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  • SAI question

    I have the Ez Sai. I want the TI bucket - easier clean up. So I need the top flow cap and a box mod, right?
  • SAI question

    yes mate with the EZ u cannot put a TI Bucket i already made that question to HVT guys You need the SAI TAF and a mod box
    Cheers :cool:
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    i have both + the puffco plus, @juxt gave a really good comment, i stop using the Linx because in my opinion the Plus is a better pen (cleaning, sesh mode and the dart) but both aren't comparable to the SAI... i didnt use all of the coils because when i used the TI bucket i was sold...(i didnt try the ceramic donut yet...) taste, cleaning, performance, last longer, everything is superior to the pens, but i got the SAI TAF only with ceramic donut and TI, probably i will get some more coils just to try them out.
    Still using the Plus when going out (perfect size) but the SAI TAF at home rules... even with the EVO for concentrates i rather go for the SAI this is a Beast!!
    When buying the TAF SAI check the differences because if you want to use the TI bucket u cannot get the EzSai Atomizer (i already ask directly to HVT) or the normal SAI (little smaller)

    Hey @juxt regarding your reply on the EzSai thread i asked directly on facebook messenger, this is the reply i got, so we cannot use this slick bat with the TI bucket.


    Cheers :cool:
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    And since you already have the SAI, you can get this when ti's back in stock;

    This converts your old SAI into the new version, but it might be a while before it's back in stock. .
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    I put my Ti Sequoia up for sale in the classifieds if anyone is interested, it’s the slightly bigger version of the Sai.

    I just find that the Sai is good enough for me. The Ti bucket coils are the bomb, just waiting for them to make a quartz bucket.

    I think source buckets fit in the Sai but they are sold out of quartz at the moment.
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    Mate maybe im late on this advise but, if im not mistaken, with the SAI TAF u can use every coil but with the normal SAI u cannot use the TI bucket so for me thats a big no to buy the set you are mentioning. They even send you a Cap to cover the top air flow and use the other "normal" coils. To go for the normal SAI i would go for this plus get different coils, at least you will get a slick battery instead of the Pico Mod... but i own a TAF and only use the TI Bucket due to flavour and easy to clean my Rosin and so far im happy with it... but i would like to add a slick pen battery and make my TAF more portable.

    Cheers :cool:
  • EZ SAI - Humboldt Vape Tech

    EZ SAI Kit from HVT (Humboldt Vape Tech) :ok:

    Just got it, will test out next stream, same top as standard SAI but with a pen battery instead of a box mod :100:

  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    rosin will really gunk up that black ceramic and it'll be foul in a few days/weeks. The new Ti cup and Top Air flow SAI is pretty boss.

    For that SAI you have there, I suggest the Triple Ti quartz, especially with waxy rosin.

    If you get BHO/PHO or sauce, then the black ceramic coils will provide the biggest hits. The triple Ti Black ceramic will drop you as well as the Kanthal only it'll taste 100 times better.

    But you'll want to stick to quartz rods, ceramic donuts or Ti cups with rosin.

    I would avoid stainless steal or nickle coils if you can.
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    Is this the Sai you're talkin about?
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    The 'atomizers' which are the Ti bucket, single coil, dual coil, magic a&b, and some others all fit into the SAI body. The atomizers will eventually wear out, but since you have several types you can just screw them in one at a time and see which you like before you order more.

    So once you have the SAI body, you just need atomizers to put in it. The atomizers don't work alone.

    Everything else you see on the FC forums are aftermarket mods mostly done by folks chasng the ultimate experience.
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    Hope it helps. The Sai sub on [Reddit]( has lots (and lots) of info on settings for different coils. Hard to get thru but worth the effort. And ... if you go to that sub there's a Redditor - u/Daltesean - who has links to profiles you can download for the Sai.

    I haven't flashed my Pico yet. Let us know how it goes.
  • EZ SAI - Humboldt Vape Tech

    I got my EZ Saionara a day early!! While the EZ charged, I tried out the donut coil (bought separately & NOT compatible with the EZ battery) with the Sai on my Eleaf iStick 30w. Nice, small but tasty hits. Still experimenting with that. Then the included Kanthal black ceramic coil in Sai onto my new fully charged EZ and my husband, Jack & I were blown away on one hit each. Impressive vapor too. Wheeee! Still gotta try the also included Triple Ti coil, but I gotta come down a bit first. First impression.... I’m loving it!! Little dab rig poser:) The presets are so easy for us newbies, but it must be noted the EZ battery ONLY works with Kanthal & Ti.
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    If you are a light user, maybe puffing a half gram a week of your choice of concentrate, then the Lynx is probably fine. It's not a bad vape and I don't want to paint it in a poor light, but if you are a heavier user it has limitations that become more apparent.

    On the SAI, the atomizer types are just different ways of heating your payload. The Ceramic donut is a totally ceramic inside unit that has a little 'donut' looking thing down in there that is ceramic coated around a coil heater. when you put your concentrate in, it only touches the ceramic, and wicks via the ceramic a bit.

