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  • RBT Splinter

    ...oh my Gawd…!!!...you can't talk to people like that...!!!...I am so triggered...!!!...


  • RBT Splinter

    I thoughtHapo
    Mistake #1 :rofl:
  • RBT Splinter

    ...thank you...I was being facetious as I thought the warranty was a moot point at this point...

    ...do we send them back to Puffitup or China...???...
  • RBT Splinter

    I use a dual battery for longer run time. TC is temperature control.
    Warranty. Splinter is down the page a bit.
  • RBT Splinter

    I’m not at home to check but I believe the warranty (yes there is one) specifically rules out use at more than 50W or continuous use longer than 2 min. TCR doesn’t need to exceed those limits ( I would never want to).
  • RBT Splinter

    ...I figgered to go with a single replaceable battery unit of some sort...

    ...I'm liking the old school box look of the Snow Wolf 85w TC as much as anything and it seems like a solid unit...
  • RBT Splinter

    @Hapo. Sorry, I don’t know much about mods. These seem fine but more expensive than a P80. My criteria was inexpensive, single replaceable battery and support for sur_myevic software. My only complaint about the P80 is the slightly cheap feeling and overly “clicky” button. The all black looks good with the dark Splinter v2, however.
  • RBT Splinter


    ...there's a warranty…???...should I buy ten...???...

    ...I like this box mod...what does TC mean...???...Temp Control…???....

  • RBT Splinter

    Remember: running the Splinter in a mode other than power (wattage) voids your warranty.
  • RBT Splinter

    @Hapo. I’ve had a Splinter v2 since 4/20 and am super happy with it. This is with a $30 Wismec P80. DNA mods have a great reputation for temp control but you don’t need to spend that much and don’t really need a 200W mod. For me TCR didn’t add anything, at 30W I get great hits and have never combusted. You can control temp and density of the hit by slowing down your draw, in wattage mode slower is hotter.

    I don’t think anyone can say what the future holds for availability of various models. RBT has the soul of an artist rather than a businessman (not that I know him in the slightest) and seems a little unpredictable.
  • Really close to giving up on vaping

    ..I did give up on it for a while, and life was simple, but I am back

    ...I used a Pax and an Arizer Extreme Q when in Maine but never really loved them...

    ...the Pax suked, but worked more or less, and the 'Q was ok, but they were a good bit of work compared to a bong, eh...I still have the old Pax, but I left the 'Q behind, with my old room mate, Bruther Vinnie...I think it broke, so I sent him a Dynavap and an E Nano...

    ...it just got to the point where I just couldn't do the bong with out feeling worse rather than better...

    ...I have not been able to go Full Greenthumb but I have three vapes now, one on the way, and looking hard at the another...

    ...if I had bought the Pax 3 first I might be giving up again...

    ...try some other, more powerful devices...

    ...if I had just stayed with the Dynavap and the E Nano I would have been very GTG...

    ...I went for the soon to arrive Flowerpot Shovelhead because of a flash sale it as seems to be the best reasonably priced device available right now, in terms of raw performance, and I am looking to buy a Splinter before they are all gone because it looks like a mod powered E Nano and I love the E Nano...

    ...I would strongly suggest you get an E Nano, and the "vong" attachment, and some nice 14mm glass, and rip, before you just give up...

    ...after you learn to vape and stop smoking for a while you won't want to smoke anymore...

    ...as in it will be yucky, not a former need you can deny yourself comfortably now...

    ...I am still questing for that perfect portable...

    ...did you not see this...???... :

  • RBT Splinter





    ...I will just put these here...

    ...would a 75 watt mod be GTG...???...

    ...if you only use 40 watts why are youse guys getting 200+ watt mods...???...

    ...is the Splinter Z extinct...???...is the Slinter V2 an orphan now...???...
  • RBT Splinter

    ...thank you...that is all pretty much over my head right now...
  • RBT Splinter

    dna mods are always the best. Dna chip. For temp control

    But my mod is a wismec reuleaux gen 3 and I have 4 18650s in it lol. So I charge it every 2 days it's cool. I use it in wattage mode tho
  • RBT Splinter

    ...will they be gone forever when they sell out or will they still be made in China...???...

    ...what would be the best mod to get for it today...???...
  • RBT Splinter

    ...would you buy a Splinter today...???...are they made in China now...???...
  • Milaana 3 abandoned?

