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  • Splinter / Splinter Z - is it half a vape?

    Splinter is not a whole vape because it needs a battery (mod). One could argue the MV1 is not a vape without the battery but that's kinda silly now isn't it?

    In this case the mod battery you use can have influence on the overall performance so even more reason it's incomplete. That said if you just get a decent mod and a Splinter you can have some of the best bang for your buck in vapor taste/density. But still hot like many convection vapes out there. I personally have adjusted my technique to minimize the heat but it takes practice and the MV1 really shines in that department.
  • Splinter or Splinter Z

    Splinter under same conditions. But i had nice clouds. 3-4 hits no stir

    Definitely not getting the same results/experience with my Z. Just finished a Splinter bowl and had great clouds i cant get from the Z
  • Splinter or Splinter Z

    Splinter once preheated is powerful enough to kill a bowl in a hit or 2. With the cooling mouth piece, you're set. On a VooPoo Drag 2 it's extremely good in watt mode.
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    splinter is amazing, Z is amazingerr I imagine.
  • Splinter Z vs Ghost MV1

    I own a regular Splinter and a MV1. They are completely different vapes in my opinion.

    Ease of use:
    MV1 is not the easiest to use. The crucible is a little difficult to fill and pack correctly. I am used to it and can do it without thinking at this point. I scoop enough herb to fill the crucible and then heap some more on top of that, then I take my scoop tool and tap the crucible until herb settles down into the crucible until all of the empty areas are filled then I tilt the crucible a little and with a few more tape the excess herb falls off the top back into my herb tray. Then I take my finger and lay it over the top to tamp the herb down from the top of the crucible to a hair below the edge. This way the lid doesn't touch the herb. Then once your crucible is filled you will have to put it in the MV1 and for some that's not easy especially if you have stability issues or arthritis. After that it's just about following the videos. A long pull is required to get a big hit. You gotta inhale the entire 15 seconds. If you can slow/speed your draw on any vape to get the best pull you won't have issues here. People make it seem more complicated than it is.
    The Splinter has a glass tube and a screen. I use that to suck up the herb like a straw or if there is a lot of fine material I will scoop it in and tamp it down. For me the herb should be just bulging over the edge of the stem by the thickness of a thick coin. Then I tamp it down with my finger to hold the herb in when the stem is flipped upside-down. Hold the fire button for a 5 count and then hit it. I can't find anyone to help me figure out my mod so I don't like that. I only go to wattage mode and I can't hold the fire button more than 10 seconds or it turns off.

    The MV1 vaporizes the material evenly. I usually will do 3 to 4 pulls a session with the MV1 and after 2 sessions I will turn the crucible around so the front is now facing the back. I do this only once and then I can get another 2 sessions of 3 to 4 pulls each. No burned spots, nice light tan abv. No need to stir, though sometimes with extra sticky buds I will take my pick tool and poke it into the herb 4 to 5 times and then I'll either tamp it back down or if I see that the bottom is sticking to the pick tool I'll take an empty crucible and put them mouth to mouth and flip. I'll tap it a few times to get the herb to settle into the new crucible and youre good to finish.
    The Splinter if left to it's own devices you will find 2 dark spots in your herb. They lay side by side. To prevent this I turn the stem a quarter turn each draw. My session with the Splinter are 2 to 3 hits and I'll get 3 to 4 sessions before I'll have to stir. Then I'll get another 2 sessions out of that herb. I can get really dark abv but you have to stir your herb.

    Vapor quality & flavor:
    MV1 is the best bar non for this. The vapor is smooth and cool, it tastes amazing and will put you on your Balki Bartokomous every time.
    The Splinter is a hot sticky draw, I have actually felt like my mouth was coated in the sticky icky! The clouds are huge and potent. It will definitely take you to lalaland! I am currently searching for a cooling mouth piece for the splinter because it's 19/19 so the one I use on my Mi2 doesn't fit. That's why I usually reach for the Mi2 over the Splinter but if I had a cooling mouth piece for the splinter that would change. The splinter is a little more of a blunt power tool it hits hard but it's hot and the flavor suffers because it can become overwhelming. It's not complex just intense. Again with a cooling mouthpiece this changes for the better.

    for me they tie this round. The edge may go to the Splinter because it's a great great vape to pass around like a old school combustion pipe. I have tried to pass the Ghost around but if you don't know how to use it it's not intuitive like a iPad or something is. But the Splinter is easy; Hold the fire button for 5 seconds and then hit for 10 to 15 seconds.

