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  • Vape pen with an easy to clean ceramic bowl?

    most will be like that.....if you want the closest thing then take your chances with a puffco or widen your options to what the market has available. SV ceramic buckets are like that but they aren’t the best and often not stocked.
    My newer zero atomizers are flatter but not totally flat but again much better then the originals(neither are donuts)

    If you are using Rosin often then most ceramic buckets regardless will be hard to keep clean...

    The nova battery will be underpowered for a Sai

    Maybe there is a smaller drop in ceramic bucket that will fit inside of a atomizer you already have or a vape you like that doesn't come with a ceramic bucket?

    Don’t forget to check the discount codes that @VapeCritic has listed on the forum when shopping around, he’s got some good ones, including a killer KPens discount
  • Vape pen with an easy to clean ceramic bowl?

    Would I technically be able to use a sai atomizer on a gpen nova battery?
  • Vape pen with an easy to clean ceramic bowl?

    I'd personally get a Sai TAF and a 510 mod. It's got so many options for coils and buckets, and dab temp power, in a pretty small form factor. I've got the KandyPen Crystal+, Puffco Pen, etc. and none of them are as powerful and easy to clean as the Sai.
  • Problems with Puffco Plus!

    “Hold my root beer while I hit my Sai, won’t you please?” Tho of German ancestry, beer rarely enters me, unless I’m delirious from thirst. And then it’s only a quick sip of Jack’s. He’s Irish and needs it for his very survival. Some people will do anything for a buzz I guess. :vomit:
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    Shameless plug: posted my Ti TAF Sai and Pico for trade.
  • Which bucket do you prefer- Quartz or Ti?

    I have easier to clean and maintain devices, but they don't hit like the carta while still being somewhat portable. If I leave the house, I use the mole, or TRVP, or SAI bucket or donut.

    It's not like I don't have all the options everyone else has. I've just been using the carta for months now and once you do, there is no going back to other devices.

    Just like when you switch from flower to concentrates, you don't go back.
  • Which bucket do you prefer- Quartz or Ti?

    All which led me back to my Saionara Ti. But at 24w I’m not getting much vapor. I know next to nothing about mods...but I think I’m going back to my sweet Carta with Ti and back in the drawer for the Sai. Drats. I think 24w is the max for Ti so I’m scared to go higher. What happens anyway? Does it blow up or die? day....fearless me boosted to 25w and NOW...oh yeah, baby, I’ve got satisfactory vapor. What a difference 1 little Watt makes! Now THIS might work for me. And the Sai seems pretty indestructible:)
  • What’s a great wax PEN that’s not the size of the Crystal / Prism+ or Blaze?

    Why not the EZ Sai? It's a bit bigger than the pen, but easy enough to pass around as it's just the bucket and the battery. No mods or anything fancy.

    I'd also say the terp pen, but the loads for it are really small and not really one to pass around.
  • What’s a great wax PEN that’s not the size of the Crystal / Prism+ or Blaze?

    I really like my Pulsar APX Wax with Kanthal Coil.

    It wont impress your friends as something new and flashy and Its not a traditional pen but it's really small, will last a few days of regular use on a charge and has a bomber warranty department.

    If you get the metal lid it will be indestructible. I have the regular coil and would never recommend it. But the Kanthal delivers huge hits with tolerable harshness and I have had the same coil for a year and cleaned it soaking in ISO at least a dozen times. It has an accurate 4 green light battery display, a 5 second hit timer light, which is awesome. Very stealth. I have a Sai and all the coils and use the APX more.

    Also charges fast and drunk person proof.

    Just a suggestion.
  • What’s a great wax PEN that’s not the size of the Crystal / Prism+ or Blaze?

    Look into the HVT SAI or Sequoia. The new Sequoia accepts the SIA coils. Check out their stuff. I really like my Sequoia. Not quite as portable as my Line Blaze but the performance is head and shoulders above the Linx.
  • Boundless Terp Pen

    Ok here is my review of my Boundless Terp Pen.

    Pros - draw activated, long vapor path, simple to disassemble and clean, pretty smooth and good flavor from a coil, cool looking, well made and CHEAP!

