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  • Plenty Review

    Plenty was my first vape, I still have it and always use the full packed 50 cent chamber lol.. I have the reducer but it's not the same.. I have not tried using rosin on the pads.. I hate using any brillos.. I would rather just use my Flower Pot for those.. but as far as flower goes The Plenty is a beast.. and really underrated.
  • Plenty with a whip and water pipe- whip it good

    Plenty with glass is the best. With a whip or with a glass top.
  • Plenty Vaporizer - Best Method for Conserving

    Plenty users, Does anyone use the fine mesh screen?
  • Plenty Review

    I have been wanting The Plenty for some time now, but didn't get it until just recently. There have been a few interesting discussions about it, so I wanted to leave my review. This is a brand new Plenty, I know that some people dislike it because the temperature goes under the red, but it doesn't do this with the newer ones.

    For the first use I fully loaded the chamber to the top, some Jack Diesel. I started heating up the Plenty but made sure to leave the chamber off, I don't mind having to pull a bit to start getting vapor, the alternative is burning off terps/wasting them. I went all the way to 7 the max temperature to get the full experience, once it was in the red I put the chamber on (this thing goes WELL above the red roughly 440F). I got a good five draws of no visible vapor as expected, and then it started...

    As far as intensity goes, this is definitely a 10. This thing hits like dabs literally, I was practically dying from coughing so hard. At one point in the session, I wondered if I could actually finish it. Well I did, but wow the Plenty's chamber filled to the max, and temperature up all the way is a straight killer.

    I was seeing complaints about the Plenty I would like to address for anyone interested in getting one:
    1. The heater won't turn back on - This seems to be a more commonly reported issue with the older model Plenty's. They say the Plenty will reach temp, but turn off for way too long, then it goes under the desired temp mid session. This gives huge flavorful draws in the beginning, but mid session it just kind of dies off.

    The way the heater turns off and back on for the one I have works well for my uses. I find it doesn't fluctuate more than what a Volcano Classic would regularly.

    2. General performance issues - There is no way the Plenty is being used correctly, or is operating normally. This thing hits like dabs, I don't know how one could say the performance is anything other than incredible. Unless they either aren't using it correctly, or the unit/heater specifically is not operating normally.

    The only real argument against the Plenty would be the amount of material used, I can't really say at this point but many others complain about this.
  • Plenty smoothness Vs Volcano smoothness

    Oh, and I understand the Plenty may be a bit warmer of a vape when inhaling, but am looking for smoothness of vapor itself, but as Strong as possible (again, no portables, and I own an EVO and am looking for the smoothest dry plug in desktop Vape).

    Will the Plenty cook the herb as well as the Volcano? Different herbs Vape better or worse, and I use to remove the bowl after each bag. Over time I realized heat is lost from where it is guaged by the time it reaches the herb chamber, and insyead of wasting more, I have always gotten more by leaving the chamber on, as it is already hot and vapes everything nice and even brown color. Since the heater on the Plenty is located right at the herb chamber, it seems the heat is probably the same at 398 on the Plenty as the Volcano is at 446 where the temp is measured at the block, because the heat is of course cooled at least a tad in the Volcano via the path before reaching the chamber. I feel that with this heater location, I can take a couple primer pulls to get the vapor I would need, and the chamber should be as hot as leaving the bowl on a Volcano. So, Im tninking after a couple of priming hits, the Plenty may put out as strong of vapor as the cano at 446, and if the vapor is smoother than the cano I am sold!

    Everyone has different theories on why the Volcano could possibly be more harsh than the Plenty, but I believe it is because of the torque of the pump the Volcano has. One idea is that one speed of air may in fact cause a different extraction process, causing irritation. If the Volcano had control of the speed of which a bag filled, that would be great. We could adjust our own vapor density. Id love to slow it down to have more vapor to air ratio, because it would be literally customizing vapor density. Ok, so when thinking of the Plenty, vapor density is possibe to be customized by the speed of the draw, where as the Volcano will only ever have 1 speed (GO!). I imagine when taking a quick rip from the Plenty, the vapor is a bit whispy, but with half of a primer pull, then one long draw, and I would imagine vapor is going to be completely different, and this ability to control vapor density is appealing to me.

