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  • Solo 2 is the new Top Dog

    Solo 2 is the real deal my wife even likes it better then the mighty
  • Solo 2

    Got my Arizer Solo 2 in the mail last night and damn is it awesome. The smoothest, coolest vapor with incredible flavor. The battery lasts ridiculously long. I got the water pipe attachment piece and it is perfect through the bong. I love the look, feel, and performance of this thing and I am selling my original Solo and maybe a couple other vapes because the Solo 2 is going to get a TON of daily use. It is smaller than I expected and with that crazy long battery, it is without a doubt my new workhorse and favorite vape. The airflow is improved also, but I like a good amount of resistance in my drags, so I don't put much worry into airflow for herbal vaporizers.

    I took it to my friend's house tonight and we did some sessions with his plenty and my Solo 2 going at the same time. The plenty will always be the hardest hitting, most potent, most "how the fuck did that not combust!?" vape ever, BUT, the solo2 gave it a run for it's money. We loaded some delicious GSC in both and I gotta say while I got huge lung puncher hits with great flavor from the plenty, the solo 2 (with the long stem and cranked up to 398 to keep up with the plenty) produced the coolest, tastiest, smoothest, thick vapor clouds I have ever experienced from ANY vape. My mighty, firefly 2, airvape xs, boundless CFX&CFV, pax 2, solo, flower mate, grasshopper, e-nano, and Da Buddha, Can all take a seat.

    The solo 2 has everything that I PERSONALLY look for in a vaporizer:

    1. Flavor. The main reason this is my new favorite vape is the flavor. Not even out of my volcano do I get such deep, raw, terp flavor. The glass components definitely keep the flavor throughout the session and the convection/conduction hybrid style heating is perfectly suited for the glass chamber, thoroughly vaping all of the herb inside.

    2. Battery Life. The second biggest reason for my praise of this vape is the battery life. They advertise 3 hours and they are not exaggerating. I left the house with this guy fully charged today and used it for about 17 sessions throughout the day. All of the sessions about 10 minutes. I got home and my battery was just a bit below half way. Battery life is incredibly important because I'm always on the go.

    3. Sturdiness. This thing is rock solid. It is much smaller than the original, but has some weight to it and the aluminum casing all around feels awesome. The glass stems are the only fragile piece but are easily replaced. I can see this unit lasting for years and that is a key aspect when considering a new vape.

    4. Heat Up Time. 30 seconds or less. NUFF SAID.
    (Best i've ever seen besides herbalizer)

    5. Efficiency. Tonight while vaping at my friend's, the biggest thing that stood out was the plenty took about a half gram to fill up enough to function well(friend lost concentrate pad for smaller bowls), and the Solo 2 takes very little, like .1, but they last about the same amount of time in a session both producing satisfying clouds. The Solo 2 stretches the herb out and makes sessions longer without having to load tons of herb. I am going to save money on bud using this thing for sure.

    6. Cleanliness. This is, by far, the easiest to clean vape that I have. All that really ever needs to happen is to soak the stem pieces in iso and carefully scrape oven a bit and it's brand new! I am used to this from the original solo.

    7. Digital Temp Control. Unlike the original, the solo 2 has a digital display with precise temp control. You can adjust the temperature in increments of 1. the temperature also doesn't drop when you drag which I think is a plus.

    8. Vape While Charging. One of the most complicated yet sought after features in portable vapes. In my opinion if these companies can pull it off, their vape is vastly better with this feature. With the astonishing battery life and this charging feature, this vape will never die!! You can rip it all day every day and may never have it die on you.

    9. User Friendliness. I'm a bit of an experienced vaper, but even if I was a noob this vape would be SO easy to use. Right out of the box I was able to operate it with ease and after i sterilized, I was vaping right away. Seriously no instructions needed with this one!

    10. NO STIRRING. This rare unicorn of a feature is a petty one but it really makes a difference. The herb gets vaped all the way through due to the small load size and the convection/conduction hybrid heating. Every last drop is squeezed out of the herb.

