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  • PCKT One Plus vs. Yocan Uni?

    Pckt one all day over uni. Build quality is way better w the pckt. Both are good but i can see and feel potential issues w the longevity of the uni vs the pckt.
  • PCKT One Plus vs. Yocan Uni?

    Pckt one just feels so solid!
    Also the battery lasts a long time!!
    Fits in the palm oh so perfect!!!
    On the other hand you could buy two uni’s for the price of one Pckt one+...?
  • PCKT One: Bought on recommendation here, but doesnt fit? and weaker than Palm on Ccells?

    Hey there, at VPM we offer both the CCell Palm Battery and PCKT Battery. The Palm is great and is certainly the industry's hottest oil cartridge battery in terms of popularity, BUT, in my opinion the PCKT is a better, higher quality battery backed by an American company.

    When a CCell Palm stops working, I wish the customer luck getting a replacement unless they bought from a super cool vendor. Most vendors won’t help because CCell won’t (easily) help them. If a PCKT breaks it’s nice knowing they will take care of us so we can better take care of you. Personally, I am really liking the guys at PCKT and am glad Bud is endorsing them.

    But yes, PCKT really messed up with not making the hole wide enough to support the wider and extremely popular CCell Cartridges. I have a feeling they designed their battery just as CCell was becoming popular. Bud might consider making a note on his reviews that the PCKT does not fit CCell cartridges at this time.

    PCKT has told me to expect an updated version of their battery early December which will support CCell cartridges. Zero promises, but I’ll be asking if we can work something out for forum members to do a trade in.

    If you fill your own cartridges, PCKT recommends iKrusher which fits their battery. In particular the AC 1003 has been getting a lot of good feedback from our customers.

  • PCKT One Plus

    The PCKT One Plus 510 vape cartridge battery, this one fits CCell cartridges :ok:

    Lots of improvements from the original model, see full details here.

    If you bought the first PCKT One model through my referral link I will replace it for you with the new model for free, since the original design doesn't fit CCell carts and I didn't make that clear. Please send a PM to @Hazel to do the trade :100:

    I haven't tested out their new Spark cartridge yet but I will as soon as I can.

    Promo code VAPECRITIC gets you 15% off your order from the official PCKT store :cheer:


    I drilled out my PCKT One to take CCell cartridges. I got a PCKT One as a gift. Went to my local dispensary and got a Select-brand cartridge. The Select is a CCell, and it did not fit into the PCKT. Because the PCKT seems to be heavy aluminum, I took a chance that I could remove some wall thickness and not destroy the unit. My original hole was 10.48mm, and I used a 27/64 inch drill bit to open it to 10.68mm. The CCell drops right in with some clearance. This is probably not recommended, but it worked for me. If you try this, carefully measure the depth of the PCKT hole and wrap tape around your drill bit so you stop before it hits the vapor nozzle, be sure to clean out all the scraps of aluminum.

    I just ordered one, it's my first cart vape. I have a box, a Smok AL 85, but I don't know if carts work with that.
    My Cousin left a few here, and I tried on only to get some error message about ohms or coils or who knows (had some stem milk yesterday so excuse any rambling :) )

    The PCKT One looks really good, and with Buds 15% discount code I got it shipped to europe for under 50€ (about 55 bucks)! I plan on making my own oil for the carts, so if anyone has experience with what kind of cartridges are good for that and knows if those will fit in the PCKT, please let me know!

    If no-one does, I'll hopefully be able to add some insight...(i am however a noob!)

    AFAIK the button on the bottom can be held to act as a on demand heat / fire button, there's one Video of a Dude "reviewing" the PCKT where he mentions that. "Assissted Draw" he called it, said that it made the inhaling easier - maybe that could be useful to those of us who experience a strong draw resistance?

    It reminds me of the OG Solo haha, that was also like suckin' on a big ol Milkshake, but slow and steady works wonders!

    Looking forward to the PCKT!

    My measurements with a caliper:

    I.D of hole in the PCKT = 10.3 mm
    Width of CCell and another brand here in MD that is also ceramic = 10.6 mm

    For me, PCKT hole is just a tad too small to fit the CCell and other ceramic wick carts we have here.

    I can use the extender, but that rather defeats the purpose of the PCKT design.

    I do have a CCell Palm and it works beautifully.

    So, you have gotten CCells that fit into a PCKT?????

    Taking some studio photos now of the PCKT ONE PLUS!

  • PCKT One Plus vs. Yocan Uni?

    i'm thinking of getting a different battery setup for cartridges ... has anyone tried both the pckt one plus and the yocan uni ... i think i'm leaning towards the uni ... any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated!

    PCKT One Plus

    Yocan Uni
  • PCKT One: Bought on recommendation here, but doesnt fit? and weaker than Palm on Ccells?