    All I'm doing is adding my opinion as to why buying the company for several hundred thousand dollars is an exceptionally bad idea. Facts are neither negative nor positive. They are facts. Sorry that they make you all so uncomfortable.

    It is not my opinion that the Zion can not be produced at a profit.
    It is not my opinion that Milaanas are not being made at the moment.
    It is not my opinion that RBT has no significant assets.
    It is not my opinion that Ryan plans to compete against RBT.
    It is not my opinion that the Splinter and Z are made in China.
    It is not my opinon that dealing with Chinese manufacturers is a difficult and challenging process.
    It is not my opinion that Chinese manufacturers are inherently dishonest.
    It is not my opinion that RBT has few to none accessories.
  • Milaana 3 abandoned?

    Guys tell me one thing that I have said that is not true. Just because the message is seen as negative does not make it any less true.

    Whoever buys RBT would need to travel to China regularly. Ideally the person could communicate in Cantonese as this is the language most common in the Shenzhen Special Administrative Region.

    RBT is not really producing American made handcrafted products at all. Zion is dead. Milaana seems dead. So we have the Splinter and the Splinter Z which are manufactured in China.

    Most Chinese products will be illegally reproduced.

    He mentions accessories. What accessories? Glass stems? lol

    He is selling nothing. He was almost banktrupt a year ago. He can not make money from the products he is trying to sell for "strong six figures".

    The reason I would not take his company for free is that whoevever does is going to have to invest all of their time and efforts into making the company a success. I'm already rich and successful so it would be an exercise in futility,

    Even if you own the rights to those vapes anyone can copy them. Also the new buyer would perhaps require the expertise to build a Milaana or Zion themselves. I can't do that? Can you?

    For six figures I would need a mix of things like retail prescence, machinery, stock in hand, reat estate, fitted out shops or factories, etc.

    RBT has made some nice vapes but anyone who purchases this company will lose their money.
  • Milaana 3 abandoned?

    Pretty sure he’s already been banned on FC.

    In other news, I’m glad I stocked up on Splinters if they are not going to be made anymore. Still loving my pre production model on a Lost Vape Therion. RBT made some good products which in-turn inspired many other good products. And so the Wheel turns...
  • Milaana 3 abandoned?

    ...I'm kinda bummin' coss I want a Splinter...
  • RBT Splinter

    @BestBuds, what size pearls are they? Where did you buy them?
  • RBT Splinter


    Game changer. :gasp: :heart:
  • Butane Power

    I've been mostly using the Milaana in this fashion, but maybe it's the tactile nature of the button I enjoy. I had the Sai on a Pico mod that I traded mostly for that reason, so I'm not sure how I'd feel about the Splinter+ mod. Feel like sending me one to try? :grin:
  • One gram Splinter Z bowls?

    I'm tempted to try it, I have all those peices already lol
  • Stempod SI picking the right mod

    The RX Gen3 dual is hard to beat imo for bang for buck
    The RX2/3 is a little bigger but you have the option of 2 or 3 batteries and in addition to sur_myevic and Arctic Fox firmware compatibility you also have the option of putting tubomyevic on it.

    DNA devices offer better temp control and altho it's a bit of a ballache having to hook it up to the computer to change settings sometimes DNA devices have the best software suite for doing that and monitoring what's actually happening as you change things.
    If I was looking for a 3 battery DNA250c device I'd probably go for a Think Vape Finder or Lost Vape Triade. And for 2 batteries I'd probably go for another HCigar VT75D DNA75C device over the Lost Vape Paranormal as altho the Paranormal has the more efficient 250c chip I just don't like the 510 position (something to bear in mind if you're planning on using a water pipe or J hook)

    I feel I should mention the Eleaf Invoke as I have a draw full of them that I usually use for ecigs. They're cheap flimsy crap that won't last but the StemPod looks the bizzle on one with a 27mm heatsink, it takes sur_myevic or AF , and it's freakin tiny for a dual battery mod.

    Singles? No. Not enough power for my phatt StemPod coils :)
    The P80 are Primos are Ok

    A single 26650 device is kinda half way between a single and a dual 18650 device but I've not really looked at them tbh for the same reason I didn't buy a 3 18650 device, I have a draw full of paired 18650s that have always been charged together already. If I was starting again tho I'd probably be looking at them more seriously as they're about the right size and capacity to pair up well with 510 weed atties like the StemPod or Splinter imo.
  • Best vape for short draws

    Rbt Splinter/Milaana, Sticky Brick Runt, Dynavap. Short, quick draws plus excellent effiency and potency.

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