys can help here.

    In my experience clouds are smaller and less dense with PAX. I wonder if you get the same result or maybe I do somethng wrong? In fact I get more puffs from session and bigger clouds when I load only half of the chamber in PAX with half-pack lid. Still I have an impression I get smaller and less dense clouds. Do you have the same experience?
    With Mighty I was able to do few nice sessions from one load. Always being able to cool down the chamber even after one puff and then do it again with the same load few times,
    On the other hand I see herbs are all brown after disposal, so seems PAX is doing the job. Maybe it extracts vapor quicker due to oven construction, so one uses the load quicker and in smaller clouds, but certainly with the same result on the mind. Any opinions or tips? Much appreciated! Cheers!
  • PAX 3 vs DaVinci IQ

    Great video, really appreciate the info. I actually just returned my Pax 2 cause of faulty power button issues that apparently seems to be a widespread problem from what I've read on reddit and other forums. Being vape-less since, has made me really explore the idea of getting a back up or perhaps a replacement vape, granted pax is sending me another replacement unit. Nonetheless, being a pax 2 owner, the pax 3 doesn't really seem like much of an upgrade in my opinion, especially considering the outer shell and shakiness of the wax & regular oven lid. Just my opinion of course.

    Prior to this video, I settled upon waiting for my replacement pax 2 and eventually getting a Da Vinci IQ for occasional/back up use. However now, I'll likely get the Da Vinci IQ as my number 1 with my pax as my backup number 2 vape. To me it seems like the IQ is a best-in-class at home portable, while the Pax seems to be an ideal candidate for on-the-go use due to it just having less movable/breakable parts (it seems like you have to be very careful with that ceramic ball on the IQ). Nonetheless, once I get the on-the-go use down for the IQ, it'll likely be my preferred vape for all occasions.
  • Pax 2 For Concentrates

    I have my IQ in for service. So far so good, I will post my feedback on Davinci customer service when I get my IQ back (counting the days :)).

    I have been using my Pax 2. I have learned from the bloggers on here (vapelife) that a spacer can help a lot with getting better output from my Pax 2. It works very well, and its a big improvement. I purchased the Pax Concentrate rig from Pax.com

    It worked very well. I am very happy with the effects and smoothness.

    However, the little lid is VERY difficult to remove after a session.
    The metal unit slide's onto the spacer oven cap, and it does not stay on and its supposed to.
    If that metal cover falls off it is nearly impossible to find if it hits the floor (and it will). It is really flimsy and tiny.

    It works well but I am shocked that Pax would put their name next to something so flimsy. Pax is known for their build quality, and warranty, I am really surprised they put something out like this.
  • PAX 3 Matte Black

    Just received the new matte black unit from Pax, here's a couple pix of how all of the black Pax colors compare, the new color is most similar to the original model.

    From left to right: PAX 1, PAX 2, PAX 3 Gloss, PAX 3 Matte

  • Pax 2 Clone

    Has anyone used a Pax 2 Clone? I bought what I thought was a Pax 2 on Craigslist. I even researched what to look for on the fake vs real ones. Everything looked legit to me. I confirm with Pax that it is not an official Pax. It seems to work fine. I’m just concerned with what materials it was made of. I just purchased a Ghost MV1 and am super stoked about it so I probably won’t use the Pax clone all that much, if at all. The Pax 2 would be nice to take in the go. Any info y’all can share would be appreciated.
  • Pax Warranty

    I am writing I feel really frustrated and disappointed about how Pax warranty service had treated me.
    After only 6 month my Pax 2 led started blinking blue 10 times when I turned on and never worked again. I mailed pax support and after about 5 days and 100 mails I got a replay from customers service. They asked me to send my device to be inspected. I hurry and did it. And never again got news from Pax techs. Now almost 20 days after I have no replay. I feel really disappointed and I think I will buy a new device but never again from Pax. I will move to Da Vinci where I ´ve been told has few tech problems and great warranty service.