    Portability & power supply:
    neither is a pocket vape but I have used both at a friend's house sitting around a camp fire.
    MV1 you have to buy extra batteries, one battery will not cut it. This is my 1 complaint with the MV1. So if I am going to a camp fire to hang out I'll bring the ghost with an extra battery. If I plan on sharing I'll bring a few crucibles in the pod holder.
    Splinter, I got a black rubber/silicone end cap for the end of the splinter mouth piece to hold the herb in and I just carry the mod, the splinter, and the mouth piece with herb in it, if I plan on sharing I'll bring a small metal pill container with some ground herb in it.

    The MV1s body feels great in the hand, very comfortable. It's solid feeling and a BEAUTIFUL device.
    The Splinter is a giant wood mod with a big ol stem on top of it. It's long and held to the box modwith a fragile 510 threaded connector and the stem can pop out too. It's high quality but hard to compare to the MV1 because half of the vape with the Splinter is not from RBT.

    MV1 wins here. The vape itself doesn't smell unless you put your nose to it and even then you'll only smell it if it's dirty. Same with the Splinter. However if I am vaping on my deck and my wife pulls into our drive way she has said she can smell the Splinter (35 feet away). But if I am vaping with the MV1 and she walks onto the deck with me she only can smell it if I am actually blowing out vapor. But she said the smell dissipated quickly. I vape my MV1 inside all the time with out her complaining in fact I used to vape outside only and when I got the MV1 she told me she didn't mind me vaping inside if I wanted.

    Both are easy to care for but the Splinter wind here. With the Splinter I just pop out the screen and turn on my tap water to the hottest it will go. I put my screens in a strainer and run the hot water over them. Some extra yucky screens will do well with a little brush to get the flower material out of the screen. I then hold the stem with my silicone oven glove under the hot water and it cleans up like a champ. I have 3 stems that fit my Splinter and I spend 2 or 3 minutes on cleaning all of them total. So a minute per stem.
    The MV1 is a little more involved. I usually get out a paper plate with a qtip and a paper towel and some isopropyl alcohol and a warm mug of water. Let the pieces soak for a minute or so and clean them all down with the paper towels and qtip. Once clean rinse with the warm water. And let dry. Maybe 10 minutes to clean everything on the MV1.
  • Splinter by RBT

    Model: Splinter Vaporizer
    Variations: Splinter (V1/V2), Splinter Z (V1/V2)
    Category: Portable
    Manufacturer: RastaBuddhaTao
    Where to buy: VGoodiez *see deals page for 10% off code

    Existing Splinter threads you should check out:

    Discuss all variations in this thread :up:


  • Splinter Z by RBT

    I hope I am not pissing anyone off by posting this. I don't see any reason for anyone to be pissed off anyway.

    So I have a few RBT vapes that are not working for one reason or another. I have a Splinter V1 that came off it's base, a blackwood Splinter Z V2 with broken glass, and a US Custom Splinter Z that I burned. :cry:

    So I am preparing to repair my vapes and decided to show the difference between a Splinter Z and Splinter. Keep in mind the Z is a US built custom Z the splinter is the Chinese version of The splinter. lez9sjuwx574rkn8.jpg

  • Splinter / Splinter Z - is it half a vape?

    I agree that the Splinter / Splinter Z is half a vape however I disagree with @VapeCritic on this a little.
    I disagree that one cannot compare a MV1 to a Splinter. I agree it's not a fair comparison for the company because of the R&D and such, but to not compare two devices that do the same thing because they are totally different vapes is crazy to me.

    From a consumers stand point I have compared desktops to portables, battery powered to butane, and almost everything in between.
    When I was buying my first vape my #1 concern was that I didn't want to combust at all, ever (now I realize my mistake). I looked at desktops, and portables and what I found was this concept of only comparing vapes with other vapes that are in the same category. That didn't help me! I wanted to see how a volcano compared to a Pax 2 and how they compared to a MV1 and a Sticky Brick and so on. I was evaluating the field... I wanted to know the difference between conduction vs convection vs combo. I wanted the best vape for me. The only way to figure that out is to read / watch all of the reviews. But it still didn't tell me what vape would be the best for ME.