    Here's an 11th reason... Planet of the Vapes gives you a free 4 tier grinder and smell proof herb container for FREE!
    Or get it straight from the Arizer website and use this code for 15% off: ARIZER15

    If there was ever a perfect vape for ME and MY personal preferences and needs, this is the closest thing to it. It has everything I need and I have yet to find anything I don't like about it. Take my word for it this thing is worth the measly 250$.
  • Solo 2 is the new Top Dog

    It's amazing.

    Probably the best part. I has the Solo 1, it was as new as new gets 5 years later.

    Its pretty hard to NOT clean it. So easy.

    Oven - mouthpiece as direct as it can be. Its amazing to be pulling on the vapor as it is formed.

    The glass makes this smoothe. I have barely coughed even at high temperatures.

    The build quality is off the charts like the Solo 1.

    Excellent electronic display and features.

    I got over 3 1/2 hours of battery life. It took 2 plus hours to charge to full.

    First Class - Comes with 2 glass stems in a protectitive tube which also makes the glass more pocketable. It also comes with a carry pouch for the unit and 2 glass stems, two stem caps for pre - loaded portions on the run, excellent instruction book, and first class unboxing (Arizers first high quality box).

    Comes with a quality pick tool made of blown glass and metal.

    Comes with a flower bowl for aroma therapy.With a sample. Do not underestimate the experience of enjoying a session with the Solo 2 and then pop in lavender - the smell is terrific and now the session with the Solo 2, becomes stealth of smell. The aroma therapy is amazing. Its like smelling moms chicken soup. I recommend everyone who has one to try the sample. Thats how I got hooked on Aroma therapy.

    Nothing is perfect. The big whiff's for the Solo 2 are major.
    #1 No Micro USB. A big no no, different plug and the convienance of micro USB. Pretty shocked.
    # 2 piece vape. Major. I wish it came with a pop up mouthpiece like the MV1.
    #3 Concentrates are possible. But not out of the box. Its not intended for it, bust the tech department did say it works very well with concentrate when u make a vape sandwhich. I did use a make shift concentrate pad (on the Solo 1) and that was exceptional. I just wonder why Arizer doesnt do the concentrate pad thing. My session with my make shift concentrate pad, was outstanding, Memorable. But for whatever reason this doesn't occur right out of the box.

    The 3 negatives go a long way, for me I am living with using their cord, i am careful with the glass and I don't do concentrates anymore anyway.

    With Warts and all, the Ghost MV1 and the Solo 2 are the 2 best vapes out there.
  • Solo 2 is the new Top Dog

    Plenty', "Blunt of the Vape World" Have had the Solo II for a couple of months and love it, simplest to use, to maintain, powerful heating, wonderful taste, doubt that there's a better portable on the market, although fairly sizeable. have only used my Two Hoots 'Smart Bomb' and 'H Bomb' previously, the 'H Bombs' is quite a good for a small cheap vape, the 'Smart Bomb' pretty much sucks! I've tried 50 different types of product in the Solo II with great results and with the ultimate in flavour, but I never felt like I was getting a strong hit with any but a couple, I got a 'Plenty' for Christmas and also a 'Mighty' which I have yet to try. So anyhow along comes the Plenty, I try it on some GC that I have tried on the 'H Bomb' and also the 'Solo II' which gave much better performance. I'm making a survey of the results I personally get, out of all the 50 so far, of all different types including Indica, Sativa and mostly Hybrids. I tried the 'Plenty' today and BOOM! The GC goes from a 4 rating with the 'Solo II' to 9 in strength buzz and High with much of the same character amplified! This is more like it!
    This was like jumping to " light speed"! Like a whole different experience, I realize that the 'Plenty' can hold a much bigger load . I probably used a bit more than double the dose of the 'Solo II'. So does that mean I can throw out my statistics on type of strain, THC content, temperature, and just pin it all on the Vape? Honestly the 'Plenty seems in a totally different Class than the 'Solo II' how can the two be compared, I am a novice when it comes to this, but I attribute the difference mainly to the very limited Bowl size, also like it or not, when packed full the 'Solo II' is not a joy to draw 0n?
  • Solo 2 is the new Top Dog

    My bottom line, The effects are as good as the Mighty. It gets me to the same point. Its MUCH cleaner than the Mighty. Its much sleeker and looks cooler than the Mighty. It feels better in my hands. I have experienced much better battery life in the Solo 2. The charge time is also better on the Solo 2.