    Did anyone else suffered same treatment from Pax customer service????
  • Pax 2 Customer Service/Warranty

    Had the exact same issue with my pax 2 two weeks ago. Seems like paxvapor knows that this is problem, but I had to pull teeth and call them habitually for them to send a new one, which is currently in transit. I believe it is a design flaw with the pax 2 and who knows if it is truly fixed on the pax 3 as it has basically the exact same design. It seems like with the rapid innovation and increased competition within the industry has caused manufacturers to quickly push products without proper testing (I mean look at what's happening to Samsung). I know the Pax 1 had its design flaws with the mouthpiece mechanism but I never had any issues for 2.5 years I owned it; meanwhile my pax 2 crapped out after 5 months. Anyways, I'm planning on buying an IQ as my primary vape in a few weeks. Although I'm displeased with the pax 2 hardware, I'd still say it's very important to choose a vape with pretty good warranty plan. I used to be under the impression that the advertised "10 year warranty" was a marketing ploy used to by the manufacturer to show that they have a superior product in comparison to their competitors, but now I think it kind of came to bite them in the ass as it's more beneficial to the consumer than the manufacturer.
  • Pax 2 vs. Pax 3.....

    The major difference between the Pax 2 and the Pax 3 is that the Pax 3 is now able to vape more than just the cannabis flower. The Pax 2 only vapes flower and the Pax 3 can vape butter and oils.
  • PAX 3 App

    As you keep saying it doesn't work but Pax hasn't updated their app since 3 May I decided to take the plunge and update it to see if it works for myself. :chin:
    But not after making a backup as suggested. :sweat: . Thank you Lab :wink:

    And, I have to say, that it works even better than the version I had (2.4.2) as it doesn't act as weird as it was before. :up:
    The first time I re-paired my phone with my Pax required the same weird stuff it did before (it required a specific order on what to turn on first: Not 100% sure but I think that was 1 phone app and 2 turn on Pax if I can recall it correctly) but once paired I do not have to worry about that order anymore because it will connect either way.
    So, for me, it's a clear advantage over the older version. :ok:

    I don't know why it doesn't work for you but qualifying an app that doesn't work just for you "utter garbage" doesn't sound fair to me. Specially considering that you do not require the app for the Pax to work.
    I actually have not used the app for months because after the initial hype to experiment all options available it doesn't seem that usefull (at least to be used constantly).

    So, assuming you have a non-fake unit I can't see why it does not work for you. I can only suggest that you should contact Pax Labs customer service (not the app store) to fix the problem for you.
    By the way, I still have my old version apk file if you want to install it. As I said before it's a 2.4.2v that should work perfectly fine. Just give a shout and I will attach the apk file.

    PD: Are you sure you have gps enabled on your phone when trying to connect to your Pax? Sound weird but seems like it's required for advanced bluetooth conectivity (as it did on my 2.4.2v).
  • Pax 2 getting too much ash

    I loved the pax 1 but get a mouthful of ash with Pax 2 which was never a problem with Pax 1. Everyone seems to love Pax 2 so it is something I am doing wrong? Do I need to use a different screen or not grind as fine as for Pax 1? Please help as it makes the vape unusable for me and I need it for medical reasons and am about to travel and won't have my volcano available.
  • Pax Fakes

    Speaking of Pax. I am really disappointed with their policy of not helping those who are ripped off with fake Pax. If I were to Market my name "The Vape Master" and make vaporizers. Its my job to ensure authenticity. EVEN if the expense is etching the serial number and creating phone support.

    Pax won't help with a fake understandable. But Unexcusable When they know of this huge problem, they can do something and they choose not to.

    I don't expect any help for the people who get fakes, Understood. But they know it's a problem and they can't make their products ensured of authenticity. UNLESS you buy from them. Maybe they should only sell via their website because of the risk of a customer getting a fake. It's more profitable to let the people get ripped off.

    I hope everyone who reads this understands to be very careful. I am not buying anything from Pax until they can improve THEIR product by making a system that ensures a system of checking authenticity before the box is opened.

    Another tid bit: I am shocked that a company with Pax's outstanding workmanship would put out a flimsy concentrate insert of the lowest of quality.
  • Pax 2 vs Mighty or Crafty

    oh yeahhh, packing really nice grinded herb in the pax is the way to go. it also appears to only function at peak performance unless doing that. i loved my original pax and lovin the pax 2 which is part the collection of vapes i actually currently use 8-)

    the mighty is a bad ass vape and there is no denying that. honestly when it comes to portables, 80%+ of the time i always go for my crafty or mighty. i got a nice new bong and saw a pretty cool part at new vape that lets me use the pax 2 through my water bong.

    this is the actual part that the pax vape goes into

    one shot of it all together

    if your feeling weird, you could also connect it this way lol

    have a good one!
  • Pax 2 lip sensing technology?