    Hey Guys,

    So I am a long time reader and first time poster mainly because of this. I got a PCKT One as it was highly recommended on the VC original Site.

    However, once getting it I realize it does not even fit flush. with most cartridges.Not very discreet.

    On top of that, it is noticeably weaker on ccell cartridges (which is the standard here in vegas from almost all cart companies that are not a pod).

    I like having that button push on the bottom, but it just does not get the same hit out of ccells as their own ccell battery you can get for $25 at the dispensary.

    So why is this one so recommended? I don't mean to be mean, but is it due to commission stuff? THe site seemed trustworthy but I am very skeptical. THe recommendation seems a bit off because in my experience most carts are ccell now or pods, and the palm is better / cheaper. plus having the cartridge stick out like it does because the pckt doesnt fit flush any of the new style carts makes it really not discreet.

    , its not really an opinion, it just hits harder anyone could test that

    Hi Johnny...very interesting. I never have seen that before and it is very much like the PCKT indeed.

    I just ordered a PCKT and its auto-draw but I'm with you...personally would rather have a fire button. But this is for my occasional road trip and it may do just fine at that.


    I took my calipers to the PCKT and the good ceramic carts that won't fit in the fucker. They only missed by a hair but its enough that it really kills the pupose. I mean, if I have to have the cart stick all of the way out, I might was well get an Eleaf 40W Nano with replaceable 18650.

    So here are the numbers.

    I.D of hole in the PCKT = 10.3 mm
    Width of CCell and another brand here that is also ceramic = 10.6 mm

    They missed by say .40 - .50 mm. Very small but enough to f it up.

    I mean, they missed by a hair and I don't think we will keep seeing those skinny carts with the crappy fiber wicks much longer. If you are in touch with them, as they sent you some free samples to give away, you might want to drop on them that another half a mm I.D. would fix their issues while as it is I don't see an advantage to it. Should have bought an Eleaf Nano.

    I measured CCell at the metal base which I don't think will have much variation in diameter. PCKT was .5mm too small to accomodate.

    Stupid mistake, hopefully fixed soon, but that won't do anything for the PCKT I have sitting in a closet unuseable. Not a big deal, they are cheap....but wtf were they thinking?

    Maybe it's where they buy them, or that they buy them in bulk or something? I don't know. My vape shop here local gets different ones each week it seems, as they're an ejuice place but we've worked out a deal so I get them on the cheap.

    I do like the PCKT, but not necessarily more than the Palm, other than for battery life. I really like that the Palm you can see the cart. For the pre-filled eucalyptus I have access to, 8 out of 10 carts work. Most of them are A3Cs, but there are a couple of off brands in there, and BK carts change regularly too but always seem to fit.

    Drop test FTW: When in the Palm the carts usually survive, maybe because it's not as heavy? I drop both on the reg, but the PCKT has killed 4 carts (only 1 brand new :broken: )

    I use the iTaste vv4 stick, those are good too with a little display :) but drop that sucker and it's bye, bye birdie.

    The new PCKT One Plus is now available for preorder from their site for $59.95.

    I'm debating if I'll get one. I already have the ccell palm.
  • PCKT One Plus

    oops sorry

    the 15% off code VAPECRITIC is for the official PCKT store, and the 10% off STAYUP code is for VapePartsMart :ok:
  • PCKT One Plus

    @VapePartsMart - I have overlooked making any comments on my PCKT Plus I got from, here it is....its outstanding, works exactly as advertised, and VPM service through the order was impeccable.

    I particularly like having both a fire button and auto-draw. I have been running it at red...the highest temp...because..well...I'm pig, what can I say! LOL

    All good, mate. Thank you again.

    Now, wtf to do with my PCKT v1??
  • PCKT One Plus

    Im in the same boat...I won a pckt one plus here a few weeks ago. I have plenty of cart/battery experience but I just can’t get the pckt one plus to work well, same issue as you. That paired with the price and weight I don’t think it’s a great buy over some alternatives

    Edit* also having to keep it on the higher voltage pretty much ruined any cart I put in it after a day or two , burnt taste and darkens the material , that’s with commercial carts as well as distillate and a wax to mix cart

    Hmm, thanks. Torn between iTaste, Swan, and Pckt. Can anyone chime in? Seems like the latter two are more versatile, and fit more carts (CCELL for sure). They also each come with magnets to help both .5 and 1g carts stay snug; the iTaste does not. Not sure how important this is. The Pckt and Swan come optional refillable cart also, which is nice. I don't think the iTaste can handle that...?

    I can get the Swan for $33 shipped right now, if that helps anyone sway me!