    The best parts for me is glass. No water tool needed. Great company that is very well respected world wide, the glass protective tubes protect the glass, the aromatizer, Just flat out it gets me higher than any portable vape.

    An improvement on the Solo 1 that's in the Solo 2 is the glass stem is very tight but not air tight which make the air flow much better and little to no draw resistance. This helps a lot with vapor production. The heat up time is outrageously fast. (25 seconds to 385 degrees (F). There is also more air flow because there are the precision holes on the inside of the heating chamber. Very little draw resistance.

    Is it a convection vape because the air is pulled past the heating element? I think to a degree but it also still acts like a conduction oven vape. I agree with the hybrid name.

    Whether convection, conductions or a hybrid this vape kicks ass. All of the advantages of a convectional oven - Its on demand because after every draw the stem can be removed. Or it can be used as a straight session vape.

    Whatever you call it... The Solo 1, is a 8 out of 10, the Solo 2 is a 9 out of 10. In my humble opinion.
  • Solo 2 or Boundless Tera V3?

    I have all 3. Each does something better then the other. The solo 2 and argo have way better flavor then the tera. They also are more efficient then the tera. However the tera produces massive clouds and allows you to power through a bowl in 4 to 5 mins. The solo and argo are slower extraction. It takes 8 to ten minutes to finish argo or solo bowl. As for portability the argo is easily the winner. If you want massive clouds to power through bowls and use water pipes a lot go tera. If you vape on the go a lot get the argo. If you want one for everything go w solo 2 which can still milk water pipes and has outstanding battery life, downside is it my be the least portable of the 3. Hope this helps. Also i feel all 3 devices are of great quality. I rotate evenly between them, and they alll get a good amount of use.

    Tera also has the least amount of draw resistance. Solo and argo are sligtly restricted but you can purchase easy flow stems for solo and i think argo that will loosen up the are flow.
  • Solo 2 $199 for a limited time!!!

    Sue, that Solo 2 looks awesome. I hope you get back on here and tell us what you think. I am a big fan of all of the Arizer Vapes. I am also anticipating the Air 2. Whether the "Arizers" will work with concentrates or not will be big. I already see that the air flow system appears even better than before.

    I am also awaiting the Vape Critic to review the Solo 2 and hopefully the Air 2.

    It's hard to believe there can be too many improvements on the Solo 2, because of the Solo 1 is vape perfection in my opinion.

    I am pretty sure, I will go with the Ghost.

    We need the Solo 2 reviewed. Where is that Bud ? Probably in the Vape Cave playing with his Ghost.
  • Solo 2 is the new Top Dog

    U should take the solo off the glass joint and back to upright when not in use. I’m paranoid, but u should only keep it in a inverted state while inhaling. Only thing that separates the air 2 and solo 2 or ‘isolated air path’ to a somewhat is a grommet isolating the wires from the electric board. You really don’t want hot air going over the circuitry... but thats just my opinion.

    Why didnt they modify (insert a silicone grommet leading the wires) the solo 2 after the release kind of takes away the credibility of the company to me. Instead they find the problem and incorporate it into their next product without offering existing customers of the solo 2 a fix due to the money it would cost.

    Also... keeping the solo 2 in a inverted state after a toke without clearing it (or setting it upright) will force air upwards as the water settles... it MIGHT push hot air upwards and thru the air intake and whereever else.
  • Solo NLE Or Solo 2?

    it’s the updated OG Solo called the Northern Lights Edition.

    It’s kind of between the OG Solo and the Solo2 in terms of performance and costs a little more than the OG Solo and features some solid upgrades.