    Cons - Vapor can get a little hot & after a few days of use I'm starting to get the burnt taste we are all so familiar with. But these things seem to happen with all coils to some extent. A bit more limited than the standard coil tank on the number of hits you can get from one loading.

    This device wants the littlest bit of oil, applied with a tool, slow even light draw, so you don't suck it up and it likes to be tip down so the oils constantly wants to run back towards the coil. Using this technique I was able to take some really clean small hits where the oil completely vaporized and I was able to use more oil and take 3 or 4 big hits. Between hits or usage I keep it tip down.

    I watched Troys (420VZ) review and these are pretty much his tips. I did tap the coils to the top of my oil to load the coil a few times but, like Troy, found that loading or hitting directly off the tool was best.

    @Trix I did clog it up right away but I put a lot on and hit it horizontally like a joint. Once I held it down and used light draw I did not clog it up again.

    @Trix mentioned going back to his Sai. So how would I compare this to a Sai? If you compare metal coil to metal coil I would say that this device is a little smother and less hot. The 5+ inch vapor path cools the smoke pretty well. But just like other coils it gets a burnt taste pretty quickly. One advantage I see is that you can do a burn off without really cleaning the coil first. I have never tried to burn off my Sai Ti coils without first soaking and cleaning the entire thing. In the end just burning off the last bit of gunk and alcohol. With this, I think you could do a good burn off and improve flavor easily and quickly on the fly because there is no bucket full of old oil residue to clean.

    What would make it better? A small concentrate storage space on the removable tip like the Yocan Evolve and a little tool attached to it. Im picturing a larger version of the Dynavap Cap. Having to carry a tool, oil and the Terp Pen on the go can be difficult. It might be interesting to see what other types of coil materials they can make work.

    My overall impression is that its a pretty cool pen for $30. For me it will be something I use at home more than on the go. If you are looking for a simple to use device that delivers solid performance this would be a good choice. I did bring my mini nectar collector on my trip and took a few hits off it and went back to the Terp Pen.
  • Boundless Terp Pen

    Does yours seem to clog up quick?
    I ran only a few dabs through and had to do a thorough clean of the coil due to so much reclaim.
    (Became clogged) Could of been user error maybe to much wax maybe to much of a draw.
    I seem to be grabbing my SAI all of a sudden.
  • Saionara tips?

    I tried some settings I read about on reddit. I used the quartz bucket at tcr 315 25w 390-420 - (at 390 in my case). I'm using some shatter. I got a few decent clouds but it hits hard with minimal clouds as well.

    I'm going to buy a heat sink. The Sai became quite hot.
  • Saionara tips?

    Yes, the Top AirFlow sai uses 'bucket' coils made of either Ti or Quartz
  • Saionara tips?

    how long last a sai coil??
  • *Challenge* — Largest Dab Video (w/Giveaway)

    @PuffItUp Sweet! The Terp Pen looks really cool, I dont have anything like it and I already have an Atmos Greedy and Sai Coils.

    I love not winning!
  • *Challenge* — Largest Dab Video (w/Giveaway)

    Can yall pm me your shipping details and color preferences?

    @MothChewMoth - TAF sai package

    @The Rogue Wax Works - terp pen

    @EconMan - terp pen
  • Carta V2

    Yes I have them both and I love them, but it just isn't as nicer as the all in one unit. And the quartz cups for the sai always leaked for me. If you have the SAI you need the Poseidon in my opinion. But if you have the carta now, no reason. The sai is only good for on the go now. Which it's great for.
  • Carta V2

    If a top airflow atomizer is in the future I think it would be better. I have a couple taf SAI’s that I like but burns my tongue occasionally(don’t realize till the next morning if done right, :lol:) . Anyone have a SAI or with the Poseidon bubbler to compare?
  • Carta V2

    I run mine with the quartz on level 1 and I run it twice. The first time is the taste session, the second time it seems to run a little hotter so I don't need to go to level 2. And by the end of session 2 it's done.

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. Some upkeep, more than the SAI but worth it imo.
  • *Challenge* — Largest Dab Video (w/Giveaway)


    Calling all dabbers and concentrate fiends!

    It’s your time to shine.

