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  • Splinter Z by RBT

    it’s the specific mod itself I think
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    Thanks. Changing the Prot time I'm going fine... Been having some nice sessions. But on my p80 with G43 the Prot time is 10 sec. N it stays cruising until the battery dies, so THAT isn't what caused the issue, but that is what has solved it... now whatever that 10 sec protect time was supposed to do at 10 seconds ,is now doing at 25 sec. Hopefully my mod doesn't blow up while I'm inhaling!
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    Hmm you lost me there bro. I know @Ctipp22 is competent with mods. Maybe he will be able to help? Anyone else know what's up?
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    @BestBudsI've uploaded myevic firmware. Dialing in my mod game. All of a sudden I'm getting a 'long fire' warning after 10 seconds, then stops cruising. Changed the Vaping - >Prot time from 10-25 seconds, which solved the issue, but that value was always 10 seconds even when things were working properly?

    Any ideas? Or just ride with the 25 second Prot time. Nothing to worry about?
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    Funday! :sweat: I hope that all made sense)BestBuds
    Perfect sense. Thanks for the tips they help!
  • Musa 510 dry herb wooden vape

    I'm pretty excited , I have a Musa 510 on the way . I love 510 Vape's and had to try one when I saw it uses the Arizer Stems . Despite the issues others may have had , I can only speak from my personal experience so far and Musa has been really nice answering all my questions and just seems like a all around stand up guy if that counts for anything. I been following Musa since his original release and always wanted his desktop as well but never purchased bc I have too many desktops but the guys work looks great & I'm excited to try this 510 out. It really hit what I been looking for and this is to go more on demand now , as my life has been changing a bit , I have my 1st child on the way and I need to be able to sneak in quick hits on demand. The huge kicker was the wood work looks great and the Arizer stem system rather than most out that use a 14mm connection . I do like my splinter also so i am hoping this works well with it.
  • Musa 510 dry herb wooden vape

    Perhaps the moderator here are more concerned with people being ripped off than the moderators on other sites?

    You only came here since anyone who saw your interactions on another site would not do business with you. I am not about to sit back and watch people waste their money while you peddle a whole load of BS.

    I admit I was banned. Why was I banned because the moderators were more concerned with his business than their member's health or money?

    I am not trying to destroy your business you are doing that all by yourself.

    Besides his vape being defective his customer service is the WORST I have ever seen.

    How could someone who sells an item that needs to be shipped not know what the postage would be? He lied about the costs (I can show the PM's here if anyone wants) and then expected us to pay more. His vape is simply not worth the money.

    If you are willing to spend $150 and up for a 510 atty consider one that is not in beta tests (despite what he says he is not ready for "prime time") then buy yourself a TUBO Tetrax, an iHeat, and imp from Mistvaporizeers, or any of the splinter line. You can pick up a Splinter V1 for $69 a custom Splinter Z for $169.

    Why would anyone choose to spend that kind of money with a manufacturer who treats people like garbage (I have all the PM's to prove it)?

    That is not to say that his vape works, mine DID NOT WORK.

    If anyone has $150 that they do not know what to do with would be well advised to donate it Vitolo who will see to it that a low-income medical cannabis user has a vape.
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    You don't need more than 25 seconds. That's what mine is set at so if I'm baked and forget to end the fire it won't burn anything up at that wattage.
    Or if you want to be really safe, set it to 10 or 15 seconds and let it run to 10 seconds with the preheat take a little puff with your cheeks to prime the herb and then fire it again for a steady 10 to 15 second draw.

    For me I like a 15 second draw so I prefer the 25 second version and I usually stop the fire with 3-4 seconds to spare.

    (Disclaimer: I am high AF right now. Sunday = Funday! :sweat: I hope that all made sense)
  • Musa 510 dry herb wooden vape

    To add some more feedback as owner of Musa 510, Musa, G43, Apollo Venus 2 50W and a Davinci IQ.

    Bought the Musa 510 to get some more diversity to mobile setup. I'm absolute happy with the original Musa I already have. It's perfect, only the cable is awful. Endless power, but that cable. And you cannot take it with you. So when I saw Musa 510 pics, it was an instant must have.

    I was hoping for comparable perfomance to the desktop Musa, but as a real mobile version. Asked for one, sent the money via PayPal and package was sent before he was going on vacation. Got it few days later (hooray for european/german seller!).