    Battery life is upgraded to 2hrs and heat up time is around 45-50 seconds. It also has an improved heater, it seems to be the same metal bowl with the bigger holes found on the series 2 models, but the same top airflow/vent system as the OG. It also includes a flashy light up dock to charge it whilst upright. The Northern Lights Edition is only available in white with blue and green L.E.D’s.

    Here’s the link:


    Its only available directly from Arizer and hasn’t been advertised much, which is probably why you haven’t heard of it until now.

    All the best,

  • Solo NLE Or Solo 2?

    Solo NLE has a new unique outter shell and different color LED lights. They have the same heater and oven design. Solo 2 has updated software, digital temperature and function display, and improved battery cycle life. Solo 2 has its own battery with a slimmer design, also its lighter. Metal plating on top and bottom of the Solo 2. I thinks that’s all maybe I’m missing something.
  • Solo 2 draw resistance

    Torn between ordering a mighty or a solo 2. Can get the solo £70 cheaper but don’t mind paying the extra for the mighty if it’s worth it. Not too bothered about the solos better battery and heat up time; although the low maintanance appeals to me.

    My main concern is the draw resistance. I have limited vaping experience and all I have to compare it to is a friends g pen elite. What is the solos draw resistance like compared to that? The solo is a better deal but I’d happily pay the extra and give up the easy maintance etc if the mighty is far superior in the draw resistance department. If it’s quite close I’d go with the solo.

    Struggling to make a decision and all the time I don’t I continue to combust. Looking to cut combusting out pretty much completely so want to get the right unit.

    Thanks in advance
  • Solo 2

    It would be cool if it were easy to swap batteries. I am disappointed that the Solo 2 isn't Micro USB.

    I am getting about 2 hours and fifteen minutes battery time (Solo 1). That's a lot of sessions! Now the Solo 2 is supposed to be even better than that. Wow that is pretty incredible.

    I await the Vape Critic's Review on the Solo 2.

    Where is that Vape Critic? Probably playing with his resin press again,
  • Solo 2 is the new Top Dog

    The Plenty is a Desktop unit and Solo 2 is considered a portable... The Plenty is also more convection than the Solo 2... I know the bigger chamber makes a difference with The Plenty BUT even if you use the reduced chamber you still get really,really medicated... It just does a good job extracting material... The Solo 2 does a great job to I usually pack the stems so that the material does not touch the SS oven only the glass... That way you get more convection and glass conduction, I find that with the Solo 2 I use the Water Pipe adapter and take down a bong.. then I go for the straight long stem and I am set :D ... Merry Christmas
  • Solo 2 is the new Top Dog

    Most def not as hard of a draw on the Solo 2. I’ve had both and I would estimate the draw restriction is reduced by approx 50% with the Solo 2 vs OG Solo. I’ll let some of the other vape scientists weigh in, but def less restriction overall. I actually prefer I slight bit of restriction and I would say the Solo 2 has it just right.
  • Solo 2 air flow / aroma tubes


    How you grind and pack the aroma tubes will greatly effect the airflow. For the most free flowing draw possible, grind coarsely and don’t pack it too tightly.

    Also it sounds kind of counter intuitive, but if you slow your draw rate right down and do a yogic style inhale focusing on your stomach rising as you breath in slowly, you’ll find it easier to get bigger draws than if you just inhale really hard or quickly.

    I use these Easyflow stems available from Vapefiend and other online stores (vapefiend ship to most countries but obviously I’m unaware of where you live) the Easy Flow mouthpieces are pretty cheap with a few different size options and even a bubbler mouthpiece option and water pipe adapters in both 14mm and 18mm sizes.

    I personally have and use the long stem and the 14mm water pipe adapter. I received them with my Solo2 which a friend brought for me as present. I use them 95% of the time over the stock stems. I’ve actually never used my stock short stem.





    They have a crowned bowl design and scored edges to allow better airflow into the heating chamber. I find they can make the vapor a tad thinner than the stock stems, but there’s noticeable improvements in vapor temperature/harshness and draw resistance.

    I hope some of this information helps you to enjoy your new Solo2 more.

    All the best,

  • Solo NLE Or Solo 2?