    Now, If I googled Ghost MV1 vs RBT Splinter and the thread that is now on this site popped up I would have learned what I needed to make a decision. I would have seen someones explaination of a MV1 and a Splinter and their differing experience between the two.
    No MV1 and Splinter are not on the same level as far as R&D or build. But for a consumer, especially one who has never vaped before, it's invaluable information to have to decide what vape would be best for that person. We need to be more open to comparing vapes for new people because it all becomes part of the archive so others will find it and learn from it.
  • Splinter by RBT

    I hope I am not pissing anyone off by posting this. I don't see any reason for anyone to be pissed off anyway.

    So I have a few RBT vapes that are not working for one reason or another. I have a Splinter V1 that came off it's base, a blackwood Splinter Z V2 with broken glass, and a US Custom Splinter Z that I burned. :cry:

    So I am preparing to repair my vapes and decided to show the difference between a Splinter Z and Splinter. Keep in mind the Z is a US built custom Z the splinter is the Chinese version of The splinter. lez9sjuwx574rkn8.jpg
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    BestBuds you really like your Splinter Z!? Did you end up fixing your splinters or purchasing new ones?Chandler
    I actually am getting them repaired now. The one with burned wood will now be the only Leadwood Splinter Z in existence and I had her make it a 4 hole too. :love: the Splinter Z V2 is getting new glass put in it. Both repairs done for less that one new Z not on sale. Oh and the little Splinter pictured above was re-glued with the medical grade glue Ryan builds them with. A FC member had a tiny bit left and mailed it to me. :victory:

    Is it still a daily driver?Chandler
    Yes it is. Although I do often use other vapes to mix it up. While my Z's are being repaired I am using my Lotus.

    How does it Compare to G43Chandler
    It doesn't. The G43 is way better. The G has the all glass flavor. With the Z you do get a different flavor because the wood (any wood) has aroma. Its not at all like you can "taste" wood but if you have ever used a wood body vape vs a all glass vape like the Elev8r you can tell there is a difference. I can't properly explain it. Hahahaha

    How does it Compare toChandler
    Ghost MV1Chandler
    I am a car guy... The Splinter Z is a 1967 Shelby Cobra the MV-1 is a 2017 Porsche 911. You will smile with both and both will give you "the tingle". I give the edge to the Ghost for flavor. But only one point higher. The ease of use of the Z just kills the fumbling around I did with the MV1. I guess the MV-1 is the slightly better vape but it's so much more so labor intensive than the Z I use the MV-1 maybe once a month because of that.

    How well does it work with concentrates?Chandler
    I can't help you there. I use concentrates only with a health stone and a Elev8r. It works so well I haven't wanted to try anything else for now.

    PS. Have you ever seen the TETRAx? It's like a splinter and a G43 had a baby! I have VAS for it.
  • Splinter / Splinter Z - is it half a vape?

    My personal feelings are that all 510 herb attachments need to be grouped into somewhat of a single category, and they can really only be compared to each other.

    All herb attachments work the same way in that you need your own box mod to power the heater, and you also need some kind of mouthpiece to draw out of or a glass rig to hook it up to.

    So when you only compare 510 vapes to each other it's cool because you're really just comparing how the heaters work, since the power supply and vapor path will vary from user to user depending on what other parts they use.

    Things get murky IMHO when you start comparing 510 attachments to fully developed vapes that contain all components inside of a cohesive unit.

    For example my original comment was made when @evolve asked how the MV1 compares to the Splinter Z, which I feel is the wrong question to ask and the answers won't be helpful to anyone. Since the Splinter is just the heater, and the MV1 is the entire package, it's comparing apples to oranges. I replied and said "the Splinter is half of a vape".

    I don't dislike the Splinter or any other 510 attachments for that matter, I just feel they need to be in their own group since they're not really complete vapes, and they didn't have to go through the same type of development.

    The same dilemma happens with desktop vapes that you have to use with a glass rig, in those cases I'm really just reviewing a heater because everything that happens after the vapor is produced is not up to the vape, you choose your own vapor path.