    The auto draw on my pckt+ stopped working. When I use the fire button it works fine and is responsive to all the button commands but i swapped out several diff carts so far and can’t get it to engage without pressing the button. I dropped one of the carts into my original pckt and it works. Anyone have this issue yet? I’m going to email the company.
  • PCKT One Plus vs. Yocan Uni?

    Yeah. The big difference. Think of the Uni as a "mod" and the PCKT as an appliance. I like the simplicity yet still considerable power range of the PCKT which produces a better tasting vape IMO and that is really important to me. For versatility, the Uni is probably better.
  • PCKT One Plus vs. Yocan Uni?

    well i went to my local shop and they had the uni but not the pckt ... the uni was $27 and there was a 20% off memorial day sale so for just a little over 21 bucks i figured i would give it a go!

    it's on the charger now ...

    edit: this little thing isn’t bad ... much better than the exxus rebrand that didn’t accept the ccell size cartridges so you had to use an extender that left the entire cartridge exposed ... i’m actually surprised by the difference in performance ... i still might try a pckt sometime!

    This is that 510 vape pen battery called the PCKT ONE that I showed in a couple of my live streams, I've been using it here and there for a month without a hiccup and only charged it once, I'm diggin it.

    I tried it with just about a dozen cartridges to make sure they all work, and they all fit except for one of them, it was ~1mm too wide. Major brands like Brass Knuckles and FlavRx fit fine.

    If you're a regular user of pen cartridges I'd give this one a look :eyes:


    Can pckt one run splinter, source orb, or sai? Or only carts.


    I’ve been using and really liking the Swan from S6XTH SENSE for cartridges for over a year. Wanted something that was really small and hid the cart. The Swan (right) is pictured next to a Kandypens Rubi for scale above.

    Works great. 5 clicks on/off, 4 clicks to cycle thru the variable temps/voltages (2.7V, 3.1V & 3.6V), and 2 clicks for a "very low" pre-heat mode (1.8V) that runs for ~10 seconds. Press and hold the button to vape. The button flashes with the temp color then goes dark. I like the med/blue setting for most carts.

    The cart is connected to the battery via a screw on magnet. Two magnets come with the Swan for .5- and 1-gram cartridges. Magnet connection is very strong. If you want to avoid magnets, the eDab Fantom is a screw-in small battery.

    Of the dozens of carts I’ve had, all but one has worked in the Swan. The mod fits carts that are up to 11mm in diameter. So some of the new “big fatty’s” won’t fit.

    It’s a hard plastic – would rather have something that’s metal like the PCKT, but like the way it functions so I haven't moved to something new.

    Swan HIGHS:
    • Small and very discrete (2.51 inches tall x 1.22 inches wide x .62 inches thick or 64x31x16mm)
    • Variable voltage with 4 temps (low/green 2.7V, med/blue 3.1V, high/red 3.6V plus a “very low” pre-heat (1.8V) that runs for ~10 seconds)
    • 650 mAh battery
    • Window to see how much oil is left in your cart
    • Specs say it has “overcharge/overdischarge, overcurrent/short circuit, overheat/overload protection.”
    • Micro USB charging
    • You can call S6XTH SENSE and easily talk to someone who will actually answer your questions

    Swan LOWS:
    • Plastic body
    • Doesn’t fit the newer "big fatty" carts that are more than 11mm in diameter
    • $40 MSRP but you can find it for $35

    Juxt - is the KingPen a good quality ceramic cart (without a fiber wick?). Seems like the newer carts are just a bit wider for the ceramic wick/heating element.Baron23
    Before I talk quality of it overall let me get to the end of it. It's Romulan Grapefruit so we'll see how it works out :)

    I will say the cart does look good, it has 4 holes at the bottom like the brass knuckles, but vertical kinda so I don't like that as much. The Valley Labs ones are still the best of the ones I've had, but these two aren't bad (BK & KP I mean) and the BK ones are the new tested ones with the mea culpa right on the box

    BTW Brass Knuckles carts don't cause airflow from the bottom either, it has a top air flow thing so it doesn't cause the PCKT to fire either.

    I was cartridge newb. The PCKT One made me elite. Hiding under bed now.....

    I am using the medium magnet. The small one will prolly cut tip length in half, allowing you to smooch with the PCKT ONE.

    Some kinds, like Brass Knuckles, have airflow intake holes at the top of the unit instead of the bottom. If you have carts of that type, where the airflow doesn't travel into the cart from the bottom, then they will for sure not work. The air hole for the PCKT is in the bottom of the device, so there should be no issue with the 'tightness' of the fit of the cart, if that's your worry.

    So, got a BK cart today that has the airholes on the bottom, that fits in the PCKT like a champ!

    Looks like these guys change it up all the time.

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