    I don’t have any rite now. Just my combustion vape. I’ve had a few. Trying to decide between these two for my portable vaporizer. I kinda like the NLE in all white without the screen, a new version on the solo. Seems like Arizer liked their solo model 1 enough to improve on it. Is it a limited edition, like it will only be sold for so long?

    Ok....that is what I thought judging by all your various questions all over the spectrum of possible vapes.

    First off.....combustion is not vaping. Combustion = with fire Vapor/vaping = no fire

    Basically, you will not figure out what might be the "best possible vape for you" (you have to think like that because they way you use a vape and what you like are totally different from others most of the time).

    First thing you will have to get over when switching to vapes is that it is not the same in what you feel/experience. So you have to get that experience first for a bit and then you can figure out what might be another vape that would be good for you.

    So I suggest to just pick one....maybe one of the solo's. Then go from there as you will begin to understand what you don't understand right now. That is pretty much how it goes for everyone (myself included) that switches from combustion to vaping.

    Good luck in your journey. :victory:
  • Solo 2 or Boundless Tera V3?

    I have owned both. After 6 years the Arizer Solo 2 is second to the Tera 3 in my opinion. I consider the Solo 2 a great buy. Just an awesome midsize portable. The Tera Version 3. Is the best portable, because it's true convection with a carb. Metal, 2 huge 18650, I have used mine dozens of times. The Solo 2 and the Tera version 3, are close in price, after 7 years I would take the Tera. I lean to the Tera because its the latest which happens to be the best IMO.

    Note: Only the Aqua Box is version 3 of the Tera. There is a huge difference,,,, Tera Ver. 3. But you never go wrong with the Solo 2.... close call 2 great vapes IMO
  • Solo 2 draw resistance

    Get the mighty. The only good solo stem is the bent one and it's not too portable. The plastic tip ones are designed I think to snap at the joint at the slightest drop. So annoying I'm done buying replacements. The wooden stems are expensive and make the Vapour literal hot garbage. So ya solo two is not leaving your house. The mighty can leave your house. I'd get a mighty, or get a crafty and a cheap solo 1. All the air/solos are the same shit more or less.
  • Solo NLE Or Solo 2?

    Is it better to go with the new Solo 2 or the Solo NLE?
  • Solo 2 or Air 2 instead of a log vape for home use?

    so i'm thinking of getting a log vape or a solo 2/air 2 for using as my primary at home vape. I want to microdose during the day (alone) and then share with one (usually) or occasionally 3-4 people.

    my current line-up for reference: Sticky Brick Jr SE, a couple of vapcaps (both ss and titanium tip) and an xMax Starry POTV.

    My main question is efficiency ... i know the log vapes are the king of efficiency ... how do the solo 2/air 2 compare? i know they are hybrids but are they mostly convection. can i load a stem, take a hit and leave it alone for awhile ? my other concern is airflow. i know the log vapes are unrestricted but how about the solo 2/air 2 ... i seem to see conflicting reports.

    the main thing that bugs me about the log vapes is the cumbersome cord that stays attached ... but if there is enough of an advantage to going with a log i might be able to deal with it.
  • Solo 2 $199 for a limited time!!!

    Order has been shipped and is on the way!! The Solo was so good I gotta try the Solo 2. Couldn't wait for the reviews. My Mighty has already seen a lot of shelf time because of the original Solo. Hope this new one doesn't put it out of commission(secretly hope it does). I'll keep yah posted on the results. :D
  • Solo 2 $199 for a limited time!!!

    I am of the rare opinion that The Solo 1 is better than the Crafty and Mighty.

    I think on a scale of 1-10 The Mighty, Crafty, IQ and Solo, Air, are all 10 out of 10 in my rankings. Of these 5 vapes, they are all worthy of being an excellent buy. I have had or have every one of these vapes. Around the house, I would grab the Solo or Air. Out and about the IQ.
  • Solo 2

    Sent a e-mail to Arizer and unfortunately the Solo 2 has to be sent in to change the battery, its not like the original Solo.
    This is what they said "Thank you for your email.