    With the PAX 2 on, hold it horizontally and spin/roll it 3 full times to activate each mode. To switch to next mode you just spin it again 3 times and so on for each one. I do not know the exact name for each mode or the official PAX term is for it but I'll list them as what I know them as. (I will try and add a video of each mode when I have time)

    Classic Party Mode: All 4 of the front LED's will cycle through colors in a kinda random order. When taking a draw in this mode, the color pattern increases/decreases depending on how you hit it.

    *When you spin the PAX 2 three times in the opposite direction, the LED's turn green and go in a back n forth motion almost like a strobe light or moving rope light.

    Random Party: The LED's basically are just brighter and kind of stay the same. When the lip sensor detects anything, the light colors will randomly change to a different pattern.

    Light Painting/Party Stick: All 4 front LED's appear to look off but once you start moving it around it'll start to change colors in a "glow stick" looking way. A cool thing to do is turn the lights off (actual room lights) and swing your PAX 2 like your raving... sometimes you can get it to look really sick spinning it around.

    Carousel: Appears to show kinda random colors that the unit is capable of doing. Does change when you move the PAX around but hard to describe it.

    Simon Game: Play by laying and holding vape in your hand with the LED facing up. It is straight up simon says and you just try and copy the pattern by tilting the unit in that direction. If your patient enough to hit level 20 it will also unlock a funky town tone. If your really nuts go try and beat level 40 to unlock a colorful/paradise looking color pattern.

    *If you get tired of the funky town tone, it can be turned off (and back on) by clicking the power button 5 times pretty fast. You will know it worked since it'll show the front 4 LED lights cycle through one after the other one time.
  • Pax vaporizer

    Contact PAX, think the first PAX still comes with a 10 year warranty. They are very good with customer support and fixing problems... I haven't used my PAX 1 since getting the PAX 2 but I remember the mouthpiece part always needed cleaning/lubing up due to the way it clicked into the vape. I still think contacting PAX direct would be the best bet starting off.
  • Pax 2 or AirVape XS

    Heeeey brow! Never used the Airvape xs, but i already ordered!
    But pax 2 iv used a lot, i think pax is good one when you talk about warranty, and discreet device, buuuuuut i dont like a lot conduction vapes, and i think that this is one is the biggest difference betwen Xs and pax 2! XS has a hybrid way to vaporize the herb and pax doesn´t! So thats in theory i think that @VapeCritic could tell you more about the quality of the vape production and compare! I think Xs seems to be clouder and tastier and smoother thee the pax 2! @Hubrkn
  • Pax 2 getting too much ash

    of course - bits of material that gets drawn up thru up the pax with every slow even breath. I never had this problem with Pax 1 but the redesign of the screen seems to let a lot of herb get into the airway. The Pax 2 is also a lot dirty than the pax 1 after every use. The pipe cleaner used to clean the unit gets very dirty - much more so than with the pax 1 because it ends up with the ground up material in the length of the air flow not just staying in the oven. I have to really clean it after every use instead of every few uses like with the older model. Would a different screen help? One with more but smaller holes for the vape? I just tried it again yesterday without grinding it so fine and that helped reduced the amount of bud that I got in my mouth. Really prefer vapes because they are usually so clean - don't like having a mouthful of cannabis bits and pieces on every draw. I know Pax1 had to have a very fine grind, much more fine than the Volcano. What is optimum grind for Pax2? I am packing the oven full and using it all at one time. Thanks for any suggestions - most people (including you) have said the Pax2 is an improvement over Pax1 so I must need to do something different as it is not working right for me. THANKS!
  • Pax 2 For Concentrates

    Someone mentioned to me that Pax has only done moderate changes with the Pax 2 & Pax 3 because they are all in on the Pax ERA and the Pax Jule.
  • Pax 2 Customer Service/Warranty

    I am really disappointed about Pax Pro warranty service. After only 6 months my Pax 2 led started blinking blue 10 times when I turned on and couldn´t be use again. I had sent my Pax 2 device on September 5, today September 18 I have no news!!! Even I push and push noone replays. I regret choosing Pax brand, I will never buy a Pax device again. Lasted only 6 month and customer service did solve my problem, in fact didn´t even give a decent replay.

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