    So first try. No power horse at all. I was starting with low watt amount, getting up slowly. Was a little bit disappointed and def hoped for something with more strength. So while opening the Musa 510 and looking at it I thought about throwing in some glass beads (learnings of G43 lessons, for sure :pray: ). More heat, more power, right? Tried that and was def more happy with the result.

    I then started to talk to the musa maker and described my not so good experiences and my optimizations with the glass beads. Him being on vacation I did not expect any response, but he really tried to give me tipps and what to look into. Two weeks later he wrote me about tests with clapton wire and that the results are much better then with single ss316 wire coil. He sent me one and this setup is finally that, what I was hoping for.

    So: what you need:

    - Musa 510 with SS316 clapton wire coil
    - Arizer black curved stem OR Arizer 3D Flow Stem for Solo 2/Air 2
    - A boxmod

    And you get a vape, that is able to produce instant clouds, that are cool and not harsh with really good taste. You need to experiment. If you run it in watt mode, you need to find the manual hotspot of watt you're running on vs air throughput vs material amount (vs ...). The problem of sweet spot being quite near to starting to burn the material is def given with this unit. If you preheat too long, if you use too high watt amount with not enough air throughput, it gets brown and that typical horrible flavour. You can try running it inside TC mode but you need to experiment with settings there, too.

    It might be easier, to sell Musa 510 with a boxmod already configured, but yes - would say, Musa 510 is not a vape for someone, who wants a easy to use vape. You should buy something else.

    So let my finally compare it with my other vapes:

    - Davinci IQ not really usable without water cooling unit: too harsh, to hot, to less power, air throughput is horrible (squeezing feeling) so it is a mobile unit, but does not work for me without water cooling unit and is def my most restrained device I own. Do not use it much at all right now.
    - Musa and G43: both excellent and real powerful vapes. Both need a jhook (ore another glass unit) to cool the vapor. Using straight stems is horrible with both, but jhooks is fine to get cool and good flavour out of them. Musa has endless power and is a really beauty, but a real desktop vape. G43 is not a real desktop vape and quite mobile, but not a real mobile vape. Something in between, but I always would prefer to use it while sitting at a table. Taste Musa vs G43 wins the Musa, but only a little bit and especially after the first two hits. Musa has a better taste in the long rung. But both unit set the bar I really would like to have with a real mobile unit. Musa and G43 are a session vape for me (amount I use is double the amount I use inside Musa 510).
    - Apollo Venus is quite a power horse, too, and with cooling unit it is quite enjoyable. I think jhooks work a little better in sense of cooling. Taste is quite fine with Apollo. The only thing that really sucks with Apollo Venus is the cleaning part, especially the cooling unit. But it is a real mobile unit. They fixed in the new v3 the heat shield problem to not get burned. Was not a personal problem but it is nice to get that problem finally solved. It is a session vape for me. You might be able to do micro dosing with it, but a pot is only a good pot, if it is filled up :).

    Compared to all the vapes Musa 510 is really good with cleaning of the unit and getting it apart. If bending wire / making coils is already something you're doing, perfect match. Everything is easy maintainable. Using arizer stems give you a really good diversity of stems. Using the bent or the cooling one is a must in my opinion. So cleaning is mostly cleaning the stem and done. Doing a deep cleaning on Apollo Venus or G43 (not needed so often) is def more complicated.

    Related to easy of use: Apollo 2 works def for everyone. Everyone I gave the vape (with warnings to not touch the pot and how to hold it) was able to use it. G43 is quite the same (you just need to wait). Musa Desktop unit is easy going (finding the heat sweet spot for yourself is the most tricky part here). Davinci IQ "works" for everyone, too. Musa 510 is something more special. But if you finally know how to use it, it is a mobile unit, that is able:

    - to put a loaded stem into it
    - push fire and start inhaling
    - and get instant good clouds out of it
    - great microdosing unit, as amount of material inside stems is quite small compared to the other vapes

    One thing I don't like with arizer stems: stirring. Stirring helps to get material completely depleted but it is really hard to stir in that small stem hole, that is mostly filled up.

    And as it is made out of wood: Musa 510 really looks great (Musa, too!). I only need to find a mod, that fits a little bit better that style of the musa.