    The Solo II does not have a user replaceable battery, but the battery is covered under a limited 1-year warranty and we will be offering battery replacement warranty service if necessary. Beyond the warranty period we will offer battery replacement services through all of our service centers worldwide.

    If you're looking for a device with a user replaceable / easily interchangeable battery, the Arizer Air might be the vaporizer for you."

    So if performance drops you have to send it in to swap the battery, still think its worth it though. :-)

  • Solo 2

    I have the Solo 1 and after hundreds of uses, the battery is like day 1. I do wish that the battery on the Solo 1 and Solo 2 were replaceable.

    Any new vape I buy in the future has to have a replaceable battery, Micro USB charging, and preferably an 18650 battery.
  • Solo 2 is the new Top Dog

    This is one amazing vape! They were able to improve an already great vape. I have both the solo & solo 2 When the solo 2 needs to be charged I use the original. They both work great. I think the main reason I like these so much is the amazing flavour along with the low maintenance. I've never cleaned my ovens with anything other than a dry q-tip, and drop the stems in iso I always have a fresh stem. Love it. Love it. Love it
  • Solo 2 is the new Top Dog

    You and Bud are the first place I checkout. I was trying to get an idea of whether the difference between the Solo 2 and the Solo 1 was worth a $240 upgrade. I was interested enough to check it out in my local vape store. Yep it has improved of the legend the Solo. Wow, I am really enjoying this. Kudos to Sue and Kakarot.

    Word out BiYatch's
  • Solo 2 is the new Top Dog

    I’ve tried almost all your high end stuff bud and it stomps the following vapes and even the Mrs agrees
    MV1 way overrated ok for one person otherwise don’t waste your money
    IQ good but it’s no SOLO 2
    mighty and solo 2 might be tied
    And I had gpen elite
    And I also had different paxs also
    The ruler of them all is
    SOLO 2
    The mrs agrees
  • Solo 2 is the new Top Dog

    Nobody thinks your biased that knows you, know that, and thats all that matters.

    Yes, this vape is out of this world. Thank You for the video review.

    We are in an era where there are some very high quality vapes to choose from.

    In my opinion the Mighty is one of the best vapes ever made. But, I think that the MV1 and Solo 2 are better. I don't see in 5 years my using the Mighty, the Solo 1 and 2, in 5 years I expect it to be used.

    For me the MV1 is great to have for non sessions. The Solo 2 is my choice for a session vape. If on the go the GH is my favorite pocketable on demand, and the IQ is a pocketable session vape. Just my preferences all Vape Critic reviewed. Thanks
  • Solo 2 is the new Top Dog

    Damn right... just the way there is something about the Plenty experience.. The Solo 2 has a unique feeling to it.... I guess the glass conduction and convection that comes from pulling hot air up from the oven thru the material... It does me right... I dunno how else to put it lol.... The Plenty's normal bowl holds like 1.5/2-g depending on grind I have always said it is like the Blunt of the vape world lol... The Solo 2 holds .15 to .2 g and I promise I would not say it if it were not true for me because I am Plentiful on Pappy and have really no need to conserve but the Solo 2 really does have a kick to it that keeps me just as happy as the Plenty/Mighty/ any other vape I can think of ATM...
  • Solo 2 is the new Top Dog

    I think that the solo has the same variables as do other top shelf vapes have which is how fast you draw vs how tight you pack the load vs type grind you use, as well as the vape design itself.

    The first table top I owned (Vapolution 2) used a real small diameter stem which made you draw slow in order to get any vapor/effect but when I got it down I realized it's a variation of Bernoulli's principle which states that pressure is inversely proportional to velocity which means that the same amount of air being drawn thru a small diameter tube travels faster than thru a larger diameter and faster the air travels thru a stem the colder the air. It's a balance. Look at the FF2; due to the air path, you have to maintain a certain draw so that the heating element can keep up with the velocity of the air passing thru. Choosing a vape is a personal decision and not just one vape is best for everyone. Out of the 7 vapes I own I find myself usually going for the solo. You're not being biased you're different, and being different is good!

    You can have my Solo when you pry it from my cold dead hands!

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