    As we all know, the style, shape, length and materials used in the vapor path can largely determine how comfortable the vapor is when it hits your lips, which will influence your overall experience of the vape.

    Using the MV1 as an example again, they put a lot of time and work into the heat sink area which is where a lot of the magic happens, and this is one of the most important aspects of this vape that makes it produce higher quality and more comfortable vapor than most others.

    So when you try and compare vapes like these two it really starts to create a mess, just IMHO.

    The closest competitor to the Splinter would probably be the StemPod right?
  • Splinter Z vs Ghost MV1

    The conclusion:
    If I want to vape a sativa at a low temp and experience all of the subtle flavors and nuanced effects I reach for the MV1. I have compared it to a high end sports car before. Like a Porcha 911 GT3. You can't hop into a GT3 and expect to drive like a champ you need to know how to handle a powerful car like that. Once you do it will blow you away every time. Same with the MV1 take some time to watch the videos. Read the thread on this forum and play around with your technique for a day or two and you will live the Ghost. You need to give it a solid shot though. If you do you'll be rewarded sweetly. If any problems pop up Ghost has your back.
    The Splinter is a jacked up Jeep. It's a damn beast! It hits hard and fast but it isn't a precision tool. It's a jet engine blasting cannagoods into the bottom of your lungs coating everything from the stem, to your mouth, teeth, and throat with sticky icky dankness. :joke: it's has a pipe like feel to me. I haven't had anything go wrong with it yet but just the ordering process was a friggin nightmare. I was sent the wrong product 2 times (I ordered a Mi2 and got a splinter instead) and finally got the right thing after almost a month. However Ryan gave me a bunch of extra goodies and he even gave me my splinter to make up for the frustration. It did. In the end I was very happy with my purchase because his vapes are that good.
    Just remember with RBT you are dealing with Ryan, one man, with Ghost you have a company with customer service and tech support behind them. You need to have proper expectations when ordering just keep that in mind. I would actually order via a 3rd party vendor until Ryan can get his process refined. It would just be a better experience for you. Ryan is a nice dude tho.

    The Ghost MV1 wins just slightly because it can give me taisty flavorful hits and it can blast me back like a Maxell ad. It's a high end precision tool that as a medical patient is maybe the best all around device for me. But with that said I more often reach for my Mi2/Splinter because it is a little easier to use. By that I mean it's easier to load, easier to stir, and easier to clean. There is also something about the wood. Maybe I'm a secret hippy but I really love wood and glass. It just feels primal. But after using it for a day or so I do find myself taking the time to load up all my crucibles and clean the heat sink assembly on the MV1 because I miss the control of my vaping experience and control over my high.

    My one footnote is that the ghost is a reclaim monster and if used with the cooling mouthpiece from 420EDC so is the Mi2/splinter. But that doesn't seem to be many people's bag. I try to make my herb stretch as it's my daily medicine. So I vape the fresh herb, I then use the abv for edibles, tinctures, or rubs. And the reclaim I have been saving up for when I get a concentrate/dab pen. I don't have one yet because I don't know what one to buy and I was waiting for Mass to finally open for recreational use so I have better access to concentrates.
  • Splinter by RBT

    The Splinter was was built so that the heater never needs to be rebuilt or replaced so that’s why it’s not just a standard rebuildable e-cig deck like the others like Dreamwood. Repairs, on the other, are certainly needed sometimes. Not sure about the current RBT repair policy but none of mine have ever had a problem.

    ...this is what made me originaly pick the Splinter...

    ...the issues I had seem to, ah, stem from China...

    ...I see the Splinter is not likely to go on the Endangered Species list behind the Glow any time soon...

    ...it was my understanding that the current generation of Splinters are not reparable and the only option is replacement when they go south or break...

    ...do you mean the difference between the (made USA and now discontinued) Custom and the (current made in China) standard Splinters…???...

    ...or the difference between the V1 and V2 standard Splinter...???...

    ...the Custom is better...