    P.S. I have always used fine screens in the top of my Cano, if anyone is curious of possible particles. After getting particles in a couple of bags a few years back, I swapped solely to fine screens. Time it on a stop watch and it does not change the time to fill, nor see, to strain the pump in any way. Of course, they made the reducer, and they don't strain the pump either.
  • Plenty smoothness Vs Volcano smoothness

    Hey, I was going to ask a few questions. I asked on another site and people know I have an EVO, and just started asking why I was trying to outdo my EVO... Anyhow, I am looking to replace my Volcano, and I want a 'dry' Vape (vs the EVO being made for water conditioning) with no batteries, as it seems everyone has had their S&B portables replaced at least once. I feel there is a difference in feel from vapor filter by water vs dry vapor. Just different vaping signatures, like headphones/speakers etc have different sounds even at identical sizes. I'll explain an get to my question :)

    If I retire my Volcano and purchase a Plenty for my dry vape, am I going to experience the same dryness others have expressed with their Volcanos, and also the reason I am wanting to get rid of my Volcano? I've read in many areas that the Plenty is smoother, and many Volcano owners say the Volcano has wrecked their entire respiratory system as their sole vape/heavy use. It did mine as well and I was having a lot of Dr visits after using it heavily and as my only vape.
    Anyway, is the Plenty smoother the the Volcano? I'm getting rid of my Volcano due to dryness, the fact even my EVO seems less irritating, dry. The Plenty would allow me to take a draw when needed Vs devoting myself to whatever size bag is blown up, but I just must know it is smoother like people claim and not a false claim before putting the time and money into selling and then purchasing a new unit. Of course I don't want it to disappoint, and I hear the cooling coil works perfectly.

    SMOOTHNESS: Volcano or Plenty?
    Vapor strength: Volcano or Plenty?
  • Plenty Vaporizer issues

    I recently got a Plenty vaporizer expecting to love it after enjoying my Volcano classic that I’ve owned for quite a while. However, upon using it I find the vapor that it produces to be very potent; but also hot and harsh to my throat. When I have used it I usually start coughing excessively. This has never occurred when using the Volcano on any temp setting. I find if I turn the Plenty up passed 4 the vapor is just to harsh to inhale easily. But I have not vaped my material fully unless I go to 5-6. I also own the SSV and don’t experience this level of irritation with it either. Although the Plenty has superior taste. Has anyone else had these issues? Is there anything I can do to remedy this? I would like to use my Plenty somehow as it’s a very potent vapor producer. Maybe that’s just the nature of this one. My Plenty was purchased through the VapeCritic’s suggested dealer. So I know it’s an authentic S&B pruduct. I’m also using the reduced chamber; but had the same problem with the regular chamber with liquid pad on top for lesser loads. Thanks for any help provided.
  • Plenty Chamber Reducer

    yeah the confusions because a lot of companies that sell it, call it the The Volcano Plenty instead of the Plenty by Volcano or the Plenty by S&B as I’d call it or just the Plenty lol

    Hopefully the orange bowl in the pictures would tell people it’s for the Plenty not the Volcano.

    All the best,

  • Plenty smoothness Vs Volcano smoothness

    Tricky question. And I have to say all the S&B vapes (even the Crafty and the Mighty ) dry out my mouth and throat quite a bit (I always need a drink handy). Although both are capable of producing very smooth vapor both are capable of making you cough at the higher temperatures. I've also got friends with bad lungs that seem to cough their guts up on anything other than a Volcano bag.

    I'm not convinced the Plenty wouldn't dry your mouth and throat out the same amount as the Volcano!

    As for being smoother, that all depends on the temperature used and personal preferences and tolerances!

    If you think about it, the Heat of the vapor, the amount of aromas in the vapor, the amount of particulates in the vapor and quantity of the vapor all factor in how irritating the vapor is!

    Obviously the Volcano has a higher top temperature meaning the vapor could be more irritating at those higher temps than the Plentys maximum temp!

    Some prefer the Plenty and think it's smoother, and some prefer the Volcano and think that's smoother! Personally I find a bag from around 202c less irritating than the Plenty set at 202c (although I usually vape both at max temp and draw for as long as possible) but it could be the amount of vapor being produced rather than temperture or amount of particulates in the vapor!

    I think ultimately the only way to tell will be to get your hands on a Plenty and try it for yourself!

    Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

    All the best,

  • Plenty smoothness Vs Volcano smoothness

    I have a Volcano and a good friend has the Plenty. I love both of them. I find both to be smooth and powerful. The Volcano bags wear out and it does effect the vapor quality so that's one thing to consider here. The Plenty kept clean is probably more consistent. I'd say a new bagged Volcano goes toe to toe with or beyond all vapes I've tried. Still not sure if I could give much edge to either of these TANKS. I mean both wreck your face with power hits >:O You can adjust the smoothness to your liking too. I'd have to agreed that both dry out your throat a bit after say 2-3 balloons or taking on multiple Plenty sessions. This my friend is most likely a draw and I might go Volcano over Plenty by a hair with a new bag.
  • Plenty "Reduction Bowl"

    There is seriously little to no conduction with the Plenty.. With both the big chamber and reduced chamber and even dosing caps if you use them.. Personally I do not use the caps with the Plenty only with the Mighty... The Plenty is indeed a full Convection vape and a damn fine one the ABV is near perfect everytime even if you vape with it on 7 and you let the dial hit 420 it still does not char the material.. 6 is the best setting, I pack the reduced chamber full but loose fire it up to 6 take 3 long drags and walk away for about 10 minutes come back and squeeze the trigger heat it back up and take a few more, I keep doing this until no vapor comes out and the ABV after is STILL light brown.. and I am not just saying this but it has never been dark ABV always Light brown, I will always swear by The Plenty, I really wish they would make a V2 or something.. we can dream.
  • Plenty Chamber Reducer

    Well, I go by S&B's site

    For Volcano Easy Valve

    For Plenty

    If you look close, the SKU are different for the reducers...E for the easy valve and P for Plenty. Given that the chambers are so different, I can't see how they could be the same part.

    On the other hand, I have been wrong often before! LOL
  • Plenty Vape // 5 Years Old // Burning Herb

    HI ,I've had the Plenty for 8 months and use it every day. I'm totally bummed to hear your Plenty is acting like that. I haven't had any experience like that. I guess my question would be how does your herb look after those 5 hits session or longer ones. Does it look different or just spent?.. But i totally feel ya on the 20+ draws sessions..I easily need to heat the trigger at least 5-6 times and getting average about 3 draws per a heat cycle (temp always max :sweat: ).. I would definitely contact S&B RMA.. I heard stories about them not working on certain vapes after warranty is up (crafty) and then I hear other users having decade old volcano's that they give them a discount price on new cano or like plenty,mighty option for steep discount.. I would contact them..Good luck man.. I love the plenty too!!, I'm using it now~
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    Ya know, I've owned a plenty for 3 yrs and I feel that my main problem with it is it cooks up, and goes through your herb way too fast, yeah, yeah, I realize the vape critic loves it, but I noticed when using it, I feel like im consistently being rushed to take the next hit? I know they say that it doesn't really cook you herb when you don't hit it, but I literally sit there when I'm using it, and see all this vapor just leaking out and vaping out of the tip of the mouthpiece, and I feel like the hits are a little uncomfortable due to the amount it dispenses on each hit, I much rather sit back and enjoy the mighty, I feel like my herb goes farther and I get more effeccieny, hell, I even pick the volcano over the plenty, anyway just thought I would put out my experience and opinion, I find it to be a little on the waistfull side, give me a. 2, I much rather run that through the mighty instead of the plenty, you just get more out of it in my opinion, but I noticed the people that do like the plenty, really like alot.
  • Plenty or Arizer Extreme Q

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. Just wondering if anyone can help with a decision here. I'm looking for a more at home type vape as all I have are portables right now. I was starting to lean towards a Plenty but now there's a sale on the extreme q. I live in canada and price difference is 380cdn for the plenty to 180cdn for the extreme q. Would the plenty be worth it to spend over double. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks
  • Plenty Vape // 5 Years Old // Burning Herb

    Five years ago, based on Vapecritic's recommendation, I purchased a Plenty. I love it, and I use it every day. It's by far my favorite device for consuming herb.

    Every six months to a year, the vape has an issue where it starts to burn through my herb super fast. I get 5-10 draws when I'm used to getting 20+ from the same amount. I clean the pieces, and eventually it corrects itself. Usually, within a week or so I'm back to vaping like normal.