    Post a video of your biggest dab ever. :death:

    1. In your post, please include the amount you’re “record dabbing”.

    2. In your vid, please show the size/weight of the actual dab.

    3. Dab must be done with real THC (no faking!).

    4. To play you must be in the video to some extent. You don’t have to show your face if you prefer anonymity, but you have to be somewhere in the frame where I can still tell it’s you and a freshly made vid lol

    5. And finally, you must take your entire “record dab” in 1 hit. (2 hits max if you dying in vid). :joke:

    (Update) — Our boys at @PuffItUp are upping the ante by providing 2 Giveaway items for the winners of Biggest Dab & Most Entertaining Dab! #incentive

    Biggest Dab - Top Airflow Sai w/ Pico Box Mod

    Most Entertaining Dab - New Boundless Terp Pen

    (Winners can choose their own colors)

    Do not be stupid and take an obscene amount you think you’ll need emergency services for, but play at your level lol :vomit:

    DEADLINE is Sunday 5/5 at 11AM EST.
    :point: For those that can’t dab on the weekdays cuz of their daily grind, I’m giving you Friday & Saturday to show me what you got! So finish up those dab vids before you start your Cinco de Mayo! :party:

    Let the games begin! Happy Dabbing! :cool: :party:
  • Question about vaping concentrates

    I get pretty good hits from the Sai and Sequoia.
  • Carta V2

    I have to admit I’m second guessing the purchase as I believe my SAI with a water piece would be better. I’m going to get a bubbler for the sai as the hot hit is the only thing that I don’t like about it. If I figure the Carta out over time and it doesn’t break I’ll be happy with a stand alone portable desktop in addition to my SAI for pocket portability.
    Question, how much water? I think I have too much in mine compared to others I see. I put in as much as I could without any getting into my mouth while drawing.
  • HVT Sequoia

    So, I was using the triple quartz for some rosin and the effects were decent. Yesterday, I tried them out with a tiny speck of Cherry Diesel shatter. What a huge difference, the effects were overwhelming. The sequoia is a winner in my book. I might order the Sai as well. Just to have a backup.

    Edit: and now I’m having second thoughts given the recent news stories about mods. I realize some of the people are using mech mods but still...
  • A brief review of the most recent Puffco Peak

    I charge them once every day and a half, which is longer than my SAI in the arms race with 2 18650s lasts! So it's holding out really well.

    And honestly, you can buy your own batteries for it since they are replaceable 13350s!! unlike the peak. So just buy expensive ones if you want to go longer.
  • Linx Blaze

    Yes all comes down to the mod and both Mighty and HVT are portables but not really portable friendly and this is just my opinion, i use my HVT Sai at home and it is superior to any pen but on the go i rather go with my Puffco since i will go out packing a herbal vape (crafty) and a pen for rosin, inside home i use the Mighty over the Crafty... so im just talking about portability and size...
    Big pockets if i would use the Sai & Mighty and the cell phone outdoors...
  • Linx Blaze

    The Mighty has also been a daily driver for me over the past few years. This seems small compared to that.

    The only difference between the two is the Sai is 22mm coils and the Sequoia is a 25mm coil. Simply put the Sequoia is slight larger diameter. The Sequoia is best for atop Air flow which is required for their bucket coils. Vic said the new Sequoia will accept coils from the Sai.

    Think of the Sai and Sequoia as a chassis and the coils would be the engine. You can put whichever coil you would like in their respective housing units. The only difference being their size.
  • Linx Blaze

    My research has me leaning closer n closer to HVT.@fatbiker
    What I don't get is the difference between the Sai and sequoia. Is seqoiua just the name for the updated/upgraded atomizer?

    HVT says the espion modbox has the newest chipset. I would definitely choose that option.

    I also agree that the size for me isn't a problem. I spent years with mighty as my daily driver!
  • Linx Blaze

    I disagree that a Sai or Sequoia on a box mod is not a portable.


    I take mine with me all the time and enjoy it as a portable. Yes, it is not as small as a pen. I’ve found pens to be useless. They taste like crap, tough to clean, hard to load, etc.

    A HVT atomizer on a well powered box mod will heat up in seconds and produce killer vape. Heat up time is faster than a pen and the performance is way better. Cleaning is a breeze.

    Another factor to consider is the cost of replacement coils. I can get a pack of 5 from HVT ( assuming a small discount) for the same price as one quarts atomizer for the Blaze.

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