    ...V1 is bubinga...V2 is black wood...
  • Splinter Z vs Ghost MV1

    I have two MV1’s and they are both amazing! It can be used many ways. I have an RBT Zion and a Splinter Z arriving tomorrow! I vape ejuice so I have a good tc capable mod for the splinter to play with. Purchased the splinter z a few days before the Zion became available to me. Anticipating selling the splinter z because the all in one Zion appeals to me better but I’ll try both. I love experimenting with vapes and so far only have had one I don’t care for. It was my first, Hebe Titan but I thought it was great compared to smoking when it was all I had.
  • Splinter or Splinter Z

    The Splinter is an awesome vape. The Z gives you the ability to vape a bowl in one, maybe two hits, leaving nice even tan avb. The splinter is almost as good. It will leave some hot spots if you try to kill a bowl in one or two hits tho. I spin my stem more with the splinter to keep the avb more even.
  • Splinter by RBT

    I also prefere to stick a screen inside the glass joint, and just load the joint, then cap it all with the basket to hold it in.SouthboundPachyderm

    This is absolutely essential with the Splinter and Splinter Z in my experience. I must have spent hours reading threads on FC trying to find the ideal technique but no matter what I tried I couldn’t stop hot-spotting. It was only when I changed my loading technique that it all started to come together.

    I would add that I get the impression that all Splinter’s are ever slightly different, which would explain why there are so many differing recommended technique’s out there. When all’s said and done you just need to keep experimenting until you find out what works for you and your particular Splinter.
  • Splinter Z by RBT


    I personally think you are missing out in "settling" for the Splinter over the Z. I have had two Splinters and two Z's, all from before the outsourcing. I sold one Splinter with the mod, and kept one with a cheap Wismec mod to loan out to newbie friends. I have a Leopardwood Z and a Canary Z that I rotate as daily drivers on a Lost Vape Therion mod and they work flawlessly. The form factor is certainly ungainly, but the ease of use and effects are quite welcome. I just use wattage mode but have found that the Z is just so much more satisfying over the Splinter for me.

    My two cents . . .
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    Got a request from @Summer to create a new thread for the Splinter Z :up:

    From RBT's website:

    Zion lives again in the form of Splinter Z. Vapor quality is proportional to the surface area in the heater and the Z nearly double that of the Splinter. This yields more even roasting and therefore a cleaner, purer taste. The larger heater is surrounded by heavy wall German Schott glass and thick exotic wood. Just spin the custom logo on to nearly any 50 watt mod box and you are ready for on demand fun.

  • Splinter / Splinter Z - is it half a vape?

    Ok after a short conversation with @evolve I figured I'd make a discussion about whether or not people consider the Splinter as a Complete Vape or half a vape since you must have a box mod to use the splinter. What do y'all think
  • Splinter or Splinter Z

    Hey Forum Family, I am considering a 420 purchase of either the Splinter or the Splinter Z as a new acquisition to satisfy my VAS appetite this spring. I would welcome all who have experienced one or both of these interesting vaporizers to chime in and share your thoughts and experiences with them and any assorted accessories that I should seriously consider. I do have a Wismec Realeoux Gen 3 Dual mod already to go with it.
  • Splinter vs Solo 2

    You may tire of hearing this speech, but it's apples and oranges. One vape is a conduction 510 attactment for a mod while the other is a hybrid. 'Best' is highly subjective. Some vapes truly are shite though- see the GPen Elite.

    I can understand the Splinter compared to the Modpod or vapes in the same family: the Air to the Solo to the Argo.

    Despite all that here is my opinion. I own a Splinter, Milaana, and have used my friend's Solo 2- albeit limited. I really enjoy my Splinter. I found the Solo 2, though improved, to still have a bit too much draw resistance for my feeble lungs.

    However, I LOVE my Milaana. I know exactly how I like my draw strength, draw speed, draw duration, and power button pulsing for my desired effects. I can go for terpy hits or fat rips. I've read your interest in RBT vapes so I added the Milaana part. Oh, my other personal fave is my Mighty: no rhinking, consistent as hell, and I can microdose or do a long session. :victory:
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    any mouthpiece that has a depth of 22mm or less will fit the bill. Basically any RBT product prior to the current. 19mm depth Splinter will be interchangeable.

    My wife has a website called vgoodiez.com . I have Splinter now and had a single Splinter Z left up until last night when it sold. Ryan. Is sending more soon so check back. She also has other items that have yet to be listed.
  • Splinter Z vs Ghost MV1

    I have both but I suspect there are not too many people out there like me.