    About a month ago, my five year old Plenty started having this problem. I cleaned all my pieces. Had no effect. I bought all new pieces (coil, chamber, silicone tubes, liquid pad, screens, the works). There was a little improvement, but it's inconsistent. Sometimes, I'm able to get 15 draws. Sometimes I'm only able to get five. There appears to be no rhyme or reason for the inconsistency, and it happens no matter what variety of herb I use. As you can imagine, this is fairly infuriating, as I'm burning through herb like CRAZY (and it's especially irritating after the new taxes imposed with the Adult Use legislation is CA).

    So I'm wondering -- what's the issue? The unit still appears to get hot, it seems to be working just gauging by the heat on my hand. But something is clearly wrong.

    So what do you guys think? After five years of near-daily use, is it time to get a new Plenty? Or should I tough it out and see if it improves on its own like it has in the past?

    Would love you guys' feedback. Thanks!
  • Plenty with a whip and water pipe- whip it good

    I was helping my buddy hook up my old Da Buddha to a water pipe when I decided that a whip could also work well with my Plenty. I've been using this mod, that I got from @Aj85 up until now to use it with a water pipe.
    I picked up an extra Plenty chamber housing, so I could leave one with the cooling coil, and keep the other as a water pipe setup. I used an Arizer extreme Q whip and elbow adapter. the whip fits snugly in the previous setup.
    With the elbow adapter, I remember reading how some people like to load the elbow spot. So I took this idea, sprinkled in a little IQ flavor chamber inspiration, and stuffed a bud in the elbow. I don't expect this to do anything for flavor, through a water pipe. But I love the "superbuds" that I would pull from the flavor chamber after a few sessions, so I wanted to copy that idea.
    The elbow adapter also works as a 18mm WPA.
    And, the full setup. It works awesome. Not that lifting the Plenty to the bong was difficult, but there's something about just leaving it on the table while I rip it.
  • Plenty warm up?

    So I just ordered a Plenty, my first desktop vape; previously I’ve only had cheap portables that didn’t seem to work very well so I didn’t use them very long, so I’m relatively new to vaping in general.

    So I haven’t seen this mentioned about the Plenty, but are other Plenty owners able to get vapor as soon as it gets up to temp? Even when it’s hot, it takes me a good 10-15 pulls to get any vapor; I’m not sure if it’s inhaling that draws the heat through the chamber or if it’s just holding down the handle for a good minute, but it doesn’t seem right.

    Once I get some vapor production, the thing is great! But it seems weird that if it’s already hot enough (which it seems to be, I tried at all the way to 7, the needle is in the green or red, the metal is obviously hot) that it takes so long to get any vapor.

    Has anyone else had this problem or am I doing something wrong??
  • Plenty Chamber Reducer

    How much did you put in there, Bud, and was it ground fine. Both AJ and I believe the key to the Volcano (and perhaps the Plenty as they are similar) is to leave plenty of room for the herb to swirl around in the air stream. So we both like fine grind and plenty of room left in the chamber. Just a thought.
  • Plenty or Arizer Extreme Q

    the only reason I'd ever tell you to go with the extreme q would be for the ability to use bags. Even then I'd personally say save up and get the Volcano as its a much better bag vaporizer. In pretty much every other way potency, flavour, ease of use, heat up time, cleaning/maintenance the Plenty wins hands down. Also no searing hot glass to drop and break!

    In case you haven't seen it yet, here's the VapeCritic's comparison video where he discusses both, but don't forget the videos pretty old!

    I own (among many others) the Volcano the Plenty and the Extreme Q. I don't ever use the Extreme Q and would happily sell it as all my other home units are much better! I wouldn't sell my Plenty though! It's nearly four years old and still looks and works like brand new!

    All the best,

  • Plenty vs Crafty High

    What's up!

    Great reasoning and thought process ;)

    They're about as similar as you can get between a portable and desktop unit but think of the Plenty as simply being on a bigger scale with more power.

    The oven is larger*, the heater is stronger, the vapor path is longer, and there's even less draw resistance.

