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  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    Used the fine grind on my grinder. Had my friends coughing. The temp was at 6. Might turn down to 5.
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    and remember to rock the liquid pad as well, it's pretty much a must with the plenty.
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    Not solicited I know, but IMO your "grind" is too coarse/chunky for the best results with the Plenty. This is more like what I would use in my FF2 -- extreme coarse. A medium or light-coarse you may prefer?
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    thanks for the feedback.i used iso to clean all the parts. Just used it for the first time. It's very nice. Can't wait to use it with my friends tomorrow. 7oetm4ba27i2oaz2.jpg
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    find a large mason jar, fill it up with iso, and let your cooling coil soak over night, as far as the other items, you can soak those in iso as well, just be mindful with the plastic mouthpiece and silicon rings, dont soak for more than 20 minutes, im currently cleaning my plenty right now, it can be a bitch, especially compared to cleaning the other storznbickle products, hope that helps.
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    I've been using plenty with the volcano hybrid whip ...
    Has anyone tried it? It's very cool
    Hey Bud can you try it? Is it very different from hybrid?
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    I just received my Plenty. Do I need to clean it? If so how?
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    Ok, here's a picture of it✌, I'm actually diggin the long curl "cooling unit"also , pretty cool.
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    :cool: q5rv1c6ltu0pnrbn.jpg
    I guess Mike from Delta3DStudios just came out with a new plenty stand, I checked it out and it looks like it has alot of potential,
    Anyway it's been a minute since I busted out my plenty for a whirl, but that's due to the flowerpot i just got, lol, I can't seem to get enough of it!!
    Anyway I was stating earlier in the thread that I feel like I'm being rushed for the next hit,
    Seeing all the vapor rush out of the tip makes me think I need to hurry and take another hit,

    Let me now talk about what I do like about this vaporizer, it gives you an abundance of quality shelf vapor all the time, sometimes for me almost too much,
    Nevertheless, I'm going to have to bust it out sometime this week
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    The Plenty is the front Porch vape for me sipping on a nice cold brew and a long session with the Plenty and watching traffic go byreadyman

    It's certainly my favorite "social vape". And it is great for the studio. Load a big fatty and the whole band can sip on it throughout the session. Also a great TV vape. Bring an extension cord!
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    The Plenty is the front Porch vape for me sipping on a nice cold brew and a long session with the Plenty and watching traffic go by
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    I had not previously viewed the updated Plenty review and did so just now.

    Love the @Vapecritic 's reviews. No spin, no "uh", "like", or other verbal tics....just good clean prose and good clean review of features and performance.

    Good review, always.

    And yes, I'm one of the 56 who never have yet tried a Plenty....haha. But I am really enjoying the Hybrid with the whip.

  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    If my EVO dies the Plenty will be on the Top3 desktops to buy mosdef! Price/Quality/Durability i think is unbeatable.
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    After swearing off S&B due to my crafty fiasco I was sure I would never own one of their products again. Then Bud had to come out with his updated Plenty video...

    Well that video and a local sale later and I freaking love this thing. It hits sooo hard. Endless vape if you fill it to the top. I mostly do a thin layer and the concentrate pad and it works great for one or two people. If I have a big group, I fill it up and watch people’s faces smile when it just keeps producing.

    I’ve used it with concentrates and don’t really recommend it. There are much better options for that. For flower though, it’s my new daily and I love it.
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    It's great for a group. "Plenty" to go around, lol.

    Never used it with concentrates, and don't know if there's an update coming.
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    A couple questions. Any word if they will be updating this piece? I plan to use this for group sessions with about 5 people. How many hits would you get with a full bowl? Does anyone use it for concentrates? Thanks for the feedback.
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    My go to when I've got nowhere to go ✌
  • Volcano Hybrid Review w/ Classic Comparison

    I was lent a Volcano Hybrid to try out and here are my impressions.

    TL;DR – I love the added conduction…it works…and I love the whip. I think the Hybrid would have been a great replacement for the Digit at the same price as the Digit. But sadly, that’s not the case.

    1. Unboxing – fuggedaboutit. If I have to look at another unboxing vid I will scream. It comes boxed very nicely by S&B. What else do you want to know

    2. What you Get – The Volcano, power cord, four bags, a whip, the chamber, some replacement screens, o-rings, and air filters.