    One recommendation to the musa maker: perhaps don't use linseed oil. I know, wood workers like it, but the taste/smell of it, is horrible for the first few days. So instead of linseed oil, use beewax with jojoba mix or wood butter or something with a little citrone note (for example uulki holzwachs is great, I really like it to use it with my wooden vapes). Anything that is more neutral would help for acceptance I think.

    Would be really interested in a comparison of Splinter (Z) vs Musa 510.

    so far - enjoy your vapes!
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    Crazy. Messing with the mod. Messing with my sessions... Returning to G43 for remainder of the evening
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    @BestBudswhat's a good 'max' auto fire time?
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    The DNA mods make the temp control very good. However wattage works fine.

    I have been preheating for 10 seconds at 30 watts from a cold start. I then take a steady, smooth and measured draw. When I am nearing my lung capacity I turn off the mod from firing and I continue my draw for a few seconds to clear the j-hook or stem. If I take another draw within 30 seconds or so I'll only preheat for 5 seconds.
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    I've been having positive results at 30 watts using stock firmware. I just updated my evic dual to myevic firmware. About to see how it works out. @BestBudsbesides cruising @30 watts are there any other setting tweaks you can offer that might help fine tune the experience?

    Took me a second to set things right on the mod. Think I got it..
    I had auto fire at infinite. I was blowing monster clouds on the verge of combustion. Damn this thing got hot! I turned down to 25w vapor was terpy but tickly, n almost scorched because of the infinite.
    Turned it down to 12 seconds...

    I'm afraid to mess with certain settings. But Learning the mod is interesting... DNA 250c 300w mods. Some say these mods bring splinter to the next level? True?
  • Musa 510 dry herb wooden vape

    I urge caution in dealing with MUSA. The vape I bought was defective from the start and MUSA tried to make it my fault??

    It smelled and tasted like burning wood but much much stronger. Like the artificial smoke flavor sometimes added to smoked meats. I found the taste disgusting, and potentially dangerous.

    He accused me (and other forum members) of lying. He was allowed to call people liars almost with impunity. Every time I answered his "stories" he complained to the moderators. I am not sure what he did in his first thread to get three warning points but the mods removed them. I can think of no logical reason for the behavior of the mods.

    I was quoted 18 Euros for shipping. I told him at the time of getting a quote that his vape was at the top end of the price range for a 510 vape (with postage it cost just about the price of a Custom Splinter Z). He gets back from the post office and tells me the postage was 38 Euros. I told him to cancel the order I was not going to pay that much.

    MUSA had already mailed it. When I told him I would not accept the package at that price he said he would pay the extra postage. I find it hard to believe that a seller of anything that needs postage should know how much postage would be.

    I have been told by three other vape manufacturers that the way he talks to customers is disgusting and that they would NEVER treat a customer the way he has treated me and others.

    Anyone who wants proof can send me a Private message and I can send them the PM's.

    Anyone who wants a 510 threaded vape should buy anImp from Mistvaporizers or a TUBO Tetrax or an iHeat or a Splinter. All made by people who stand behind their products better than MUSA.

    He is simply not to be trusted. Do not waste your money on MUSA or their defective vape.
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    Couldn't help but pick up a new mod for my Splinter Z v2 that came in today

    I'll have to post some updates once I get a chance to test it out.
  • Considering the Crafty - Are there still issues?

    But I don't have time for VAS, even if I had the $$$...spent all of it on concentrates, $10+k in last 4yrs:razz:

    I was early supporter of RBT 'Splinter' or whatever it's called, forgot about that for a year, until it arrived in the mail. Had to contact Ryan and send it back, no time to sell it, simply bc I didn't have time to search for box-mod unit to go with. just getting more Crafty's I'm now an 'expert' on was/is easiest...is that against the rules to state as fact, or opinion :)

    ^Serious stress/busy time until a few more yrs from now...called probate, older bro that is/has been his whole life, unbalanced/hostile...his illegal alien Filipina adulteress-now legal resident(who will likely cheat on him also/dump him when she's done spending his inheritance) almost got me killed calling 911 in a setup that had me surprised by 4 police officers with handguns pointed at me, in painful handcuffs crammed 40min in the back of 5th police car down the street, before they determined the TRO that I had no idea she got against me w/his help had *not* been served on me, I'm lucky to be alive...dangerous, conniving, predatory, opportunist woman. Sorry, was that a political rant? not allowed.