    The quartz coils, either clear quartz or black quartz are just little quartz rods wrapped in wire, SS or TI, and the wires are heated to vaporize the concentrate. The concentrate in this case touches wire. This is my least favorite way, but Bud and others seem to like it. It always tastes burnt to me this way, and I'm a flavor snob now.

    The Ti Bucket atomizer has a ceramic donut under it, but a Titanium bucket put on top of that and you just drop your concentrate into it. It only touches the Ti, is super easy to clean, and lasts a long time because there's no concentrate getting in the coils. This is my fav. The Source Orb (pro or 4 i think) makes a quartz bucket for their atomizer which is nice, but I gave mine away in favor of the Sai.
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    just seconding Juxt reply of the Sai. I’ve had a Linx since they came out. Much wispier vapor on that. I got the Sai yesterday. MUCH stronger than the Linx and MUCH contest. I love it and am giving my Linx to my Husband, who seems to want it:)
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    I see your question, but he didn't answer your question ;) He answered that his EZ battery only does wattage and temp modes.

    The answer to the question is, you could use just about any battery, the specific minimums are determined by the specific atomizer, but I believe all the SAI atomizers fall within the 15W-35W optimum range. So any cylinder mod that allows wattage control in that range, or temperature control with Ti coils should work with the SAI. There are a lot of technical specs underneath that though, so I don't want to recommend something that doesn't work for you. If you find one that you like I can take a look maybe?
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    I’ve always thought it strange the SAI comes so highly recommended and yet doesn’t have a less flavour imparting bucket. When I had my SAI a while ago I only had the open coils and didn’t like that at all. If they’re so highly rated now I can only imagine the hype they’d get with a decent dab surface

    When/if they sort SiC buckets like the source I may have to get one again. I lost the last one when I got the source nail with quartz bucket attys
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    From that thread it seems..

    From my understanding the only difference is this fits 25 mm diameter boxes and is slightly larger than the norm.Trix

    Iv'e heard the Ti bucket on the Seq doesn't work as well as the SAI because it's a bit big and there's some pooling.Gman

    ...not much difference. The Sai is the regular version and the Seq large
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    Saw someone compared a TAF Sai with quartz bucket to dabbing from a Peak...can anyone chime in on that? Been considering a Sai with Ti bucket for on the move. Has anyone used both buckets? Preferences?
  • HVT SAI & Sequoia Quartz Bucket Coils

    It took me 3 months to decide which one to get between the Sai TF and the KP Crystal.....i did the KP for convergence and stealth. But I do wonder what the Sai TF hits like in comparison.
  • HVT SAI & Sequoia Quartz Bucket Coils

    From my understanding (and this is based on “research”, so correct me if I’m wrong) the Sequioa somewhat addresses the shortcomings of the Sai quartz bucket as the larger quartz bucket of the Sequioa serves to keep in the goods a little better than the smaller iteration in the Sai ...
  • HVT SAI & Sequoia Quartz Bucket Coils

    That is correct. I spoke to Vic, the owner of HVT, and that’s what he told me. He said the Sequoia is better with TAF than the Sai. He said the larger coil of the Sequoia addressed many of the issues they had with the quartz buckets for the Sai.
  • HVT SAI & Sequoia Quartz Bucket Coils

    Sai, I used to have Sequoia but didn’t like it as much as Sai.
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    This is the stainless steel HVT Sai atomizer (for wax) on an Eleaf Pico 75w mod, I put a little strip of some rosin I just squished on that nutty-lookin coil and took a nice rip, it was delightful :strong: :strong: :ok:
  • What options for Sai?

    So I'm going to order a Sai from HVT... I'm going to be dabbing rosin that my friend presses. I foresee maybe getting more into concentrates just because it is easier than dealing with herb right now.
    So... do I just want the EZSai or do want a box mod?
  • Temp Control Mod / HVT Sai

    Hey everyone, I just got the hvt sai and they recommend using the Ti bucket in Temp control mode between 400-450 degrees, and 24-28 watts. When i fire my mod, I'm wondering if that wattage isn't getting it up to the 400 degrees because I'm getting lots of reclaim. Can anyone explain how the wattage affects the temp control and if i should be setting it to a hire wattage?

  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    Hi Bud - so i get that we have some real fans of the Sai but why won't this ceramic core wrapped with Kanthal coil start to taste just as bad as every other dang exposed coil atomizer (and to me they do NOT stay tasty).
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    That's a great question and I'm not sure but I'll keep you posted! :sweat: I'm going to keep using this one because of the strong love for it, and because it's good lol

    The only issue with my reporting personally is that I'm using my rosin that I squish when I test these pens and atomizers, and rosin doesn't seem to vape off quite as cleanly as other types, I guess there's still plant waxes or something in it right? So anyway all I mean is that my coils might gunk up faster than someone using shatter all the time, for example.

    Someone with more Sai experience may be able to weigh in on this :chin:
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    hey Bud,

    why didnt u grab this?

    Looks like what you ordered but a few dollars cheaper.
  • HVT Sai Vaporizers

    those Sai atomisers look sweet and having a triple threat to try them all in different scenarios looks to be the best choice to find out what is best for me, ill wait for more info, my Puffco Plus is delivering Rosin so ...

    Thx @Gman i saw your pointers on atomisers for Rosin and others :cool: :wink:

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