    For me the vapor quality is excellent in both of them but outside of that they are really different.

    Mv1 has cooler vapor without the introduction of water or other cooling methods. Mv1 is a massed produced Chinese manufactured plastic vape while the Splinter Z is a US made wooden/artisan style vape. Mv1 has all you need in the package where as the Z requires the purchase and use of mod. They are probably similar in cost assuming you buy a decent mod for the Z. Use a cheap mod and the Z is a less expensive package. Mv1 has a number of parts and a crusible design that is not for everyone. Splinter Z is simple. You have mod, Z and stem. Mv1 requires a phone to fine tune your experience, the Z requires a mod which can be intimidating for some. Mv1 has proprietry batteries while the Z can use mod with readily available 18650 batteries. Both have glass mouthpiece's that can break but also provide pure taste. Mv1 has no dedicated water tool attachment while the Z can be used easily with any 19x22mm male/male adapter.

    I can't comment on concentrates. I have not used either with trates as I have other dedicated units for that. I have however used the regular Splinter with trates. It requires hemp fiber or similar which also introduces additional taste. Still very good and capable but noteworthy.

    I hope this helps. Feel free to pick my brain further. Sorry I don't do videos.
  • RBT Splinter

    Splinter or Mi2 or 3?

    I have a Joytec Evic VTC Dual Box Mod.

    The Splinter and the Mi both look awesome. Is the Mi just a self contained version of the Splinter?
  • Splinter or Splinter Z

    2 or 4 hole? Is another question

    They say the Splinter gets up to heat quicker but the Z carries more momentum when it does get up to heat with its larger heater, so the Z will give u fatter cloudz and will clear the bowl quicker.

    A 2 hole Splinter on the gen3 dual (with sur_myevic) and a nobbly cooling stem has become my daily driver since dialing in the temp control
    If you're looking to clear the bowl quickly or running it through glass I think you'll probably want the increased airflow of the 4 hole version or the larger Z heater.
  • Splinter or Splinter Z

    I prefer the Splinter due to the portability, we have a couple mods that the Z just tips over when its on them. If you grab the Z, definitely get a hefty 3 battery mod. 1, the battery life makes it worth it, and 2 if you can lower that center of gravity there is less chance that you will knock it over. I know I've knocked the office Z over quite a few times (WHOOPS!)

    If portability is not an issue I would grab the Z if you want to 'snap' bowls in 1-2 hits, or if you want to sip on a bowl for a couple hits grab the splinter.
  • Splinter or Splinter Z

    I was running my Z around 60 watts and pre heating on the first hit for 10 seconds. Try slowing your draw just a little bit and it should reduce the hot spots.

    I also really like my splinter v1. With tcr this is the perfect vape for using through a glass rig. Have you set up tcr with your splinter?
  • Splinter by RBT

    ...I am kicking myself for not buying the four hole custom Splinter whislt I had the chance as I read @ FC that they now are extinct in the wild...

    ...I was planning to ditch mine because the supplied stems didn't fit for shit...I was thinkin' Dreamwood…

    ...then it occurred to me, behind some reading @ FC, that the irregularity might be in the Chinese stems as well as the Splinter itself...

    ...I has an XL cooling stem on hand that I didn't try because I am returning it...it came in cracked...

    ...it was a perfect fit...


    ...I see there is quite the learning curve here...this isn't a Pax...

    ...not much liking the Splinter so far...combustion and green weed in the same bowl here...LoL…

    ...maybe that is why the stems are so loose, to make them easy to rotate whilst toking...???...

  • Splinter by RBT

    V1 is Bubinga, V2 is blackwood. This is true of both the Splinter and Splinter Z standard (Chinese made) products.

    Treecity probably grabbed the wrong box back that's all. He has a lot of stuff.

    And Hapo is right. Repair by replacement on Standard product.

    If Best Buds could locate his receipt he could get that Splinter replaced. Since he can't the only option he has is to repair himself.
  • Splinter Z by RBT

    Does anybody want to explain to me what the difference between the regular splinter in the Splinter Z is? I've seen both and pictures the only difference I see is one is longer than the other

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