    I should take time to post up mult-page a kinda of 'user' guide. Not happy with my long post, didn't get to a number of things I wanted to show/explain. btw, I do follow similar schedule/use as Baron...but similarities end there, and it's misleading...I unlike Baron...though similar age, I *never* 'microdose'. Ceillingless tolerance, per/evening sessions usually require fully packed dosing capsules 3-4 if only flower. W/conc +flower sandwiches, depending on how much conc I use, or if it's Cali high test, lab tested such as say 39% RB-26 brand...maybe 1-2 fully packed capsules.

    More latter, past mid-night here. Up to 212hrs on the remaining/older almost 2yr old Crafty, down to 25-30min runtime though-~5min per 'bar'. You could probably get more than that if you 'baby' it, know how to do it...more on that later.
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    @BawlmerMerlinthanks. I appreciate your input. So in your opinion, the vapor quality and potency of hits is superior with the Z? After taking the day to find out all I could about the two devices I missed out on a great deal. Maybe I'll cancel my splinter order n forget about discounts n just purchase here? I dunno yet. It's funny how anxious vape enthusiasts can get when deciding to purchase new vape tech
  • Splinter Z by RBT


    I personally think you are missing out in "settling" for the Splinter over the Z. I have had two Splinters and two Z's, all from before the outsourcing. I sold one Splinter with the mod, and kept one with a cheap Wismec mod to loan out to newbie friends. I have a Leopardwood Z and a Canary Z that I rotate as daily drivers on a Lost Vape Therion mod and they work flawlessly. The form factor is certainly ungainly, but the ease of use and effects are quite welcome. I just use wattage mode but have found that the Z is just so much more satisfying over the Splinter for me.

    My two cents . . .
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    @Cl4ud3thanks for the heads up! I should've looked there first.

    Am I losing alot opting for a splinter over the Z?
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    There were some Splinter Z's with mods for sale in the classified section recently, they might still be there.
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    I use the software that is used for the G43 for my splinters.
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    @BestBudsthanks. Sold out of Z's by the time I tried to make the purchase. Settled for a splinter v2. A little disappointed after all my research I had decided on the Z over splinter. Ah well. I still look forward to it.

    I see ppl talking about arctic fox for rbt. What firmware are you using @BestBuds? What about the software for G43?
  • Looking for new Vape

    with the current price drop, the MV1 is a great option, but there will be a bit of a learning curve. Its not bad though, and once you figure it out its amazing. The splinter is a good vape as well, the vapor is solid but not as good as the MV1, but it has less learning curve. i have no experience with the ff2+.
  • Looking for new Vape

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for a new portable house vape and I am kinda up in the air. I’m looking at the Ghost, firefly 2+ and splinter. I have the Mighty which I use now but I need something that heats quick no wait can stop when I need to and pick up again. Firefly seems easy to use and clean but Ghost seems a bit better but I had an old firefly and found it to be very warm in hand same with IQ. The splinter seems like the newer type of vapes but is it any different than say a Arizer Solo. Any suggestions on either or perhaps should I wait for something else to come out. Is there anything I should hold out for that’s coming out soon that might be better.

    Thanks guys,
    It’s tough choosing one without trying them out so I’m trying to get as much info or research before I choose one.
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    I changed my firmware. That way it can cruise. But other than that I hang @ 30watts
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    I did check out the teraX. Looks cool!

    Stock, my mod is on watt mode. I need other software though?
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    I have a joyetech eVic dual sitting in its box I got as a backup for my G43. It should pair with the Z fine no? I think I want this vape more so so I can put this joyetech to use! Not a mod user, I'm wondering do I NEED to install custom firmware to my mod, or can I just use my mod n turn up watts from the start?

    As I ask the question, I'm about to place in a battery n check out this mod for the first time.
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    The only way I have tried is the herb sandwich method with the Z.
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    @BestBudslol. I need to revisit and try that. I have all the tools! I have been meaning to reaquaint with Elev8r for a while, but G43 testing took precedence.

    How do you enjoy concentrate otherwise with your Z?
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    Ugh there are few things better than an Elev8r with bud on the bottom with a healthstone on top and a dab of wax. The wax vapor goes through the bud and coats it in stickiness and you can get all kinds of wrecked. Good stuff.

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