    *so the herb chamber is very large with the Plenty, damn near a full gram capacity, but I rarely if ever pack an empty chamber full. They include a liquid pad just like you got with your crafty and I use that pretty much every time I use my plenty. Pack the chamber maybe a 1/3rd of the way up and then place the pad on to keep it from moving around. You can end up packing the same amount as you would in the crafty (~.15g-.3g)
  • Plenty vs Crafty High

    IMHO the Crafty is good with comparable vapor quality to the Plenty, but it's not really designed to be a daily driver. There was quite a high failure rate with the Crafty initially, although apparently this has improved over time. It has a single battery which can get overloaded and overheat, especially if you like to vape at higher temps. You get the convenience of portability, but as Bud says, the Plenty has more power and has bomb-proof reliability. I used this as a daily driver for about 7 months, with excellent results and no reliability issues what so ever. So if I had to chose one of these, I'd go for the Plenty. I would also recommend the Mighty as with it's dual batteries it will stand up to daily use more effectively than the Crafty. I actually have the full S&B Product set ;-) and while this is an expensive option that most people would not want to do, I do enjoy cycling through my vaporizers, and it does ensure you do not overuse and wear out any one unit excessively.
  • Plenty Vaporizer Issues - Any Advice?

    Ok I consider myself a Plenty Veteran lol, I almost always use the reduced chamber... but I never use the dosing caps with it, I find that it makes the vapor a tad more harsh on the throat, I do however use the hell out of them in the mighty and they work great. There is nothing wrong with just using the RC grind it pretty fine because of the smaller bowl pack it to the rim but be sure not to stuff it... pack it really loose so plenty of air can pass through and you will get your head knocked off... :-! Cheers.... Also I use the Plenty everyday, I love it
  • Plenty Vaporizer - Best Method for Conserving

    Hey just read this thread, here's what I said to @Osu36 in PM:

    Personally I wasn't thrilled with using the chamber reducer with the Plenty, and I'm not a huge fan of the dosing capsules only because the draws don't seem to be quite as strong to me.

    The best results I get with the Plenty are loading the large chamber with ~..2g and placing the large liquid pad on top.

    One of the special things about the Plenty is its ability to heat such a large surface area of your bud at the same time, because of the extra wide chamber. But when you put in the reducer it kinda "reduces" the surface area you know what I mean?
  • Plenty Review

    i love the plenty idnt know what the s&b futere brings i have a :
    dynavap m 2018
    and a sticky brick hydro max buton vape (maybe next month)
    i can recommend you all of these
    but the dynavap m 2018 is cheap easy to use (butan fire) and its great with good himalya haschisch
    look at the review:
    i can always recommend the plenty but not for hash
  • Plenty vape - cleaning tips

    sincerely appreciate the response brotha, so sorry im late with the reply also im new to this forum thing. & no, no other desktop vape. I only own pax 3 & plenty vape. The plenty is definitely stronger than the pax 3, but i think with daily use that the cooling coiling on the plenty can actually build up quick, because vapor production seems to diminish after about 10 uses or so.
  • Plenty Vaporizer issues

    If you haven't tried this, it is awesome. I have two cooling coils for my Plenty. One is always in the freezer. When I am in the mood for a Plenty session, I load a FAT chamber, I break out the frozen coils, and the hit(s) are amazing.

    BTW, if you don't like water, the Plenty coil is a wonderful cooling and smoothing device to use with carts !!
  • Plenty Vaporizer issues

    Thanks for all the responses and suggestions. That freezing of the coil sounds interesting I'll have to try that one. Otherwise I have still been unable to use the Plenty without these problems. I hadn't considered that something may be wrong with mine but I now think it has an issue. Mine at 5 puts the dial almost in, or just in the red. At 6 it's all the way in red. At 7 it's at max and keeps heating after its there. Seems like after researching this is out of the ordinary. The thing gets really hot. More than expected anyway. If I go above 5 it's as harsh as smoking to me or worse. I'm planning on sending it in to S&B. Like I said maybe it's just me. I'll just keep with the Volcano for now. Get tired of using bags sometimes. But I haven't found another vape that functions in par with it. That was my purpose in trying the Plenty i guess. I hope mines a dud because I really want to like the Plenty. I did try hooking SSV tubing to the coil and running to a water pipe, worked somewhat but didn't feel too practical with this one.
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    Compared to the new Volcano hybrid, whip only, how would you rate the vapor?BestBuds

    I find the Plenty to be much better than the Volcano. Not bashing it at all. It is a great vape, but I did not find it that tasty and did not love the vapor in a bag experience. I traded my V for a Carta package.

    I will never trade/sell my Plenty. It is just too good of a vape. And it's cooling coil also works fantastic with carts and even the Dyna. It REALLY does a great job of cooling. So I suspect for most people the Plenty will have better tasting vapor than the volcano. And did I say you can rip it? :nerd:

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