    3. Construction and Material Quality – this is still an S&B Volcano….it’s built like a brick outhouse. It feels like the very same construction as all other Volcanos. That is, professional and well done. Like all Volcanos, if you shake it you can hear the air pump bang around a bit…this is on purpose, I believe. Apparently its shock mounted and given some room to flex about rather than break. There are few areas of note regarding construction and material quality:

    • a. Power Cord - the Hybrid comes with a removable power cord. This is welcomed as it makes putting the dang thing away a bit easier and neater. However, the OG, permanently attached power cords were very heavy duty with what feels like a lot of copper in there. Good and heavy provokes confidence IMO, but it also kinked over time (well mine did) and it is fairly unruly to store away. The new cord is much more like a heavy duty lamp cord. So far, no issues but just something to note.
    • b. Whip Material - not sure WTF this is made of. If its silicone then it feels different to the hand that all other silicone tubing I have handled. On the other hand, it does not pick up dust and lint like almost all other silicone tubing I have handled. No smell but I’m not very sensitive to that stuff.
    • c. Chamber rings – Ok, they are plastic. And, it is a ring held off from the central chamber portion by plastic spokes. It feels very light weight, however, it didn’t feel at all flimsy to me and it did the intended job of keeping heat away from your fingers. With the Hybrid’s added conduction component, the core of the oven gets really dang hot. No way that the old design would work…that stuff would be scorching. So, while not feeling heavy duty, does it need to be heavy duty? And, it certainly did its job of making handling of the oven safe and cool.
    • d. Touch senor buttons – I’m generally ok with these as they are higher reliability components than mechanical switches and can be easily shaped into different configurations and to contour the device. But they do have a down side. I found the switches on the Hybrid to be VERY sensitive. It was real easy to brush the Air button and turn on the pump inadvertently. Also, mechanical switches can be often replaced by the home DIY person. No so with touch sensor switches. Finally, there is little to no tactile feedback which is an objection I have to my touch screen infected dashboard of my car! LOL

    4. Function and Performance

    • a. Conduction really works – I have had a Digit for about four years now, I think, and I do love it. However, even though I know that “green” is chlorophyll, it always bothered me to see the standard full convection Volcano Poo greenish AVB. I could easily see the difference in AVB with the added conduction of the Hybrid in the AVB color. AVB color was an even coffee brown and, right or wrong, this makes me feel more confident in having gotten full extraction. Also, the conduction portion was apparent to me at the end of a session. I have long noted that with many/most traditional conduction vapes, that at the end of the session you can get a goodly string of sort of wispy but “hard to just leave in there” kind of draws. I would see this as very apparent with an old Flowermate that I used to have. After pretty much killing the load, I would still get thin draw of visible vapor…a series of them….and I got a few of them at the end of the Hybrid session. Just what I would expect from hybrid convection/conduction.
    • b. Efficiency and Load Size – well, I guess that this part depends on your definition of efficiency. To me, a vape is very efficient if it extracts out and delivers a very high percentage of available cannabinoids, terps, flavonoids, and all the rest. Another way to look at efficiency…probably more commonly used by people…is did I get the effects I want from a fairly small load size. VapCap, MV1, or Grasshopper are examples. Well, the hybrid is a Volcano after all and micro-dosing is nowhere in its lexicon, IMO. Yes, they have a chamber reducer and capsules, but I personally have never felt that they worked very well with the Volcano and believe it works best in the native oven. You can top a smaller load in a Volcano with a liquid pad, but it’s still definitely not a micro-doser to my mind. This Volcano is like others, IMO. It runs best with probably a minimum of .25 g and runs very well with .4 g. But I do view this Hybrid as efficient and view it as more efficient than other versions as I believe it more fully extracts my flower due to the added conduction.
    • c. Taste – I only used the whip….I mean, I have a Digit and the bag system has been out for over 10 years. But the whip was new and I absolutely thought the taste from the whip on the first few hits was way better than bag vapor. I like bags…I’m into medicating and I want it done and done quickly. Thick bags support my use case very well. But, bag vapor tends to taste muddled to me. With the whip, the notes of the strain came out…again in those first few draws (max) as I feel that taste goes away very quickly no matter what vape I use. To me, taste was improved with the whip but its new and clean so that must be taken into account.
    • d. The Whip – I liked it. Manual says to run the air pump for 5 seconds to “prime” the load. I found this to be too long and a bit of a waste of vapor. I ran the fan for just a second or two until I saw vapor coming out of the whip then turned off the air and began drawing. I also used the whip with no blown air priming and it was fine. Taste and not much vapor on the first draw, then plenty of visible vapor on subsequent draws. I also like the fact that the whip is mounted so it rotates. Makes handling it very easy, IMO.

  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    Let's define efficiency as the greatest amount of high relative to inputted substance). Conduction vapes in general are more efficient in this sense I suspect? The Plenty is about as close to pure convection as anything out there. I agree the Mighty is significantly more "efficient" in the way we are using the word, but to load a 1g in a Plenty and just go session-out with bong-rip class inhales.... But I think the Penalty gets me higher and with significantly better taste.

    Yes, it *can* burn through weed and that is fine with me. Indeed, one reason I like it. There is simply no other device quite like it, at least to me.
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    Ya know, I've owned a plenty for 3 yrs and I feel that my main problem with it is it cooks up, and goes through your herb way too fast, yeah, yeah, I realize the vape critic loves it, but I noticed when using it, I feel like im consistently being rushed to take the next hit? I know they say that it doesn't really cook you herb when you don't hit it, but I literally sit there when I'm using it, and see all this vapor just leaking out and vaping out of the tip of the mouthpiece, and I feel like the hits are a little uncomfortable due to the amount it dispenses on each hit, I much rather sit back and enjoy the mighty, I feel like my herb goes farther and I get more effeccieny, hell, I even pick the volcano over the plenty, anyway just thought I would put out my experience and opinion, I find it to be a little on the waistfull side, give me a. 2, I much rather run that through the mighty instead of the plenty, you just get more out of it in my opinion, but I noticed the people that do like the plenty, really like alot.
  • EVO by VapeXhale

    Out of the box the evo is so simple to use. No special draw required just load the elb, insert in vape and inhale. Then you enjoy potent tasty clouds. To me this vape is a very welcome addition to my lineup. I have long ago sold my plenty and still have my newvape vapes
  • EVO by VapeXhale

    I have V.A.S. over a bong type vape. I am between FlowerPot, Evo, and Plenty. :chin:
  • Glass Symphony

    Luckily, my retuned Glass Symphony, still delivers plenty of power.
    It’s such a powerful vape.
    Here are back to back hits, of some Pineapple Express, minutes ago. Warming up for later!!!!
    Glass Symphony at 808F.
    Dracarys Clouds forever!!!!!
    Stay vaped!!!!
    Mantente de la mente!!!!

  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    Compared to the new Volcano hybrid, whip only, how would you rate the vapor?BestBuds

    I find the Plenty to be much better than the Volcano. Not bashing it at all. It is a great vape, but I did not find it that tasty and did not love the vapor in a bag experience. I traded my V for a Carta package.

    I will never trade/sell my Plenty. It is just too good of a vape. And it's cooling coil also works fantastic with carts and even the Dyna. It REALLY does a great job of cooling. So I suspect for most people the Plenty will have better tasting vapor than the volcano. And did I say you can rip it? :nerd:
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    Bought my Plenty a while back and love it! Although I dont use it as much since #dadlife has me stuck on my butane vapes for a quick rip here and there, when I get some free time its face melting time in the garage
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    Great question! I'm interested in the answer as well as my interest in bags is pretty much nil.
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    Compared to the new Volcano hybrid, whip only, how would you rate the vapor? I guess what I am getting at is if someone wanted an equal experience to the Volcano hybrid would the plenty be equal? If I was NEVER going to use the bag would you still say the Volc Hybrid is a better buy than the plenty?
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    Me too. I still argue it is a great transition from combustion. Bongers that like to "rip" it, should love the plenty.

    Sometimes still, I'll load a biggie .5 and just have a delightful session.
  • Plenty by Storz & Bickel

    I still love this vape very much :hearts:

    My most recent review:

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